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|Ebook ♿ V-3 ♠ The Specter Of Armageddon Looms In Melchior S Eighth Novel Order Of Battle, Eva Its Agent Is The V , A Poisonous Exsiccating Gas Developed By Hitler To Succeed The V And V Rockets In The Present, Aging But Still Fanatic Nazis Plan To Unleash The Gas And Kill Millions Army Intelligence Reactivates Chemist Einar Munk Who, As A Wartime Operative For The OSS, First Learned Of The Gas S Manufacture His Orders Find It And Contain It In This Desperate Mission, Einar Is Aided By His Wife, Birte Einar Discovers The V In A Sunken U Boat, The Canisters Dangerously Near Final Corrosion And Each Of Them Booby Trapped One Explosive Episode Follows Another In This Thriller, And The Explosions Keep The Reader Hopping As The Enemy Zeroes In