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Grace and the Fever is a pretty good YA book It s about a girl who s a huge fan of a boy band Fever Dream , a blogger and a tinhat shipper she believes two of the band members are secretly dating who then accidentally gets sucked into their world She finds that all is not what it seems from within the fandom, and she gets to know the bands as people in all of their various complexities It s also about a girl about to go off to college, struggling with how to maintain multiple identities her secret fandom blog, her everyday life, and then eventually her secret entanglements with the band , worried about growing apart from her friends as they all grow into different people, and trying to figure out who she really is and wants to be I enjoyed all of these aspects of the story, even than the directly fannish bits surprising though that is.Grace is not my favorite kind of protagonist, based purely on personal preference she tends toward the passive, non communicative, and non introspective ends of those spectrums She spends a lot of her time worrying and insecure, in ways that feel real but are not what I prefer to read about This prompted me to start an essay I ve been meaning to write for a while in which I try to hash out what kinds of protagonists I do like, but it s far from finished, so I won t share here I did appreciate the ways she grew over the course of the novel, though And so, on the whole, I liked her and the story pretty well.Some of the things I enjoyed most were the bits about Grace s relationships with her friends from high school and from fandom, and eventually with her new college roommate and with her mom, especially toward the end Though none of the characters other than Grace have as much complexity or are as fleshed out as I would like I also enjoyed the descriptions of how it feels to a conspiracy theorist when not all aspects of the fans conspiracy theories turns out to be exactly true That s really not a spoiler the whole point of her interacting with the band is that everyone and everything is complicated than she thought Unshockingly I think my enjoyment of that aspect may have largely been schadenfreude, though, after weathering some absurd tinhat conspiracy theories recently that turned my own fandom ship upside down and made it thoroughly infamous across online fan spaces.I was surprised how little I related to a lot of the fandom stuff, given how deep in fandom I ve been, and I ve been trying to figure out why I mean, I ve even been a fan of singers bands though I think it turns out to be different to be a fan of Peter Gabriel, and a shipper of me Peter Gabriel, than to be a fan of the band dynamics as a whole, and to ship two band members together and to do so in the 1990 s vs the 2010 s very different fan cultures in a number of ways And I m sure I related to all of it way than people who aren t at all fannish But maybe I partly don t feel a deep connection because the book doesn t really talk much about how Grace participates in the fandom, aside from a very occasional excerpt of a blog post, and references to watching videos of the boys and listening to their music and obsessing over the meanings of their tattoos What makes her heart pound the hardest When she runs as she does a lot , is she remembering her favorite fanfic plots about them, or thinking about how every line of the music she s listening to might relate to her ship When she s working at her summer coffee shop job, does she imagine the boys in a coffee shop AU alternate universe , or imagine them showing up as surprise customers one day as she works there I wanted to see squee moments, to feel her squee , I guess, to really get her fannish experience and buy into it I think perhaps to get the most enjoyment of these parts of the book, it helps to be in the One Direction fandom, which this was clearly based off of, because then you can get where she s coming from with fewer references.The other thing is, I ve never been a conspiracy theorist, or had sympathy for that aspect of fandom I ve always found the conspiracy theorists who are buried in their confirmation biases about encoded messages in wardrobes and wallpapers and so on to be pretty unrelatable, and often terrible to other fans, and or to the creators of whatever they re fannish of And often very smug about it all Grace, at least, is mostly not any of these things But she does talk about having faith in the ship in a way that sounds rather religious and similarly nigh improvable , and also sounds like the conspiracy theorists I ve seen I guess since that s never been my part of fandom, I wasn t feeling familiar twinges, and was instead battling some pretty severe judginess Though I did really enjoy all the authentic sounding Lolly Land Solly shipper Tumblr posts and other fan communications that were included in the story for their style, if not substance I ve always been a sucker for good multimedia storytelling, and texting social media in stories All in all, this book was a bit less substantial than I would have liked in a number of dimensions, but a quick and enjoyable read I m very curious to hear what any of my non fandom friends think if they end up reading it, because I at least probably have a lot context just by hanging out on Tumblr. Yazar bu kitab neden yazm anlayamad m natla sonuna kadar okudum, ki bu kitab bitirdiysem, bundan sonra ba ka kitaplar hayatta yar m b rakmam A k, aile, arkada l k hi bir konu yoktu Tek konu, Grace in bir m zik grubuna hayran olmas ve bu grupla ya ad 1 2 olaydan ibaretti Ergen triplerini i eren kitaplar bile mumla aratt.Yazar, hi bir ey anlatmad gibi, kitaba bir son yazmay da unutmu tu Sanki bir serinin giri kitab gibi epilog k sm deriiiiiiiin bir bo luktan ibaretti yoktu Bir s r kitab n evrilmesini beklerken, isterken, neden bu kitab se tiklerini merak ettim Not Kitab n nas l konu ve duygu k tl ekti ini, yazd m k sa yorumdan bile anlayabilirsiniz. Many books will tear your heart into pieces, and this one does The difference is that after Grace and the Fever breaks your heart, it gets down on the floor with you and sews every piece of your heart back together If you ve ever been a part of a fandom you will EXTREMELY relate to this book But it s not just for fandom people, at all, and it s definitely not just for 1D fans It s for anyone who s ever just loved something, A LOT, and wondered what could ever take its place when you felt that love starting to twist itself out of your grip It s for anyone who s ever tried to reconcile the online and IRL versions of yourself, or felt like the friends in your phone know you better than the people in your life It s the perfect book for this moment in pop culture history, when everyone is obsessed with celebrities, and anyone might be a celebrity All it takes is one perfect moment, captured and shared, for everything to change It s hilarious and insane and sad but also so, so full of hope Grace and the Fever reminds you that no matter what happens, it is OK to love things Many people online will suggest that this book is a thinly veiled 1D fic, with Jes as Zayn, Solly Land as Harry Louis, and Kendrick as a Liam Niall mashup This is patently false, and to reduce the book to mere 1d fanfic does it a great disservice It is actually a 5SOS fic Jes is Calum, Kendrick is Michael, and Solly Land are Luke Ashton Wake up, people. Here s the short version of my review this is a really great book about a girl in that liminal summer between high school and college who becomes unexpectedly swept up with a boyband, the very object of her secret obsession It s a book that deals with all the messy, uncomfortable parts of both fandom and being a teenager, and recognizes the power and danger in both You should read it, even if you re not into boybands or fandom, because the story is compelling I think beyond those facets.But I m also going to write a long, inside fandom, thing right here I became a One Direction fan extremely suddenly last fall, like falling off a cliff Many people eloquent than I am have written about the bizarre, endearing, compelling world of 1D fandom and all its concomitant conspiracy theorizing, and I won t try to parse that here But I will say that to date the most accurate description of how I feel as a 1D fan comes from another fan quoted in Cosmo Being a fan reminds me a lot of being a fan of Lost, actually Also like Lost, loving One Direction makes me feel like if I can just stick it out to the end when the band breaks up, maybe, or when the first memoir drops I ll be rewarded for my time and devotion with a big reveal of major gossip and secrets, or, better yet, confirmation that my own theories were correct all along That s the trick of 1D like with Lost, deep down we know we won t ever feel anything but disappointed by what s behind the curtain But we crave that knowledge anyway.So I was excited to read this book for among other reasons the tantalizing promise of Answers I mean, I knew it was fiction But I was still interested to see, within the constraints of a novel, which truths Zan wrung out of the colossus of 1D mythology GRACE starts off as a comfortable, familiar imagine what if an impossibly cute, tragically mysterious boyband member turned up unexpectedly in your life and pulled you right along into his I d be lying if I said I never entertained such a daydream, and wish fulfillment be it self insert, or shipping two characters is a popular trope in fanfic But the very form and potency of fic as a whole is predicated on the ability to continually rewrite and reimagine an ending and each individual fic often tells you upfront, via tags, which ending you re heading toward, so you can effectively choose your own most satisfying adventure GRACE, by contrast, forces you to see a single trajectory all the way through, with plenty of both discomfort and catharsis along the way.That s the word I kept coming back to when describing this book to friends cathartic And I think this is ultimately because Fever Dream isn t 1D It wouldn t exist without 1D, sure, but GRACE collages and reworks the familiar character traits and tropes just enough to give us all plenty of fodder to argue about who is who without being able to neatly map the boys one to one The answers we get then, are satisfying in a way they could never be for 1D, whose own fantastical lore has outgrown any possible reality In this book, there s just one story about Fever Dream, which means that until FD fandom writes its own fic, I guess there is just one truth And isn t that, sort of, the dream. I quite liked this and I m still trying to pin down why Gracefully messy, an accurate portrait of the intricacies of fandom, and full of friendships and relationships that are satisfyingly tangled and bittersweet. The delicious, bittersweet sister of Rainbow Rowell s Fangirl In Grace and the Fever the protagonist crosses paths with the singer of her favorite boy band What follows is a thoughtful ode on celebrity, summer vacation, fandom, and girlhood It will make you tremble, even if your expiration date for boy band obsessiveness came and passed long ago.Romanoff s greatest trick is taking fanfiction tropes your average Betty Sue meets gorgeous world famous teenage idol They maybe fall in love and indulging them enough to make your heart happy while undermining them enough to tickle your brain I am in awe of this clever manipulation of a tale as old as time. Did I finish this book in one day Yes Does that mean it was good No. I don t think there s another book quite like this, and I absolutely love it. DNF 55%Well I made it further this time And my opinion has mostly stayed the same, but with a few changes.1 This book is written in third person present tense It reads like the Planet Earth documentary, and it is extremely annoying even though I was imagining David Attenborough s voice narrating This POV and tense combination invites the reader to be outside the story and not actively engage with the characters In turn, it makes all the little quirks and annoyances the characters have seem even bigger because I, as the reader, don t care about the characters because I was never drawn into the story in the first place.2 My biggest complaint is that I don t understand Grace She comes across as having zero personality or any sort of oomph to her She goes with the flow, but only because she is extremely indecisive and doesn t know what she wants for herself Her thoughts and actions almost seem.trippy They are so back and forth that I can t make sense of them Grace gets swept up in the world of her favorite boyband, but the whole thing reads like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland There is nothing of substance for me to grab on to and think Yes, I understand this Instead, I feel like everything just sort of floats above the surface of whatever point the author is trying to make granted, maybe the point was made by the end of the book, but I think by 55% I should know where the theme is going.3 I enjoyed the boys of Fever Dream much this time around Unfortunately, seeing them through Grace s eyes watered down their personalities, but I could see some things I really liked Sadly, it still wasn t enough to keep me reading EDIT 5 19 18I m currently going through a One Direction phase, so I m gonna give this book another go DNF 30%Yeah so I just plain don t like this The MC annoys me, and the band boys have zero personality I m out. `Pdf ↶ Grace and the Fever ☋ In Middle School, Everyone Was A Fever Dream Fan Now, A Few Weeks After Her High School Graduation, Grace Thomas Sometimes Feels Like The Only One Who Never Moved On She Can T Imagine What She D Do Without The Community Of Online Fans That Share Her Obsession Or What Her IRL Friends Would Say If They Ever Found Out About It Then, One Summer Night, The Unthinkable Happens Grace Meets Her Idol, Jes What Starts Out As An Elusive Glimpse Of Fever Dream S World Turns Into An Unlikely Romance, And Leads Her To Confront Dark, Complex Truths About Herself And The Realities Of Stardom