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I read these chapters a couple of years ago, I think they were in the back of either Stars Above or Winter and I really loved the writing style and the idea of rewriting a notorious story but from a different POV Although I didn t like Lewis Carroll s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass I found the idea behind this retelling ingenious and I have yet to discover what Marissa Meyer has in store for us in this book And needless to say at this point I think I would happily read anything written by Marissa Meyer. @Download Book ç Heartless Chapters 1-4 × Download The First Four Chapters Free Long Before She Was The Terror Of Wonderland, She Was Just A Girl Who Wanted To Fall In LoveAn Alice In Wonderland Prequel From The Bestselling Author Of The Lunar ChroniclesCatherine May Be One Of The Most Desired Girls In Wonderland, And A Favorite Of The Yet Unmarried King Of Hearts, But Her Interests Lie Elsewhere A Talented Baker, All She Wants Is To Open A Shop With Her Best Friend And Supply The Kingdom Of Hearts With Delectable Pastries And Confections But According To Her Mother, Such A Goal Is Unthinkable For The Young Woman Who Could Be The Next QueenAt A Royal Ball, When Cath Is Expected To Receive The King S Marriage Proposal, She Meets Jest, The Handsome And Mysterious Court Joker For The First Time, She Feels The Pull Of True Attraction At The Risk Of Offending The King And Infuriating Her Parents, She And Jest Enter Into An Intense, Secret CourtshipCath Is Determined To Define Her Own Destiny And Fall In Love On Her Terms But In A Land Thriving With Magic, Madness, And Monsters, Fate Has Other Plans A satisfying glimpseThey did well to give you the first four chapters and nothing From what I read the story plot and major characters are all introduced and you re left wanting Definitely considering buying the book. It was the most horrible story I ever readso heartbreaking I cried I usually don t cry when reading a book, no matter how heartbreaking it is FIVE STARS for the characters, for the executionbut not even one star for the endingsorry I just couldn t take it If I knew it would end this way, I wouldn t have wasted my time Great read More please What a wonderful sneak peek into Marissa Meyer s new book You can get the first four chapters of Heartless free Not much to say except that Marissa Meyer makes the world of Wonderland really come alive in this stand alone novel that will take a look at a teenage Queen of Hearts I re read Wonderland before this book just to make sure that I caught all of the references We have the Cheshire Cat making an appearance, along with the White Rabbit, Mary Anne, the deck of cards, etc The character of Catherine seems quite strong willed and wants to be a baker though her mother has other ideas for her.I can t get a real sense of anyone yet since it was only four chapters I have to say that I thought the writing world building seemed stronger than it even did in the Lunar Chronicles books That was my only complaint about those books is that I didn t really get the world they were in, and not enough things were explained Since we have a reference point for Wonderland it s cool to see Meyer bring up the court intrigue and how everything is arranged in Wonderland.I am hoping for an awesome map or something to come in the final version of the book. Heartless is such a wonderful story with such a sad ending Everyone should read this book and see what a broken heart looks like Retelling about how the red queen came into existence and why she is so arrogant.