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Nemi is a very likable character, but the story ideas for the comic started to wear thinner even in the second album. Je a neuverite n , ko ko r znych nrov, foriem a t lov sa d n js vo svete komixov A o sa t ka vtipn ch kr tkych stripov, je n rska Lise Myhre majsterka Jej Nemi je arovn kr snym, primne sebeck m sp sobom V mno stve stripov sa lovek n jde a tam, kde sa nen jde, si aspo praje, aby bola Nemi skuto n lovek, jemu bl zky Nemi je toti podmanivo ob bite n , napriek tomu alebo pr ve preto , e sa o to v bec, ale v bec nesna. [Download E-pub] ♵ Stjernestøv og løgner (Nemi, #2) ☯ Nemi Montoya, The Cool, Romantic, Strong Willed, Cynical, Sexy And All Too Honest Twenty Something Goth, Returns To Share Frank And Hilarious Moments In This Brand New Collection From Artist Lise Myhre Hang Out With Nemi And Her Mates, Including Her Best Friend, The Blue Haired Cyan, As They Deal With Love, Friendship, Inebriation, Sex, And The Other Really Important Things Of Life A Superstar In Her Native Norway, Scandinavia, Germany And The UK Thanks To The Immense Success Of Nemi You Too Can Enter Lise Myhre S Witty, Wonderful World Introduction By World Renowned Musician Songwriter Tori Amos I thought when I first started to read this that the comics were talking heads set pieces I wondered how this woman could generate several volumes of Nemi speak and be popular outside her g home base of NorwayBut when you get intio it all these 3 or 4 panel sit coms are really inventive and enticing This is great stuff if you allow it to register with your mindset Its not so much the character on Nemi per se that draws me in, so much as the situational options Myhre sets up The whole roller coaster business of I care I don t care I care Stuff it Stuff you is really managed so well in these comics.It s almost seamless Great reading for when you are annoyed So is Nemi. how did i not know about this comic strip Nemi is an beautiful, unrepentant, college age goth chick in norway the translator has apparently moved the strip to england the last strip i loved this much was when i discovered unshelved about five years ago.perfect for a strangers in paradise fan complete w an intro by tori amos The second translated volume of the adventures of a Norwegian goth metal fantasy slacker chick who snarks at modern culture and anything else that crosses her path, originally published in Norwegian newspapers This volume was slightly marred by the repetition of a few strips, but on the other hand, I quite liked some of the full page pieces. Nemi can never disappoint It s always hilarious, sarcastic and of course gorgeous art 4.25 5 stars 85% I love it, but it has a lot of repeated jokes inside Weird Volume 2, 2nd round of excellence No other comic could be so perfect for me.