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Ok I wanted to read a few kids books for ahem research This one popped up for free My favorite price.I am not sure if this was written by a child with no boundaries or a deranged twenty something There are some fun spots, but mostly, ahhh no What an adorable comical relief I laughed at every story Reggie told us and, amazing all the stuff he got caught in and yet seemed so very logical for a little kid Make your Mondays happy, read this on a bad day A good, fun read about young Reggie s weekend adventures I think kids, especially boys, aged between 7 9, will enjoy Reggie s bizarre tales It had me laughing out loud in places Good and simple illustrations, but this really wasn t the appeal of the book It was the main character and how likeable he was Some of the stories were a bit out there, but they were fun all the same.It s a good start to the series.Readreviews on CBY.Follow CBY Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest Instagram Google Bloglovin FunnyReggie is funny,Reggie is good,Reggie is stinky,And that s not good,Anyways, why not read,His book.This book is hilarious and good for a quick read The only bad thing is its not long enough Too funny This is just what I needed to read after being sick, so very funny and such crazy stories So great What Reggie Did On The Weekend Seriously I rate this 5 star because I thought it was really entertaining and a good book I would recommend this book for ages 6 12 I hope my review helped you, thank you Hilarious The funniest book ever Truly enjoyed reading it. What Reggie Did on the Weekend Seriously The Reggie Books Book 1 by Lee M Winter is a book I hope is written for kids because it is so NOT funny that I doubt kids would get a giggle out of it If you want a truly funny book about farts that adults can laugh about, and yes, this 60 year old lady laughed about farts like a school girl, is 99 Facts About Farts The Ultimate Fun Fact Bookby J.N Storm Now he is in his 90 s when he wrote this book Read his book, not this junk I have 8 grand kids and I wouldn t even bother given this book to them I normally don t dis a book but this was very bad. `Free Book ☞ What Reggie Did on the Weekend (The Reggie Books Book 1) ✔ On The Weekend I Looked For A New Book I Always Read The Description First Because, You Know, I Won T Read Just Any Old Thing So I Read The Description For This Book And Thought It Looked Okay, So Then I Read The Online Sample And Laughed So Hard That A Little Bit Of Pee Came Out Okay, A Lot Of Pee Came Out ALRIGHT I PEED SO MUCH I HAD TO CHANGE MY PANTS There, Are You Happy Now It S Funny, Okay And It Isn T All About Vomit And Farts Either Okay, A Lot Of It Is About Vomit And Farts, But What S Wrong With That Every Monday At School, Reggie Writes An Essay That Begins With On The Weekend WARNING You Might Want To Have A Spare Pair Of Undies Handy While You Read About Reggie S Weekends