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[E-pub] ♨ The Bone Readers ☤ The Bone Readers Are A Dedicated Group Of Scholars Who Study The Earliest Human Remains, Their Chemistry And DNA, Their Extinct Floral And Faunal Contemporaries, And The Geologic Layers In Which They Were Found Their Research Leads Them To Theories About Modern Human Origins That Continually Challenge Conventional Wisdom And Cherished Beliefs About Eve, Neanderthals, Hobbits, And The Bering Straits, Among Others Two Leading Bone Readers And A Science Writer Have Penned A Literate, Authoritative Summary Of The Current Questions And The Minefield Of Academic Politics That Surround It Ideal For Students In Human Origins Or Biological Anthropology Courses, And A Delightful Read Interesting, very frustrating though Glad I don t work in archaeology Even though the topic fascinates me, the politics would make me go postal. Background I am not a archaeologist, palaeontologist, anthropologist, nor any of the many flavors of scientists who populate the pages of this book Additionally, I have had no formal education in any of these sciences I am what may be described as a layperson From the perspective of layperson, I found this book to be very interesting I admit to skimming when the occasional description became very technical This was somewhat rare and was typically the case when describing different dating methods radio carbon dating etc It was for me an excellent introduction into the science of human origins research and the emotional reaction to that research by various individuals and groups. A nice short primer on Australian archaeology with a nice comparison between US and Australian incidents of megafaunal extinctions and self provisioning strategies I thought there would be information on Mongo Lady and Mongo Man, but there was not that much on them, though there is a nice chapter on H floresiensis A nice read, even for lay audiences although there are specialized chapters, like one on absolute dating, etc