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I only picked the book up because of the tale and wasnt expecting much To my suprise this was a wonderful read Clever and intelligent it is told in the style you would expect of that time period It really makes you think and when each of the sections ends you miss the person who was telling you story only to find you enjoy the next persons account the same I felt for all the four main characters including the monkey An excellent read and at the end the way all the characters are interwoven is a joy to behold. A real treat to the senses I really don t know what to make of this as it was just rather strange It s a fictionalised rendition of an actual event in history Yes, the Hartlepudlians really did hang a monkey It s something that just beggars belief really but I wasn t too sure about the actual novel There were some witty lines but I also found historical inaccuracies and I found it hard to stomach the presentation of Admiral Nelson as a perverted rapist It may be true so I m going to have to find a biography of him Because of the strangeness of the novel, I don t feel I can award than 2 stars. 2.5 Very strange story Points I really enjoyed and some that I most certainly did not Eh. |Download Book ♝ The Hartlepool Monkey ⚖ When Simon Legris, A Physician From Paris, Returns From An Expedition To Africa, He Brings Home A Monkey That Understands Human Speech And Names Him Jacques LeSinge Utterly Devoted To Him, Jacques Becomes His Servant While In The Service Of An Ailing Marquis, Legris Receives Some Shattering Hews Jacques Has Been Accused Of Molesting The Aristocrat S Wife And Has Been Dismissed In DisgraceAfter An Audacious French Revolutionary Plot Goes Wrong, Jacques Stands In The Dock In Hartlepool Accused Of Espionage Warrens, A Lowly One Guinea Brief Barrister, Stands To Defend Him In The Greatest Challenge Of His Career, He Mounts A Defence That Asks What Makes A Man A Demonically Witty Digest Of All Things Eighteenth Century, This Is An Eccentric And Hugely Entertaining D But