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!Ebook ⚓ The Bourbon Thief ⚕ Betrayal, Revenge And A Family Scandal That Bore AYear Old Mystery When Cooper McQueen Wakes Up From A Night With A Beautiful Stranger, It S To Discover He S Been Robbed The Only Item Stolen A Million Dollar Bottle Of Bourbon The Thief, A Mysterious Woman Named Paris, Claims The Bottle Is Rightfully Hers After All, The Label Itself Says It S Property Of The Maddox Family Who Owned And Operated Red Thread Bourbon Distillery Since The Last Days Of The Civil War, Until The Company Went Out Of Business For Reasons No One Knows No One Except Paris In The Small Hours Of A Louisville Morning, Paris Unspools The Lurid Tale Of Tamara Maddox, Heiress To The Distillery That Became An Empire Theirs Is A Legacy Of Wealth And Power, But Also Of Lies, Secrets And Sins Of Omission Why Paris Wants The Bottle Of Red Thread Remains A Secret Until The Truth Of Her Identity Is At Last Revealed, And The Century Old Vengeance Tamara Vowed Against Her Family Can Finally Be Completed 5 starsAs long as nobody gets hurt and it doesn t spook the horses, do what you want and keep the details to yourselfTiffany Reisz yet again delivers an enchanting and haunting tale of love and family, and how family legacy can affect one s fate The Bourbon Thief begins when a man named Cooper spends the night with a femme fatale named Paris, and wakes up to discover she tried to steal a million dollar bottle of bourbon from him When he confronts her, she tells him the tale of the downfall of Maddox family and the events leading to the fire that claimed their bourbon factory.Switching from present day point of view to that of Tamara s in the late 70 s and early 80 s, we are presented with a captivating story of love and suspense of young Tamara and LeviI m riding in the wind with joy at my feet and freedom in my hairThis was one of those books where once the story began I was sucked in and wouldn t look up from my kindle After the introduction of Tamara and Levi, I found myself completely invested in their story, as beautiful and haunting as it was What was interesting to me was the mystery aspect, which isn t a typical suspense novel but a question of what would happen to these characters based on all of the elements coming to play against them There were lots of twists and surprises, some I guessed at and some that felt like a punch I was so shocked at them Ultimately Reisz delivers a beautiful story of love, heartbreak and family and it s a story I could see myself reading again and againI know I love you You re perfect and handsome and I think about you all the time and I want you all the time and I love you All the time All the time ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 5 Unforgettable STARSA family with bourbon in it s blood, and blood on their handsEverything Tiffany Reisz writes is captivating and this standalone that spans generations is no exception Fans of the author will inhale this intense page turner while new to the author readers should give this a go if the size of the Sinner Series and or subject manner of the series has held them back This story played out so vividly with heartbreak, suspense and mystery while unveiling slowly the fate of a family who made their money from selling bourbon Today the only thing remaining is one bottle in Cooper McQueen s private collectionThat bottle belongs to my family You will return it one way or another Apparently I m going to give it to you by morning in exchange for a story That s quite a feat It s quite a storyCooper McQueen spends the night with a sultry woman named Paris who is after the remaining bottle worth millions but when caught she tells a tale of the Maddox family of love, loss and money that is unforgettableThe truth is the hardest thing to sayThe story switches to Tamara Maddox s pov set in 1978 Tamara is young girl who is celebrating her sixteen birthday Tamara is in love with the family s stable man and her portion of the story takes off from there Tamara and Levi s Swoon, I loved these two Each and every interaction, their banter and sex scenes He calls her Rotten I adored this nickname as well as the backstory of the original the Maddox family s start in the business is masterfully written and will have you on the edge your seat the entire readLove what they destroyed Destroy what they loved ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 5 StarsFate was a train that didn t stop until it reached its final destination The Bourbon Thiefwas pure and simply captivating This story was so different from what I had expected and from what I ve read before, but I can t complain because I totally loved it From beginning until the end, I was mesmerized by its quality, by its originality and by its complexity Mrs Reisz delivered a tale about secrets, revenge and lies that will blow you away Filled with suspense, mystery and romance, this author s newest story will keep you at the edge of your seat and will capture your heart with an enthralling love storybourbon s like the truth, you know The first taste burns, but once you get used to it, it s the only thing you want in your mouthWhen Paris, a beautiful, sexy, determined woman spends the night with Cooper McQueen and she s caught soon after trying to steal from him a million dollar bottle of Bourbon, she decides to tell him a haunting, gripping story that she s convinced he ll never forget Tamara Maddox s storyThe Maddox family is cursed, they say, and I believe it And once you touch one, get inside one, the curse is in you, tooOnce upon a time, Tamara s family was one of the wealthiest family in Kentuchy Heiress to the distillery that became an empire, Tamara, a sixteen years old girl dreams the stable man, Levy, a mixed race man to finally notice her, to realize that she s not a little girl any Tamara s life changes irrevocably when she discovers who her family really is Wow What a story this turned out to be Captivating, intense and so gripping,The Bourbon Thief , a story within a story was wonderful, told in such a way that will blow your mind Once again, Mrs Reisz proved what an amazing storyteller she is I m not lying when I say her storytelling was pure and simple effortless and her writing was simply flawless She totally left me speechless with this story that I m still thinking about even if I finished it several days agoPerfection is for heaven, and when you tried to bring perfection to earth, you paid a heavy priceIf you decide to give this book a try, my advice is for you to go in blind, because this is a story you will want to savor To fully enjoy the mystery, the suspense and the romance you will want to discover Maddox family s secrets on your own The plot was fantastic, rich, well developed and amazed me with its twists and turns I loved every single one of them and I loved how most of them kept me at the edge of my seat The mystery and suspense aspects were fantastically done, but I have to say my favorite was the romantic aspect The romance here was beautifully written and I have to admit I rooted for these two endearing characters, Tamara and Levy from the very beginning Tamara was such a unique character I loved her Her character is written in such a way you will be drawn to her immediately As the story progresses you will love her determination and her strength as much as I did, but you will also fall hard and fast for Levy Levy was a great hero He completed Tamara in every way and provedthan once what an amazing man he isI didn t know who I was before you I don t know who I would be after But while I was with you, I knew myselfThese two characters love story kept me intrigued until the end and I have to say I loved them together Their banter, in fact all their interactions were fantastic, their sexy times hot as hell and their connection as the story progressed palpable and so well done.I can t recommend this one highly enough If you want to read something different, that for one reason or another will keep you at the edge of your seat pick this one up You won t regret itAs long as nobody gets hurt and it doesn t spook the horses, do what you want and keep the details to yourself 5 and Counting for Storytelling at Its Finest Stars plusIT S LIVEEverything we learn and know has come from storytelling in one form or anotherIt can be institutionalized and carried out through organizations or can be whispered while on the knee of your Granny.My point is all of us are storytellers of varying degrees and we do it every day.Yet, when we come across someone who has that knack of relaying an experience of holding everyone in the palm of their handall sitting forward wanting to know what happened next.we know the telling will be great and thankful to have experienced first hand.Tiffany Reisz is one of those people She has the gift of enticing and teasing without us feeling like she is manipulating us just for fun and gameswe feel encouraged to become involved, to care and be one with the characters and whatever they are feeling we do too.Now most readers familiar with her past works know how talented she isfor she took ideas and concepts in The Original Sinners Series which may not have been mainstream and made them romantic she showed how erotic storytelling could be just as heartfelt, literary and of substance than any other genreand that is not easy.With this new, stand alone novel, she has ventured out into women s fiction with a strong dose of sensual romance This book does not take the usual road it cuts its own path with the use of real pieces and the thought of.and it is good.very good, in deed.The premise has to do with a long lost Bourbon company, Red Thread It was created owned by the Maddox family for generations and there was only one bottle left in existence the original first bottle, over 150 years old Cooper McQueen bought it at auction from the owneror did heas he now has a woman named Paris claiming the bottle belongs to her.It is in this moment a willingness to hear what Paris has to say to prove ownership where the real story begins For Paris will dole out pieces of lorethe threads of history of this company, the Maddox family and what happened to cause Cooper McQueen to listen.And just like Cooper, we do.We are taken back to a time in Kentucky where the powerful perpetrated taking without care or shame No matter if it was land, money or human propertyWe are told of sins and the ways of the times with this Maddox family For this was a family with Bourbon in its blood, and blood on its handsWith Paris telling Cooper the tale, we learn of everythingyet in her telling we are first taken back to a time not so long ago to where we pick up the Maddox family trying to continue the bloodline to keep Red Thread going forward with the sons of George Maddox Her way of telling causes us to feel the heat of the summer hear the trees rustling and feel the rush of young spirit flowing through the veins in our heroine, TamaraWe are there every moment.and how this is done will rock your reading world You are immediately immersed in the personality of this girl You understand right away her mindset how she thinks and communicates You understand the pressures and pain of her rich spoiled lifefor it is like that Bright Candy Apple on display at the gourmet storeall glowy and prettyshiny and perfect in its hard shell covering not a crack anywhereyet when you break it open the apple inside is rarely fresh and tasty it usually is mushy and bitter This is what Tamara was surrounded witha family life filled with confusion and pain from loss already at the young age of 16 She, however, was not at all like the diseased core of her family.she was strong and able to pull it together at times so horrifichad the ability to see clearly what she needed to do to survive and be the person she needed to be We are told of everything she experienced and as I said beforewe experience it right along with her.There are others in the storyimportant pieces to this magnificent puzzle.but I will leave it for you to experience every fantastic moment Some of this tale will shock you, some will delight in the way you are there during a love story so sweet and confounding at the same time All of it will Never bore you and cause you to put the book down As I mentioned before the blurb had been written, Tiffany Reisz had stated this was based on a true story She touches on those facts at the end of the book The amount of research and details to bring this to life had to be extensive It was all worth it This is a stand alone novelhowever, in my heart of hearts I would love to seeabout Paris and Cooper.and with Ms Reisz fertile imagination.one never knows Before Reading I am in shock right now as I just received the nod to read this So very excited 2 2016When I first heard of this from a short comment giving just a hint of this book being based on a true tale about Kentucky Bourbon, I immediately started searching news articles etc to try to get an idea of what Ms Reisz could be working on I read profiles of the Jack Daniels company and all of the shenanigans the original family and new owners were doing I learned of how this company was structured, how birthright and gender played a serious roleIt gave me food for thought but not a true picture of what Ms Reisz s intentions wereAh, but now we have the Blurb the Holy Grail of what she has deemed fit to tantalize us withTo hint at the possibilities and have the clear understanding of how deep this tale will goFor it is the way of Reisz to tease, cause wonder and then so artfully deliver her vision.I am a patient person, Ms Reisz.work your magic, weave your taleJune 2016 will be here soon enoughand I will be ready. A gifted copy was provided by Harlequin US Canada Mira for an honest review.ForReviews, Free E books and Giveaways It s LIVEUSUK Spoiler Free Review posted 28th June The BOURBON THIEF is pure brilliancethey were born to be together An enchanting tale of betrayal, secrets, lies, revenge, mystery, and scandal Tiffany Reisz once again captured my imagination, engaging me in the world of THE BOURBON THIEF and a 150 year old mystery The scandalous tale of Tamara Maddox, heiress to the bourbon empire, is at the heart of this tale and unravels at the hands of Paris as she slowly reveals the story details to Cooper McQueen And so, the story within the story is told The present day showcasing a unique tale of the past all crafted with incredible atmosphere, hope, vengeance and love There are times I didn t know where the story would take me, it kept me on the edge of my seat ensuring my high engagement with the happenings as I contemplated the future of the characters within both the past and present The third person narrative is executed to perfection allowing me to understand the viewpoints of the main characters depicted within the prose I learned all about their history and status in the story as pieces of the puzzle took their amazing shape and made my mind work overtime as I attempted to pre empt what may happen I felt the frustration at the race inequality that is eloquently illustrated within the tale and also ran riot in our society in recent history The bourbon legacy and all entwined with it, the good, the bad and the downright ugly is shown to the reader as the writing canvas is painted with words that create the most brilliant, fascinating story Love is a beautiful feature within the prose I felt it and basked in the relationship that showed me this love Equally, the dynamic of Paris the story teller and Cooper the listener is utterly electric and I would love to experience evenfrom these two characters.Tiffany Reisz once again proves herself as a master story teller with THE BOURBON THEIF It has a historical, timeless feel to the narrative, yet much of it is set in the 80 s A story that has provenance and one that vitally needs to unfold naturally and be discovered organically by the reader I have so many thoughts and feeling that I d love to share but alas, if I do I will spoil so much of the discovery and sheer wonder of this story THE BOURBON THIEF is a story I highly recommend to all readers who enjoy perfectly crafted stories of LOVE, HOPE and VENGEANCE NOTE THE BOURBAN THIEF is a STANDALONE but I d love a follow up of certain characters, I feel there s certainly scope for Tiffany Reisz to tell usabout their lives and loves Advanced copy received via NetGalley for my honest review thoughts Graphics created by me with stock photos I purchased from deposit photos 5 bourbon and blood STARSThe Truth is like bourbon it ll burn going downWOW, just wow What a book In some ways a complete departure from the authors previous work and yet uniquely recognizable I love Tiffany Reisz and once again she delivered a captivating story with suspense, mysteries, so many secrets and such excellent writing Truly gripping I read it in one sitting, for the life of me I wasn t able to put it down.So, about the story I m not sure if I even want to give away too much Let s just say it is about bourbon, about families, their secrets and most importantly it s about revenge Other than that, go in blind and enjoy the ride It s so worth it.If you love the Original Sinners series by Ms Reisz you should give this standalone southern gothic a try, but be warned it is different If you ve never read anything by the author, this is a good place to start She spins exceptional tales and really sucks you in from the first page And when she spits you out on the other side you might find yourself changed a little bit and most definitely stuck in book hangover land Just like me right now Truly a book to read and something that will go on my best of 2016 shelfARC very kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz is a 2016 MIRA publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I have not read any books by this author, was totally unfamiliar with her work, having chosen this book based solely on the synopsis Since this book is SO good, I decided to see what other novels, this author may have written Okay, I can t really see myself reading any of Tiffany s previous titles, but if she writes any books like this one Kentucky, outrageous wealth, horses and bourbon make a powerful blend, but spike the punch with a little scandal, dark and dirty family secrets, and the most potent ingredient of all REVENGE then you got yourself one toxic concoction, one sure to leave you very intoxicated, and maybe even a little hung over But, if anyone were to ask me if would ever drink from this deadly potion again, the answer would be a resounding YES For Cooper McQueen, very few women can compete with his love for good bourbon But, when Paris walks into his establishment, she commands his undivided attention in a way no woman ever has before and the night is just getting started Cooper can t get enough of Paris and she isthan happy to oblige, leaving him spent and exhausted But, the spell is broken when he wakes up to find she has stolen a million dollar bottle of rare bourbon But, before she can make a clean getaway, she finds herself detained, with Cooper demanding an explanation.Thus begins the spellbinding tale of Tamara Maddox, the sole heir to the Red Ribbon Bourbon dynasty, which built its foundation way back in the last days of the Civil War with money tainted by wicked deeds and spite The family s success comes at a high price, and by the time Tamara is sixteen years old, any hope of a male heir is fading rapidly The desperation to bring a male child into the family will set off a series of unfathomable events that will blow the doors wide open exposing years of lurid secrets, lies and cover ups, prompting Tamara to exact the ultimate revenge Whoa This is one wild tale and no, it s not always pretty, but as twisted as this sounds, it s my kind of story I really liked this novel, which is deeply steeped in southern history, with just a little bit of a Southern Gothic slant, which is kind of rare these days A family with bourbon in its blood, and blood on its hands This story blends history, mystery, suspense and romance together to create an unusual love story, told with a deft skill, which created a fireside atmosphere, while throwing explosive twists and turns at you, which had me sitting bug eyed, and slack jawed, with my heart in my throat, wondering what could possibly happen next Trust me, Paris really knows how to weave a tale This story is unconventional, the characters vastly different from any you have ever encountered before, something which I really need right now, in order to keep my attention and avoid burn out on the same old, same old I loved Tamara, who set a course for new generations that will go a long way towards eradicating her tainted heritage She was funny, smart, and tough, full of determination and grit Likewise, her beloved Levi, was the cool ointment in her life that healed her troubled soul, gave her hope, stability, peace and happiness Controversial yes, very But, did they do the right thing Definitely Do I wantlike stories like this one PLEASE Please, bring Paris and Cooper back forgreat fireside tales I ll have my bourbon in hand, ready to lose myself in another one of Paris riveting stories. The Bourbon Thief stand alone Epic family saga about an impossible love the end of a bourbon empireAnd fate is just another name for a train that cannot stop until it reaches its final destinationThe Bourbon Thief stand alone is an epic family saga of how a bourbon empire came to be noAfter being caught stealing a million dollar bottle of bourbon from Cooper McQueen the mysterious Paris claims the bottle is rightfully hers And so we are swept back four decades in time to heiress Tamara Belle Maddox s love affair with the off limits Levi Joseph Shelby A forbidden love in every sense of the word she was white and he was interracial she was sixteen and he was twenty eight she was about to inherit a fortune while Levi was working as the stable guyThe truth is like bourbon it ll burn going downIt s a story with just as many villains as innocent participants caught in a game of greed, lies, betrayal, death, blackmail and secrets dirty, shameful secrets A spell binding tale of love, resilience, vengeance with a bit of a curse.The Bourbon Thief, told in multiple POVs has epic written all over it A mixture forbidden and against all odds, with the burden of legacy, it s a fight for love and quest for truth and vengeance All consuming, intriguing, heart wrenching and inspiring all the way to its bittersweet endLove what they destroyed Destroy what they lovedHero Heroine Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending 1 2 OVERALL RATING Angst HIGH FOCUS Darkness MEDIUM FOCUS Humor MEDIUM FOCUS Kink HIGH FOCUS Romance HIGH FOCUS Sex frequency MEDIUM FOCUS Suspense HIGH FOCUS NOW LIVE ExcerptAnd bourbon s like the truth, you know The first taste burns, but once you get used to it, it s the only thing you want in your mouthAfter I finished reading this, a friend asked me how it was Was there a happy endingShe asked Was it dark What genre is it I had no idea how to answer any of those questions Was it a happy ending Yes No Sort of Was it dark Yes No Sort of I wouldn t call it dark But scandalous And sometimes disturbing And some things that happened were just plain outright wrong and I asked myself what the fuck was wrong with me since I was enjoying it Especially after that last bomb Tiffany dropped I am STILL not over that.What I do know is Tiffany Reisz can weave one hell of a story and this had shock after shock after SHOCK I couldn t put it down, even though some may call it slow placed I was obsessed with the banter of the hero and heroine and while some may not consider any of this humorus because of the dark and vengeful underlying tone of the plot, I did laugh multiple times at the quick witted dialogue between the two MCs.The premise of this book revolves around a long lost bourbon company, Red Thread, that was originally founded and owned by the Maddox family for generations Many years after Red Thread s demise, a woman named Paris tracks down the last remaining bottle and tries to reclaim it by telling the sordid tale of the company s origins and how it all eventually fell apart From here the story unravels and as I mentioned above,a lot of insane and disturbing things occur Perfection is for heaven, and when you tried to bring perfection to earth, you paid a heavy priceThere were so many elements to this story, and I was extremely impressed with how the author pulled them all together Throughout the book there was this anxious, heavy feeling that I couldn t shake, so I was waiting for that inevitable shoe to drop And when it dropped, HOLY SHIT DID IT DROP.This is not your typical love story This is not your typical drama It was right and wrong and mysterious and delightful and tragic all at the same time. I also found it extremely interesting this story was inspired by true events and the author was able to conjure such a wicked tale from them I would most definitely recommend it to those who aren t afraid to read something that is outside of the box and a little outside of their comfort zoneARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Bouron Thief is out now Find Me On Instagram FB Page FB Blog Blog