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!KINDLE ♾ The Stowaway (Forgotten Realms: Stone of Tymora, #1) ☿ From The Author Of Than A Dozen New York Times Best Sellers And His Son, Comes The First Installment Of A Brand New Fantasy Trilogy Written Just For Young Readers Barely A Teen And Already Guarding A Secret That Could Jeopardize His Young Life, Maimun Is Marked For Death With The Help Of A Mysterious Stranger, The Boy Escapes His Village And Flees Out To Sea, Stowing Away On The Pirate Hunting Ship, Sea Sprite, Where He Comes Across A Most Unlikely Ally The Dark Elf Drizzt Do Urden With A Half Demon Determined To Destroy Him, And A Crew Of Sailors Resentful Of The Trouble He S Caused, Maimun Must Find The Courage To Prove His Worth, Both To His Friends And To Himself Nearly Two Decades Ago, RA Salvatore Introduced The World To Drizzt D Urden In A Series That Has Since Become A Fantasy Classic And A Consistent Presence On Best Seller Lists Now, For The First Time, Salvatore Partners With His Son Geno To Craft A Brand New Story Just For Young Readers, Featuring A Cameo Of The Most Beloved Fantasy Character Of All Time For Young Readers Seeking The Next Great Fantasy Saga Or For Long Time Fans Who Can T Miss Any Installment In The Drizzt Saga, This Book Delivers All The Action, Intrigue, And Magic You Ve Come To Expect From The Salvatore Name I grew up reading Salvatore He was the very writer that got me hooked on Fantasy, on worlds and characters beyond on own Despite reading much criticism about his writing technique, I would always standfast that he is a great writer who stirs imagination This book is garbage I do not believe it was actually written by R.A Salvatore There is not a single redeeming quality about it It felt like it was written by a 10 year old who does not know how to write If not for the name on it, no decent publisher would even consider it. I m going to let this stand as my review for all three books I enjoyed them and it was really neat seeing a different angle on stories I m already familiar with To clarify what I mean, this story follows a young boy and throughout his adventures, he crosses paths with Drizzt many times This takes place during the time that he and the gang are hunting down Regis and Artemis Entreri You get to see bits and pieces of that same adventure through the lens of this young boy As far as I m aware, this is the first time that Geno has had a hand in this world I think it s a good starting point for him He gets to dip a toe without having the inevitable comparison of his version of the characters with his fathers That does happen to an extent, though I don t know how much his father was involved, but the few characters that we re all familiar with, just don t really seem like themselves Again, it s well written, they just come off as, off from their normal personality Especially Captain Deudermont who is the most heavily featured of all the standard cast of characters His character seems most out of place based on what I know of him.There were only a couple of things that really stood out to me as errors One is when one of the books has a guard and an equine It s not the main equine of the story, whom I don t have a problem with, but just a regular horse that doesn t act in the manner of any horse I ve ever been around Overall, though, it was a good section of books to add to this series It let s Geno dip his toe in these waters without sullying the main characters I m happy that this was a side series They re also about half the length of the main books so they re also a quick read I also like some of the other realistic parts, such as not having a young child be a master swordsman, even if they receive some training Too often characters are made natural savants instead of having to struggle to gain mastery I think that s much relateable. I have always loved R A Salvatore s novels, especially those with Drizzt Do Urden This novel brought me back the familiar characters of those stories Maimun is an orphan who is taken care of by Perrault, a fatherly figure who is also his guardian Through the frame story Maimun is sharing, we learn how he came in possession of a Stone of Tymora and of his adventures with Asbeel, a demon who wants the stone The novel ends with a cliffhanger, definitely making me want to read the next novel of the trilogy I especially enjoyed how this story fit in with Drizzt s tale of rescuing his halfling friend Regis. While enjoyable, this book is clearly not a whole story The writing just stops They probably looked for a good spot to chop the actually story There is no completion. A fun start to a new trilogy that really feels fresh and fun for a Salvatore series The cameos by well known characters seem a little forced and unnecessary as the main characters of the book are interesting enough. ShadowmaskAmazing as always Salvatore senior now his son are truly genius when it comes to fantasy Keep it up Eagerly looking forward to. The Stowaway is the first book in the Stone of Tymora trilogy by R.A and Geno Salvatore The second book is The Shadowmask and the third being The Sentinels, will be released in September 2010 For those who may not know, Geno is the son of Drizzt fame author R.A Salvatore Now even though R.A Salvatore s name is on the cover, this book has the feel of Geno s writing and I believe his father was there to lend his characters and guidance.The Stowaway is a Young Adult YA story about a boy, Maimun, who is an orphan that is captured by a pirate and in telling his tale to him, is using the pirate s curiosity to stay alive It takes place from his earliest memories of living tin the woods to traveling the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms to his time at sea all the while being chased by a demon named Asbeel Through his travels, he comes across Captain Deudermont of the ship Sea Sprite and Drizzt and companions Catti brie, Bruenor, Wulfgar, and Regis Drizzt and company form only a smidgen of the story Other characters are Perrault, a father figure and mentor, Elbeth, and a brief encounter with a girl named Joen who leaves a lasting impression on Maimun.This book is a fast read definitely geared towards a YA crowd but enjoyable enough for adults The chapters are short and the printing big making it a fast read The story, however, was not as engaging for me I did enjoy it, don t get me wrong, but I didn t feel the need that I had to drop what I was doing to finish it The characters were well written enough to hold my interest and the whole older person mentors child was not as cliched as in other fantasy works Each character had thier own voice and were easily distinguishable Also, the secondary characters had a nice impact on the storyline and the development of the main character The book flows well enough and there is enough action to hold the reader The pace is of an average first book and it is a typical, get the characters established and the story started type pacing.Some Criticisms 1 First off, this is written in a first person point of view POV and so there is only so much the author can do with only one vantage point to work from Since this is the form of telling a tale to someone else anyway, it does make sense that this POV is used, however, I feel this book could have been with a different POV.2 Being a fan of the realms and knowing that Drizzt is in this book, and the fact I m reading Mr Salvatore s Transitions trilogy as I write, I would have like to have known when this story was taking place I have already read The Shadowmask and thankfully that one was direct and so I can tell you this one happens somewhere after The Crystal Shard and before The Halfling s Gem from the Icewind Dale trilogy.3 The time shifts make the story a bit disjointed to me It starts off getting the main plot moving, then goes back in the past to describe how he got there, then finished further along It is probably just me, but it seemed to break this up too much.4 I am not a fan of cliff hanger endings This one has just such an ending to it The reader gets ready for a climax and then, bang, to be continued Thankfully, I had the second book ready to go so I could continue right away.Some Positives 1 The fact that the secondary characters were given their time so that they didn t feel so much as secondary but a real part of the story It was nice reading an author who cares as much about their secondary characters as the main ones.2 The character development was well written and logical Not only did events of the plot move the story along, but also the character s decisions impacted where things would go So as things happened and the character learned from his decisions, he developed accordingly.3 Even though Drizzt and company were used, it was nice that they didn t become the focal point in their scenes and they only added that bit of familiarity that fans of R.A Salvatore can enjoy.In the end, I am still glad I read this one I feel it could have been better, but I was still entertained Fans of the realms and Drizzt novles may enjoy this one It give a in depth look to come things that happened way in teh past IThis is a great plact to get younger readers in the realms setting Knowing how the second book turned out, I can tell you, if you enjoyed this one or even flet it was just average, you will like The Shadowmask.Happy reading Dimndbangr The book was very interesting but the story was not very easy to understand the problem is that it starts with the main character telling his story to a pirate of how he was running but after 20 chapters the main character decided to start his story when he was born and then it was very confusing what time the story was taking place but after all it ended very well R.A Salvatore is one of my favorite fantasy writers Drizzt Do Urden is one of my favorite fantasy characters Geno Salvatore is R.A s son and The Stowaway is his first published fantasy novel Although he did most of the writing, his father helped with the pacing of the story and some of the writing.At first I was disappointed by how little Drizzt was in the story, but them came to realize that most of this story takes place in the past, before Maimum meets Drizzt After finishing the book, I have great hopes that Drizzt and his fellow adventurers will be in the story in future books On the other hand, to tell the truth, the cameo if Drizzt wasn t really needed if you ask me The story stands on its own two feet and proclaims in a loud voice, Forgotten Realms books don t have to include Driizt to work So, I would have been just as happy if Drizzt never showed up in this book.I really liked the main character of Maimum and all the things he has gone through in his life That darned demon Asbeel is always hunting him, trying to get the stone, which turns out to give the person who posses it and extraordinary amount of luck As a young reader book, The Stowaway is a excellent tale of one boys struggle to find his place in the world Yes, there is some violence, but not a lot of gore or anything like that It is a really great fantasy novel that kept me reading it until I polished off the entire book in one day I just couldn t wait to find out what was going to happen next and, therefore, could not stop reading.So, if you are looking for a wonderful fantasy book to read, pick up a copy of The Stowaway I look forward to finding out what happens next in volume two of the Stone of Tymora series entitled The Shadowmask.I rated this book a 9 out of 10.