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Evacuation is Boris story The readers are introduced to Russia where he guards leads his people due to a long ago promise The story was entertaining but there were a few areas that could use a bit detail Looking forward to book 2. Evacuation World of the Kuthurian Gambit World.Boris is a long Lived Were Bear Say THAT fast Five times , a Russian Merc that has taken responsibility of a Russian village and an extensive Were community in Siberia He has protected multiple generations of the area by Contracting out his military skills and training leading a mercenary unit, rolling his wages and equipment into supporting that area. #Download Ebook ⚸ Evacuation (The Boris Chronicles #1) × The Russian Mercenary Known As Boris Has Always Been A Conundrum For Governments The World Over His Visage Never Changes, His Capabilities Never Understood The Russian Government Gets Word He Has Been Killed On A Mercenary Mission In America, Allowing Agents To Come In And Attack The Villages Boris Has Been Protecting Using A Fanatical Military Sub Group In The Russian Military, The Atrocities Start The Only Problem Boris Isn T Dead, And Now He Has Help Boris Won T Allow His People To Go Unprotected, And Now The Queen Bitch Herself Has Accepted His Oath Of Fealty Russia Doesn T Have A Clue What They Have Started When This Bear Comes Back From The Dead Please Note, As Mentioned In A Review On A Book In The Main Series, There Is Flagrantly Foul Language In These Novels The Main Character Does Not Have A Problem With Cussing, Just Uninspired Cussing THE BORIS CHRONICLES Evacuation The Boris Chronicles Coming Soon Revolution The Boris Chronicles Revelation The Boris Chronicles Restitution The Boris Chronicles The Kurtherian Gambit Main Series Includes Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit Queen Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit Love Lost The Kurtherian Gambit Bite This The Kurtherian Gambit Never Forsaken The Kurtherian Gambit Under My Heel The Kurtherian Gambit Kneel Or Die The Kurtherian Gambit We Will Build The Kurtherian Gambit It S Hell To Choose The Kurtherian Gambit Release The Dogs Of War The Kurtherian Gambit Sued For Peace The Kurtherian Gambit Coming Soon Short Stories Tied In To The Main Series Include You Don T Mess With John S Cousin Frank Kurns Stories Of The UnknownWorld Bitch S Night Out Frank Kurns Stories Of The UnknownWorld Well written and pulled me inI enjoyed reading this story and it was nice to see about what happened with Boris and his people in Russia.It was disheartening to think that such internal strife might have be happening over there in real life, and I really hope things are better now for the folks in Russia than they were say 20 years ago.As for the story, it has pulled me in and now I need to read the rest of the books in this series The characters are interesting, believable and I have to know how things work out for them. Good addition to the universe This is a good addition to the Kurtherian Gambit universe It adds detail to the awesome character of Boris the werebear and ties into the main story line perfectly I will continue to read this and finish the series I recommend it. I am still way behind with my book reviews so here is another three in one review This time for the first three books in The Boris Chronicles, another side story in the Kurtherian universe.To me these books are a fun, straightforward read It takes a couple of characters at the time just before The Queen Bitch herself leaves Earth in The Kurtherian Gambit and spins a story around them It is a simple story and a fairly fast read but it does add a few details to the Kurtherian universe.I did feel that the writing in these books was closer to the writing in the original series than, for instance, the books by Martha R Carr I like Michael Anderle s writing so for me this is a good thing.As usual with books in this universe it all centers around a few very likable and very kick ass characters In this case the main protagonist is of course Boris, a very likable werebear The bad guys are made up of elements of the Russian government who are even criminal, corrupt and despicable than the average Russian politician And, just for good measure, the author also throws in a few old fashioned vampires to round of the bad guy menagerie.The Queen Bitch herself is actually part of the story She and her closest ass kickers are involved in a fair part of the story which, to me, is another plus.There are also a few twists, discoveries and revelations, including the introduction of another character that is, well, let s just say that she is not entirely human and comes with a history to avoid any spoilers here I guess these twists may or may not have an influence on future books in the Kurtherian universe, whether they are side stories or not, depending on where Michael wants to go.If you liked any of the previous books in the Kurtherian universe then you will probably like these ones as well It is a nice well paced roller coaster ride with plenty of wise ass comments, action and ass kicking Oh, and of course some language not suited for the easily offended. FascinatingAn interesting insight into the world of Boris, and some new characters I was concerned it might be an awkward story since he was involving Michael s characters, however it s a seamless fit Well done More Boris please I always wanted to know about Boris He was an interesting undeveloped character in the Kutherian Gambit, in which book I can t remember Now I have to decide whether I should continue with the Boris books or continue with Bethany Anne. I thought this was a new series, based on another series, and it is sorta but if you haven t read the The Kurtherian Gambit series, don t read this one first Because you wont understand whats going on and who the characters are and if your like me and only read 8 of the 14 books in the series you will have spoilers. Great, butThere is a big difference between Let s eat, Grandma and Let s eat Grandma Guess which sentence Grandma prefers Also, nipples instead of ripples And no one caught that Finally, if a quote by one person spans than one paragraph then each paragraph has an opening quote but only the final paragraph has a closing quote After a closing quote mark the next opening quote mark denotes that a different person is speaking Not following this convention gets some readers very confused There were also a miniscule amount of other typos such as misplaced commas or missing periods This was a great read, otherwise.