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It s the late 1970s, Mao is dead, and tensions are rising between the USSR and China The US is set on a policy of detente, and doesn t want war between the two major communist powers especially not a nuclear exchange The cloud of radioactive fallout would reach the west coast of the US, with potentially major consequences.The current Communist Party Chairman, Dimitrov, has convinced the President and the Secretary of State that he agrees with him and is the safeguard against a disastrous war Unfortunately, he has leukemia, and is dying.The US secretly agrees to send one of the world s leading leukemia experts, fortunately the son and grandson of Russian immigrants and a speaker of Russian, to treat Dimitrov and hopefully keep him alive long enough to attend an international meeting and sign a treaty.Dr Alex Cousins, n Kuznetsov, is off on an adventure he never expected or wanted.It s not too bad at first, treating Dimitrov successfully and bringing him back to greater health, at least for now But along the way, he learns a dangerous secret about Dimitrov s real plans for China When it s time to go home, Alex finds himself being given the gift of a trip on the Trans Siberian Express, through Siberia where both his father and grandfather spent important years of their lives, culminating in theory in a boat ride to Yokohama and a plane trip home.Alex doesn t believe he ll ever make it, unless he can find a way to get his dangerous message to US authorities before he s stopped.Along the way, we see both the grimness of the Soviet system, and glimpses of what the Russians, especially the Siberians, love about their country A beautiful Russian history professor, recruited back into KGB employment she left ten years ago, Dimitrov s hatchet man Zeldovich, assorted other KGB agents, a carload full of KGB soldiers, and even the railroad steward staff are all either really watching Alex, or making him feel that they are The deeper they get into Siberia, theevents and misunderstandings and all too real conflicts ratchet up the tension and the danger.This is a very solid political thriller set in a half forgotten period of our recent history, when the collapse of the Soviet Union was still unthinkable, and Mutual Assured Destruction was what was keeping us all alive.Recommended. Another Adler GemOnce again Warren Adler combines an intriguing story with an education of the Trans Siberian Railroad, including a geography lesson detailing all the cities and towns along the route Well done This book highlighted to me the oppression of the Eastern block years The things the people suffered through and the callousness they were forced to endure was brought into sharp focus From being sent to a gulag at an early age for standing up to a corrupt official to being brainwashed into spying on the train passengers you are supposed to be assisting and serving to being pressed into service as a seductress to gain information from the American doctor who treat the Secretary General for cancer for your own personal gain The cruelty and senseless killing was hard to swallow and the end was no end at all.Bottom line did the listen keep me listening until the end Yes Did I want to know what happened to the characters Yes Did I enjoy listening and was the ending satisfying No The story itself ended abruptly and there were no storylines tied up so you have a feeling of ending and that the story was over I never really got the point of what the doctor was doing for the American government Some of the storylines did not even reflect on the main story They just seemed to be added so the author could highlightabuse.The narration was decent and the voices were done well I believe Mark Sando s performance was one of the reasons I was able to reach the end of the book.I received this audiobook free through Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review. I found this in an old box of books and was intrigued by the idea of a story set on a train, so even though I wasn t sure of a Cold War story, I decided to give it a try I got caught up in the story easily, getting to know the characters and their background stories A book set on a train in Russia is not your typical story and it was quite fascinating but as others have said, ended abruptly and somewhat unsatisfying But I am glad that I read it. Always wanted to travel across country by trainat least got to in book Worth the time It was a good read I likedseveral of the characters, including some that were despicable It kept me interested, and I kept reading to find out what was going to happen next. In his novel TRANS SIBERIAN EXPRESS, Warren Adler has written an intriguing story and wrapped it in the rattling confines of a supposedly first class Russian train If you are a train travel fan, you ll be intrigued with the details of train travel on Russian Railways, the largest in the world It is a lengthy trip made enjoyable by interesting and devious characters and the details about an infamous train Dr Alex Cousins, a renowned leukemia doctor, is on a covert mission to Russia to attend to its Politburo Chief, Victor Dimitrov, who is suffering from end stage leukemia Note There is a tendency for Russians to use all of their lengthy names as they address each other In the interest of saving space in this review I will either shorten their names or not name them at all Check out the author s very considerate list of characters at the beginning of the book Then, as soon as possible, revert to last names only You will soon get the idea and be able to sort them out as you read.Cousins discovers that Dimitrov has a devilish plan for a nuclear strike on China Dimitrov is on the short list for staying alive because of his disease and, fearing that Cousins will spill the beans about his plans, puts him on the train to the farthest reaches of Eastern Russia to delay his return to the US until the plans can be completed Cousins is put on board the Russiya, a venerable old passenger train that, strangely enough, is still in operation today Modern travelers are not kind in their comments about the service and it sounds like the author got the on board amenities about right That is fun to read.Cousins, as one might expect, is under close surveillance during his trip, including by a statuesque blonde who is assigned the second bunk in his two person cabin As would be expected, a tryst takes place, revealing a lack of restraint on the good doctor s part He falls heavily in love with the beautiful KGB agent Anna Valentinova, the thrills of the flesh reducing him to a quivering mass of uncertainty and zero reasoning ability Side stories of revenge, angst, jealousy, betrayal and homicide are included, all well developed My favorite character is a bratty boy who keeps the passengers and crew agitated with his behavior The book is well written and moves the reader along at breakneck speed There are not many lapses in action Flashbacks are well handled, explain much of the story, and make it easier to follow the frenetic pace Long hours of traversing the Siberian wilderness pass quickly under Warren Adler s guidance, making the trip intriguing This is a fine reading experience. See review at Express by War ren Adler is an early novel of this famous author Mr Adler recently released his 33rd book and has writ ten mul ti ple scripts as well.Vic tor Dim itrov, Russ ian head of state, is suf fer ing from leukemia Not trust ing the doc tors in Rus sia to keep his secret from his polit i cal ene mies, he requests an Amer i can doc tor to treat him Dr Alex Cousins is hand picked for the job by the Pres i dent, how ever Dr Cousins dis cover that Dim itrov is plan ning to go out with a bang and strike China with nuclear weapons before he dies.Fear ing that Dr Cousins will thwart his plan by reveal ing it to Amer ica , Dim itrov sends him on a long trip to East ern Rus sia The good doc tor is being watched, but by who and why is the question.Trans Siberian Express by War ren Adler is an intrigu ing novel tak ing place on a fancy Russ ian train I loved the way Adler described the scenery and train travel on the Russ ian Rail way system.Adler built a whole world, with intrigu ing char ac ters, all of who have an inter est ing his tory behind them, on a Russ ian train The author did a great job of cap tur ing the Russ ian mind set, where every one almost are very proud of what they do to con tribute to the whole For exam ple, one of the train work ers is proud of her job, the clean li ness of the cab ins, the hall ways and takes it as a per sonal affront if the train runs late.Adler shows his mas tery in sto ry telling by han dling flash backs in a way which doesn t slow the story down and actu ally moves it for ward Each flash back revealsabout the char ac ter, their psy che, moti va tions and train of thought.The most enter tain ing part of the book is the descrip tions of the Russ ian ameni ties, or lack thereof, on the train From a bit of research I did it seems the author got it right and even if he didn t, it makes for a great story.The story also has no vil lains per say, each indi vid ual is totally com mit ted to what he or she is doing, believ ing 110% that they are right If any thing I d say that the pro tag o nist, Dr Cousins, is the bad guy even though he also believes that he is right and stick ing with his moral convictions.This is a well writ ten book which drew me into Rus sia and onto the train The nar ra tive moves fast, the story is inter est ing the descrip tions of the land scape are fascinating. When I read a book for review, I usually don t read much about the book before beginning to read I do read the short blurb the publisher gives but nothingSo, when I opened Trans Siberian Express to find at the very beginning a long list of characters and who they are, my optimism vanished Whenever I come across a list like this I think if you have to have a scorecard to keep track of the players, I will never be able to keep up with which character is doing what I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case with this story There are a lot of characters, but it wasn t difficult to keep up with each one and their particular place in the plot.The book was fairly well written and I was drawn into the story I enjoyed trying to figure out what would happen next However, what I didn t like was getting well into the story only to have numerous sex scenes between the two main characters When I find this type of ploy in a book or a movie it makes me believe the writer took the easy way out It is true that sex is a grabber and sells lots of media, but it doesn t make for a better story It might have beenchallenging for the writer to design his story in such a way that it did not depend upon this crutch It is the challenge that makes a great book or story I have read a lot of books in my life and I used to just read over the sex and let it go in favor of the story However, somewhere along the way I have started to feel a bit insulted by authors who think that if they insert sex into the story they automatically have the reader hooked I would appreciate mucha story for the sake of the story If two characters have sex, there are ways to convey that to the reader without a movement by movement description I am no longer shocked by much, but I am most definitely NOT entertained or mentally challenged either I would rather have a strong story without the fluff.I was also dissatisfied with the ending of the story It is just a personal preference of mine and I won t give any spoilers so you will just have to read it and draw your own conclusions In summary, the book presented a puzzle and I enjoyed trying to figure out the puzzle Overall, I enjoyed the basic plot of the book, but with the exceptions noted above I was provided a free copy of this book for review from Stonehouse Productions I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review. ^DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇔ Trans-Siberian Express ⇻ An Epic Tale About A Land And A People Winston Churchill Declared, A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma American Cancer Specialist, Dr Alex Cousins Is On A Covert Mission To The USSR He Is Tasked With Prolonging The Life Of Soviet Politburo Chief, Viktor Moiseyevich Dimitrov, Who Is Suffering From Advanced Stage Leukemia But The Tenuous Confidence Between The Unlikely Colleagues Is Shattered One Night As Alex Accidentally Discovers Dimitrov S Diabolical Plans For A Nuclear Strike On China Alex Soon Finds Himself Dispatched, Homeward Bound, On A Six Thousand Mile Journey Aboard The Trans Siberian Express Long Enough, Alex Realizes, To Silence Him From Alerting The US Of The Imminent Destruction Reluctant, At First, To Embark Upon The Journey, Alex Is Beckoned Into The Siberian Expanse By Memories Of His Grandfather, Aleksandr Kuznetzov, Who Wove Tales Of Magic And Mystery Into This Seemingly Desolate Place As The Train Lumbers East Across Snow Cloaked Mountains, Glimmering Past A Forest Glow, Watchful Eyes Rest On The American Doctor Surrounding Him Are People Beaten And Broken By Life, Each Drawn To This Emperor Of Trains In Search Of A Brighter Future But Most Curious Is Anna Petrovna Valentinova, The Hauntingly Beautiful History Professor And Alex S Alluring Travelling Companion As Anna Captivates Alex With Illusions Of Her Homeland, A Passionate Romance Transcending Political Barriers Unfolds Under KGB SurveillanceA Train Attendant Yearns For Love, A Deformed Man Seeks Revenge On An Old Enemy, And A Persecuted Jewish Couple Runs To A New Home As The Trans Siberian Express Roars Onward Through A Cavern Of Hopes And Memories, Coloring Its Tracks With Tales Of Love, Loss And Nuclear Intrigue From One End Of Russia To The Other