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My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This is the debut release for this author and although the plot was good, the writing did let it down.First you had to get used to the fact that the story changed points of view a lot without warning We get Sony a POV, Dmitri s POV and then we get the narrator.At times considering at what both have already been through they also seem to act like teenagers, when if brought up in the life they appear to have had they would have acted wiser than their years Quite often i would want to slap the characters because they were just being daft.Also what should have been the big final show down between Dmitri and his uncle Ivan was glossed over and therefore was a let down.The idea of the story was good it just was not executed in the right way for me, but glad it worked for other people. ARC received for honest review I m fond of this genre and admire anyone greatly who puts forth the effort to put out a book I m happy to see that others enjoyed this book, but unfortunately, it just didn t work for me I found both main characters to be very two dimensional and couldn t connect with them They were very young so that may have been part of what I didn t like, especially because she was acting like a teenage girl most of the time and they flipped on their emotions a lot I couldn t get through all of it so maybe it got better Since I didn t like the characters I got frustrated at their actions and had to stop, which I rarely ever do I think it has potential in the story, just needs a littlework on the characters. READ EPUB ☲ Taken Back ☩ A Bad Boy Russian Mafia RomanceBe Careful What You Wish For You Just Might Get Dmitri Veselov Sonya Valentina Is A Struggling Waitress Who Gets Hired As A Hostess At A Strip Club Owned By Her Mysterious Middle Eastern Friend One Of The Regulars At The Club Is A Cocky Russian Mobster Sonya Has Never Gone For The Bad Boy Type, But This Brash And Dangerous Man Somehow Makes Her Feel Safe Dmitri Veselov Has The Looks Of A Model Well, Except For His Scars And Prison Tattoos He S As Heartless In Dating As He Is Vicious In Handling His Business And This Big Motorcycle Riding Stud Already Has Every Stripper At Sultan S Palace Squirming In Their G Strings But When Dmitri Meets Sonya, He Has Feelings Of Comfort And Trust Like He Hasn T Felt Since Before His Happy Childhood Took A Tragic Turn Into A Brutal Life Of Death And Violence Yet With A Mafia War Raging, His Mob Boss Uncle S Fortune On The Line, And Dark Secrets Than He Can Count, Will Dmitri Risk Everything To Save Sonya When She Gets In Trouble With A Ruthless Sheikh Taken Back Has Some Steamy Scenes And They Get A Bit Rough It Also Has A Suspenseful Plot, Wild Surprises, And Is A Standalone, Full Length Novel With An HEA The Ebook Version Also Includes A Russian Mafia Romance Novella By Yasmin Porter This is Amorosi first novel and while the concept is well thought out the delivery is where she had problems She explained right from the beginning that the story was written in third person, yet the main character s inner dialog was going to be in first person I ll be honest, this was disjointed and didn t read smoothly Amorosi would have been better served writing in first person and switching POV The story also jumps from present tense to past tense, which again was confusing and very disjointed I also found the dialogue crude and rudimentary and I don t feel it did her characters or the story the justice they deserved The ending was also too abrupt, I think it would have been better served to have a climactic battle instead of just fizzling the way it did I do like that we got an HEA However, like I said the overall concept of the story was sound and the characters were will developed and thought out I didn t DNF because I was legitimately interested in where the story went I will be interesting to see how Amorosi develops as an author. Taken Back A Bad Boy Russian Mafia Romance by Alyna Amorosi was gifted to me in an ARC in exchanged for an honest review I am giving this book 5 amazing stars because this was my first time reading a book from this author, and I have to say she did a wonderful job I have read a lot of mafia books and Russian mafia books are my favorite So of course when a writer starts out there going to be some errors because its all a learning process, but for this author it wasn t like that She created and tied these characters together perfectly She just did a brilliant job on this book and from beginning to end I was enthralled in their story Sonya is a young innocent girl who has been through a lot, and because of this hardship she needs money to pay back bills that are pilling up on her She already had to drop out of college, and she had to stop working at these minimum wage jobs that are not even making a dent in her bills They are not helping her at all so when she meets this nice guy at the gym who she getting to know offers her a job at his club she takes it But she makes it clear to him she does t want to do anything that goes against her values And he tells her no he respects her, and she will be only working the front door greeting his costumers and collecting the money Of course she scared that his going to expectfrom her But so far her new boss is good to her and treats her good, but what you are going to find out is that thereto her boss then she knew His going to turnout to be her worst nightmare But when she meets Dmitri she not only going to fall in love with him, but his also going to turnout to be the man that saves her from her evil boss And they are both going to find out that they areconnected then they could ever dream of Because both of them are going to get so many questions answered about there past After everything they have been through they both know they belong together And once Dmitri sees Sonya for the first time he knows she is it for him It comes as a surprise to him because he was never looking for his soulmate If you want to know how this story unfolds and ends your going to have to read it I will end with this you are going to love this book I know I did, and I found a new author because Alyna made me her forever fan. To follow ARC received by author in exchange for honest review Let me say, this the first ARC I ever from an Author And I was flattered when I got that chance to read it When I read the blurb for the story, I was hooked I love it and I couldn t wait to get my hands on the story So far, I ve read one Mafia series, enjoyed I couldn t wait to read another one but by a different author.When I read Taken Back I felt it readlike a Thriller than a Romance I didn t feel the hero and the heroine had any connection and rarely during the early chapters did I feel that attraction or tension between them I understand, the hero is in the Mafia and his attitude stems from his lifestyle but I felt when it came to the woman he was attracted to things should ve smoothed out a bit.The story wasabout Sonya than it was from Dmitri More than half of the book I rarely saw him or heard of him only a few times Dmitri finally came to the light halfway of the book all the way to the end I tried to connect with Sonya but I couldn t I thought she was too naive and honestly stupid And I think one reviewer said to clingy which I agree I mean couldn t she feel how Halim was a bit shady Halim scared me and made me feel uncomfortable throughout the whole novel.I will say this, I think Alyna Amorosi has a talent in writing and I hope she continues to write stories for readers to enjoy but the novel was not for me I will, however, continue to read her future stories. 2 stars, review to follow on Boundless Book Reviews Source I received a digital copy of this book for free for an honest review Thanks to Alyna AmorosiYou are lucky I can barely move, talking to me that way What would you do, hit me You brute No, I would never hit you I would WhatSonya said with a bratty stareI would take you in my arms and make you mine I am sorry to say, but I did not like it at all The beginning was good, but later it became really boring I could not concentrate and get into it The writing style was poor, I am not sure was it because it was authors first bookAnyway, it wasabout the erotica then mafia The name says mafia, so it should have been about mafia We did not see how he fought the FINAL and the most important fight I guess author wanted to write it that way to surprise us, but well, it did not work, for me, anyway.Being an ARC reader is pressuring, since you don t want to leave a bad review, and say something bad, since authors after all give you a free copy over in advance, however I am sorry but I cannot lie.The female character was stupid, insane and there was an impression that she will jump anyone just to lose her virginity And she was kind of clingy, also she has an impressive, NOT, imagination DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADER This review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.ARC received by author in exchange for honest review 20 year old Sonya Valentina lost her mother tragically and has been suffering financially ever since She was forced to quit nursing school A man from her gym offered her a job at his business Sultan s Palace a gentleman s club Sonya has a soft naive personality so her new environment threw her into a den of wolves.22 year old Dmitri Veselov is a working his way up in the Russian mafia Both of his parents are dead and his uncle raised him to be the man he is today Dmitri has the potential to rise to the top if he is not killed first.Debut novel I always go into books with an open mind You never know where the journey will lead you This book had potential but I was lost the entire time I would be in someone s head then suddenly in another The plot was all over the place and the dialogue seemed borderline childish from the two main characters The book was set in the late 90s Everything was rushed and none of it ever connected with me Pains me to give such a low rating Just because I was unable to enjoy it does not mean others will have the same experience Cliffhanger no stand alone POV Sonya Dmitri few others as well