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Bullshit and Philosophy is not pleasure reading and really only rewards the reader who is willing to delve into the sometimes opaque rhythms of academic jargon and methodology The collected essays herein are, to be sure, academia, and not some kind of clever pastiche.Which isn t to say there isn t some cleverness to be found While there are a handful of the articles that are so densely and seriously written that it becomes a chore to tease out their conclusions, most of the philosophers charge their logic and observations with just enough of their tongues tucked into their cheeks that you almost feel like you re stealing a glimpse at some exclusive club of smart people sitting around unfurling their intelligence just for the sheer pleasure of it The way you and your friends in college would suddenly find yourselves embroiled in an empassioned and escalating debate about something so extraordinarily trivial, not because you found it important but because you enjoyed the challenge and gratification of arguing with each other.Channel that feeling through the lens of academic literature, and you end up with his collection.And if you re up to that challenge, there are some interesting points of view to be found here concerning the ubiquity of bullshit in American society While most of the writings here are dedicated to defining the term and haggling about the motivations and causes of such, there seems to be common agreement that there is too much of it flung around in our culture, and that educating ourselves about what bullshit actually is would go a long way toward limiting itsdetrimental effects When Harry Frankfurt wrote the tract that inspired this collection, On Bullshit , he left it open for minds other than his to carry on the debate about where to go with his initial observations Its nice to see that his colleagues took up the gauntlet bickered with each other and kept the debate rolling.Also, it was funny to see so many philosophers portray Ludwig Wittgenstein as such a tool At least there is a concensus on something. Fascinating and insightful Learned a lot about communication and how we interact, and fail to interact with one another And how our intentions and interpretations can be complicated and untrustworthy A collection of scholarly essays on Bullshit I now have a greater understanding of bullshit and how I best respond to it Useful as I strive towards aauthentic life and try to lessen the amount of bullshit I produce I suspect some production of bullshit in life is unavoidable it might be the lubricant of many aspects of society , but the quantity we might control The time spent reading this was worthwhile. Fine, as far as these contributors can take it The problem is, they have become desensitized to the stank of their own taurus skata But at the same time they do have enough of the skata removed from their own eyes that they can see it in some of the philosophical and cultural movements of our time Really, this was supposed to be a popular re presentation of Frankfurt s now classic book On Bullshit But even here, it was kinda disappointing. Still reading. I m reading this solely out of a desire to cover the literature in this area Most of it is bilge Though the Aberdein and Maes and Schaubroeck pieces are exceptions, and it reprints the excellent Cohen paper. Gets a little redundant at times This book seems almost as if slapped together for popular culture reasons Philosophy makes a buck. (Download Kindle) ⛏ Bullshit and Philosophy ⚣ Popular Interest In Bullshit And Its Near Relative, Truthiness Is At An All Time High, But The Subject Has A Rich Philosophical History, With Hobbes, Locke, Hume, And Kant All Weighing In On The Matter Here, Contemporary Philosophers Reflect On Bullshit From Epistemological, Ethical, Metaphysical, Historical, And Political Points Of View Tackling Questions Including What Is Bullshit, What Does It Do, Is It A Passing Fad, And Can It Ever Be Eliminated, The Book Is A Guide And Resource For The Many Who Find Bullshit Worth Pondering