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Dear Author, please please get an editor or a Beta team There are missing words, misspellings, and other errors These detracted from this fab story, such a shame.Again, a dark dark story Suspenseful, with dash of crazy I honestly haven t had this much fun reading a series since I read The Risk Well I was hoping for a dark read and I certainly got it with White Out Gripping, gruesome, thrilling, bloody and sadistic.Bram Master Whitlock the first third of the book I was all is he or isn t he alive and then when you finally find out the pace really picks up and I absolutely loved it.Master West I hated him from the first book and sort of felt for him a bit in this one.Everleigh she turned out to be one strong feisty young blood thirsty woman mistress So many twists and turns couldn t see which way Everleigh was going to go.Loved the ending and hope maybe one day their could be something If you love a dark read go for it but read 24690 first, if you can stomach that then venture to White Out you won t be disappointed. 5 Monstrous StarsYou couldn t tame monsters Not even with loveRead the dang warning, my friends 24690 was is a top FAVORITE of mine this year I was apprehensive about reading this one Well, for one, how do you top that Second, I had no idea how this story would go Feeling scared to be honest I became invested in the characters so very much How was I to cope.AA DARK blew me the fuck away, again This duo is going on my top favorite shelves Let me tell you why The story is as original as they come This was a very dark book, but not the only reason why I loved it so Sometimes, one doesn t need redemption, the author showcased the monsters in truth The beasts were weeping in their cages, reveling in bloody, debaucheryWe are all gluttonous bastards who lurk in this palace of perversionsI knew when I started this series, it wasn t romance But, if you crave twisted, obsessive love, your dark heart will rejoice Not a thing is morally right in this book, yet I wanted the sickness to absorb into me, make me feel better about what I was enjoyingEven death held allure when temptation mingled with attractionIf you think book one was haunting, you haven t seen a thing This one will shred your heart with moments of despair and the longing of freedom The need to be free At what cost The secrets slowly unfold like slashes on your back Do you like pain with pleasure Because this book gives just as much as it takes Be prepared. 5 HUGE DARK starsI thought 24690 was DARK, but this one was even I don t even know where to start and what to share I m glad I decided to read this second book in the series because it was much better than the first Well I didn t have much choice than to read because I was dying to find out how Everleigh s story will end I wasn t happy with the beginning and the first 15% didn t surprise me much After the ending in book 1, I knew Everleigh will be punished terribly The red lights massacres got me on the edge of my seat, but soon I wanted And when I got it, I just couldn t put this book down I was SO glued to the pages So much action, so many twists and turns, so many horrors, so many mind games, so many secrets and plots, sooo much BLOOD While reading the first book I felt the need to take some breaks Here it was the opposite I didn t want to put it down not even for water I can t remember when it was the last time I was so invested into a story I had SO many scenarios and when I thought I knew what was going to happen next, it just continued to surprise me Reading book 1 prepared me enough for what happened here I wasn t that shocked by the pitch black scenes But it seems I wasn t such a good learner because I still got attached to some characters only to hurt when they were murdered And we get so many murders here It s pretty hard to try to explain how I feel about this book because I really don t want to slip any spoilers I am glad I haven t read any reviews before because I saw many readers gave away the ending Oh, the endingWell this is a story that exceeds dark genre We get rape, torturing and even skinning Everleigh became a smart and heartless woman and her transformation was hard to witness I know all main characters are anti heroes, but I still wanted a better ending for their story I was extremely sad when I ve read THE END and felt the need to double check if the author planned a third book in the series Thank God I was curious enough about her other dark books written under this pen name, and I discovered that we do get to meet her again in the series Welcome to Whitlock I don t know why the author didn t linked them to this series What if I didn t find out there s a continuation of Everleigh s story I was pretty devastated by the end Good to know we get But what about a third book wishful thinking This story is the perfection of a true life horror story A A Dark held absolutely nothing back while creating this masterpiece.Everleigh is the strong heroine of the story She has to fight for herself and also with herself Her past torments her and at times has trouble focusing on the realality of life Torn between being Slave Mistress she is determined to do what is best for her no matter who she destroys in the process, as long as she gets what she craves the most, her freedom.The power struggle between Main Masters and High Leaders become a force to be reckoned with, with only the strongest and the wisest to survive the hell that is known as Whitlock The torture cast upon West is the most sinister of all, with what happens in the White Room and the Red Lights They way in which A A Dark describes the scenes with what is happening to him is pure perfection I m sure the research taken to write such descriptive chapters must have been draining.It is fantastic to,read a story where the strong men fail and a weaker woman flourished Throughout the journey of White Out we see the birth of a strong and fearsome woman, Everleigh.This book kept me glued to my kindle The storyline flowed and the characters were both loved and hated by me, but mostly hated It was like I was on a swinging pendulum going back and forth with the love and hate for Bram, West and even Everleigh.Thanks A.A Dark for writing what a lot of other Authors shy away from Some of the most taboo subjects out there.xxx I was Everleigh Harper, married to the present Main Master that ruled them I d go down in a mass of blood and carnage if it meant they didn t get the satisfaction of winning They would see I was no one to mess with Wow This was hands down one of the bloodiest and most cringe worthy books I have ever had the pleasure of reading Bram is the ULTIMATE anti hero and Everleigh is so beyond fucked up that I couldn t help but to root for her despite her insanity Loved This Book If you like super dark and taboo reads, then head on over to and one click the first book in the series 24690 For those who have read this view spoiler does anyone know if there will be another book in this series I need to find out what happens to Everleigh and Bram hide spoiler EVERLEIGH IS A BADASS AND DERSERVES TO GET HER REVENGE AND HAVE THESE MEN SUFFER FOR WHAT THEY DID TO HER I m pretty sure she reached her breaking point in this book But she also pulled herself together and played these nasty horrible men at their own game I was rooting for her from the very first page and she didn t let me down I hate Bram I hate West Ugh I hate the men in this book Men are pigs I loved how strong Everleigh was despite everything she went through And she fucking persevered she was not a doormate heroine at all She didn t succumb to their demands As for the ending hmmmm I really hope she finds herself and if at the end of the day it s at Whitlock I freaking hope she gets the respect she deserves When love abandoned you, negative emotions easily slipped through the cracks of one s broken soul to make us whole again They provided reasons to move forward and continue to breathe Death wasn t an option Not when you craved to be the one who caused it. 24690 had such an intense ending that I couldn t wait to read what happens next The suspense and derailed joy ride continued full steam ahead in this installment of Whitlock s story If anything there was action and gore in this one I may have feared her, but there was beauty there Dark, Whitlock type beauty In truth, we were living our own violent, little fairytale Two monsters, loving each other the only way they knew how in such an environment. Everleigh has pretty much banished the title slave and fully embraces her new title of Mistress She has grown and morphed so intensely it was almost like reading from a completely different character s perspective She s savvy, cunning, and always one step ahead of the men A lot of the twists were unpredictable and of course the ending was just as crazy as you d imagine White Out definitely pushed my limits and some scenes were very hard to read there was A LOT of gore and gloom doom throughout However, the book itself was still very enjoyable and well written I can t reflect on too much without spoiling some major plot twists One thing that I really enjoyed about 24690 was the dynamic between Everleigh Bram and West In White Out it wasn t the same Everleigh has almost become inhuman and bears almost no shred of compassion or humanity left That was a big turn off for me personally I did not connect with her any and lost a little bit of interest in her viewpoint during parts of the book However, that is solely my opinion and did not take away from the actual plot I fully understand this was horror less romance but come on TeamWest sniff My personal theme song for this bookI want MUST know Eleven s story Argghhh I wanna know Spinoff Please pouty face 5 stars xx {Free} É White Out (24690 #2) æ For The Briefest Moment, Revenge Was Sweet My Husband Was Suffering Before My Very Eyes, And Bram He Was Alive But Happiness Didn T LastThe Man Who Claimed He Wasn T My Savior Held True To His Word Bram Didn T Rush In And Save Me From The Cruel Fate Of The White Room No One Did Now I M Tortured With Red Light Massacres And A Hell I Could Have Never Imagined Surviving Will Take Everything I Have, But I M Determined To Get Answers From The Man Who Turned His Back On MeWhen I Think It Can T Get Worse It Does Slave Is All But Gone The Evil Woman Reborn Is What Nightmares Are Made Of Insanity Beckons, But Even My Madness Won T Derail The Plans I Ve Set In Motion Masters Will Fall Conspiracies Will Reign But Will I Be Strong Enough To Let Go Of The One Thing That Could Ultimately Destroy Me Warning minor spoilers Major spoilers if you haven t read book one.I decided to sleep on it before I reviewed this book so I could allow myself to calm down and not feel as intensely but it s the next morning and I feel the exact same I m annoyed and disappointed with White Out especially with the ending So much so that I feel a rant coming on Where 24690 started a bit weak and ended good, White Out started good and ended weak The book does evoke strong feelings in me and that in itself is one sign of a good book, however the strongest feelings I have are annoyance, frustration and disappointment so I m a bit on the fence as to if that cancels out it being a good book I was glad that Bram was still alive I had that pegged from the moment he was airlifted out in book one though so I was really happy to see I was correct When he returned to Whitlock, I thought the story could go in a lot of different ways Many of these ways could have been awesome but I was disappointed at several of the turns that were taken.White Out was just a bit too over the top and got ridiculous Even in a cluster fuck of a world and situation, this was too much I get that everyone had ulterior motives and we weren t to know who to trust or who sided with who, but it just didn t work for it to continue that way for all of the book because it was just a war and the carnage left behind.I think Everleigh should have taken a bullet to the head and we should just be done with her She was useless and no longer a character who deserved redemption or someone I could root for She deviated too far from herself and too far from any type of person capable of empathy, honesty or decency I understand her circumstances and that West broke her so badly that that is who what she became but it was just too much and too far By the end of the book, they could have just bombed Whitlock and done away with the lot of them and not only would it have seemed par for course, I wouldn t have cared less I like to have at least one character that I can root for or want to succeed or survive White Out took it too far and I don t mean by the depraved, cruel or sadistic acts that were carried out Those are to be expected in a dark read and I didn t mind those at all It was just too much to even pass off as believable, even in a work of fiction where I allow and give creative liberties freely and mostly without exception as I go down the rabbit hole of a twisted book One thing that really bugged me was what happened during all of the red lights I m sorry but just how many freaking people did they have jailed in the white room that it was possible for so many people to be maimed and killed during each red light That is taking human trafficking to a whole new level That s a shit ton of milk cartons and missing people signs floating around the US There is no way they could get away with all that And then when all these rich, powerful and influential people disappear pretty much at the same time because the masters got killedit s just too much.Ultimately what really didn t work for me was the ending I didn t like how it transpired and the direction it took but I especially didn t like the abrupt end and lack of epilogue to give us some indication of how things worked out It s like this whole huge tangled mess was built up throughout the story for it to just fizzle out I m bummed And for us to not have an ending for Bram and his story is pretty much bullshit What happens for him Where does his life go His Main Master status Whitlock Overall, I give White Out 2.5 stars There were some really good parts but all in all, everything together was too over the top and it didn t work for me and I feel let down because there was so much potential and I must have allowed my expectations to get too high I would still recommend reading this book because it is the second half to the 24690 story and it s necessary to tie everything up I will say I really enjoyed the punishment Bram had for the cannibal Master guy whose name I can t remember Not sure what that says about me, but I thought it was perfect, well deserved and fitting I was like, haha, take that asshole That definitely earned a half star Way to go, Bram.