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Nowhere near as good as the first, the general story bored me but the sex was great2.5 stars I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review.I had every intention in the world to complete this book before it popped up for sale And everything looked like I d succeed I was at 67% and had five days left And I just stopped For reasons The most important one being that, while it is true I could easily have powered through the end of the book, the last few percentage points, and then slapped up some quick review, I didn t actually want to do that I didn t want to power through I wanted to give this book a better chance to succeed with me So I put it on pause Still fully intending to complete the book before the 20th of June So, here I am, the 24th of July andwell, I ve finally restarted the book And completed the last 33% in a few hours.There were elements of the first book in the series that I enjoyed Still, I didn t like the book as much as I thought I would have, or as much as others did So I had figured that it d be a while before I tried another book by this author I don t stop reading after just one book But then I spotted that this book here, and now I m talking about Unlikely Match not Miss Match , starred one of the characters who I thought was interesting in the first book, Shelly plus another character from that book who hadn t really made a massive impression on me Claire So I decided to go ahead and leap into another book by this author Despite my somewhat tepid response to the first book.Some of the problems that I had from the first book continued into the second Namely the part where I still, no known reason why, had a massive amount of trouble keeping Lucinda and Samantha separate in my mind Figuring out which was which They just kind of merged in my mind And quite frankly, they were kind of evil in this book, well Samantha was In the old men from Trading Places kind of evil The ones who, as kind of a lark, manipulated two men into trading places for just a bet I think the bet was for just a quarter at that Why do I say that Well, that s what happened here, in a way Samantha manipulated things to force two people together who she thought would make a perfect match, despite how one of them never asked her to do so, and thought match making was stupid or something like that and then that manipulation kind of continued, here or there, nudges, pokes, etc And not just by Samantha Shelly kind of got into that as well, maybe by accident Like when Claire had come by to say that they can t keep seeing each other because Shelly was Claire s business client and that got pushed aside by Shelly s need to be close to Claire and hump her But let s move on from that.I liked, for the most part, both Shelly and Claire in this book They had some great scenes and dialogue, cute, sweet, humorous, touching They also had some vaguely gross scenes, but that s probably just me I mean, maybe it s just me that finds it kinda gross that someone would masturbate while thinking about the other woman and then without in any way cleaning her hands, using that same hand that hand just been playing with herself, manipulating herself, gotten all slick and wetthat same uncleaned hand was then used to pet the cat You know how cats keep themselves clean By running their tongue over their body I m becoming vaguely nauseated as I m mention this issue So, I can t continue Please draw the correct conclusions as to what would happen next after basically wiping your pussy juices all over your furry cat who keeps themselves clean by use of their tongue.Right, sorry I had meant that paragraph to go For the most part, I liked the two main characters in this book, Shelly and Claire, and, again for the most part, enjoyed their story The thing that caused me to take a break for a month Lucinda and Samantha Why did they have to be in this book They ruined things for me I didn t want to break away from the action to go and visit them, who seemed to spend most of their time being lovey dovey and dancing while planning abig event is that event a spoiler I forget now, so I be vague So 1 liked Shelly and Claire 2 liked Hedy the squeaking purring fur ball cat 3 there was sex, it was graphic, and occasionally it was gross see my comment regarding cat earlier AND 4 it did actually help me like this bookby giving myself time to pause and then restart Maybe I didn t really need a month pause, maybe I did Last thought so the third book in this series involves the firefighter, Sasha, who has appeared, briefly, in this book here and might have appeared in the first book Hmm She was kind of described as being strong and butchy looking Why is the woman holding the fire extinguisher on the cover wearing a tiny red dress and wearing high heels Right, sorry, I m probably wrong in my recollections, and or that s supposed to be Abby holding Sasha s fire extinguisher Oh, right, was going to say I m less excited about reading Sasha s story.Rating 3.75 which is an almost full star increase from my rating for the first book in the series July 24 2017 An enjoyable sequel, in the Perfect Match series I really liked book 1, Miss Match I m happy to say that this book was almost as great No sopho slump here for Riley This book could be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading Miss Match first Not only is it a good story, but the two mains from that book, do play a role in this one Reading the books in order, keeps the story flowing well.This book is about Shelly and Claire, two characters we met briefly in Miss Match Shelly is a well off, tech genius, but unlucky in love Claire, works for Luce in PR, and thinks shes too busy to date Match Maker Samantha, sets up a plan for Shelly and Claire to meet Sparks fly when they meet, but a work relationship soon forms Are they bound to stay work colleagues or has Samantha made another match I absolutely loved Shelly She was a wonderful main character, who was instantly likeable Claire, on the other hand, was a little so so for me Sometimes I liked herthan other times The miscommunication angst she contributed to, drove me nuts But when Claire and Shelly were together, especially romantically or in intimate scenes, Claire was muchlikeable.What I really enjoyed about the book, was that while Shelly and Claire were the two mains, there was still some great scenes with Samantha and Luce They were such a great lesfic couple, that I wantedwith them I thought Riley did a good job of fitting all for characters into the book.This series is easy for me to recommend If you enjoyed Miss Match, you don t want to miss this book If you are a romance fan and have not read Miss Match, go pick up a copy Riley has made it onto my must read romance authors list An ARC was given to me by BSB, for a honest review. The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc in exchange for an honest reviewIt happened I ve been waiting and waiting and WaAAahhhhhh Fiona Riley blessed my gay life with the next installment of the Perfect Match series I d taken a break from lesfic reading for my own personal projects, so this was surely a welcomed treat back Plus, it s an honor to be approved for my first Ever NetGalley review Hope I don t eff this up Here, we follow Shelly White, a dynamo of a woman who s tech brainish, a low key gaming genius, gorgeous, and stylish to the point that I side eyed my screen She even has the sweetest cat in the world Aaaaandddd she still can t find the love of her life Ahh, I live for this.On the other side of the romantic tracks is Claire, the femme sporty love interest with a heart of gold and trust issues that of course break them apart for a bit But, never fear This story doesn t lack the lovey feels and you ll learn a few things, too I m quite fascinated in Fiona Riley s research, taking into account all these inventions mentioned I m intrigued I want to buy a Rubik s cube now.I love that the main story focuses on Shelly and Claire s chemistry as well as their personal obstacles specifically, family I ate up every single interaction of theirs, along with Samantha and Lucinda who show up time to time to out perfect the entire cast 3The characters are feminine and fresh, everyone s professional and photoshop lovely not a bad thing Just everything I look for when I wanna escape into lesbian fiction land.If I had to drop some critique, it d be about the dialogue Some lines could flownaturally, how people actually talk At times, Claire s brothers sounded too similar in voice to the other characters And they kind offlirted with Claire Idk, maybe I read it wrong.Their sex scene was sexy hand gesture that s probably cringey Very nice I could ve used , even Riley s very good at those Details, yum.Overall, a pleasant read It didn t surpass Miss Match an all time fave , but I still purchased it because I ve gotta support authors who are turning into favorites Four stars Firstly I just want to say I have been waiting for this novel since the day I put down Miss Match last year and when Unlikely Match appeared in my Kindle last week I found my copy of Miss Match and started from the beginning.Firstly I would advise anyone finding the perfect match series for the first time to start with book one Miss Match The link to my review is below Samantha and Lucinda are planning their big day and with their normal elegance and type you will have come to expect from the first novel If I wasn t already totally rapt by these two, the second book just adds to my fascination Samantha and Lucinda will always be the Original Perfect Match for me.We met Shelly in the first book where she had enlisted Samantha s services as her Professional Match Maker and Lucinda s services as her dance instructor to help boost her confidence with women Shelly cracks me up with her geeky prowess, it make her sweet but really sexy at same time If you have read my previous reviews yes you ve guessed it I have a thing for geeks, I find them cute, endearing and ultimately sexy as hell It s the quiet reserved types you have to watch out for after all and Shelly definitely falls into that watch out for category Enter Claire She played a small role in the Miss Match too as Lucinda s employee at Clear View and soon becomes part of an orchestrated idea by Samantha to set these two women up Samantha see s a connection between the two straight away and begins to facilitate Shelly s role in winning Claire s heart Its a beautifully told story of two abandoned souls finding each other and discovering what it feels like to find your soul mate The novel was written from the point of view of both Shelly and Claire, with short chapters with Samantha and Lucinda s point of view which was extremely valuable to the story and also gave the reader a chance to still be a part of the original couples romance The pace was excellent and it at no point did I feel like it was dragging Fiona Riley has an almost seamless way of setting the scene and introducing the main characters for the next novel that should be complemented She links all the books beautifully and I am extremely excited for the third novel Strike a Match that will be released November 2017. This has been a very sweet and engaging story, a cute romance that I have enjoyed a lot Both mains are super adorable The building of their relation, both in the personal and professional side, has been so well paced for me It has moved me, made me smile, put a lump in my throat Must be said that is the second book featuring Perfect Match Inc., the matchmaking business ruled by Samantha Monteiro that was the lead character alongside Lucinda Moss, in the previous book of Fiona Riley Miss Match Although you can read this one without have read the first one I wonder if the next one will show us Sashadeeply, I really hope so Definitely I will recomend reading this book if you are looking for a nice and pleasant romance. I love romance books and I loved Miss Match Fiona Riley s first novel but I realize that although I liked this book, I am becoming tired of the same formula girl meets girl and they fall in love However this book has very good points, such as Shelly and Claire s chemistry, and there are some hot scenes As well as how the previous characters, Lucinda and Samantha, are planning their wedding and help to the build main characters story. Two women with minor roles in Miss Match are the willing and not so willing projects of matchmaker Samantha Luce in this second novel in the Perfect Match series This is a sweet, funny romance featuring strong women with fascinating careers and personal lives easy to imagine thanks to the talented Fiona Riley.Shelly White is a geeky tech wizard hoping dance lessons with Lucinda Moss will pull her out of her ahem shell and give her the confidence to date the women she meets at mixers run by Perfect Match She has a cat she loves, a father she endures, and a thriving business but longs for the chance to meet a special someone to make her life complete Claire Moseley has recently been promoted to a senior executive position in the public relations firm owned by Moss She is driven to succeed both in the workplace and in her personal life where she competes with her brothers at everything from softball to winning the race for the preferred shower facilities at her family home She has no time for serious relationships and thinks dating services are a joke I loved almost everything in this novel The pacing is great, the character depth is off the charts Their relationship builds slowly and the reader gets to savour all those little moments that make for a wonderful romance Nothing instalove about these two My only negative is how painful the expected bump in their road to love felt to this reader That may be the biggest compliment to the writer s talents because I was so invested in this couple I was unwilling to have anything ruin their HEA.4.5 starsARC received from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley for review. If you liked Fiona Riley s debut novel, Miss Match, well you just have to read her second installment into the Perfect Match series Riley brings us two adorable strong female leads that have an abundance of chemistry I mean really whatdoes a romance need If you think back to Miss Match you remember that Lucinda was helping an adorable genius client of Samantha s how to dance Well, that client is now the main focus of Unlikely Match Shelly White a lady version of Steve Jobs is looking for her true love Shelly is an adorable character who reaches out and grabs your heart She is dorky in the best possible ways Her insecurities endear the reader to her A female lead that is sexy, super smart and has a heart of gold is nothing to shake your finger at but seeing those little imperfections is absolutely adorable.Out other main is Claire Moseley Claire, also in Miss Match, was promoted by Lucinda to clean up some of the messes at Clear View Clair leapfrogged some senior associates to become a PR and marketing executive and basically Lucinda s right hand woman Claire is tenacious and competitive by nature She has no no nonsense approach to her job, she unequivocally knows that Luce went out on a limb and offered her a huge opportunity career wise In return, Claire works long hours and produces quality work time and time again, her loyalty to Clear View and her boss is endless She is the ultimate workhorse What she hasn t had much luck in is meeting anyone special Work takes precedence and she just hasn t put herself out there in quite some time That is till she is introduced to Shelly, and they begin working together on unrolling a few new products for the IT magnet Shelly makes Claire want things she had put on the backburner The only problem is dating a client is probably not the best idea career wise.This book is a true romance, built on two strong capable women and their journey to each other The story is well crafted, as are the characters They feel real You read the book and feel as you could actually know women like this in real life The best part is these two have chemistry in and out of the bedroom Yay for that I loved Riley s first book and without a doubt took her writing up a notch It was nice seeing Luce and Samantha together again, but the best part is those two dynamic characters stayed in the background and let Shelly and Claire be the true stars of this book A really great read I loved it 4.25 stars ^Epub ⇨ Unlikely Match ☟ Shelly White Is A Coding Genius Who Has Mastered The IT World But Hasn T Quite Mastered Dating While She Searches For Ms Right With The Help Of Samantha Monteiro S Matchmaking Agency, Shelly Embraces Her Inner Nerd, And When One Of Her Newest Ideas Turns Into A Creative Goldmine, She Hires PR Exec Claire Moseley To Help Her Professional Dreams Become Reality But Is Claire The Girl Of Her Dreams In Ways Than One Being Raised By Four Brothers Has Made Claire Tenacious Her Assignment To Shelly S Highprofile Project Focuses Her Desire To Prove Her Worth, Even Though She Secretly Fears She S Out Of Her Depth And She Absolutely, Positively Isn T Going To Let Her Growing Attraction To Shelly White Derail Her CareerWhen Passions And Ambitions Overlap, Shelly And Claire Must Decide Whether Mixing Business And Pleasure Can Result In A Perfect Match