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!Free Ebook ⚐ Deep Waters ♛ A Man S Body, Virtually Decapitated, Is Found By The Bosphorus His Identity Card Names Him As Rifat Berisha, An Albanian The Family Is Impenetrable But When Inspector Cetin Ikmen, Whose Mother Was Albanian, Consults His Cousin, Samsun, He S Left In Little Doubt That Berisha S Death Is Likely To Be The Result Of A Fis, An Implacable Blood Feud Between Rival Albanian Families Which Means The Blood Already Shed Will Have To Be Avenged And If The Berishas Or Their Enemies Discover Ikmen Is From A Noted Albanian Clan, Some Of The Spilt Blood Might Be His Istanbul police inspector Ikmen investigates the murder of a young ethnic Albanian in the fourth book of this series Though a bit too long with a plot that was overly stuffed with various side stories, I always find the Turkish setting fascinating and found this to be an enjoyable read. Complications upon complications All in Istanbul A psychiatrist calls long distance to confer with her Irish priest relative about marriage proposal from a younger, somewhat aristocratic Turkish detective teamed with a half Albanian, honest, hardworking to the point of not seeing his wife and 9 kids often, but meeting work related his cousin, a trans sexual middle aged fortune teller who is planning to marry the younger, well muscled man downstairs, to find out about old country blood feuds A rich half English woman with a rogue kidney and a gold Rolls Royce, and a cast of thousands it seems all appear in the first hundred pages.Not a page turner, but it holds you, not too tightly ,as it wanders thru the results of two thousand years of metro living and genetically mingling.I did not mention the one paltry but nasty murder that I have found so far I am plunging on past page 100, but this is it for the review. When a young Albanian man is found dead in Istanbul, his family assumes that his death is onetragic, but inevitable, step in a blood feud they are having with another group of Albanians But the police needThey need proof As Inspector Ikmen investigates, he realizes that his own Albanian blood may be a handicap The memory of his Albanian mother, who died of a heart attack when he was a young boy, still resonates Now someone tells him that she was murdered in a blood feud His cousin, who gave him valuable information on the ins and outs of the Albanian community, is attacked Meanwhile, his colleague Mehmet, the scion of impoverished aristocrats, is ready to propose to half Irish psychiatrist Zelfa, one of whose patients has a strange connection to the dead man If you haven t found this series yet, look for it Inspector Ikmen Book 4I recently discovered this series and I am enjoying them so much These crime mystery novels are clever and unusual Set in Istanbul, the author gives the atmospheric account of a flawed but intelligent police homicide inspector Ikmen as he and his team solve crimes involving many different religions and cultures that thrive in Turkey Fascinating I suggest reading them in order. If you love Istanbul, then you will enjoy Nadel s crime series, featuring experienced, perhaps somewhat jaded, police officer Cetin Ikmen This story is well paced and plotted, and muses on some interesting aspects of Turkish culture and history and contemporary s.You don t have to be a Turkophile to love the setting, but those who are will be especially delighted.Sometimes Nadel is compared to Donna Leon The settings for their crime stories are as much stars as the people In that sense, both are equally successful Both detectives also have family relationships with their wives and children which are brought to life and have a bearing on the stories Both detectives also have internal conversations which are thoughtful and humane.I believe if you enjoy Leon, you will also enjoy Nadel, though both are distinctive writers able to bring their characters and places to life. Niente non mi ha acchiappato il tema della storia e ho mollato quasi subito Non che sia illeggibile ma avendo un sacco di libri da leggere non posso perdere tempo Avanti il prossimo. Barbara Nadel does it again.Instanbul today Peasant Turks, Descendant Turks from the Sultans, and Albanians all distrust and even hate each other.Inspector Ikmen has to deal with a decapitated body, a death obsessed adolescent with the world s ugliest physical sister, Albanian tribes in blood with one another, discovering that his mother was murdered by a rival tribe he is half Albanian , a wife in middle age crisis, his 9 children, a police psychiatrist in love with his sergeant, and a permanent obsession with cigarettes.And the city itself is a major character.Read with pleasure Deep Waters is the fourth book in the Inspector Cetin Ikmen series set in Istanbul, Turkey This outing has a strong Albanian focus with Ikmen and his team investigating the blood feud between two Albanian families and its latest victim, while also exploring his own Albanian roots and the death of his mother In addition, one strand of the story focuses on a rich, troubled family that have links to the young victim, and on the relationship between one of Ikmen s aristocratic colleagues and an Irish Turkish psychoanalyst Indeed, as well as charting the murder investigation, the story focuses equally on the domestic lives of Ikmen and his team and the social and cultural aspects of Turkish life The result is interesting and engaging tale, with a strong sense of cultural context and place In my view, the storyline relies on too many of convenient relationships between police and non police characters and there s no great surprise in the resolution, but nonetheless it s a captivating read I m looking forward to reading some of the other books to follow the characters evolving lives and learnabout the city and its people. I enjoy this series but this book was too long and too busy Ikmen is involved in a case involving an Albanian blood feud which quickly takes on a very personal dimension Suleyman, his former assistant, is besotted with his Irish Turkish psychiatrist friend, who just so happens to be treating a person of interest involved with an Albanian You don t know this initially but you can see it coming The excitement in the book ends around 50 pages before the final end and the last 50 pages are all about personal closure Just too much in this caper Should have been 100 pages shorter.