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Another good book by Susan Lewis [Download Pdf] ♚ Last Resort ♠ When Penny Moon Is Banished From Fleet Street To Resurrect An Ex Pat Magazine On The French Riviera, The Worst News Is Yet To Come Her Partner Will Be The Man She Once Tried And Humiliatingly Failed To Seduce When She Is Then Passionately Attracted To A Mysterious And Elusive Man, Who Is Wanted By The FBI, Her Feelings For The Two Men Lead Her Deeper And Deeper Into A Web Of Deceit With Terrifying Consequences From The Trade Paperback Edition Possibly my favourite Susan Lewis Enjoyed this quite a bit when I read it a few years ago Decent enough thriller with a good story. The book was very slow to start and it began with Penny s boring little life Then she received a task involving a mag that didn t really make it big in French Rivera and a partner whom she was paired with much to her chagrin Her life as she knew it was changed forever and she gets mixed up with her partner s business Things get dangerous, a charming new criminal is introduced, life threatening scenes, sexual scenes and then the adventure began It took a woman hell to make her realize who she really loved It s a great read, definitely worth a look at. Penny is passed on the promotion she thought would be hers and is instead sent to France to head up a new titled magazine Although she didn t want to go at first this move turns out to be the most terrifying of her life in ways then she could of dreamed of A good read and hard to put down at one point