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Cute book about different families adopting daughters from China. Inspired by the author s own experience with adoption, this book follows four families who all go to China to adopt baby girls I loved how diverse the families depicted were and the inclusion of the importance to the new parents of learning about and maintaining their daughter s cultures. Summary From School Library JournalLovely Asian inspired watercolors and an engaging text tell the story of four baby girls from a Chinese orphanage and the families who adopt them First readers meet the North American families, including a single mother and another consisting of two female partners They anxiously make the trip halfway around the world to the Chinese city of Guangzhou where they become acquainted at the White Swan Hotel Juxtaposed against the excited, expectant parents are portraits of darling, slumbering babies The prospective moms and dads are shown waiting anxiously in a room of the orphanage before they finally meet their children Then they must negotiate the bureaucracy of foreign adoptions before going home The four families keep in touch after their homecoming, especially during Chinese New Year.Theme AdoptionCurricular Use Read aloud, Shared readingLevel Ages 4 8Illustration Highly supportive, colorful, lovely This book is about four families from different parts of North America that go to China to adopt their daughters There are a variety of family dynamics two couples, a single woman, and two women who live together I liked this book because it s based on a real couple s journey to China to adopt their daughter They also met other families who were adopting daughters at the same time. Young readers will love this story of how four Chinese babies are welcomed into new families in North America The story begins in North America with three couples and one woman and her cat preparing for a special trip to China On the other side of the world, four little Chinese girls are sleeping The families anxiously make the trip halfway around the world to the Chinese city of Guangzhou where they become acquainted at the White Swan Hotel The prospective moms and dads are shown waiting anxiously in a room of the orphanage before they finally meet their children The families must complete endless adoption paperwork, complete interviews, and fill out legal forms of foreign adoptions before receiving approval and heading home The four families keep in touch after their homecoming, especially during Chinese New Year.This story is based on the author, Dr Elaine M Aoki and her husbands experiences of becoming a family through a Chinese adoption.This story is a must read for all families who have completed the adoption process It is also a great story to clarify the adoption process to all students.Recommended ages 8 12 years. Pages 32Age range 5 8Genre PictureRace Culture Ethnic Group Asian American Chinese Gay LesbianSummary Four adoptive families travel to China to adopt four Chinese girls.Evaluation This book was listed on the Rainbow Reading list and I was frankly quite surprised to find that my local library had a copy of it It turns out that the lesbian couple in the story is only one of four adoptive families and was not a large part of the story at all I was a bit bothered by the fact that one of the women was extremely feminine looking and the other was much masculine looking in fact, at first I was confused because the names two women s names didn t seem to fit the illustration There is also a single woman adopting one of the girls and, surprise, she lives with her cat Beyond these issues, I liked the book The story is based on Aoki s experiences with adopting from China and based on what I know from my own family and a cousin who has adopted two girls from China, the story rings true So s illustrations are a bit whimsical, but fun Each of the baby girls has her own personality which comes through in So s illustrations as well as in the text One aspect of the illustrations I really liked was the way many pages had four small illustrations, one highlighting each baby or each adoptive family The illustrations fit well physically and artistically with the text The authors provide an afterward for adults describing the adoption process and why there are so many girls up for adoption as well as explaining several cultural traditions and bits of Chinese language which appear in the book Even with the lesbian couple which may make some people uncomfortable , I would not hesitate to recommend this book especially to my cousin and his wife as well as to a single mom I know who has adopted a girl from Vietnam, not China and has had the question asked by her five year old daughter, Why don t I have a daddy This narrative is about four different homes of people traveling to China to meet their new baby girls This story tells about all the different steps and journeys people have to take in order to adopt The story focuses also on the issue of female babies in China that always need homes As a literacy teacher, I would use this text to talk about how adoption works ex meeting places and traveling in the story We could talk about issues of why babies get adopted and the policies parents have to go through Students could share ideas about what they think about adoption Jean Davis Okimoto and Elaine M Aoki, wrote this story from their experiences and their awareness of the adoption policy in China They both do a great job at explaining the process for a child s understanding The illustrator, Meilo So, uses her inspiration of her Chinese heritage into her illustration, which provokes interests to children This adoption story gives awareness to the issues with China, but gives a warm feeling towards the start of four new families. &Download Kindle ☟ The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption ⇝ In China, The Moon Shines On Four Baby Girls, Fast Asleep In An Orphanage Far Away In North America, The Sun Rises Over Four Homes As The People Who Live There Get Ready To Start A Long, Exciting Journey This Lovely Story Of People Who Travel To China To Be United With Their Daughters Describes The Adoption Process Step By Step And The Anxiety, Suspense, And Delight Of Becoming A Family Told With Tenderness And Humor, And Enlivened By Joyous Illustrations, The White Swan Express Will Go Straight To Readers Hearts Afterword In the United States, four separate couples prepare for the adoption of a baby girl who awaits their arrival in an orphanage in China The four sets of strangers meet when they travel from various cities and take The White Swan Express to their hotel in China Each of the four sisters receives a traditional silver bracelet with a silver bell from their new family After spending some time in China, each of the new families returns to their home in the United States They keep in touch through cards, photos, and celebration of Chinese traditions This story takes the reader on a heart warming journey of becoming a family The story includes a touch of Chinese culture woven throughout It would appeal to primary age children and includes themes of adoption, China, and families. The White Swan Express A Story About Adoption by Jean Davies Okimoto and Elane M Aoki is a cute story about four families from North America who share their journey to adopt four little girls from Guangzhou, China Four families wake up in different parts of North America and are excited because today is the day they will travel to China to go pick up their baby girl One white, one lesbian, one single female and one Asian family describe how they get to know one another during their adoption journey and in the end stay in contact through cards and letters Story is told in a very positive light and has lots of bright pictures to keep the readers attention This would be a good story to introduce the adoption process to younger children or families contemplating adoption.