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I was excited to read this book as it s an account of a legend on St Patrick that I hadn t heard before Yet, something was lost in the telling The story of the fire really didn t take front and center like I was expecting it to, and there was so much of the same old St Patrick history that it wasn t a book I enjoyed immensely.It was cute enough, and I applaud the author for wanting to tell a different story other than the snakes, etc of St Patrick I just wished she had been guns ho in the telling.Note The publisher sent me a complimentary copy of these books with the hope that I would provide favorable reviews Complimentary books don t necessarily make good books, though My opinions are my own. @Download Pdf ⚥ Patrick and the Fire ð Bevan Thinks His Life As A Goatherd Is Boring But When A Stranger Named Patrick Appears, Bevan Learns About One God In Three Persons Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Bevan Tells Patrick Of The Bonfire The King Will Light At The Festival That Night And Patrick Decides To Light A Fire To Rival The King S Patrick S Faith Keeps The Fire Burning Even When It Is Doused With Water The King Grants Patrick Permission To Preach About God To The People Begins with a silly prayer to Patrick, which I skipped Cool story, though. Patrick and the Fire begins with a boy named Bevan herding goats, a task he did not particularly like While doing his job, a man named Patrick greets him and asks where to find the King Bevan explains to him that it would not be a good day to meet the king, but Patrick insists It is the feast day of a god named Balor, and the king must light the first fire Patrick has an idea to light a fire first in honor of Christ s Resurrection Doing so infuriates the king until Patrick explains to him who God is The king is puzzled at first, but seeing Patrick s bravery and the fact that he can t extinguish Patrick s fire causes the king to reconsider He instead grants Patrick permission to spread the Gospel through all of Ireland This is a nice little book that gives your children a religious story mixed with history, legend, and a little bit of adventure I really like how the book opens with the prayer to St Patrick and closes with a brief biography on who St Patrick was. Patrick and the Fire by author Cornelia Mary Bilinsky is a beautifully composed story about the courageous missionary work of St.Patrick, Christ s Apostle to Ireland, creatively designed to delight the imagination of young children, and to animate their faith in the one true God Drawing on her exceptional creative ability and experience in catechizing children for some thirty years, the author effectively presents a story imbued with Biblical depth and symbolism in a very vivid and colourful way, evoking interest and zeal for the Christian faith in young readers The simple illustrations by Maggie Coburn , which appropriately emphasize the traditional Irish colours of green and orange, serve as an effective visual backdrop to the unfolding story, without unduly detracting attention from the written text.The use of fire as a central focus on the front cover, in the initial prayer, and throughout the plot dramatically accentuates the holy fire of faith in Christ, the true light of the world that cannot be extinguished, and which sources the courage and zeal of the uncompromising witness of St.Patrick in an adverse and dangerous environment One cannot help but see a clear parallel with the Old Testament account of the great Prophet Elias, who stages a competition with the pagan priests of Baal on Mount Carmel 3 Kings 18 , to prove who is the true God God s fire from heaven instantly consumes Elias gifts of sacrifice, unquestionably demonstrating the authenticity of his faith in the prevailing darkness of deception and false deities In today s post Christian world of confusion and spiritual darkness, which propagates both secularism and the syncretism of all religions as merely differing paths to the same God, this book delivers a powerful and timely message not only to children but to adults as well, who like Bevan in the story, are often bored amidst false or superficial religious practices and ideologies, unaware of the real dynamism of truly living the true faith in Christ Jesus, the only way to God the Father John 10 7,14 6 St Patrick is clearly on fire with this faith, and is willing even to die so as to teach others about the Most Holy Trinity.The originally composed Prayer to St.Patrick at the very beginning of the book wonderfully captures the spiritual meaning of the ensuing story, explaining the significance of the holy fire of faith from the outset, so that young hearts may receive God s grace to deeply benefit from the reading experience Also included in the prayer is a short excerpt from the famous Breastplate Prayer of St.Patrick for Divine protection, which also appears again in the story The short biography of the Saint included at the end serves not only to elaborate on his life and mission, but through the tactful use of the same language and phrasing as the story, helps to re enforce the read events, committing them effectively to memory Great insight and wisdom on the part of the author In conclusion, we would very highly recommend this book to any parent who desires to enrich the faith of their child in a very entertaining and resourceful way Like a refreshing dip into the ocean of God s grace, one can simply remain on the surface, or dive deeply to search out the spiritual treasures of this beautiful work Congratulations to Connie Bilinsky for the use of her God given talents for His glory, and Pauline Books and Media for the publication of this little gem. Patrick and the Fire A Legend about Saint Patrick is a fantastic children s book When you think about Saint Patrick, because we celebrate him on March 17th, we assume he is Irish The Irish do claim him because he lived most of his life there, but he is, in fact, British He was captured as a slave when he was a young boy, and worked in Ireland as a shepherd.This lovely story is about how Saint Patrick came to know God while he was a shepherd and how God helped him escape and how came back to Ireland and convinced the King to allow him to teach the Irish about the one true God Back then, they worshipped MANY gods, none of which were true, but Said Patrick was so brave and honorable, the King allowed it He bravely converted many people to Catholicism.Yes, there is to it than that, but how could I give it all away It s a great story for girls and boys It s a story of perseverance and strength through faith in God At the end of the book, there is a brief history of Saint Patrick and some of the things he did.Pauline Books Media sent me this book to review, but as a Catholic mom and Grandmother, I would never give a false review This is a treasured book in our Library In fact, we go to Saint Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth, and I will bring this to our Feast Day Party where we celebrate Irish Catholicism and our Beloved Saint Patrick.The original post can be found on my blog here Blessings.Emily