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Wow Totally loved this 3 3 3 4.5 starsAh, I enjoyed this one immensely I would say I enjoyed this book eventhan The Lawrence Browne Affair if not for Julian, who for the majority of this novel was so damn frustrating But I do think Julian and Courtenay hadchemistry in this book,passion, and they were cute together when Julian wasn t being a douche I mean, you get to understand why Julian acts the way he does, and why he s so determined to seem like a gentleman and I get that some of his asshole ishness at times is just a part of his nature, and I did like him overall, after all is said and done But there were several times throughout this book where I wanted to punch him and I wondered what Courtenay saw in him at times But then there were moments when Julian was brilliant and fiercely loving and protective to those closest to him and then I remembered why I also remembered why I did like Julian, ultimately, despite hisless than stellar social graces lol Which is ironic considering all Julian wanted to do for such a big part of this book was be accepted by people who expect a certain amount of social grace But seriously, there were a few times I was likeJulian deserves to be slapped and he actually is slapped by his sister at one point O by Courtenay just the rude things he said, without a thought to Courtenay s feelings I mean, thankfully he realized the error of his ways and went about fixing itbut I probs wouldn t have been as forgiving as Courtenay was Man, whoever I m with in the future better be aware of that because if they wrong me I will hold a grudge, no doubt about it lol I don t forgive easily, I find Or maybe I don t want characters to forgive easily I dunno.Anywayyy, this was enjoyable and entertaining, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of, or at least enjoys, regency romances And if they read The Lawrence Browne Affair and enjoyed that too Also, this one haddetailed sex in it then the Browne Affair and that made me quite happy indeed D. I m wondering how she ll do this..Courtney s story she has chosen a tough one.The above is what I wrote after reading the second book whilst I was waiting for this one Well she did it by writing layers and chemistry and warmth and love Sebastian makes it looks so easy, writing layers after layers giving us a deep look into her characters whilst keeping the story moving and me wanting .Plus making me smile because of her channeling of Phoebe Marlowe, Sylvester being one of my all time favourites. October 31, 2017 0.99sale alert Medlock looks both mortified and furious Evidently even allusions to feline fornication were enough to discompose him Courtenay would keep that in mind.Sebastian s books should come with a warning Something like this book will make you excessively highlight will have you grinning idiotically will leave you hugging your kindle will ruin you for most other historical romances, queer or otherwise All around this author is highly recommended and each book in this series of standalones just got better and better though I think book two is my favourite on a personal level and yet I still love where it all began He had thought it rather Courtenay s own fault for behaving precisely as one expected an evil mastermind to do All that lurking and brooding and sultry staring.We first meet Lord Courtenay, the rake one measured all rakes against, and Julian Medlock in book two of Sebastian s series Courtenay was the uncle of Lord Radnor s son, Simon, who was returned to England after the death of his mother and Julian the brother of Lord Radnor s science y correspondent. whom all involved had assumed to be a man and was, in fact, the sorta estranged wife of a scholar I should probably have drawn up a diagram but honestly the most important thing to know going in to THE RUIN OF A RAKE is that Courtenay has done it all, probably two or three times, cared nothing for his reputation until it kept his nephew from him, while Julian did everything right and basically wrote the book on how to be proper I was speaking of your brother He d rather eat glass than be seen with me, and yet he s going with me to the opera, in the plain view of God and everyone Did you blackmail himWith Eleanor s Julian s sister influence, Courtenay is taken under Julian s wing in an attempt to undo some of the damage done to his reputation most of which isn t being helped by the circulation and popularity of a fictional novel that features a villain that everyone assumes is based on Courtenay and the two unlikely companions find themselves unable, and unwilling, to ignore the attraction between them There were advantages to being considered beneath reproach if everybody already thought one rude and scandalous, it was almost satisfying to live up to their expectations.But there sthan meets the eye when it comes to the reprobate that is Courtenay and every little reveal, every piece of the puzzle, confuses and confounds and compels Julian He doesn t want to be attracted to him, much less like him, but despite his best efforts, despite how he objected to Courtenay s friendship with his sister, he finds himself acting as the rake s number one defender For some reason likely his own perverse nature Medlock s criticism delighted Courtenay almost as much as his stingy scraps of praise.Likewise, while it would normally be nothing particularly remarkable for the rake to be pushing the prudish and stuffy Mr Medlock s buttons, Courtenay delights in irritating the man But what I loved most about the relationship between these two, aside from their cranky delighted banter, was how the dynamics weren t what you might have expected I loved the revelation that Julian has about Courtenay and his previous dalliances, which was mirrored in his every day behaviour and how he let himself be treated, and how he challenged the other man. both during intimacy and in general It was so so lovely The idea that Medlock fussy, high hat Medlock, with his rules about cats and his penchant for soporific wallpaper might see something worthy in Courtenay gave him a particular feeling.I loved the cleverness of Julian, the cunning and craftiness of his brain, who was the good boy, and the utter goodness and base altruistic nature of Courtenay, the bad boy Neither were black and white, both with their own downfalls, and they were so perfect as a unit and complemented each other so wonderfully You re so pretty when you re desperate. Nobody has ever called me pretty Or desperate You ve been keeping terrible company, my dear. Sebastian also gave us a reunion a little earlier in the game than I expected and allowed for a very sweet chapter or two near the end prior to the epilogue and if that didn t signal the end of this series I don t know what she could have done to make it clearer and I so so love having extended glimpses into a couple s happilyeverafter The bonus was we got to see a lot of glimpses of a lot of couples and that made it even better I m not good at people. If you love the rake redemption story, love stuffy boys who get. unstuffed yet also stuffed, oh god I m the worst , enjoy cats, sick and nursed back to health tropes, hilarious banter, beautiful writing, casual yet epic declarations of love and friendship, also hey did I mention cats, you definitely need THE RUIN OF A RAKE in your life If you haven t read anything by this author, go back and start from the beginning Missing you is profoundly inconvenient, I ll have you know I have things to do and places to be, and all the while I ll feel like I ve mislaid a piece of my soul and won t get it back until I see you again. Ever since I first picked up A SOLDIER S SCOUNDREL, Sebastian has been an I ll read her grocery list author and the rest of this series cemented that fact Between the representation and diversity, unique and fun storylines, compelling characters and effortless chemistry and swoons, there s something for everyone Don t miss out Highly recommended Can t wait for whatever she releases next.4.5 it s my house, and if I want it to be floor to ceiling cats, that s what I ll have stars I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review. There was nothing safe about Courtenay, not when Julian s desire for him was so drastically out of proportion to what he was used toJulian Medlock is a paragon of respectability He s spent years cultivating his proper and correct persona, ensuring that he s respected by everyone of the ton But when Julian s sister asks him for a favor, he s unable to refuse even though he really wants to Because revamping the image of the shameless rake, Lord Courtenay, the man he despises but also fiercely desires, is not something Julian wants to do Soon Courtenay makes him yearn to lose all his appropriateness, to lose himself in his arms, but Julian has a secret, one that would make the very man he s started to fall for, hate him Courtenay was well out of his depths In the past he had generally preferred warm, affectionate sorts of people Medlock was made of ice and thorns, venom and gunpowder It ought to be hard to get anywhere near him, let alone fall into love with Medlock But it hadn t been hard at all, had it It had been as easy as breathingLord Courtenay has spent years seeking pleasure and scandal, uncaring of what others thought of him And after the publication of a risqu novel, who everyone believes is based on him, he finds himself ostracized by society and unable to see his beloved nephew And the only way to improve his reputation is to give himself over to the primmest and dull person in London, Julian Medlock But before longs he learns Julian is anything but dull and he starts to yearn for a connection he doesn t deserveLooking at him felt like the answer to a question Courtenay had been asking for as long as he could remember, a question that wasn t formed with words. I m in love with this book All the feels from hatred to reluctant lust to the intense emotions neither knew how to deal with You look like you belong to me It was half a lie, because Courtenay knew that he belonged to Julian.Or maybe it was all the same thingI also love how different the heroes were, Julian so proper and reserved and Courtenay a disreputable rake who s so open and passionate I love how Courtenay made Julian experience emotions he never understood in others before and how he made him happy andrelaxed And I loved how Julian made Courtenay realise he wasn t the villain, that he was a good man with a good heart, worthy of love I especially loved how Julian fought for Courtenay, how he stood up for him against those who judged him and treated him badly like his motherIf Julian had ever thought he understood the faintest, sorriest thing about love, he now knew he was wrong Love was somebody aiming a pistol at your heart while you sat there and acted like it was perfectly fine because you trusted themI loved all the angst, wondering if these two could have the HEA they deserved They clearly loved each other, but both had some issues and was afraid to act on what they were feeling at first The sexy times were very hot and I just loved every moment Because you re my favorite person, Julian said simply. I am so loving this series and this was another wonderful installment If you re a fan of m m romances with historical settings then this series is not to be missed HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. There is a lot to like about this historical romance between a well known rake and a plain man who has plotted, clawed, and calculated respectability into everything he does I really enjoyed Julian, in his fussy, driven, flustered desire to make himself and his sister a solid place in society, one safe from any hints of their commercial past, or the vagaries of their childhood in the East Julian had his plans laid out, his goals arrayed And his pain at finding them overset both by his sister s growing unhappiness and by his attraction to a known rake is fun to watch.Courtney is a bit less clear cut He s a man who seems to have enjoyed a brilliant bisexual romp across Europe, but who is, underneath it, both sad at the loss of his sister and loss of contact with his nephew, and haunted by childhood rejections I missed a bit of edge and wildness that I expected from Courtney At times, I didn t follow the internal conflicts keeping these two men apart, with their emotions waffling when there didn t seem to be strong reason for it There would have been plenty of external tension that could have come into play, I think, to avoid the way these two get lost in their own heads.Nonetheless it was a fun ride, with some good banter and appealing characters I liked that there were female secondary characters with real plot importance and lives of their own This could be read as a stand alone, but it interweaves with, in particular, the second book, and you will lose a few threads as a solo read The historical feel is good A few hints of the social climate aretease than substance here, compared to some of my recent historical reads, but the context seemed solid and well researched, and the ending was satisfying. 4.5 starsWow, Cat Sebastian is fast becoming one of my favourite historical m m authors Her books are all consistently good Interesting and unique characters, good twists on the typical recency plots and lots of emotion. 3.5 starsHonestly, I had no idea who Lord Courtenay and Julian Medlock were I guess their existence or mentions about them sort of passed me by when I read The Lawrence Browne Affair I don t know whether my lack of intrigue about these two has any influence whatsoever because I didn t love this as much as I love the previous two books.I did found Julian Medlock amusing Julian is described as very smart in numbers and sums, but rude, cold, and rather scheming in a sense that he makes plans several steps ahead of other people He s snappish and can be brutally honest, and how I LOVED Julian for that Cranky characters seem to entertain me the most I think maybe, I was a bit let down with Courtenay When I read that this book was Sebastian s version of a rake vs a wallflower I expected Courtenay to be, well, rakish I was expecting a character that 100% matching the scandal and bad reputation that seemed to be attached to Lord Courtenay I feel that I didn t get that he was, uhm, mellow Or misunderstood In any case, I didn t get the devil may care attitude that I anticipated when I picked up this book.Having said that, Cat Sebastian s writing is lovely and works well for me I like the ending for all the characters involved in this series Looks like she will have a new series coming in December Well, I m booking a ticket for that one PS This book has cats THAT needs to be said lol SPECTACULAR Cat Sebastian never fails to leaving me reaching for another of her books This whole series has been amazing Each of the stories is unique, followed no formula, and is completely unpredictable Just beyond romantic, watching these guys get together and making it work is completely entertaining and hot as hell.Gary Furlong is like a drug to me at this point, he s my narrator crack and I gotta haveDamn, he s good The variety in his characters, all the different accents he does, he s just so good His Lord Courtenay has got to be the sexiest thing I ve ever heard. `Free E-pub ↛ The Ruin of a Rake ✒ Rogue Libertine Rake Lord Courtenay Has Been Called Many Things And Has Never Much Cared But After The Publication Of A Salacious Novel Supposedly Based On His Exploits, He Finds Himself Shunned From Society Unable To See His Nephew, He Is Willing To Do Anything To Improve His Reputation, Even If That Means Spending Time With The Most Proper Man In London Julian Medlock Has Spent Years Becoming The Epitome Of Correct Behavior As Far As He Cares, If Courtenay Finds Himself In Hot Water, It S His Own Fault For Behaving So Badly And Being So Blasted Irresistible But When Julian S Sister Asks Him To Rehabilitate Courtenay S Image, Julian Is Forced To Spend Time With The Man He Loathes And Lusts After MostAs Courtenay Begins To Yearn For A Love He Fears He Doesn T Deserve, Julian Starts To Understand How Desire Can Drive A Man To Abandon All Sense Of Propriety But He Has Secrets He S Determined To Keep, Because If The Truth Came Out, It Would Ruin Everyone He Loves Together, They Must Decide What They Re Willing To Risk For Love