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I m going to review this while it s still fresh in my mind.This was a disappointing read, for the most part Craig is awful and oblivious, and I have serious doubts about his sudden change of heart Scott is a better character, but he sounds younger than I would like, even though his character is muchsteadfast I liked Karen, Scott s twin sister, too, especially how fiercely protective she was of her brother.The writing is much tell, little show, and we re spending time in Scott s, Craig s, and Karen s head, which I assume was done to give the reader a full understanding, but which ended up being too much crammed into a short novella.Craig does some truly awful things, especially that one during Scott and Karen s birthday party, and while Scott may have forgiven him for it, I have not While the long separation was necessary, the MCs didn t really have much time to talk things out, before jumping right into the conclusion of this book, i.e the sex I didn t buy Craig s change of heart, and that s probably the biggest thing that didn t work for me here I received a free copy of this book from its publisher A positive review was not promised in return. [[ Free ]] ⇪ You Belong With Me ⇦ Scott Has Been In Love With His Best Friend Craig For Years, But Watching Craig With His Manipulative Boyfriend Has Worn Scott Down, And He Knows He Needs A Break From The Pain And Maybe A Change Of Scenery And Perspective His Twin Sister, Karen, Convinces Him To Spend A Summer In ParisKaren Is Sick And Tired Of Seeing Scott Suffer, And She S Not Going To Stand For It Any She Confronts Craig And Tells Him What He S Been Missing By Spurning Scott S Affection In Favor Of A Jerk Who Mistreats HimWhen Craig Unknowingly Breaks Scott S Heart, Craig Opens His Eyes And His Own Heart To The Possibility Of A Future With Scott He Plans To Use The Time While Scott S Abroad To Orchestrate A Romantic Surprise That Will Show Scott They Belong Together But When He Sees Scott With Another Man At The Airport, Craig Fears He S Too Late 3 HeartsScott and Craig have been best friends for over 10 years They have done everything together including coming out but after they did and Scott realized he had feelings for his best friend, things began to change Scott has never had the confidence to tell Craig how he truly feels and instead settles on being his BFF and watching Craig go through a crappy relationship with Derek, who totally doesn t deserve him.But Scott is done watching and not being the one Craig cares about romantically When his meddlesome twin sister Karen goes behind his back to their parents and gets Scott the internship to study and analyze political coverage in France the night of their birthday party, he jumps at the chance After the scene Scott walks in on with Craig and Derek I can t blame him for running away from his problems.I have to say the POV of Karen was pointless to me It took me so far out of the story and every POV she had could have been dealt with from either Craig or Scott s POV and flowed with the story I get that she has her own romance with Stanley and Stanley has issues but it made zero sense to have it in this short story.But back to the boys and to Craig he is a bit of a douche but he truly loves his BFF but not in that way, or does he I like that we got Craig s POV so we knew what he was thinking and that he did question his feelings for Scott before the big birthday blowout He always considered Scott s feelings as a friend and after the one and only time he didn t he felt awful that he hurt Scott so the fact that Craig has a change of heart, wasn t that hard to buy And at least he got a morsel of his own medicine You Belong with Me was a cute friends to lover s story with my favorite, unrequited love I still think Karen s POV was unnecessary and after the second time it showed up I skimmed the rest, but Scott and Craig were a mess of hormones and feelings that finally found their way to one another. Full Review THREE BOOKS OVER THE RAINBOWThis was my first book by this author For me it is always a bit difficult to review a short story because I have to avoid spoilers, so let s begin Scott he is a sweet 18 year old boy who suffers in silence He has been in love with his best friend, Craig, for years now Not wanting to jeopardize his friendship he never confessed his feelings to Craig He sees no hope forthan friendship because Craig is in a committed relationship My heart went out for Scott, his tender love, his burning desire and the torture of seeing the love of his young life making out in front of him daily.Karen she is Scott s twin sister who has had enough I mention Karen because in the book several times we will read from her point of view She loves Scott and is very angry with Craig for involuntarily hurting his brother At their birthday party something happens you will need to read the book to find out what exactly occurred and that makes Karen make a move to salvage his brother s tender heart of Craig he is a tall and muscly build jock During the book he was on my jackass list almost till the end Not so clever if you ask me and a bit egoistic He doesn t see what he has in front of him till it s almost too late Realizing that Scott isthan just a friend for him, he decides to face Scott and tell him that he truly loves him The story is sweet and has emotional angst I don t know about you, but feel free to comment so we can finally knowfrom you dear reader, but for me emotional angst is a go I enjoyed reading this story, it s sweet, it s emotional It s perfect for a rainy afternoon sitting in your favorite armchair with hot cocoa in your hands and read I rate this book with an honest 4 Stars The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press My review is an honest opinion of the book Craig thinks with his dick about 90% of the time but maybe I just don t understand teenage boys view spoiler I don t understand how he could switch from having full on sex with his boyfriend on his best friend s bed to a few hours later be so sure he s in love with said best friend Happened a little to quickly to feel natural Even if he didn t know Scott was in love with him, how rude and uncool is it to screw your boyfriend on your best friend s bed at the friend s birthday party hide spoiler An avid fan of young adult romances, JR Loveless You Belong With Me is right up my alley It s a good little high school romance between best friends, Craig and Scott.It s got the classic best friend secretly in love with his best friend thing going on Add in some selfish acts, and we have a broken heart I love the feel of this one, as you can feel that things will be ok, but in the meantime, we get a whole lot of pain and hurt to deal with first As for the story itself, there s a manipulative boyfriend added to the mix, a extremely oblivious Craig, and some nasty actions I also enjoy the way the relationship is resolved Instead of instant forgiveness, we get a good story of protecting one s heart, with an earned ending Seriously, I would have been furious if the selfish actions had been easily forgiven or forgotten.The only thing I found a little off putting is the third point of view that we get from Scott s sister Her viewpoint adds to the story, of course, but it just seems odd If you enjoy feel good, quick young adult romances, be sure to check out You Belong With Me With just 75 pages, it s a short little treat with some good emotional angst. The cover is really good, and sorry to say that it is the best part of the book The main characters are annoying Craig or weak Scott and I feel strongly that although the beginning of the story could happen in reality, the final wouldn t At least I really wish that characters like that would not really believe their love to last The writing was too simple to be connected with sex scenes if the language is meant for a young reader, the sex shouldn t be there, and vice versa. Three stars for me I was a little upset after reading this book We follow our MC Scott, who is hopelessly in love with Craig, his horrible, clueless best friend.I really loved Scott He was a little timid, but very kind and considerate He was the type of character you root for because he s the underdog, in a sense His loyalty to Craig was only enforced by his infatuation with him, and as I read through each and every page, all the way to the very end, I honestly felt like Scott deserved better.I think one very interesting thing that J.R Loveless did that you don t see in romance books too often is POV Change Not only did the book switch back and forth between Craig and Scott, but we also got Karen s Scott s sister POV as well That added an extra dimension to the book that I really enjoyed.I would have to say that 90% of the reason that I had a hard time reading this book was because of Craig And don t get me wrong, I can appreciate a truly vile character every now and then, but Scott never came to his senses No matter how terribly Craig treated him, Scott still thought that Craig walked on water With the way that this book is set up, Craig being Mr Evil, Scott going on vacation, etc I really thought this book was going to be about Scott leaving Craig s side and finally realizing that he didn t need him as much as he thought he did I was so ready to sit down and read a tale about a young man who finds himself and realizes his worth.Craig s ignorance of Scott s feelings for him was kind of a long shot, but that fact aside, Craig was a terrible, manipulative friend I can t even imagine what he would be like as a boyfriend And after finding out about Scott s feelings, Craig s personality made a complete 180 flip That is not a characteristic of a good person at all I m still not sold on Craig being good for Scott or on him actually being in love with Scott, for that matter Perhaps Craig is a muchcomplex character and maybe if I hadtime to get to know him my opinion might be different, but as things stand, I only had 75 pages to get an impression of who he is and I just don t like him.The writing was good Scott was a great MC, but I just couldn t stop hating Craig enough to be happy that they ended up together in the end That being said, I would still recommend this book Karen s relationship with her boyfriend and their interactions make the book worth while and I m sure this is not what J.R Loveless had intended when writing the book, but Craig is a great example of a manipulative liar, and as such, his part is written really well Reviewed by Jordan at Alpha Book Club.Disclaimer This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the author or the publisher in any way. I need to review again about my ability to analyzed a blurb of a story.Read thisScott has been in love with his best friend Craig for years, but watching Craig with his manipulative boyfriend has worn Scott down, and he knows he needs a break from the pain and maybe a change of scenery and perspective His twin sister, Karen, convinces him to spend a summer in Paris.Karen is sick and tired of seeing Scott suffer, and she s not going to stand for it any She confronts Craig and tells him what he s been missing by spurning Scott s affection in favor of a jerk who mistreats him.When Craig unknowingly breaks Scott s heart, Craig opens his eyes and his own heart to the possibility of a future with Scott He plans to use the time while Scott s abroad to orchestrate a romantic surprise that will show Scott they belong together But when he sees Scott with another man at the airport, Craig fears he s too late Reading the blurb, this gotta be a great read I mean, YA is about love triangle, and hurt and heartache and struggling to find your real path in life.So, I m okay with that.Then I read this book And everything fell into pieces.I mean, they re supposed to beyoung , right Like high school young But, I didn t see young here,except Scott is being virgin and stupid and doormat They acted and talked like adult, not a mature adult, but immature adult Does that makes them young adult I have no idea.The sex between teenagers Craig had sex over two years already Kids these days SMH is like, oh the usual for them Call me old fashion, but still.And having sex in other people s house, in your best friend s bed Speaking of bad behavior And Scott still wanted the oblivious clueless Craig is beyond me.I can t see what Scott saw in Craig beside his gorgeous persona He treated Scott like a doormat, and Scott just let it happened All the time Not that Scott obvious he s okay with that.I think, this story had been wrong in so many level The sudden change of heart, like a minute change was unbelievable Craig ended his two years relationship with his douchebag boyfriend because he knew about Scott s crush all this time What a glorious relationship that was Not to call it a meh.I read a lot young adult stories, but this one was just didn t do it for meARC was given by Dreamspinner press in exchange of a fair an unbiased review No high rating required Okay so, first, I loved the cover it was a really good depiction of this story of young adults, guiding their way through their feelings towards one another, especially best friends Craig and Scott Having been best friends since they were five years old, Scott didn t want to tell Craig that he d been in love with him for the last several years, especially since Craig was dating the douchiest of douchey guys, he was annoying and callous and he knew that Scott had had feelings for Craig and he used it to his advantage to hurt Scott It annoyed me to no end that Craig didn t see it, talk about self absorbed He was supposed to be his best friend and he continually let his boyfriend hurt his best friend Especially the stunt he pulled at Scott s birthday party I honestly don t think there would have been any coming back from that with me it ruined Craig for me, 100% More than once in this short little story does he hurt his best friend and he claims to never have known Scott s feelings nor return them Except after faced with losing Scott and then having to let him go temporarily, then he realizes that he loved him all along It was a headache and I didn t feel any compassion for Craig or sympathy towards him at all I thought Scott deserved better than him and if I m honest, I thought they were all too young to be sleeping with each other and confessing their love for each other Both seemed very immature.The parts I did like I loved how Scotts sister Karen was there for him, even if his parents never made an appearance even after he d been gone to Paris for two months, Karen had convinced them to go away for the weekend The same weekend that Scott was getting back Okay Karen s boyfriend Stanley was also a nice surprise, I might have liked the story better had it been about him and Karen Seems like he had a heartbreaking yet hopeful story in there somewhere and I found myself thinkingabout that than I did Scott and Craig Alls well that ends well though, with the help of Karen Craig plans something to prove his love to Scott when he gets home and even though there were a few bumps in the road, they get there in the end.Overall, it was a short, friends to lovers story and I appreciate getting a chance to read it I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for a volunteered, honest review 3 very generous stars for me.