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MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS SINNER Is the second book in Sierra Simone s Priest series If you fell in love with Tyler Bell in Priest then without a doubt you are definitely going to love Sean Bell Thirty six year old Sean is open about the fact that he s a player about town and he doesn t hide that fact He s never had a relationship and hasn t been bitten by the love bug What you see is what you get His appearance alone gets him any woman he wants, and he s not above paying for it From his perfect hair to his dimpled sexy smile he knows how to make sin feel like heaven He s as dirty as he is sexy At a gala he meets twenty one year old Mary aka Zenny, a stunning vixen dressed to kill in red Their attraction is immediate, it sizzles off the pages, ignites quickly, it s hotter than sin She tells him it s her last night out for a while he s under the assumption that when college picks up she won t have any nights free for a long time These two have a long history together, which made this story special than I anticipated, he hasn t seen Zenny for fourteen years, so at the gala he didn t recognise her at all She s his best friends little sister He s the boy that used to tie her shoelaces and help her find her barbies when she d lost themThere s got to be a special hell for men who f ck their best friends sister, especially when their best friends little sister is much, much too young for the kind of f cking I like to do She s been pardoned one could say to find her true path in life, to live a little, she wants to experience a sexual relationship for one month and to accomplish that she s gone to the one man that she trusts and hopes will help her before she decides what path to choose in her life She evokes feelings within that send him in a tailspin, we see the confident cocky Sean having the wind knocked out of his sails, he doesn t know how to handle her This was all kinds of hot, it was sinfully seductive, it was dirty, it was addictiveI m a dirty man, sweetheart I fuck strippers I ve taken conference calls with another man s wife sucking me off under my desk You think I m ashamed of my cock That I m ashamed of wanting to fuck Nothing s further from the truth I touch her lower lip with my thumb, then move to trace that slightly plump upper lipThis mouth I want to eat it and fuck it and worship it and abuse itTeasers used in my review are off the Authors facebook page.. I know how to make sin feel like heaven I m personally shipping holy water to anyone who reads this, alongside a thorough description on how to take the coldest damn shower before bringing your ass to church Because fuck if this book was too hot hot damn Hi, my name is Alex and I will be doing the honest girl thingIf you d told me you wanted it, I would have spent the rest of the night with my mouth on your cunt Her eyes widen and I remember we re in a place run by nunsSinner had some powerful writing and some steamy scenes Man, can this lady write I remember being this enthralled with her prose when I read American Queen, it took me back to how much her chapters can be panty droppers This is a story about a sinner and a nun Interested Me Too The plot line was so unique and I was so ready for everything to be spectacular and while it was I felt like it could have doneThe execution felt very translucent sometimes, like the author was trying too hard to show the taboo rather than focus on letting the reader feel the taboo Do you get what I mean There was certain elements of instant attraction and lust, but it worked Did you ever imagine me saying that It actually didn t feel cringey or cliche at all maybe that was due to the certain element of mystery and suspense with the first starting chapters I wanted to read on and everything about the trope was atypically perfectJesus, she whispers, and I can t tell if it s a swear or if it s a prayerI think the male POV was perfect I wish I could give the author the biggest cheer because there aren t enough New Adult Romance books out there that have a singular male POV It gave a fresh outlook on the story and I loved the little humor and curiosity it added The inner monologue we got from Sean was amazing and I have no regrets laughing out loud at 2 AM in the morning because I wanted to know how the story ended Take Me To Church I want to start this by giving two shoutouts The first one is to this messageWell, I do feel like I should mention that I think virginity in general is an arbitrary construct designed by men as a system of control and fear And it s heteronormative And limiting, because why do certain sexual acts preserve virginity and some destroy it What if I fucked a dildo every night, but I hadn t fucked a man Why doesn t anal sex count And what if I was with someone and penetration wasn t an option, for any number of biological or emotional or identity reasons would that make our sex less somehow I d be a virgin foreverThe second is to the fact that this was a interracial love trope Now that we don t have racial and heterosexual normality in Young Adult times than not , I really want to see it developing in this genre But while this book was clearly kinda awesome, I did have certain problems with it The shortcomings felt like it was a it s me not you thing and I really hope a lot people read this because it deserves it Stunning and poignant and sexy and devastating A familiar trope stands out in the hands of Sierra Simone The themes of sex and God that were explored in Priest are reexamined from different characters in different ways, and it s so breathtaking and mindful, you ll never want it to end. I can t even with how AMAZING Sierra Simone writes such beautiful stories It s a true gift and I m so blown awayonce again My husband said I was an emotional wreck while reading this book I was grinning one chapter and crying like a loon the next You know it s good when you can t contain your emotions Those are always the very best books I felt all the feels But Sinner is so much than that It s a statement a discussion starter A romance that doubles as a view of religious and social issues It s brilliant, brave, and flawless I was immediately drawn into the narrative and could not put it down until the very last word Spectacular Smart, sexy, and utterly brilliant YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE Highly recommended Full review soon THIS BOOK YA LL I can t sit and write the standard review for the AMAZING words in this book So many emotions wrapped up in these pages The words grabbed hold of me from the first page to the final period MY LOINS were on FIRE and my underwear disintegrated GOD PRAY FOR MY SOULSexy Millionaire Playboy with an appetite for multitude of women, expensive things and a vintage bottle of Macallan 18 Sean Bell had it ALL, the stuff dreams are made of, or so he thought God Fearing Women, in Search of becoming a Nun and serving a higher power On her last night of FREEDOM looking to see if this life choice is her true calling Zenny Iverson, comes from a affluent Black Family, with high exceptions Zenny and Sean are a match made in heaven or maybe hell The sex scenes were EPIC The back and forth between them, makes you sit up and take notice The age gap and racial difference makes for a interesting banter I am a sensitive reader, and this story is very close to my Heart and brought tears to my eyes Sierra brought out many issues that interracial couples face daily And did a darn good job, of telling this story so that you were pulling for these two, to make this all work out Thank you for taking chance on a taboo story line Sierra Simone NEVER disappoints, her writing is diverse, sometimes controversial, but will ALWAYS keep you coming back for..If you think you ready for The SINNER that is Sean Bell hmm THINK AGAIN Sinner is a perfect mix of holy and profane which examines carnality and spirituality through the lens of love and loss It manages to embrace all of these beliefs and shows us how it s perfectly natural to crave all of it and This novel is next level smart and brilliantly filthy Sierra Simone continues to reign supreme as Queen of love and sex and dreams, while Sean and Zenny will inspire you to be better and love fully I highly recommend Sinner. SPEECHLESS.JUST SPEECHLESS SINNER IS the Mother Of ALL IS HOLY NAUGHTY Sierra Simone has Stolen My Heart With her Witty, Filthy and BOLD Words throughout this Scorching Hotness You think Father Bell is Dirty in PRIEST then you are Wrong Sean Bell is a devastating handsome arrogant millionaire that wants to rule the world But then one night, meets a woman that turns his World Upside down Inside out A Big Playboy of a guy has been brought down to his knees of this Angelic Woman he must know but is too young for him However with certain events that happens in his life, feels Drawn to her like a Moth To A Flame.Zenobia Iverson aka Zenny was looking to SEE what life had to offer on her One Night of FREEDOM She was a making a life choice that would Alter her life since her parents are very highly respected people in society Sean and Zenny have a Chemistry together that is Off the Charts HOT Not to mention, a really big age gap between the two characters and racial differences that they don t seem to matter with each other GAH Their sex scenes were so extremely Hot His Dirty talking.Melting My Panties They are so Compassionately in tune with one another that they had a very interesting banter I Loved Their relationship and my heart squeezed for them since they both were struggling to find standard ground in their Lives.SINNER is Beautifully written and it has All the Feels you can ask for in a Sierra Simone BOOK Their story had me at the Very First chapter alone and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN I was Laughing out loud, Swooning, frustrated with Small people s minds and a Blubbering Mess A Total Emotional Rollercoaster Ride of My Life Loved Every Minute of It Sean Bell is a Delicious Hot Sex on a Stick with a Dirty Mouth Ready to Sin He is definitely a SINNER and I Am Not Sorry I Sinned With Him Zenny And Who Knew you Can Use Vegetable Oil in a Way that Sean Zenny did A MUST READ BOOK THIS YEAR SO FAR I m going to unbutton these jeans, Zenny, I tell her I m going to unzip them Then I m going to slide my fingers inside your panties and play with what I find there Yes Yes, she breathes, her stomach quivering under my fingertip, and I make good on my word, slowly working the metal jean button through the buttonhole until it pops free Zenny gives an answering exhale shaky but determined I keep my eyes on her face as I tug the short zipper down , keeping tabs on her expression, on her comfort Some embarrassment is normal, nerves are to be expected but there s a razor fine balance I need to maintain between giving her what she wants and pushing her too fast A month just isn t enough time to do this properly, to cultivate and tend to her blooming lusts To awaken her body If I could ask for anything right now, it would be a year with her A year of tutoring and teasing and bossing and savoring her Even a year wouldn t be enough With a stilted breath, she lowers herself onto the sofa, dark curls like a halo around her head on the cushions and her bra and panties pulling tight against her skin as she arranges herself And I prowl up to her like a cat, like a predator , like a hungry man coming to a banquet table Should I take off my Zenny s thumbs hook in her panties, but I still her movements with a steely look That s for me, I say I want it You want to be the one to take off my underwear Her thumbs don t move, so I squat down beside the sofa and give one little nip with my teeth, which sends her hands up to her chest And then I keep my mouth at her hip as I speak, letting my breath warm and tickle the skin there I m not going to take off your underwear I m going peel this silk off you like the skin of a fruit, and then I m going to eat you I m going to suck on you like a plum I m going to unwrap you like a Christmas present and then you ll see what a happy boy I am. I usually read my books and then write a review as soon as I finish whilst the book is fresh in my head I just couldn t with Sinner because I really didn t know what words to use.Sure I absolutely loved it It was filthy, as I would expect from Sierra Simone The thing I struggled with is how I put in words that I was full on cheering for the nun to get fucked How do you actually say that without going to hell Worse than that the dirtiest, filthiest bit of the book was read in my staff canteen I felt the need to clean my seat with an antibacterial wipe Shock and horror I didn t I am going to hell Luckily I like to be warm An underworld with no winter Suits me I m not a religious person but I admire the way that Sierra deals with the question of faith She presents different view points giving balance but it is very much left to the reader to decide which side they sit on I want to sit on Sean Bell s knee Or face, face would be good too. Get ready to SIN with Sean Bell Hope you like your book boyfriends super dirtyI m a dirty man, sweetheart I fuck strippers I ve taken conference calls with another man s wife sucking me off under my desk You think I m ashamed of my cock That I m ashamed of wanting to fuck Nothing s further from the truth Playboy Womanizer Skirt Chaser Sinner YES PLEASE Add to that an age gap Oh damn Jesus Jesus What has Sean Bell done to me I think I ve died and gone to heaven How did I die FROM LUST That s what I m in lust with Sean Bell And I m not even sorry Not one bit I DIED FROM LUST I m still dying really Over this book Over the characters Over this man I died over this wonderfully flawed character who stole my heart and my soul, and well my freaking loins too I loved Zenny and Sean together LOVED THEM bites fist The sex scenes were so hot, I burned right the hell up Be prepared to have several cold showers I loved their banter and their friendship I really couldn t get enough of them My heart literally squeezed in my chest and I couldn t stop smiling It was a beautiful thing Of course my poor heart also broke for these two How was this going to work A sinner and a nun How were they ever going to get their happily ever after Just be ready to FEEL all the things for these two Sierra Simone has given us a real gift in Sean and Zenny s story.So who the hell is Sean Bell He s a deliciously dirty, fun and perfectly imperfect man He s a sinner after my own heart and I am not going to apologize for sinning with him I loved every minute of it I am telling you this man is EVERYTHING This story is everything It will get you right in the feels and then some I hope you don t think your heart will be safe when you read Sinner because Sean is going to demolish it Well, and other parts of your body too Pray for us sinners SINNER IS LIVE bit.ly SinnerKindleiBOOKS sierrasim.one isinnerKOBO sierrasim.one kobosinnerNOOK sierrasim.one nooksinnerGOODREADS bit.ly SinnerGR ^BOOK ↡ Sinner (Priest, #2) ✐ I M Not A Good Man, And I Ve Never Pretended To Be I Don T Believe In Goodness Or God Or Any Happy Ending That Isn T Paid For In Advance What Do I Believe In Money Sex Macallan They Have Words For Men Like Me Playboy Womanizer Skirt Chaser My Brother Used To Be A Priest, And He Only Has One Word For Me Sinner Sinner Is A Standalone Companion To Priest About Father Bell S Brother Sean You Do Not Have To Read Priest Or Midnight Mass To Read Sinner