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I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.This is my first Sloane Howell Book and I will definitely check out some from him I really liked Matt and Kelsey I like Matt because despite his MLB player status he is pretty easy going and extremely humble He really is a nice guy I loved the whole thing with the concert tee shirts before he took Kelsey out the first time One of the other things I really like about him is his generosity I like seeing athletes who make a lot of money doing what they love giving to important causes I appreciated how much he toiled with his big decision as a free agent too I like Kelsey a lot too She is sweet and sassy too but keeps her heart under lock and key because of being hurt in the past.These two have amazing chemistry and so much in common I cheered them on from the beginning Throw in some hot and steamy sexy times and you have yourself a really good romance Oh and that amazing epilogue, well I just swooned over that. Scored Sloane Howell5 Major winner in my book I am so loving this author She makes her characters so real and sassy and I love them I m totally obsessed with sport romances and can t wait for books to come out by this author Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review. FREE PDF ♸ Scored ♻ He S A Player But She S About To ScoreOpposites Really Do Attract As A Sassy Salesgirl Turns A Pro Athlete S Life Upside Down In This Supercharged Standalone Novel Of Seduction From The Author Of Bossed KelseyMy Mom Would Tell You I M Quite The Catch, But Since My Last Boyfriend, I Haven T Been Dating Much Maybe It S My Rocker Style Or My Lack Of Filter That Intimidates The Boys So I M Pleasantly Surprised When Matt Stallworth Waltzes Into The Indie Record Store Where I Work And Gives As Good He Gets Turns Out Matt Is A Professional Baseball Player, Which Should Mean He S Out Of My League But If He Wants To Hook Up With Me, He S Going To Have To Follow My RulesMatt After Winning My MVP Award, I Learned That A Guy Can Get Used To Having Beautiful Women Practically Throw Themselves At You Everywhere You Turn But Everything Changes The First Time I See Kelsey Martin, And Something Just Clicks She S Hot, Snarky, And Whip Smart I Ve Got To See Her Again Only Problem Is, She Sees Right Through All My Best Moves And I M Going To Have To Step Up My Game To Convince Kelsey That I M Playing For Keeps And Sexy Times Ensue For Mature AudiencesThis Standalone Novel Includes An Excerpt From Another Loveswept Title 1 I m sorry I just never got into it Star.DNF 37%I had high hopes for this one after reading and enjoying Bossed we met the characters from this book in its predecessor as secondary characters and they were pretty likeable, and the main characters from that book are now secondary cast members in this one Not so much this time I think largely due to the writing style, Bossed had the right balance of snark, banter, sexy times and internal monologue This one just felt like a long drawn out diary entry from a pubescent teenage boy Matt totally lost his manliness because of it and I found it all delivered with a large dose of cheese Kelsey and her constant denial of everything just got annoying, and all in all I d lost total interest in the all of it by the point I stopped reading.I think I am going to pop this author in theOne Hit Wonderbox now and move on, because apart from Bossed I have now DNF d three of his titles in a row, and seeing the glowing reviews for those books I am putting it down to writing style and reader not really getting along.ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. 4 stars.This book really appealed to me for many reasons, from the wonderful witty banter and sexy vibe it had between the main characters to the chapter opening music quotes from songs by many wonderful musicians and artists.I really loved Matt as the down to earth pro baseball player and Kelsey as the emotionally guarded music fanatic who works at an indie record store I especially enjoyed reading their first date scene it was awesome reading and really set the mood and tone for the rest of the story.This is my second book by Sloane Howell the first being Bossed and I really enjoyed it.ARC received in exchange for an honest review. Matt Stallworth is finally LIVE Hope you all enjoy Get it here UK CA AU N Play Another impressive book from Sloane Howell, his books never fail to capture my attention and keep me hooked until the very last page and this one was no different, I didn t want it to ever end but it did and it ended perfectly Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ok, so no spoilers from me Just my thoughts on this beauty Kelsey s character is independent and won t take shit for anyone After having her heart broken by the same type s of men, she finds it hard to trust and it s easy to see throughout the book It s so sad at times but you can understand why she feels the way she does Seeing her interact with Matt for the first time was damn right funny, she s super awesome Matt is a strong athletic man, he s passionate and loves his family than anything He s cocky and downright arrogant at times but you can t help fall for his charm and watching Kelsey experience this is too much fun Matt is extremely famous and has a face that everybody knows, he can t walk down the street without being noticed and Kelsey is the exact opposite, she has a select few friends and spends her time in an indie record store doing what she loves most but they do say opposites attract, right These characters sure did After meeting Matt and Kelsey in Bossed Ethan and Jenny s story, the first book in this series I was extremely excited to see how their story would play out and damn, I wasn t disappointed Sloane Howell delivered, for sure The storyline was amazing, the sex was SO FREAKING HOT and the characters were amazing, it was fantastic I love me a good Sloane Howell book 3.5 StarsI m a sucker for a sports romance, this was definitely a cute one Matt Stallworth has played professional baseball in the great state of Texas for his entire career, but now he s a free agent and he s being courted by baseball royalty New York wants him bad But Matt s whole life is in Texas, and worse, he s just met a girl a girl plaguing his every thought You re in good hands That dude is like the fucking Ari Gold of sports agents. Kelsey Martin couldn t care less about sports, music is her first love, all the band T shirts and her job at a record store sort of give that away When Matt waltzes into her store he s impossible to ignore, and may have in common with Kelsey than she s prepared for He s undeniably hot and kind of charming if we re being honest, but Kelsey s been burned before and she s got no desire to feel the sting left behind from a professional player I fell for you, while we made Willy Wonka jokes, right here. Bossed is the first book in this series and though we see both Ethan and Jenny in Scored, I didn t feel like skipping book 1 left me in the dark Though, Matt and Kelsey are introduced in Bossed so I didn t get to experience their meet cute since they already knew each other, and I do love a good meet cute Over the past few months I ve seen Kelsey seven times, received fourteen smiles, four comments containing sexual innuendo, and two fist bumps. Matt is cocky, and sweet while Kelsey is a bit guarded, and sassy When they finally come together the pages heat up Their romance was sweet and fairly conflict free, there was a bit of drama but it never developed into anything explosive Definitely check this one out if you enjoy a sweet, and easy, sports romanceARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It s a baseball inspired romance Think about it tight pants, tight bodies, tight buns You can obviously tell where my mind went I ve read pretty much everything I could get my hands on from this author Not only can he write, but his online personality is charming, funny and approachable, which comes out loud and clear in his work To date, my favorite book of his was The Matriarch, but now my new favorite is Scored. This book was brilliant It was hilarious, romantic, and although I don t personally know any baseball players, I am friends with a few professional athletes football and basketball players , so I found this story to be pseudo realistic.Ever since I read Bossed, I knew that Matt and Kelsey were going to get it on I was so excited to find out how their story would play out I m beyond impressed Matt knew that he wanted Kelsey He was even willing to admit that she was his forever Kelsey was a bit hesitant, but Matt s persistence, charm, and naturally good personality slowly but surely won her over However, their happily ever after hit a huge snag Matt might not be around for long as he was a free agent, with an offer to leave his home team for millions upon millions of cold hard cash It s a tempting offer, because he could do so much with that money for the charities that are close to his heart So where does Kelsey fit in to this decision Again, I loved this story Absolutely, positively loved it This was, in my opinion, Sloane s best work by far I can t wait to see what he s going to give us next If you haven t had the privilege of experiencing his writing, I can t recommend this book enough You most definitely won t regret it Release DateOctober 17, 2017 GenreContemporary Sports Romance POVDual 1st person Heat4 out of 5 TypeStandalone crossover of characters from Bossed 3 Stars This is the second in a series by Sloane Howell Bossed is the first , and can be read as a stand alone romance It centers on Matt, a pro baseball player, and Kelsey, a music fanatic who works at an indie record store They meet through mutual friends and Matt has his sights set on her frombefore the start The prologue opens with him pining over Kelsey and is basically already ready to make her his wifey Kelsey s been burned by love before, but there s not too much drama that goes on with that In fact, there s not that much drama, period The only tension in the book is Kelsey s reluctance to give herself over to a relationship and Matt s uncertainty with his career At about the 1 3 mark, I was already getting bored Matt was cute with his interest in Kelsey, but Kelsey started to annoy me with how hot and cold she was In addition, the sex scenes were hot, but also seemed kind of choppy, like they didn t really match the characters This was an easy read for the evening that didn t require me to invest in the characters I thought both the plot and characters were kind of flat, but I still read the whole thing, so there s that I always love the sports romance trope so that helped boost it in my sights as well ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for honest review