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This is my first listen read by April Wilson and I have to say this book was something of a gem Although it is third in the series, it stands alone perfectly well What immediately drew me into the story was the idea of a rather small but super trained and strong, female bodyguard Lia had prickles that screamed do not touch but she was some woman and the true definition of a strong heroine.Lia is body guarding for a music sensation This is not my favourite kind of hero but surprisingly, Jonah blew my preconceptions out of the water, with humility and a desire to be out of the spotlight and away from social media manipulations In some ways Jonah was a beta kind of hero but he was likeable nonetheless.The backstories to these two were interesting and Lia s in particular was compelling and somewhat tragic I loved the story, the pace and writing The chemistry was well written and tangible too.The narration was single POV, single narration and Alice Parker was perfect for this She narrated the male dialogue really well that I just slipped into the story seamlessly.A copy of this audiobook was provided by the author in return for an honest review.Reviewed for JoIsaLoveBooks Blog. Copied and pasted my bestie s review This book was sweet but the other women drama was so over the top I really liked the hero but he came across to beta for my personal taste While the story line was ok I was left feeling this book was a hot mess It never really amounted to anything. Running into the man who betrayed her, Lia McIntrye is angry and feeling unsettled She is conditioning her body until every zap of energy is drained It is all part of her training she tells herself, but her brother and coworkers know differently That is why they assign her to be the bodyguard to rock star Jonah Locke Lia didn t expect to be attracted to him She wants to keep their business as professional but Jonah can see through her He wants her with every fiber in his body, he knows she wants him too but her walls are up Will Jonah discover what caused those walls and will he be able to break through some of the politics that go into being a rock star This was great Very different for a bodyguard story and I liked Jonah This is a bit of a slow burn romance but once you begin reading it you cant put it down. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I became an instant fan of April Wilson s writing from the moment I met Shane and Beth and was entangled in their world in the first book in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series She is eloquent, her characters are full of complexity with all their fears, dreams, and passion and her story telling skills are off the charts So when I am given a chance to step back into the McIntyre fictional world and hang out with the family, I am ready and willing Broken is a book that I have been pining for I fell hard for Lia from the moment she was introduced in the first book in the series, Vulnerable and couldn t wait to get to know this feisty bodyguard and see her find her a man that can keep up with her every move Lia and Jonah are intense, vibrant, and boiling over with untapped desire for one another Lia McIntyre intrigued me with her I am just as good as any man attitude and she backed it up with every strike of her fist and jump kick she delivered to her opponents with both her body and her words After reading her and Jonah s story, my girl crush is even bigger and I cannot wait to visit her in future books Lia is a kick ass chick with a huge heart filled with passion that can barely be contained in her petite little body After having her heart broken and her trust destroyed by her first love Lia has huge walls built around her heart that only Jonah can tear down and I couldn t wait to see the walls crumble Jonah Locke is a still waters run deep type of hero that inspires a reader to dig deep to get to know the heart of this mysterious character Once you get up close and chummy with Jonah, he is forever etched into your soul He is the broody, silent, and misunderstood type that oozes sex appeal without even trying I enjoyed every nail biting, lip licking moment with this rock star and couldn t get enough of him from his ratty t shirts, ripped jeans, scuffed boots, and his down to earth persona April Wilson delivers another read in the McIntyre series that has her readership growing and deepens our love for the McIntyre family I highly recommend Broken, along with the first two books Vulnerable and Fearless in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series for romance that is sure to leave you dreaming about sexy bodyguards, courageous heroines that are full of sass, and drool worthy rock stars I cannot wait to jump right back in and curl up with another novella and get cozy once with Shane from Vulnerable I am sure that it will be just as entertaining and steamy as the rest of April Wilson s books I loved this book April you need to write and Your stories are awesome and your characters are loved. I wish Shane and Beth had a third bookI read this book because I couldn t get enough of the first two, and while I m glad I know Lia s history, I found myself caring about Shane and Beth in the background then lia at all I wanted to love it but I couldn t I could read a million books about Shane and Beth but I m glad Lia only got one Looking forward to book 2.5 shane s perspective *Free ⇯ Broken: McIntyre Security Inc. ☉ The Eagerly Awaited Third Book In The McIntyre Security, Inc Series Is Here Lia McIntyre As A Year Old Female Professional Bodyguard, Lia S A Rarity In A Male Dominated Field She May Be A Petite, Cute Blond, But She S A Master Of Martial Arts And Krav Maga, And She Can Render A Man Twice Her Size Unconscious In Just Seconds Lia Hides A Painful Past Behind A Snarky, Take No Prisoners Attitude She Was Horribly Betrayed By Her First Love, And She S Determined Never To Let Anyone Use Her Or Hurt Her Again To Make Sure That Never Happens Again, She S Got Rules One, Never Sleep With A Client And Two, Never Sleep With The Same Guy Twice The Walls She S Built Up To Protect Herself Are Rock Solid Until She Meets Her New Client, Jonah Locke, A Swoon Worthy Rock Star With A Heart Of Gold Jonah Locke Jonah Locke Is The Front Man For The Most Popular Rock Band In The United States His Band Dominates The Charts, And He S Constantly Hounded By Crowds Of Fan Girls And Paparazzi The Guy Can T Sneeze Without Everyone On Social Media Knowing A Bad Break Up With The Queen Of Pop Sends Him From LA To Chicago, Where He Just Wants To Lie Low And Write New Songs Unfortunately, Trouble Follows Him To Chicago When He Meets His New Bodyguard, He Falls Hard For Her But Lust Transforms Into Something When He Gets To Know The Woman Beneath The Kick Ass Shell Broken Can Be Read Standalone, But It Will Be Enjoyed As Part Of The Series, Because There Are Lots Of Cameos Of Other Beloved McIntyre Security Characters HEA, Yes Cliffhanger, No Read This Book Only If You Like Smart Mouthed, Feisty Heroines Who Don T Take Crap From Anyone The McIntyre Security, Inc Series Book Vulnerable Book Fearless Book Broken I loved Lia s story I loved this book I also loves that Shane and Beth were in it as well I can t wait for Listening to new authors is always fun for me, you never know if you are going to get The latest of my new author reads is April Wilson, who delivers a wonderful new adult story about Lia McIntyre This is the third book in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series, but can be definitely read as a standalone Lia is the youngest of 7 children and had an unfortunate situation happen to her when she was 16 Six years later, she is still reeling from the memories and is unable to put her trust in a new relationship She works for the family security agency and has been assigned to guard Jonah Locke, rockstar I have to say, I loved these two characters, the chemistry between them from the start was thick and their banter entertaining Their attraction is unable to be ignored, and it is always fun when Jonah, who is supposed to be the one being protected becomes the protector Lia s brothers are than charming and you can feel the family ties envelope Lia whenever she needs them This story definitely has some angst and emotions that keep you listening to the very end Definitely worth the time, hoping the balance of the series comes out in audio too Alice Parker is a new narrator to me and provided the perfect narration for a new adult book Her voice is young, but not childlike so it was than believable and she has a very good range of character voices I will definitely seek her out in the future.