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Michael R Fletcher s The Mirror s Truth is a dark delight Our trio of appalling but still somehow compelling protagonists possibly sane aged warrior Bedeckt, kleptomaniac murder addict Stehlen and manically self interested greatest swordsman in the world Wichtig return from the Afterdeath to find a world brought to the brink of all out war by the mad boy god Morgan The pitch black humour, magically enhanced insanity and brutality that distinguished Beyond Redemption as a remarkable fantasy debut are present in full force, and often cranked up to eleven Highly recommended, and not just because my evil reflection told me so. EDIT The Mirror s Truth just won a Stabby from r Fantasy for Best Independent Self published novel of 2016 Wooooooooo The awesome Django Wexler, author of The Shadow Campaigns series, just blurbed The Mirror s Truth As I m a huge fan of his writing, I can t tell you how much this freaks me out Michael Fletcher s MANIFEST DELUSIONS is the grimdarkest of grimdark, a filthy, rotting, fascinating world full of intriguing psychotics It s the sort of wonderful horror you can t look away from, and there s nothing else in the genre quite like it Django WexlerAnthony Ryan, author of the amazing Raven s Shadow and Draconis Memoria series just reviewed The Mirror s Truth Woo UPDATE The ebook is now available for pre order Print books will be available on the official release date, December 15th Wooo [Read Epub] ⚖ The Mirror’s Truth ⚒ Where Belief Defines Reality, Delusions Are Both Strength And Curse The Deeper You Sink Into Madness The Powerful You Become But That Power Comes With A Price Your Darkest Nightmares Hunt You At Night The Face In The Mirror Hates You And Wants To Be Free Your Fears Manifest And Plot Your Destruction Bedeckt Defined Himself By The List Of Crimes He Was Unwilling To Commit It Was Such A Short List How Could Straying From It Have Gone So Wrong Now Bedeckt Must Undo The Damage Caused By Wandering From His Precious List The Geborene God Seeks To Remake The World With His Obsessive Need For Cleanliness And Perfection, But Bedeckt Is Going To Bring Him Down Nothing Can Stop Him Not Even DeathThe Two Friends He Abandoned In The Afterdeath Chase After Bedeckt, Bent On Revenge Psychotic Assassins Hunt Him Something Cold And Evil Follows, Lurking In The Clouds Above, Shredding Reality With Its Delusions Madness And Sanity War, Stretching And Tearing The Very Fabric Of Existence The Dead Shall Rise If you called The Mirror s Truth a masterpiece, you wouldn t do it justice Bedeckt made a terrible mistake By abducting Morgen, he destroyed Konig s life work What was pure and determined and worthy is now cunning and corrupt and full of self doubt The mad boy god is now ascended and loose, and he wants to enslave humanity with his delusional dream of a perfect world Bedeckt is the only one who can stop him, and in order to do so, he has to betray his only friends But can you really escape the desire for revenge of the most powerful Kleptic and The Greatest Swordsman in the WorldWe are each living a story What many of us are too afraid to admit is that we are the authors of our story You are living the life you chose for yourself You are living the result of each and every one of your choices If you are letting others make decisions for you, you are allowing them to write your story Do they have your best interests at heart If you are unhappy, whose fault is that Don t like your life, go write yourself a better one One of the greatest challenges an author will ever face, is to create a setting as powerful as his characters Fletcher makes it look easy not only does he deliver, but he also excels on every front The enchanting and delightful prose, the thrilling yet smooth pace, and the exotic and compelling storytelling come together to wave a tale of shocking but wanted violence that would put every other grim tale to shame.Fletcher s fantasy debut had but one problem the dull and tiresome POV of an unwanted character This problem is not present in the sequel, and there are virtually no others The characters are fascinating and well developed, the already established world is further expanded and explored, and the magic system is beautifully structured and enthralling All in all, The Mirror s Truth is one of the greatest fantasy books I ve ever read, and I urge you to drop anything else you are currently reading, and pick this one up instead.You can findof my reviews over at There are no monsters that did not spring from the minds of menA dirty BR with my fave Geisteskranken Mirrorist and an awesome Queenof the Cheese Stew, Mili Oh my god, what a book we ve read It was as dirty, twisted, insane as the first book, evenAfter liking book one I just fell in love with book two, it is funny, creepy, emotional and full of delusionsthan ever Absolutely amazing 5 million worth read WORLD AND PACEOhhhh, Mr Fletcher doesn t fear to get dirty and once again, the grimdark world in this series is well written with precision All the scenes feel alive, entwined with emotional, detailed narrative and splattered with all the crazy ugly stuff a living being can produce The story follows several POVs giving us a chance to see the same scene from various angles I loved the pace, there s no time to get bored while I rolled with the characters in the mud when watching the battles or followed them in their journey to finding themselves or losing themselves in the corrupt world with no possible HEA Writing is engaging and just so you know guys, this book is perfect MAIN CHARACTERS I loved the trio in book one and was happy to find and follow them in book two Quite the same but also changing, becoming softer,emotional, sharingand revealing the talents they thought were lost, Stehlen, Bedeckt and Wichtig won my heart again Also I couldn t stop laughing as they got so much fun like for example view spoiler when Stelhen left Wichtig bare assed and with a dull horse, all the clothes dumped in the midden pit hide spoiler Welcome back to the sick and twisted world full of insane people, debauchery, violence, and delusions We have our favorite trio back from the Afterdeath a nice place to take a vacation if you like the color gray, tasteless food, and monotony No Doesn t sound like much fun Well, you re lucky then, because Morgen, the boy god has Ascended, and can bring you back to the real world It s not muchfun, but at least there is real booze and the food tastesmarginally better Morgen finds our trio separately and makes separate deals with them Our hero, Bedeckt huge guy with battle axe who refuses to acknowledge his insanity and may be a bit of a berserker just wants to make things right.Stehlen, the psychotic Kleptic, just wants revenge on Bedeckt, because she loves him and he rejected her She also might be in love with Wichtig, although she has no idea why She also gets to keep her lover, the great swordswoman Lebendig Nobody is allowed to take ANYTHING from her Wichtig, the Greatest Swordsman in the World, is just thrilled because he ll get to have sex again, drink good ale, and resume his quest to best all swordsmen everywhere For all time Because he is the best And cutest And the best Of all time And really attractive and charming and the wenches be all up in his shizz I love Wichtig, lol So, there is tons of brutal violence We see a LOT of the insides of people There is also lots of betrayal Because that s the way this world rolls.Our trio spends most of the book trying to find each other, to pay each other back for all the wrongs and imagined wrongs The boy god Morgen is trying to expand his kingdom, but finds out it s a messy, dirty business and he can t stand messes He might be a bit OCD about cleanliness.There is also a crazy dragon, a chick who is so deluded she has convinced herself she speaks to the earth and can move dirt and rocks, and some other crazy guy who is convinced everyone has a demon inside of them he has to exorcise I LOVE this series so much I can t put my finger on what it is In a way, it s meandering and we spend a LOT of time in the various characters minds and that can be a crazy place to be , but the writing is so darn good, and the humor is so dark and twisted, it just warms my shriveled up heart I think my favorite character is Wichtig Somehow he is just likeable, even though he s such a POS One of my favorite scenes is where he tries to train his new apprentice The facts don t matter Facts are a hindrance Unless they support whatever it is you re saying, in which case they are the most important thing in the world and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot Your opponent doesn t matter The crowd matters Convince the crowd Never fight without a crowd if you can avoid it If there s no crowd, then you have to convince your opponent If that fails, you might have to actually rely on skill with a sword That should always be a last resort Now, talk to the crowd Look at the pretty girls or boys or whatever your preference is Ignore your opponent Nothing pisses Swordsmen offthan being ignored You don t care what they think about you, you care what they think about the fight What they think about your opponent Wichtig closed his eyes I m tired Keep practicing in your mind Imagine the crowd Imagine what you ll say and what your opponent will say Wake me if the dragon comes to eat us Man, he gets put through the wringer in this one It s horrible, but yet I couldn t stop reading Poor Wichtig LOL Don t expect these characters to have nice and tidy HEAs lolThis is an anti happy ever after world and dark fantasy at its best Hands down I will read anything by this author I can t wait to find out what happens next Original post I love this sick, twisted world heheMy review for book one, Beyond Redemption. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Mirror s Truth is a sequel that builds upon everything that made the first book so great and all consuming, featuring storylines and characters that are grittier, twistier, and eveninsane In other words, it s evenfucked up than Beyond Redemption and I loved it War isn t insanity, it s the base state for all reality Plants war for sunlight Animals war for food and water Wolves battle to decide who leads the pack All life is struggle.Peace, now that is insanity You didn t actually think it was over for our protagonists, did you In the world of Manifest Delusions, death is only the beginning Bedeckt, Stehlen, and Wichtig are back, following the complete and utter bloodbath that was the end of the first book Only now, they ve emerged evenbrutal, bloodthirsty and psychotic than ever before.It all started when the old and wretched Bedeckt, filled with the sudden horror of his actions, decided that he could not go through with the plans he had made Now he must undo the damage caused by his weakness and do whatever it takes to stop Morgan, the mad child who has become a god And if it takes abandoning his companions to the eternal greyness of the Afterdeath, then so be it.Not surprisingly, Stehlen and Wichtig react none too kindly to that idea Livid at being left behind, the murderous Kleptic and the self styled Best Swordsman in the World decide to make clandestine deals of their own, returning to the world of the living in order track down Bedeckt and make him pay slowly and painfully.With friends like these, who needs enemies At the same time though, it would be a mistake to dismiss these characters so casually They may be insane, but they are deep Beyond Redemption would not have been such a wildly successful book in my eyes if our protagonists had merely been the vile, monstrous degenerates they appeared to be on the surface Instead, Michael R Fletcher drew me in with the complexity of their personalities and relationships, and I was glad he continued to build upon these in the sequel While Bedeckt, Stehlen, and Wichtig spend much of this book apart, we are still treated to the fascinating inner workings of their deep, dark scary minds.In fact, with the chapters basically alternating between their POVs, each of the three are essentially given their own storyline thus giving way to a lotcharacter development on an individual level The Bedeckt we used to know has become transformed, no longer just an old jaded thief looking to end his financial troubles once and for all with the score of a lifetime Now he is a man wracked with guilt and grief, struggling to keep what morals and sanity he has left We also get to see a softer side of Stehlen and if you ve read the first book, you ll understand why I just burst into incredulous giggles while typing that but believe it or not, it is true the psycho kleptomaniac woman actually has feelings that go beyond wanting to slit your throat and steal your shit And finally, there s Wichtig, perhaps the most complicated of them all Of the three protagonists, he s the only one whose past is explored in depth, and I also find the story surrounding his delusion of being the world s best swordsman to be extremely compelling.And of course, I am once again floored by the originality and excellence in the world building People always complain about the same tired old tropes in fantasy and the lack of fresh ideas when it comes to magic systems and powers To them I say, Take some Manifest Delusions and call me in the morning Fletcher has done an incredible job creating this world where magic is madness, and those who are the most powerful are also the most unhinged It s a premise ripe for all kinds of ruckus and mayhem, and this sequel pushes the envelope even further.Plot wise, The Mirror s Truth is simpler in some ways, but it is also stranger, bloodier, andviolent The conclusion, however, was the best part With that ending, Michael R Fletcher might have just single handedly redefined the word insane Seriously.I think it s safe to say those who enjoyed Beyond Redemption will also love this sequel, and after all this waiting and uncertainty, I m glad that The Mirror s Truth has finally found its way into readers hands Manifest Delusions is not so much a hidden gem, but rather an absolute treasure trove of a series to fans of grimdark By the end of this one you will be begging for . Full review now up This was a BR with the lovely lady Sarah a.k.a Luna.Sanity and sense were delusions, and dangerous delusions at thatThe Mirror s Truth was a great sequel that, for me, was even better than the first book I enjoyed Manifest Delusions because it was different than anything I had read before, and it really took a different turn into the grim dark fantasy genre This second installment, while holding onto those same traits, put a different spin on the tale These characters that we see in the first book as vile and cruel sociopaths are put under a different light We get to see how vulnerable they are While tough and self assure when they were together Apart we get to see a side of their personalities we haven t seen before They are still cold blooded killers that are delusional as hell, but their weaknesses and how they struggled with those weaknesses were really brought to the surface for the reader to seeIf reality is delusion, everything is an illusion We are not what we think we areThe story has a kind of mixed time line to begin with While it has only been a couple of weeks for Bedeckt, Stehlen, and Wichtig in the after death since the end of Manifest Delusions Time has passed by a lot faster in the real world The Geborene Damonen god Morgen is planning to wage war against the kingdom of Gottlos to try and extend his power Bedeckt feels guilty for how they damaged the boy before his ascension and decides he wants to make it right His decision sets off a chain of events that leads to a journey of blood, betrayal, and a search for absolutionPeople use any excuse for laziness Including deathI really enjoy Michael Fletcher s writing style He has a real talent for shaping a scene and showing the reader what makes his characters tick While Manifest Delusions got us familiar with the world of the Geisteskranken and its delusional characters, The Mirror s Truth took us inside the minds of those characters and showed us this world through their eyes There were some scenes that would have made the writers of The Twilight Zone show proud It was an intense read at times and definitely made for an emotional ending Making a reader feel empathy for characters such as these has to be a hard thing for an author to accomplish, but Mr Fletcher has done an amazing job So, if you re looking for a read that is different and isn t beholden to the usually grim dark fantasy genre Then look no further I recommend for all fantasy readers to give this series a try Warning This book could make you start challenging people do duels, and telling everyone I m the greatest swordsman in the world Or maybe that s just me 5 stars 5 5Self loathing is the natural state for humanity We know there is something wrong with us We are at war with ourselves, and it s a war we are doomed to loseBuddy read with my fellow delusionalist JodyThis book needs to be accompanied by some crazy epic death metal head banging I used to be a metal head, but in my old age I find it pretty hectic, however if you read this novel whilst listening to death metal the real growly shit , I guarantee your experience will be enhanced Mine was anyway Actual footage of me rocking out lol jokes If I did this I swear I d pull the muscles in my neck have to wear a neck brace, I m too old for this shite.Anyway, sorry about the rambling my mind is in out of space lately, so expect a ton of word vomit fangirling, come to think of it. I think I m Fletcher s first squealing mess of a fan, I crumble like a teenage girl at a one direction concert over his shite.Seriously folks what a goddam rutting mess Once again I am left wondering why I m so goddamn morbid How can I love something so gritty, warped twisted Actually I lied, I don t love this novel I actually adore it If I could cuddle the novel for being so incredibly fucked up I would, but I won t because that would be awkward I love the grit, I love the darkness most of all I loved all the violence I am now labeling Fletcher the king of grimdark He definitely knows how to bring the grim to the dark Like my body wasn t prepared for the feels and grimness that this book delivered IT CRUSHED MY SOUL I RUTTING CRIED Seriously I never thought I d cry over characters I hated with a passion or even feel any remorse for them But I did Michael is an extremely talented author, he made us hate the characters in book one in book two we felt empathy for them FEELING EMPATHY FOR VILLAINS IS SACRILEGIOUS, ITS NOT RIGHT Thanks for sucker punching me in the jawSometimes you don t talk like the kind of man who slams another man s head against the floor until his skull breaksBasically this book is about all the good shit normal authors don t explore madness, death, chaos violence Bedeckt has a list of crimes he won t commit, however he has already broken those rules and causeddamage then he ever thought he would The Geborene God seeks to remake the world He wants it perfect and clean However he is having trouble in a world full of the insane Bedeckt wants to put an end to the madness he has created But he is being followed by his two best friends who he abandoned, Wichtig the greatest swordsman in the world Stelhan a kleptomaniac this chick is crazy, like beyond redemption, she would cut your throat in your sleep for fun Who will reach the God first Or will Bedeckt die before he gets a chance to redeem himself What happens when the only sane person in the whole world is the craziest of them all The dead shall rise with them they will create a war that will tear the very fabric of existenceSanity wasn t real It was a myth, a delusion In a mad world, in a reality governed by faith and belief and delusion, what was sanity It s madness. Fletcher has once again surpassed all my expectations, this book was incredible And I m not just saying that lightly, people were telling me it s so much darker then Beyond Redemption of course I didn t believe them because let be honest that book was just a black void of darkness. however it s true This book is so much darker then BR This novel just like its predesscor was a slow burn, the first 25% could be considered boring, however the concept is interesting enough to keep you engaged, at around the 30% mark you won t be able to put the novel down as it gets really intense keeps that pace until the last page AND THAT ENDING WAS THE BEST ENDING IVE EVER READ, seriously it was fucking crazy But the main thing that drew me in was Fletcher s ability to make the vile characters so muchdeep and likeable Maybe even a tad loveable they have regrets, they want redemption, some of them even want to be better people, so the character development is extremely well done and quite frankly some of the best I ve read in a long time But they are all still insane villains and as the saying goes It s a shite world Shite things happen. Fletcher has a way with words, his writing is flawless and it s actually full of words of wisdom I saved so many quotes from this gem because I just adored nearly every sentence If I were to compare his prose to another author i would say it s very similar to Abercrombie s writing style, however for me I think Fletcher is just that little bit better, like a tiny smidgen and that s just because of his creativity, he has created a terrible spit and phlegm filled world with terrible characters where everyone is ugly, so for me this is one of the most unique and imaginative stories I ve read in a long time and contains one of the most different plot lines I ve had the pleasure to read Another thing Fletcher does well is he has you on the edge of your seat while your reading It s a very unpredictable read, anything could happen at anytime and he definitely doesn t give a shit about killing his main characters so expect the unexpected I also love the fact the story is told in multi person POV, there s a lot of story lines going on but they are all wrapped up neatly with a big blood, vomit phlegm stained bow at the end It s definitely another one of those thought provoking novels that has you questioning your own sanity and wondering if the person in the mirror is actually a part of your delusions and secretly wants to choke the life from your body for fun, remember if the person in the mirror starts talking to youThe mirror ever lies,, so you can t trust them. The Mirrors Truth also brings some refreshing themes to the typically tropes your used to in fantasy novels, with some mind blowing differentness included in the mix, so if your sick of boring books, you should definitely check out Fletcher s work My prior complaints I had with book one were definitely sorted out, the word shite is used less and the German names are becoming easier to handle, plus don t forget to use this saviour as a reference if you decide to pick up his work, it s an absolute must Beyond Redemption WikiI love that moment when you see it in their eyes, the dawning understanding that you have absolutely and utterly rutted their lives It is the most delicious meal you will ever taste And thecomplete the betrayal, the better the flavourI feel like everyone on earth whines for diversity in books, this authors work is so diverse it s ridiculous It features every type of crazy, every skin colour, it also explores lesbian relationships But in saying that, if your someone who likes those things but are overly sensitive to violence and triggers eg rape, murder, torture Don t touch these books, seriously, They are incredibly twisted, gritty disturbing If I see someone read and trash these books I may have to stab them with a blunt object I m not even joking I will feel personally wounded by your hate I love these books like a childWho could love this No one No one could love such a vile person Our scars are reminders of the mistakes we ve made, Sometimes the most unpredictable people were the most predictableall fanart by Quint VonCanonAnother Warning just in case you didn t read the last one. you should not read these novels if your overly sensitive, they contain child abuse, rape, disturbing themes, animal abuse and quite possibly the most cringiest torture scenes ever, seriously one had me cowering in the corner and I honestly felt truly ill while reading it Also there s some weird rutting shite going onErdbeh ter watched as he eyed a scab, licking his lips She watched hunger and disgust do war Hunger won He ate the scabso if your a Squeamish petal, stay awayPoets and story tellers always went on about how terrible that first kill was, how it haunted people Bedeckt laughed every time he heard that Such utter shite Murder was nothingRecommended to all fans of grimdark and anyone with a harden heart whose looking for something different Fletchers stories are a hidden gem that should be on every hardcore fantasy fans favourite list.Ps Just realised I wrote a novel on a novel..Pss Michael sorry to be an annoying pig rutter but can you seriously hurry up and write book three Please thank you.Review for series so far Beyond Redemption 5 5The Mirrors Truth 5 5Total rating so far 100 10Review for Beyond Redemption You can find this review and my other reviews at Booksprens. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.It is damn difficult to top perfection And in my opinion, Beyond Redemptionwas just about as near perfect a grimdark as anyone can write, one of the most demented, darkest, and diabolical grims ever penned But, somehow, Michael Fletcher did just that with The Mirror s Truth The mad man in the glasses and black cowl delivering a stunning sequel, one that sets a new standard for what a grimdark has to deliver in order to be considered great.It all starts where Beyond Redemption ended with Bedeckt and his two friends, Wichtig and Stehlen, dead in the Afterlife Of course, our tragic trio has grown bored of the hereafter Hell there is only so many things one can do while there So, these guys escape back into the land of the living.While the Sanest Man Alive, the Greatest Swordsman in the World, and the Keptic Killer have been living it up in death, back in the real world things have changed Their former captive, Morgen, has taken up the reins of godhood, busily remaking the Geborene people into a near perfect race Every thought of the young god focused on perfecting the dirty, brutish habits of his worshipers, refining them and make them into immaculate, clean pinnacles of his vision of mankind Only problem is that Morgen is a damn lunatic like everyone else in the world.Well, Bedeckt is going to put a stop to Morgen s madness The crazed god is his fault in his mind, at least , so he is going to fix the mess he created Doesn t matter that those two friends he tried to abandoned back in the Afterlife have found a way into the real world and are bent on hunting him down and killing him He won t be stopped by the other, evenpsychotic, assassins Morgen has sent after him Nor will his own slow descent into the madness and sanity he has always risen above deter him Bedeckt will not fail, because he is the Sanest Man Alive which might mean he is also the most damn crazed shite in a world full of lunatics and sociopaths.From start to finish, this is one of the smoothest, most disturbing, and most compelling grimdarks I have ever read From the near perfect pacing of the narrative to the engrossing storytelling, Michael Fletcher crafts a masterpiece and makes it look easy Whether it is internal contemplation, savage torture, or scheming machinations, Michael Fletcher nails it, sells it, and makes a reader buy it whole heartedly Demented and crazed characters actually develop before your eyes, becoming understandable, even in their deep, dark madness The fresh, inventive and intricately detailed world building brings to life a reality where madness and delusion creates the world around the characters, helping to mold them into different beings The violence is visceral, always present, and horribly described when it finally finds it victims And the endingit is just pure Michael Fletcher madness, people Great stuff Can t put it anysimply than that.The only negative I will mention So I can appear to be fair and hide my absolute fanboy feelings for this book series is that the plot in The Mirror s Truth isnarrow, less epic in feel than Beyond Redemption Everything in this tale revolving around our protagonist Bedeckt, even though the other characters have their own stories going on simultaneously While this didn t bother me in the least, I could see many readers feeling bothered by thefocused plot line.If you love grimdark and have not tried Michael Fletcher s series, I have to go ahead and ask you to please turn over your grimdark fan club membership card, because you do not deserve to keep it I mean, this series is a hidden gem of creativity, dementia, and pure violence, which grabs you by the throat and will not let go It is 100% proof distilled madness delivered up by the Master of Grimdark Madness, Michael Fletcher And you, my patient reader, need to go buy Beyond Redemption and read it already, because the bandwagon is leaving the station and everyone on board gets first choice at the bar.I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review I d like to thank him for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.