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difficult because much specialized language horse related military jargon upper class English slang colonial British termscharacters are engrossing eventually horse, child, nanny, the woman, the Egyptian Our Horses in Egypt is a wonderfully strange work Certainly it s a novel and while it s set is a very specific as well as fairly obscure historical situation, it s not a historical novel at all Rather it s a somewhat suppressed or disguised meditation on the relationship of humans and their animals, and what we make them do and then what happens to them, and to us Rosalind Belben here works in the area of horses drafted into WWI, a subject I had never thought about, although I was aware there were mounted officers and dray horses and in that war All is thus strange in the account of the call for horses to go to war, the drafting of them after inspection teams have made their determinations, the sadness of the owners who feel connected to them, and then Belben s great story of what happened after the war to one of them, Philomena.Belben is able to imagine what Philomena and a few other horses around her might have registered along the way, and to put it down in a way that curiously resembles free indirect discourse, with the narrative representing Philomena s impressions without suggesting she is thinking in a human sense This fluid narrative must have been hard to write as it could easily have failed and instead is a lovely example of literary empathy.Nothing can be said about the plot without risking the reader s experience, so I ll just mention that among its pleasures are scenes of English country life at home and English expatriates abroad, worthy of E.M Forster s perceptive, delicate, sympathetic, and very amusing, scenes The reader also finds a stirring historical situation, and a deeply affecting personal one And of course the well worn expression war horse will never be the same after experiencing Rosalind Belben s Our Horses in Egypt. Griselda leaves England in search of her horse, Philomenia, who was requisitioned for service in WW1 The book tells Philomenia s story of the battles she was in during the War and the horse s subsequent life in Egypt It also describes Griselda s challenge to find her horse The story was interesting, but the writing was a little choppy. Difficult to read because of the clipped language and military terms, but wonderful idea. Took a while to get this book but worth the search The negativity the women experienced because they worried about horses instead of men was something I hadn t considered. Very good unusual perspective on war through experience of people and their horses it s bizarre, and probably the most amazing, least accessible book I ve read this year Belben has written a number of other books, I m looking out for them. `READ DOWNLOAD ⇲ Our Horses in Egypt ⇭ Philomena, Fat And Lazy When She Is Requisitioned From An English Field At The Start Of The First World War, Sails For Egypt With The Territorial Regiment, The Dorset Yeomanry She Serves Faithfully, Charging The Dervishes In The Western Desert And Enduring The Privations Of Allenby S Great Campaign In Palestine She Recovers From Wounds To Swelter Through A Summer In The Jordan Valley She Takes Part In The Triumphant Advance On Damascus Only To Be Sold Off In Cairo Among The , Horses Left Behind By The War Office After The ArmisticeBy , The Forceful Griselda Romney, A War Widow In The Author S Hound Music She Was A Child Has Discovered That Her Old Hunter, Philomena, Could Be Still Alive With Her Six Year Old Daughter, And Of Course Nanny, Mrs Romney Sets Out To Egypt, To Find Philomena And To Rescue Her Our Horses In Egypt Depicts The Work Of A Troop Horse In The Army And Of Exotic Cairo, In Political Unrest As Meticulously And Exuberantly As Hound Music Recreated The Milieu Of Edwardian Fox Hunting