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George Woodbury is a loving father and husband but became highly respected in his community when a few years before he d stopped a gunman in the school where he taught Now however things have taken a horrid turn for George when the police arrived on his doorstep, placed him under arrest and began searching his family s home George has been accused of sexual impropriety with the young women at the prep school George s arrest has left behind his wife Joan who is torn between denial and outrage when her husband is taken away, his daughter Sadie who is a high school senior herself and his son Andrew who begins to assist in his father s defense The family is left behind dealing with the public and media and the treatment that such accusations has brought into their life and struggling with how to proceed until the trial The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall is a contemporary story of those that are left behind when a loved one is accused of a horrible crime If looking for a story of the crime and trial afterwards then this one wouldn t be for you as those are background information to this book while the family and how they deal with the fallout is at the forefront of the story The book changes the point of view all throughout from Joan, Sadie and Andrew as they each struggle with the idea that the loving husband and father could possibly be the evil man he s being made out to be With every crime reported on in the media people are apt to make their own conclusions and question those involved and this story tells the behind the scenes tale that we have probably all been curious about at one point or another Did they know Did they hide it Is he truly guilty I actually found the story quite compelling and the characters interesting as they dealt with how to move on I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit Excellent Very timely too Unfortunately, we live in a society where rape culture is very prevalent and that was basically what this book was about It was also about what a family has a to deal with when one of their own gets arrested and branded a sexual predator When I give a book above three stars it is because the book held my attention I couldn t wait to find out what was going to happen to the characters next The most interesting character development I thought, took place with Sadie, the daughter of the accused I also thought the interaction between the husband and the wife of the accused was fascinating as well.By and large, a very engaging and topical novel that I would definitely recommend Download Pdf ♞ The Best Kind of People ♠ A Timely Novel About An Accusation Against A Beloved Schoolteacher And The Repercussions On His Loved Ones, Exploring Issues Of Loyalty, Truth, And The Meaning Of Happiness Through The Lens Of An All American Family On The Brink Of CollapseGeorge Woodbury, A Celebrated Teacher, Is Arrested For Sexual Impropriety At A Prestigious Prep School His Wife, Joan, Vaults Between Denial And Rage As The Community She Loved Turns On Her Their Daughter, Sadie, A Popular Over Achieving High School Senior, Becomes A Social Pariah Their Son, Andrew, Assists In His Father S Defense, While Grappling With His Own Unhappy Memories Of His Teen Years A Local Author Tries To Exploit Their Story, While An Unlikely Men S Rights Activist Attempts To Get Sadie Onside Their Cause With George Locked Up, How Do The Members Of His Family Pick Up The Pieces And Keep On With Their Lives How Do They Defend Someone They Love While Wrestling With The Possibility Of His Guilt With Exquisite Emotional Precision, Award Winning Author Zoe Whittall Explores The Irrevocable Damage Of An Accusation Not On The Man Accused, But On The Family Who Have Built Their Lives Around Him NOW AVAILABLE 2.75 Stars If only she could have the privilege of believing him entirely What kind of person, what kind of ungrateful daughter, doesn t believe her own father She had never doubted him before She never thought he was anything but moral and civilized She wasn t even sure what those words meant But if someone puts the possibility of something terrible in your head and people around you believe it you can t go back to thinking it completely inconceivable The possibility is there whether or not you choose to believe it, and you can t go back to not knowing that the possibility exists George Woodbury had been a hero for ten years or in their small, Connecticut town, had saved his daughter Sadie and the other children from a gunman who had walked into their school armed with his father s rifle, George tackling him, saving the lives of the children and the school s secretary who had been his intended target Then the accusations beganNo one saw it comingSadie s parents had just wished her Happy Birthday when there was a loud pounding on the door, with someone calling out they werelooking for George Alistair Woodbury,Sadie s father Red and blue lights flashed through the window Their lives transformed in a momentSexual misconduct with four minors, attempted rape of a minor Joan, his wife, responds to the police procedures, the handcuffing, the search warrant handed to her, with her cultured politeness, her life momentarily lost in confusion She believes him innocent, of course, but she can t afford to think or feel right now, she responds as she would at work, calm, knowing as a nurse that the inner hysteria that threatens to spill over is never helpful Poised on the outside, inside she feels violated as they tear her home apart, searching for who knows what Anger floods her People would talk likely they were already talking as George was being processed at the police stationThey talked It must have felt nearly involuntary it was simply too beyond the realm of possibility to not talk about Humans crave connection, after all, even when it s about another s misfortunate Especially then The time that follows that night takes a toll on all of them, including Andrew, their oldest, who is now living in NYC with his partner Like an earthquake whose aftershocks ripple through a devastated city long after the initial event, as time goes by, as questions are thought, asked, confusion builds How could this have happened How did we not see this coming Is this man, this husband father capable of these heinous acts of which he is accused Could this man who once sang her lullabies, read her bedtime stories, and tucked her in at night be capable of what he is accused of And if he is, if he did, then what does that mean Was none of that real How well do they actually know this man, this father, this husband, this teacher This could have, should have, been better For me, this was a bit disappointing The premise was potentially interesting The characters had potential For me, the story became than a little muddled when Sadie loses interest in her boyfriend, and becomes enad with Kevin, her boyfriend s mother s boyfriend, very soon after the arrest She s suddenly dreaming of him, fantasizing about him It seemed sudden, and unlikely especially considering the charges leveled against her father and the fact that Kevin is, at least chronologically, an adult Ultimately, for me, this had promise, but failed to deliver However, it may be worthwhile to note that The Best Kind of People was a bestseller in Canada, a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, and was Indigo s 1 Book of the Year so you may enjoy this than I did Pub Date 19 Sep 2017Many thanks for the ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books Fuck I should not have finished this at 1am My mind is racing, I have no idea how I m going to go to sleep The Best Kind of People is like a train wreck you want to look away, but you just can t in a good way It covers the very serious topic of rape culture which is dealt with and analyzed very thoughtfully and realistically Whittall s novel focuses on George Woodbury who is now the small town s hero since saving the local prep school from a shooter He is a smart, educated, and charming man who works at the local prep school as a science physics teacher, well loved and adored by the entire town Four or five years later, George comes back from a school ski trip where the students are known to party it up all week long To every ones surprise and disbelief, three girls from the trip step forward with charges of sexual assault and attempted rape against George, the small town hero The Best Kind of People is told from the perspective of Sadie George s daughter, who he saved from the school shooter , Joan his wife , and Andrew his son We watch as these three characters try to come to terms with the allegations laid against this man they ve known and loved their whole life Who they would have never suspected of doing anything like this It was completely enrapturing watching the characters try to sort through the allegations and deal with all the taunting, hate mail, and vicious voice mails that came their way This book has no spelled out takeaway and really lets you come to your own decisions about how rape culture works and how our justice system deals with these kinds of cases.I highly, highly recommend it if you re interested in how this affects the family of the offender It was so hard for me to put this book down and I was completely engrossed in the story it was telling So much so that I accidentally stayed up until 1am last night to finish it Please read this book, I think it s a super important story that really gives you a different vantage point from most if not all of the other books out there about rape culture. 2.5 Stars Am sorry to say THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE did not work for me.IT ALL BEGINS with an enticing prologue Science teacher George Woodbury saves the day when he tackles a gunman at the academy averting what could have been a major disaster.with many lives as a hero takes a turn for the worse when George is accused of sexual misconduct of four minors on a school sponsored ski trip Everyone is shocked and family chaos sets in, but the story flatlines herefor meas it loses focus on George.what really happened.what was going on with him.and for how long MOST of the rest of the story revolves around George srecently turned 17daughter.her sex escapades under the influence of alcohol and weed.some personal difficulties of his gay attorney son and wife Joan s frustrations and indecisions regarding what to do about.well everything, won t believe how it all ends ANYWAY, congratulations to Zoe Whittall as THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE has already won numerous awards and is shortlisted for others with expected publication in the U.S not even until September 19th MANY THANKS to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for the ARC in exchange for my honest review. Minor spoilers are in my review I received this book as a birthday gift from my best friend, but it wasn t until I heard the news that one of my favorite Canadian celebs actress director, Sarah Polley, expressed a plan to develop the book to screen that the book moved up on my priority list The Best Kind of People chooses to lay its focus on the family of accused sexual offender, decorated teacher, George Woodbury George s wife, Joan, daughter, Sadie, and son, Andrew take center stage in the chapters All three grapple with maintaining loyalty to the husband and father that they love while also struggling with the question what if it s true Zoe Whitehall joins a growing number of authors that are trying to explore the depth of rape culture in our society Personally, I found The Best Kind of People to be a struggle to read because often the debate over rape culture and the justice system focuses on the victim and by extension their family and friends, the accused, and quite recently the bystanders So, where does the family of the accused fit into that dialogue For Joan, Andrew, Sadie, it appears that their world falls into a quiet chaos Joan retreats from parenting, Andrew and Sadie grapple with relationship issues and relations with members of their community become difficult Yes, there are a few cliches that sprout up in the book and it makes it seem a bit textbook,such as, Sadie s attraction to an older man and her growing reliance to Marijuana The most interesting relationship for me was Joan and her sister, Clara The latter was so bossy and felt like it was her chance to free her sister from it all Since there is not a lot of interaction between any member of the family with George, it kept me puzzled about a lot of the characters actions Zoe Whitehall had me hooked from the prologue and reading late into the night I am not surprised that she left readers hanging with a whack load of questions Honestly, a storyline like this cannot have a happy fairytale ending. I liked this book so much I actually stretched it out a little bit so I could be involved in it for longer It s definitely not a feel good read, but it s finely crafted and I was so involved with the story and each and every character I m disappointed that I let it languish on my shelf unread for so long It s emotionally gripping and very timely, dealing with what happens when a pillar of the community is accused of being a sexual predator When a lot of us think of sexual predators, we still think of loners even though we know that s not always the case The person that you always sensed something a little off about, your hackles going up immediately when you see them Certainly not a man with a family, money, and a great job Not someone admired by the whole town Not a local hero What happens to that family, that job, that community when someone is accused of something so heinousHas he been fooling everyone for years, or did he step on someone s toes and is being set up, as he says That question remains unanswered for most of the book, but the question of did he or didn t he isn t really the main point The book mostly focuses on how his loved ones deal with the accusation and the possibility that it has truth to it George Woodbury wins Teacher of the Year every single year after taking down a gunman roaming the school when his daughter was very young This happened in front of Sadie, and though she is now a senior and an over achiever in school, she is still affected by it There s something a bit nervous about her, despite her academic success and popularity Rounding out the family is nurse Joan, loving mother to her two children, and Andrew, who has already left the nest When George is accused of sexual impropriety by several students, none of them know what to think They re stunned Andrew is drawn back to town to support his father, but being around again means facing unhappy memories about his school years Sadie and Joan don t know how to feel, Sadie seeming unable to deal with it at all and Joan jumping from denial to anger This isn t a terribly fast paced book, and that s appropriate Cases like this stretch out for a long time, and I feel like it was represented fairly accurately by the author They aren t resolved in just a week or two It s mostly a character study, detailing how some very different people in the same family deal with the same thing It s a really fascinating read and certainly worth a look. I m between 3 and 3.5 stars here When someone is your husband or father, that s simply who they are You don t stop to question much about them, unless you re given reason to, and they d never been given reason to The Woodbury family is well known in their suburban Connecticut town in fact, the family has lived there for years and the Woodbury home is a fixture in the neighborhood About 10 years ago, George, a popular science teacher at the town s prep school, thwarted a gunman who came into the school to kill one of the receptionists, so he has been viewed as a hero for some time It s than a bit of a shock when one night, George is arrested for allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior with several female students.The news ripples through the Woodbury family and their town, causing a multitude of reactions George s steadfast wife, Joan, an ER nurse, cannot understand how the man she has known and loved and lived with and raised children with could be the person who did the things he s being accused of Their 17 year old daughter Sadie, smart and popular, suddenly finds herself a social pariah, and she isn t sure her father deserves the benefit of the doubt that everyone expects her to give him Andrew, their son, who couldn t wait to leave their suffocating small town so he could finally be himself, is now a lawyer in New York City, and is struggling with memories of his past he has tried so hard to leave behind, as well as a partner who wants to support him and his family.As the family grapples with reconciling the man they ve known, or the man they thought they ve known, with people s reactions toward his alleged crimes, they struggle with their own feelings Did they miss the signs all along, did they deny seeing anything out of the ordinary, or did all of this really come out of the blue Is it part of a plot to discredit George, as he claims, or has he done a masterful job at hiding his true nature Dealing with this on a day to day basis proves difficult for each of them in different ways, especially given those in their family and community who both want to help and who think they all should pay Even if they turned out to be lies, those stories were there, obstacles between them, things she couldn t un hear or un imagine Someone had taken Joan s only confidant, the one person who actually knew her completely, and her best friend, and replaced him with a monster The person she knew and trusted was gone The Best Kind of People starts with an interesting premise, how well we truly know those we love, or if they are capable of pulling the wool over our eyes and harming others We need to figure out if we re in any way to blame, either for somehow enabling the behaviors or denying their existence, or if the person s sins are all their own It s also a story about the dynamics of a family who always thought had everything, only to find out there were lies underneath it all.While this is a compelling albeit familiar storyline, the story gets a bit muddled when it looks at the social reaction to George s alleged crimes, pitting those who immediately believe what the girls accuse him of versus those conservative voices in the community who believe women make false claims of sexual misconduct and rape simply to cover up their bad judgment or mistakes Additionally, a thread in which a local author who also happens to be dating the mother of Sadie s boyfriend decides to write a book about the scandal, and manipulates Sadie to get information, felt a little bit creepy, and actually raised questions that the story never answered And honestly, I m not really sure what the ending meant.This is the first book of Zoe Whittall s I ve ever read She definitely knows how to unravel a story little by little, and create memorable characters I felt that The Best Kind of People tried a little too hard to be dramatic, and actually wound up creating melodrama instead that undercut the story s power But it s definitely an interesting story, even if the characters aren t as sympathetic as you d expect them to be.NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at George Woodbury, science teacher extraordinaire, lives in Woodbury Lake in one of twelve lakefront properties developed by his father George is well respected, a pillar of the community The neighborhood is idyllic and scandal free Son Andrew has graduated from Avalon Hills Prep School, the school his younger sister Sadie now attends George has attained superhero status A recently disinherited son of a wealthy businessman entered the school welding a shotgun George tackled him to the ground Every year thereafter, George had been named teacher of the year His cushy life style abruptly changes, ten years later, as he is handcuffed and taken into police custody accused of sexual misconduct and rape of a minor stemming from a school ski trip he chaperoned.Joan Woodbury, head trauma room nurse and George s wife, was now in crisis mode She remained calm but wavered in her thoughts and feelings Even if the allegations proved to be false, the stories could not be unheard Was it possible her life partner has led a double life and was a predator Sadie Woodbury, honor student, student council president and track star was no longer able to attend classes She needed to escape She is in denialbutcould the allegations be true Marijuana and shady friends become the coping mechanisms for a girl who carries a lucky koala bear eraser in her pocket Andrew Woodbury, now a New York City lawyer living with significant other Jared, supports his father and insists upon his innocence.The small Connecticut town was turned upside down Reporters camped out at the gates of the Woodbury estate Joan, Sadie and Andrew experienced verbal threats and their vehicles were egged A police presence and movie set like atmosphere existed A down and out writer, intent on producing a new bestseller gathered data to present in his novel, his story based upon true events The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall is a novel focusing on the fallout from the arrest of George Woodbury for alleged criminal acts How will the Woodbury family navigate their crumbling foundation and stormy waters of life Whittall had written a timely and unsettling tome I highly recommend it Thank you Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review The Best Kind of People.