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!Free Kindle ♶ Catharsis (Awaken Online #1) ⚆ This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BJEZA On Paper, Jason Has A Great Life He Attends A Prestigious Private School On Scholarship And His Parents Are Reasonably Well Off Yet Life Hasn T Been Easy For Jason He Has Spent Most Of High School Being Tormented By Both The Students And Faculty And His Parents Are Never Home Frustrated And Alone, His One Escape Has Always Been Video Games In Game, He Can Feel The Type Of Power And Freedom He Lacks In His Day To Day Life Fortunately, A New Virtual Reality Game The First Of Its Kind Has Just Been Released, Which Promises The Opportunity For An Even Greater Escape Once He Begins Playing, Jason Quickly Finds Himself On The Path To Becoming The Game S Villain In The Process, He Also Starts To Suspect That There Is Something Unusual Going On Within The Game This Novel Contains Graphic Violence And Language Books Don T Have Ratings, But, If They Did, This Book Would Be Rated M For Mature One stars, two stars I m not sure, but I m doing one to counteract all the positivity I did a bunch of research to find the best place to get into the LitRPG genre Yikes This better not be the best it has to offer.Let s start with an analogy Your ten year old non prodigy plays through a challenging violin concerto in the privacy of your home in front of family It s a spirited and entertaining rendition, but far from professional No one would dare put her on a stage and charge money as if she were a professional.Do you see where this is going Let s take Travis Bagwell s own profession No one would dare try to represent someone in court without the years of necessary legal training.That s kind of why it baffles me that people think it s okay to slap up the book they wrote on and charge people money for it This belongs on a personal webpage or in the hands of family and friends, or, at the very least, make it free on.Just like any profession, the art and craft of writing takes years of practice to get good at It s a lifelong journey A first year creative writing course could use this book for an entire semester as an example of what not to do It shocks me that Bagwell didn t even look up basic things every grade school student learns before hitting publish.Here s a few consistent issues that come to mind meaning they weren t typos There are many, many.Elementary errors Incorrect use of quotation marks Improper punctuation of dialogue Passive voice Excessive adverb use Tense confusion Unnecessary redundancyIntermediate errors Incorrect comma use Flat, on the nose dialogue Tells instead of shows Dangling modifiers Excessive, unintentional alliteration Lack of motivation or tension to move the story forwardAdvanced errors When showing, chooses unimportant or common details Weak or confused characterization Lack of clear value shifts and turning points at the scene level Lack of consideration of prose style bonus points for reflecting mood or action Now we re professional Doesn t consider how internal and external global shape can contrast to create dramatic tension Underdeveloped voiceI really don t say this to be mean I liked the story Just like the child playing the concerto can be spirited and entertaining, this was spirited and entertaining I want to be clear that I m not saying hire an editor or there s typos, as some other reviewers have put it There s an experience gap that has no easy fix other than for Bagwell to hunker down with dozens of books on the craft of writing and slowly start to get these issues under control It takes 10,000 hours of practice to get good at anything, and writing is no exception.My hope is that he s gotten better with future books My guess is that since he s not so embarrassed by this one to make it free or to rewrite it or remove it entirely, nothing has changed. Uuurgh I don t know how to review this book.It was fun, that s one thing It had a likable protagonist, a fun setting, and in interesting premise This is probably my first full LitRPG, and the audiobook was really well narrated.But there are some glaring flaws The antagonist is a clich , worse than many terrible comic book villains Any scene with him was actively annoying, and I disliked the character not because he was a good antagonist, but because of how much he resembled a bad comic book villain.I also wish I feared for the main character a bit , as you don t really feel that he is in danger at all throughout the book The story and narration were enough to pull me along, and I did enjoy myself, but I wish I could have been a little invested in the characters.But, y know, I did have fun Giant battles with exploding zombies, skeleton creatures, and the undead Fire mages, Ice mages, Necromancers This is a damn fun book, especially for fans of video games.So yeah, the book does have its flaws, but that word fun keeps popping up I ve already bought the sequel, and at this point I m pretty sure I ll be reading the whole trilogy.FUN So, I found the beginning at school a bit boring and annoying That silent angry distracted type read teenager frustrates me And I also couldn t be bothered to read those italicized alternative pov chapter intros So boring I actually put the book down, but I picked it back up yesterday And then he started playing the game I found myself going back to read all those intros I skipped, hehe They were actually quite fun and by the end I was looking forward to them I became quite fond of Robert pAnyway, for the remainder of the story I was thoroughly entertained, as I love chaotic evil MCs By the last chapter I was pretty sure I would give this book 4 stars, but I really had no interest in reading the sequel Then the epilogue happened, so now I m off to read book 2 This book was hard for me to rate On the one hand, it really was not a great book The dialogue was pretty shoddy, the characters were shallow, the writing was not great The big twist that the main character was a bad guy occurred almost immediately as soon as the game part of the book got started The RPG side of things got incredibly repetitive hey, I wonder if he will put these stat points into willpower , and often the action plodded along as our narrator had to spell out problems in way too much detail even though they were quite straightforward based on the actions that previously took place e.g., obviously he feels betrayed that the chick sold him out do we really need for him to explain his emotions in so many sentences Please assume some intelligence from the readers Lastly, the central motivation of our hero he doesn t have much money, people hate him because he is poor is not particularly believable It seems made up, rather than a problem the author actually has any experience with Not saying that people can t get made fun of because they are poor rather, the author does not convince me that it would look and feel as he decribes.And yet, and yet I found myself pretty hooked on this book, despite all the annoyances described above I was intrigued by the world that the author set up I was occasionally surprised by things that happened, and the action was pretty fast paced even if some of the sentences were laborious, as noted above Bottom line, this isn t a well written book, but it is a pretty good story. So GOOD 5 Stars.I can hardly believe that this is the author s first book I love a good Villain story, but this book is so much than that I m fangirling to much to explain in coherent sentences. Bingo Squares Debut novel, self publishedPlot SummarySo, this book is set in the future, around the year 2076 virtual reality video games are a big thing, and a new game that s supposed to be record breaking and ground breaking is being released soon During the control tests with beta players the AI system that controls the whole video game starts going rogue The AI named Alfred is over riding protocols, and doing things he wasn t designed to do like access players memories Alfred is supposed to be one of the most advanced AI s ever created, and the game developers are nervous, but ultimately put the game through beta rounds into general public release.The main character was expelled unfairly from school, and spends much of his time playing this game, farming items for real world money to make it by.Alfred continues to do things the designers hadn t intended, building an interactive world that s unprecedented It s like WoW but incredibly enhanced One of the interesting parts of the game is that there s both pleasant and unpleasant sensory feedback Pain is a real part of the game and was included intentionally by the game designers to deter people from callously running into battle without a care it can be turned down, but the pain feedback can t be turned off entirely.Alfred had made his own decision to base the magic system in game based on players personality based off a test you take as soon as you get intoCharactersJason The main character of the story, he s an 18 year old who s parents are mostly absent from his life, they go around the world and do conservation activism leaving him to his own devices most of the time Jason is a typical nerd enjoying video games, has very few friends, and a crush on a girl Overall I was surprised his personality type in the real world turned out to be what it was in the game.Alex The antagonist, and my least favorite part of the books He s a psychopath who s Jason s school bully He doesn t just punch people in faces being a general jerk, he also dismembers his pets and other animals.Riley Jasons love interestAlfred The AI who controls the entire Awaken Online video game.Claire and two POV s of cerulean entertainment Claire has protested the release of the game due to the unknown capabilities of Alfred to control the minds and bodies of players is the opposite and pushes opinion and he eventually wins out I can t believe I m blanking on this guys name PacingThe beginning starts out a little slowly, but when you get to the action scenes it goes pretty quickly There are some info dumps, but because I found how the video game worked and how characters level so interesting I didn t mind If you find that shit boring, you ll be bored.Pros and ConsProsI want this video game to exist so badly, it s set in the year 2074 so virtual reality has been fine tuned and is incredibly immersive, with sensory feed back including pain it sounds like an amazing world to try and explore The personality based magic system is also highly appealing, whenever I play video games I m almost always healer class if it s that kind of video game so reading through someone be the bad guy was interesting since I can t ever make myself do it Sometimes with Mass Effect 2 I d get bored and try to create and evil character just to see if I could make it through the game in a new way, I always quit shortly after I make the character, I just feel bad being a jerk even if its directed at pixels Watching someone be an evil character is fun for me to watch though, the zombies and monsters Jason is able to summon is really cool, and watching him plan out how to take out whole groups of people by himself using summoned monsters was fun I did want to learn about this world and video game after finishing the first, and I did automatically pick up the next book and finish it fairly quickly, I enjoyed the story a lot.ConsThere were a ton of cliche s and tropes in this book where I feel like there was no depth The antagonist is at the top of that list because I don t buy his back story creating the level of psychosis he s displaying His dying mother who probably had mental issues slaps him on her death bed and calls him weak, he then cries at his mothers funeral and his dad tells him to stop showing weakness First, it s incredibly strange for parents to act like that, but even if they do say that kind of shit to their kid, I don t think it s going to make him go home and gut the family dog and turn into an utter psychopath.Audience People who like LitRPG and don t mind info dumps on rules and magic LOTS of magic LOTS of fighting read for having fun than reading for polished work This book was fun but was rough around the edges like many debut novels people who like cat companions.http weatherwaxreport.blog My original Awaken Online Catharsis audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer Awaken Online Catharsis is the first of two books in the Awaken Online series written by Travis Bagwell The audiobook edition is richly narrated by David Stifel who has voiced books in nearly every genre provided on Audible at the time of this review The book is best classified in the Literary Role Playing Game LitRPG subgenre It is a rather large book compared to others in its class coming in at 526 pages for the Kindle edition and over sixteen hours for the audiobook version So, what sets this book apart in a rather crowded space With a plethora of books about heroes conquering the evils of the land, this book reverses that perception and instead tells the story mostly from evils point of view Think of what Lord of the Rings would have been like if told from the perspective of the side of Mordor If you are a gamer, enjoy fantasy, like coming of age stories, and enjoy playing a chaotic focused character, I think you will enjoy the story Bagwell tells in this book Be aware that the book can be quite graphic and rather dark at times, so I would not recommend it to very young readers.I found it interesting looking up the word catharsis , it relates to purification, cleansing, purging, or liberation Each of these words are dealt with in this book In short, the book is a coming of age story where the main character becomes a hero, an evil hero that is, within a virtual MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game created by a rather shady corporation This company may have lost control over the game s Artificial Intelligence AI system and must hide this fact from the authorities All of this begins unraveling while the main character s physical life is also in shambles with school, parents, and friends His one true escape is in this newly created virtual world called Awaken Online or AO The book takes place in the near future and is mostly written for the Young Adult YA audience I say this because most of the adults in the book are stereotypical of ones found in Disney movies Often idiots, seeking the child s forgiveness, and ignorant to the events occurring Adult characters are not frequently seen throughout the book This aspect does not ruin the book, but I m sure you will notice it by the end When I was done listening to the book, it made me think of the Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller s Day Off movies set in a MMORPG.As one would expect from a fantasy book setting, there are many of the standard tropes such as zombies, undead, skeletons, plenty of magic, weapons, crafting, drunk and bumbling guards, different types of magic, heroes, demi gods, etc These and many are found within the pages of this story Not only do you have such fantasy items, but you also have the inclusion of technology such as AI, corporations struggling to maintain their dominance and monetize their success There were many message and dialogue boxes cluttering the screens for those who have previously played such types of games I often found that when a new item was discovered, I could visualize the system providing me the details as they were read along with the extra audio beep letting me know it was a system message I did laugh out loud as the author described the dreaded Fog of War often found on adventure game maps, I always was the one to have to clear every bit of it before finishing the game The book brought back so many vivid game playing experiences for me I also thought the author s ability to describe a scene was quite good I never felt lost for the events or scenery while listening What worked less for me were the many times our main character had inner dialogue As critical decisions needed to be made, we as the audience were able to listen in on his inner conversation This is a personal preference than an issue with the writing style.The book s narration was performed by David Stifel, who I m happy to say also narrates the second book in the series It is always good to have consistency in an audiobook series I liked the narrator s deep and rich voice which added some to the dark and ominous feel to the story For a book of its size, there were only a few slight issues, but nothing that would prevent someone from listening and enjoying it fully I came to like the added audio sound effects used when a new item was discovered or some other system event occurred Often these minor subtle additions can make a story all that interesting as long as they are not overused or take away from the story itself The sound quality was on par with other professionally done audiobooks I have listened too The only minor thing I will point out is that there were a few slightly noticeable volume inconsistencies again, these can be expected for a book of its length and they were hardly noticeable.For parents or younger readers, this book is rather dark at times and does contain some brutal and graphic violence found in many other fantasy books The book also contains a fair amount of vulgar language usage This surprised me for a fantasy series, however I believe the author was trying to write toward the YA crowd then younger readers The book also has a few references to sexual and or crude humor There are topics or subject matter that would not be appropriate for younger readers, and I would suggest this age group find a different book to read Or, if you are easily offended by anything mentioned above, this book is not for you.In summary, I overall enjoyed the book as I thought it added a few things not seen in other LitRPG books The writing was not overly complex or deep, the focus on telling the story from the evil perspective was rather unique, and it fills one s desire for a solidly written and narrated LitRPG book The book has received a number of acclaimed reviews, so it seems like it has been well received If it sounds interesting, I recommend you give it a listen.Audiobook was purchased for review by ABR. Catharsis Awaken Online 1 by Travis Bagwell is an awesome lit RPG novel I had heard so much about so I got the audio and listened and I agree I saw some reviews that said they read the first 10 20 pages and quit because it was boring This is where the author is setting up who the characters are on the outside of the game which is super important later There is a reason the author doesn t jump right into game mode This is plotted very well and bleeds out little trickles of info just enough for the reader to get hints of what is going on It keeps you guessing and wanting you to continue to read The action is fast and furious You think the main guy is evil, he is not There is to this guy then you think There is a lot of depth to the characters and you really get to know them, even some of the NPCs I already bought the next book and will read and review it too Great book The synopsis on Goodreads is pretty great, and honestly, if you re the type of nerd who reads that synopsis and is intrigued, or thinks it may be good, you re probably going to like it I feel the only time someone wouldn t like it is if RPG books aren t their thing I happen to love them, which is why I looked for a book like this in the first place I sifted through a few books, and I m so happy this one was the book I chose Okay Enough of the recommendation details.Why I enjoyed the book It was a captivating book It s an interesting take on RPGs, and the NPCs are wonderfully entertaining as well The BEST part about the book is the complexity of the characters A key thing that turns a good story into a great story is making sure you see both the good and the bad to characters It gives them depth, allows you to understand them, and also makes the characters REAL I have a weird thing where I want not to like the good characters get frustrated or upset or mad at them and empathise with the bad characters at one point in each story I read, listen to, or watch This book s on the concept is based on having your main character, who you like, actually be a bad guy in the RPG and be able to understand why The only issue is how annoyed I was when it ended It s always frustrating when you read a series that has yet to be complete.