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1969 2007. Ce bine c am citit recenzia Emei cum care Ema Cea cu lecturile, c uta i o p i m am apucat de cartea asta Nu m a teptam s o termin at t de repede, dar c t am fost n concediu mi am f cut timp s citesc mai mult de 10 pagini odat L a fi ascultat nop i ntregi pe bunicul Mirunei spun ndu le pove ti nepo ilor, mai ales c eu nu am crescut cu astfel de istorii fantastice Bunicii nu mi au spus despre iele, babe care fac vr ji sau blesteme Bine, m speriau cu Mar ana, un fel de baba cloan a care ap rea doar n serile de mar i i fura copiii care nu fuseser ascult tori sau care umblau dup c derea serii pe uli , dar cam la at t s a limitat contactul meu cu lumea fantastic Timp de c teva zile am fost acaparat de ni te pove ti altfel, de o familie cu un trecut altfel, i mi a p rut tare r u c nd s a ncheiat copil ria celor doi fra i din carte. Absolutely beautiful The narrator and his sister Miruna listen to their ancient grandfather s stories of his remote Carpathian village and their forebears If only it had been five times its 140 odd pages, with space to hear about family members It concentrates on the great grandfather, phrasing his story as if he were a hero of epic myth, and the grandfather himself The narrative s eye for detail is as if hearing one articulate villager s contribution to a microhistory like Montaillou, whilst time swirls with enchantments and stories emerge from and fade back into the mists Hardships and attitudes of the past are not idealised although there is no domestic violence, and some characters live to be a couple of hundred years old but the writing is always exquisite It s hard to know what to quote without pasting half the book, but here is something seasonalA harsh winter followed, one of those winters that consumes whole cartloads of wood in the stove, with cruel frosts, with snows that hid all the land and every last trace of the work of human hands, a winter that plunged the world back into its primordial state In Evil Vale, humans were not yet entirely master There were only a handful of houses In winter, wolf tracks dotted the snow in the village itself, wild boars rooted in the gardens not two paces away from folks, and lynxes prowled over the roofs The villagers understood nature as hostile and inimical to them, and they did not rise up against it, for you would need to drink your brains away to rise against something so overwhelming They all knew Evil Vale was a place in thrall to the forest, a place where human laws held no sway, where the laws of the wilderness governed And this most of all is a world where magic is real, or was until very recently folk magic of fae worlds and old wives and diviners, where there were than thirty cunning folk in a settlement of 2000 The author is rather impressively polymathic he is a mathematics professor in the US, having emigrated there in the 1990s, and has also written five novels in Romanian His afterword shows a delight in folklore of both poet and historian He goes into his own family history that inspired this a grandmother who lived in a region too mountainous to have its culture obliterated by collective farming under communism describes some research in a Mircea Eliade book showing how a fairytale with supernatural elements originated in real events in a Romanian village decades earlier And the book is the most meticulously footnoted translation of contemporary fiction I ve seen The extra information left me craving maps and pictures though Not many people are so flexible as to be able to set aside one of their major subjects like this Numbers are in fact of no use to anyone, because nothing ever changes Evil Vale is always the same The ages of man are not like the ages of trees, for they are not measured in the same way.I d read one previous translation by Alistair Blyth, Mircea C rt rescu s short story collection Why We Love Women That barely scraped 3 stars After seeing the sterling work in Miruna, and seeing the differing ratings for the two books in Romanian this is a translator I trust to put across the quality of the original.The family setting of Miruna could, in lesser hands, have been syrupy They re a fairly happy family And it s hinted from the outset that the old man feels he doesn t have much time left and, whilst he still can, wants to pass on his stories to the grandchildren who connect with them best But it is simply very lovely in as simple and magical a manner as something that probably comes to mind because of the time of year Raymond Briggs picture books. Minunat carte, minunat c l torie ntr un t r m de poveste i da, poate cu to ii purt m incon tient sau nu pove tile optite de bunicu i care se sting mereu prea devreme, a a cum se nt mpl cu multe dintre nt lnirile din aceast lume, ne ntregi i ne ncheiate Bunicul i povestise lumea ntreag ca ntr un joc, ca ntr un desc ntec, un joc care poate s nu aib sens pentru nimeni altcineva, dar care r m nea de acum s tr iasc n Miruna, la fel de mult ca i n mine, undeva c t mai aproape de marginea mirabil a lumii, cea care se afl nea teptat de aproape, ngropat sub dealul acesta, c ci de n ar fi, nu s ar povesti i bunicul meu spune pove ti minunate i toate vorbesc despre mine parc c ci am crescut cu ele i m alin cu ele, c ci sunt pline de f g duin e i minuni. Publisher s blurb to come A village in the Carpathian Mountains, one of the last outposts of pre modernity, an elderly man, sensing his time is short, tells his young grandchildren tales that weave a family saga covering the real history from the 1870s to the time of the telling One of the children, now grown, is the re teller of these tales, while the other, Miruna, perhaps has the gift of second sight Incorporating elements of fantasy common to the storytelling traditions of the Balkans, historical characters mix with imaginary beings in a landscape that recreates the world of an isolated village bearing an unusual name Evil Vale Ancestors are talked about as if ancient heroes, and the novel shifts focus between telling about their lives and the storyteller s own experiences through the prism of the village during both world wars As past tragedies are presented in a way that the grandchildren might picture and remember them, the novel has been called a kind of meta fairy tale, a story about the lost tradition of oral storytelling itself, the conveyance of a family history from one generation to the next via the spoken word With the death of the grandfather, the children realize that confronted with the ubiquitous hand of modernity, which the village has managed to frustrate over a succession of regimes, a whole world of stories and the entire memory of a family and of its idiosyncratic way of life in the village might have been irrevocably lost. Fantastic book I recommend it wholeheartedly Take it from one who s read it not once but three times so far. Enchanting, in the deepest sense of the word.see review in Three Percent *Download ☔ MIruna, o poveste ☠ Ascuns In Salbaticia Muntilor Fagaras, Valea Rea Nu E Un Sat Ca Toate Celelalte Aici Se Afla Poarta Spre Tara Subpaminturilor Nesfirsite, Unde Isi Au Ielele Palat, Si De Aceea Timpul Are Alta Curgere, Oamenii Vietuiesc Sute De Ani Impartindu Si Paminturile Cu Fiarele Codrului, Iar Vazduhul Are Irizatii De Basm In Valea Rea Ajung Doi Copii De La Oras Sa Asculte Povestile Extraordinare Ale Bunicului, Care, Facindu Le Pe Intelesul Lor, Amesteca Cele Vazute Cu Cele Nevazute, Cele Pentru Copii Cu Cele Pentru Oameni Mari, Cele De Nespus Cu Tacerile, Trecutul Cu Niciodata , Pina Cind Prislea Cel Voinic Ajunge Sa Fie La Fel De Real Ca Regele Carol, Desi Cei Mici Nu Ar Sti Sa Zica Daca Au Trait In Acelasi Timp Sau Unul Inaintea Celuilalt Amintirile Luptelor De La Rahova Se Impletesc Cu Cele Despre Fapturi Cu Trup De Abur Si Salbaticiuni Preschimbate In Stana De Piatra, Legendele Haiducilor Din Codrii Vlasiei Si Istoriile Familiei Se Topesc In Vise Care Se Plamadesc Aievea, Iar Lumea Intreaga Este Povestita Ca Intr Un Joc, Ca Intr Un Descintec , Intr O Carte Mai Curind Spusa Decit Scrisa O carte minunata Bogdan Suceava e un Petre Ispirescu al vremurilor noastre. .