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[[ Download Epub ]] ⚠ The Final Spark ì The Electroclan Is Facing A Devastating Loss Michael Is Missing What S Next The Battle On The Island Of Hades Ended With A Devastating Explosion That Left The Island A Smoking Ruin And Much Of Hatch S Army Dead Hatch Survived, However, And While His Plans Have Certainly Suffered A Setback, He S Determined Than Ever To Bring The World S Governments Under His Control But First, He Wants To Wipe Out The Resistance And Capture The Remaining Members Of The ElectroclanAs Hatch S Forces Storm Into Action, It Seems Nothing Can Stand In Their Way The Electroclan Is Divided The Voice Is Captured, And Michael S Mother Is Being Used As Bait To Lure The Leader Of The Resistance Out Of Hiding Can Anything Or Anyone Stop The Elgen Or Is This The End It s over I don t even know how to feel right now. I am not a critical person, because I know for a fact I couldn t do what authors do, but I will warn readers who want to know, that this was a pretty disappointing end to the Michael Vey series Most of the book is about side characters I really don t care about, and is military tactics The payoff at the end is predictable and not very emotionally fulfilling The characters I have grown to love over the series are sidelined most of the short book.This should have been an epilogue to book 6 with all the military parts dropped. so I m definitely very disappointed with this book, k It s definitely in the flavor of Storm of Lightning, where it s a short book where nothing really happens Which was very, very disappointing.There will be spoilers later in this post, but I ll try to keep the first half clear First of all it may be that I m just biased after the epicness that was Fall of Hades That one was flawed and certainly imperfect, but the end was the most brilliant end to a YA book I ve read in a long time I cried, I danced, and I thought that if this was the sixth book, the seventh was going to have a tough job surpassing it I was right.The thing is, this book is I ll say it kind of boring Most of it is centered around the Tuvaluan prime minister s grandson, Enele, and his friends, who are spearheading a rebellion in Tuvalu to destroy Hatch s army The thing is, most of their part is technical war strategy Michael Vey books have never been good at detail balance the things that don t matter go on for pages, and the actual plot happens in a few sentences, like Les Miserables but in this one it was just too much The characters we ve grown to love and care about over the course of six books hardly make appearances Jack and Ostin are prominent, but just the two of them, and Ostin feels very out of character The rest of the Electroclan is sidelined so that we don t even see most of them I ll provide some things I liked and then move on to the nitpicking I liked the way that Jack and Ostin were featured as friends I really did They got along really well, and they ve come a long way from the first book I seriously enjoyed that aspect of it Some of the dialogue was hilarious I can t find any particular examples at the moment, but yeah I cracked up a couple of times The kids and their arguments got to me, but were also really funny Hatch is a really, really terrible villain And in this book he s gone full out insane Which was creepy but awesome and I loved it Now bring on the spoilers And I m serious DO NOT open them unless you want the whole thing spoiled I jest you not view spoiler Michael, Tanner, and Gervaso all died in the last book but no one seemed to care in this one, except Taylor, who has serious depression now that Michael s gone But wait Michael s not dead Instead, he was turned into lightning energy and is now a lightning god I m sorry, what I predicted something like that happening, but seriously The stupidity of the way he showed up at the end was just too much k He existed at this point 100% for deus ex machina, and it made me CRAZY Also The people who were supposed to be dead, i.e., Carl Vey, Michael Vey, and Dr Coonradt were all actually alive, and no prominent characters died in this book Oh, yeah, nobody but all the people at Christmas Ranch I forgot about that Grace, the girl who could turn into a hard drive, died, as well as a bunch of extras But that s okay, because Ostin s parents and Michael s mom made it out No one else important died And, even though Tanner and Gervaso lost their lives very valiantly in the last book, EVERYONE IS STILL HUNG UP ON WADE FROM BOOK 3 They put up a memorial to him, and everyone cries about him, and it s like NO ONE CARES ABOUT WADE ARGH And then the end just made me super uncomfortable Michael showed up and started vaporizing people, and when he started talking to Hatch about what he was going to do to him it gave me the creeps Like, it wasn t Michael talking any It sounded like he had become Hatch Wouldn t that have been an idea If Michael had come back evil But no He vaporizes Hatch in cold blood, and no one cares I m all for the death of despicable villains, but for someone who s supposed to be heroic just murdering them the way they ve killed people all along sorry, but no I m not on board for that Harry doesn t REALLY kill Voldemort the Elder Wand does Frodo doesn t REALLY kill Sauron Aslan kills the White Witch, but he s the God figure and she s pure evil and he can do that When our hero just slays someone in cold blood and the hero didn t set themselves up for itI m not on board I m just not So that really bothered me.Also, I didn t appreciate the fact that we got no closure on the ending For all we know, Kylie and Bryan are still trapped on the island of Tuvalu with the rest of the Elgen McKenna, Zeus, and the other Glows who don t have families are all milling around someplace on their own Welch is still in Cell 25 and on and on I wanted to know than that the four Idaho kids went back to school and Jack and Abigail are thinking of moving to Italy Like, Ostin and McKenna, for example What s going to happen with them I just I wanted to have an actual ending, and I don t feel like there was any kind of closure for any characters besides the Vey family, Taylor, Ostin, and Jack and Abigail, I guess hide spoiler A great conclusion However, I think Richard Paul Evans should still write another book that describes what happens to the rest of the Electroclan