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Georgie and her mum move in with Jem and her dad, brother Noah and sister Tilly.Georgie and Jem are best friends and through their parents now actual sisters too as they move in, start school and get used to their new family set up.However their friendship comes to blows when a school secret sharing box project goes missing and the girls find their deepest secrets are set loose for everyone to knowA book that shows how secrets can be dangerous but also unite people It was a book with likable characters and the family worked well on a whole This secret aspect added another mischievous side to the girls tale showing how a bond can be torn and mended A great book to educate children on the value of truth and lies. As always from susie it is a really lovely read. I think it is about two people who were sisters that one of them could actually do magic tricks that nobody could do |READ DOWNLOAD ♷ The Secrets of the Superglue Sisters ♑ Best Friends Georgie And Jem Aren T Just New At School They Re New At Being Full Time Sisters Too Georgie S Mum And Jem S Dad Have Finally Bought A House Together, And They Get To Share A Home At Last, Just Like They Always WantedSchool Is A Bit Challenging Miss Eagle Wants The Whole Class To Start A Self Esteem Project They Ll Write Their Biggest Secret On A Piece Of Paper Shaped Like A Cloud And Then Float Them Up Into The Sky On A Balloon And Their Worries Will DisappearThen Disaster The Ball Of Secrets Disappears Instead Soon Everyone S Deepest Secrets Are Being Revealed To The Whole School