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i think that everyone should read this book it holds so much valuable information about hormones and their affects on the human body. The subtitle of this book is accurate this book tells you how hormones influence EVERYTHING relationship related and sex related Everything from a hormonal play by play during a sexual encounter to every lovey dovey feeling we have Its scary We are ruled by our hormones At least by reading this book we can at least understand how. @Free Kindle ⛅ Alchemy of Love and Lust: How Our Sex Hormones Influence Our Relationships õ Is Falling In Love Or Lust Just A Matter Of Chemistry We May Think Emotions Rule Our Sex Lives, But Our Hormones Largely Determine Our Physical Attractions, Drives, And Behaviors By Understanding These Hidden Hormonal Agendas, We Can Influence Them In Return And Enjoy Happier, Fulfilling Lives And Relationships, While Fully Appreciating The Characteristic Differences Between The SexesDr Theresa Crenshaw, A Renowned Sex Therapist, Explains How Body Chemicals Dictate Our Sexual Peaks And Cycles From Adolescence To Old Age The Result Of Three Decades Of Research That Incorporates The Most Up To Date Findings, Including The Latest Information On DHEA S Potential Health Benefits, The Alchemy Of Love And Lust Is An Eye Opening Tour Of Key Hormones And Their Link To Moods, Desires, And Feelings In Both Men And Women Dr Crenshaw Shows How Hormones May Be Behind The Phenomenon Of Love At First Sight Couples Can Become Addicted To Each Other Through Scent And Touch A Specific Hormone May Keep Men From Making Commitments Menopause Can Actually Be Prevented While Sexual Pleasure Is Increased Sex Hormones Improve The Quality Of Life And, In Many Cases, Our Longevity While this is, in some ways, about male and female relationships, it s focus is largely on the hormones that cause the different ways we relate to each other That said, it goes far beyond estrogen and testosterone It deals with how these hormones change over our life cycles and even how to get the body to release some of these hormones, which is sometimes as simple as hugging someone, and how we respond to these various chemical messages. I have made at least 5 people read this fascinating book It s all about our hormones and how they determine our behavior regardless of one s belief that they control their own behavior It s also a super fun read b c the author gives little stories before she gets all scientific. What a great introduction to the science of love The book offers lots of theoretical information that has been sensationalized in media as it relates to sex I appreciated the thesis that our love relationships are indeed influenced by lots of stuff, mostly biology Ouch for the touchy feelies last of my wedding present books very scientific, but racy. This book was interesting because it interweaves biological chemicals with fictional narative to make factual entertaining read. I like how short of a read this is I like the introduction to chemicals and the way they re personified I like how the stages of development are outlined, and I like that she actually covers andropause There were a couple things I didn t like First, the book I read was from 1996 I generally don t care if a book is heteronormative, but this book was extreme in that it is obviously written for heterosexual females and that s it It doesn t attempt to be neutral language at any point, so besides intersex people like me, I could see men being left out of this book too There s a LOT of language that s specific to female readers, and it doesn t even mention sexuality of any kind besides heterosexuality Another thing is the book opens with a very erotic passage and I found myself offended by this It s supposed to arouse you and then makes a point about how you have some physiological response to what you read, but it s again very much for heterosexual females only, and even if it weren t I think I d still be offended I m pretty strictly faithful to my partner, and even reading about other people for sexual arousal is something I don t do as I consider it disloyal for myself I didn t like the position that put me in and it almost made me put the book down completely though overall I m glad it didn t because the parts about female and male development and childhood behavior later in the text were so useful for me I read the section I found offensive to my girlfriend later and she liked it, thought it was appropriate, and thought it was a great way of making a point so perhaps if I were the target audience of the book I d feel differently She pointed out that even that section talks about how the woman feels, though, which I realized I couldn t even relate to once she mentioned it The last thing isof a pet peeve thing Stop using alchemy to get readers Stop misusing language There is not one sentence about alchemy in this book and it shouldn t be in the title But I picked it up as a quick read to possibly add to a resource list for a program I teach, so overall the book served it s purpose. Definitely worth reading Lots of good info about hormones and how they effect our behavior I was a little concerned with the line about women s cycles being effected by the moon Is that widely accepted as scientific fact Cause if it s not you shouldn t include it in a book like this without a caveat I also wish there had beeninformation about what happens psychologically if a woman does not choose hormone replacement therapy The whole last 3rd of the book was a giant manifesto about how you MUST do hormone replacement therapy for health reasons, and that s fine, I just would have likeinfo on what happens when you don t.