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Out of print being considered for reprint by Covenant Communications 4.5 stars Have you ever been in a public place, quietly reading a book and snorted at a very humorous part That is what happened to me when I read this book Of course, there was a lull in the conversation going on around me and everyone looked at me This book has many snort out loud moments.The book is part of a series featuring the Jonquil brothers I have read a few of them and not in order The books can stand alone, but it is fun to find out what happens to all of the brothers This is a regency romance that the MC is a young woman from Spain who is looking for her English relatives She tricks Jason Jonquil into being her legal counsel She has a quick wit and is a strong female lead She is desperate for help and goes to a family that is full of integrity.Jason is a bit stiff His goal is to be respectable, and being a barrister is about as respectable as it gets He doesn t like frivolity and holds his character The question is, will Mariposa be able to get through his tough outer shell to the man who is hiding behind respectability If you love regency, laughing, banter, intrigue, and clean romance, you should definitely give this book a try.Source I received a copy of this book from the publisher. #READ E-PUB Ô A Fine Gentleman (The Jonquil Brothers #4) á London Barrister Jason Jonquil Has Spent His Entire Life Working To Establish His Identity As A Gentleman, A Man Of Refinement Like His Father And Brothers But When Fiery Spanish Beauty Mariposa Thornton Walks Into His Office, He Finds Himself Losing His Grasp On His Dignified Character The Woman Is Infuriating, Pushing Him To The Limit Of His Legendary Patience However, Her Case Seems Simple Enough A Small Matter Of Inheritance Or So He BelievesOnce A Well Born Lady, Mariposa Fought To Survive The Brutalities Of Napoleon S War On Spain She Braved Horrific Perils And Undertook Dangerous Missions On Behalf Of Those Fighting Against The Invading French Army But Her Greatest Battle Still Lies Ahead After Being Separated From Her Family, Mariposa Sets In Motion A Plan To Reunite With Her Loved Ones In England To Avoid Drawing The Attention Of The French, Mariposa Dons A Carefully Crafted Persona To Conceal Her True Purpose As Jason And Mariposa Are Drawn Together By The Case, They Come To Know The People Beneath The Masks They Both WearWhen The Truth Of Mariposa S Quest Is Revealed, The Couple Is Pulled Into A Mystery That Will Test The Limits Of Their Courage And Expose The True Desire Of Their Hearts I hope they reprint this book Since I ve read the first 3 it would be nice to finish the series I m not someone who can usually think up spur of the moment comebacks and witty dialoguntil way after the conversation has ended Then I can think of a million things that I should ve said Mariposa has a plan and it takes some tricky plays on words and purposeful misinterpretations to set this plan into motion The result is an amusing banter between a daring and beautiful woman and a serious and uptight barrister, which seriously made me laugh out loud at times, especially as their roots emerge.I loved being given another story about the fabulous Jonquil family and Jason is a very interesting brother to get to know better I loved the glimpses of his brothers and the way he feels about each of them I loved hearing his thoughts on his family I could literally picture the sarcasm and eye rolls.The way these characters interact gave me smile after smile and it s especially tender to discover who they truly are and what motivates them I loved peeling those layers off throughout the book and was treated to a fantastic story Any happy ending is only made sweeter by the battles fought to get there and I truly felt that there were battles fought and won on many levels, which only a great author can pull off Overall, I was delighted by it all.Content mild romance very mild talk of war I received a complimentary copy through the publisher, which did not affect my thoughts or opinions in any way. I love, love, love Sarah Eden s books and I love, love, love this Jonquil brothers series Well, honestly, I love everything Sarah Eden writes She has a masterful gift for creating characters and scenes that play out like movies in my head Her characters are always so well defined with flaws and those tiny characteristics that make them unique and identifiable I think I loved Mariposa from the very beginning What a sharp mind she has It s rather enviable how she worked conversations and situations to her benefit It made me laugh So, so clever But then that mask slipped and she became a courageous but broken young woman, trying so desperately to find her family and stay safe in the process.Jason is really an uptight guy It was fun to watch him be worked over by Mariposa and her personality As he loosens up and his thinking shifts a bit, he becomes and adorable I love the fine gentleman in him Honorable, upstanding Here is a quote I loved because it pretty much sums up all the Jonquil brothers, including Jason One trait you all share with him is a tendency to hide the person you truly are You all keep yourselves tucked safely behind various masks and walls, whether it be isolation or playing the fool or she eyed him pointedly clinging to the appearance of impeccable respectability Being your full self is a better thing, my dear Give your brother a chance to be his full self before deciding who he is You might both be surprised by what you discover I was quickly caught up in this book I loved the story and the characters You really just cannot go wrong with books by Sarah Eden.Content Clean I received a copy of this book from the publisher A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own. 4.75 stars pg mild pg13Oh no I can t find my notes But I can still say that I loved this book Mariposa, the heroine, was a hoot And I loved her cameo appearance in the previous book, as well Love this author Love this large fictional family of well raised, true gentlemen who can always be counted on to support each other and to show respect to the women around them, starting with their mother I rarely re read books Sarah Eden s books are one of the exceptions along with Georgette Heyer I will gladly re read hers for years to come Can t wait for Stanley s story in the next book This book is part of her Jonquil brothers series one that I ve been waiting forever for And it was worth it Jason Jonquil is a very successful barrister and he works hard to observe every propriety He wants to live up to his father s example of a gentleman His life is predictable, but he s fine with that or so he thinks When Mariposa Thornton walks into his office and entirely upends him, he s not sure what to do, yet, as a gentleman, he s bound to help her.Mariposa has one mission to find her family She goes to the man who seems most qualified to help her, but doesn t give him all the details Trusting anyone with that would be dangerous So she pretends to be someone she s not so Jason won t see how very desperate she is But will that decision come back to haunt her if Jason ever finds out her true purpose Sarah Eden is one of my favorite authors because she delivers a layered plot, with realistic characters, and, as a reader, I know I ll be lost in her story and truly experience the emotions of it I love how she connects people and that talent truly shines in A Fine Gentleman We see the Jonquil family connections and they aren t all rosy and happy, but they re real and difficult sometimes, just like any other family I like how each character puts on a public face to hide hurts and wounds, as we all do, and yet each character wants to let another person in, to show their inner self and truly be loved for who they are That s why her characters are so easy for her readers to love and feel like old friends Jason is a sigh worthy hero because of how much he grows during this story He has a perfect public face, but Mariposa is just the one to bring out his inner self and show him how to truly be the gentleman he claims he is I love how even when he s exasperated with her, he s drawn to her Some of his early scenes with Mariposa are laugh out loud funny, and the tender scenes between them will make you awww It was also nice to see Jason s older brother Philip and hear about Corbin s marriage and Stanley s adventures I hope Stanley gets his own story Mariposa is such a strong heroine She s been through the horrors of war and done what she had to in order to survive During her escape from Spain, she became separated from her family so she s in England to find them and needs Jason s help I love how she can read Jason so well, and how she s able to really see beyond his persona Even though some heavy events surround her, Mariposa still has some wonderfully light hearted moments and it s easy to identify with her And I ll never look at turnips or potatoes the same again This is another Sarah Eden book that will have a place of honor on my rainy day shelves Be sure to clear your schedule before you start A Fine Gentleman because you won t want to put it down Can t wait for the next one Originally reviewed on Secular Regency Romance, 1815I really love the Jonquil Brothers series I ve read the previous books multiple times and have been looking forward to Jason s story I love that each book can stand on its own and can really be read in any order, but also love that they re all interconnected and we get to see the characters overlap To be honest, Mariposa and I didn t connect at first It wasn t until match later in the book that I warmed to her I get her motivations for why she treated Jason at the beginning, I just didn t enjoy how she treated him Once things calm down and they make their truce, I came to like her quite a bit Jason was a likable character, I liked when his walls start coming down and his playfulness comes out I think Ms Eden is a wonderful storyteller, and enjoyed this story and characters Look forward to the other Jonquil brothers getting their books ContentRomance Clean, just kissingLanguage NoneViolence None talk of war and hardships from warSeries Jonquin Brothers, book four or five if you count Kiss of a Stranger, which I do Source I was drawn into this book right from the start I wasn t to sure what to make of Mariposa at first She was very exasperating and portraying herself to be someone she was not she had a plan for the way she was acting though London barrister Jason Jonquil sure didn t know what to make of her, she infuriated him to no end This Spanish beauty had survived the brutalities of Napoleon s war on Spain.Her plan is to find her family and be reunited with her loved ones in England What a chemistry Mariposa and Jason have They really compliment each other What a lovely sense of humor I ve found in this book This is my first Sarah M Eden and now I have some catching up to do as I look forward to reading the rest of her books Pub Date 17 Apr 2017 Thank you to NetGalley and Covenant Communications for a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.