[Free Ebook] ♱ 飛んで火に入る夏のネコ [Tonde Hi ni Iru Narsu no Neko] ♩ Tyrakel.de

[Free Ebook] ☰ 飛んで火に入る夏のネコ [Tonde Hi ni Iru Narsu no Neko] ♛ In Gensei, Where The Ghosts Reside, A Beautiful Bartender And His Partner, A Black Cat Named Gin, Operate A Bar Amongst Those Visiting The Bar Was Natsu A Mythical Twin Tailed Cat , Who Makes A Living Reporting Gossip Despite This, He Lives A Life In PovertyOne Day, He Meets A Widely Popular Pornographer, Hyde Tsuchigumo While Hoping To Do A Scoop Exposing Hyde S Mysterious Private Life, Natsu Sneaks In As A Housekeeper However, Where He Thought He Would Find A Story, He Instead Finds His Own Body Exposed Through Punishment With Catnip And Adult Toys Also Includes Other Oneshots honestly started off bad and ended up alright, but again, not something I m proud of reading guilty pleasure reading is still reading though cosa cazzo ho letto, voglio cavarmi gli occhi