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Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Before picking up The Last Wish, I was briefed by my friends on what to expect, prepared to experience a pulp fiction story similar to Robert E Howard s Conan and Michael Moorcock s Elric, so I was not surprised to find this novel a frame tale collecting a series of unrelated short stories Certainly, I could see that there was an overarching plot right under the surface, but the fascinating thing about this volume was the unique spin on old fairy tales, the compelling introduction to the main character And so for the type of book it was this initial installment of The Witcher series was was a damn fine read.The protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is a witcher A man trained and transformed to hunt and destroy monsters In his world, monsters few though they may be still torment humankind, and to be rid of their threat, nobles and commoners alike are willing to employ witchers to hunt down and destroy these creatures But though he and his fellow witchers are useful, Geralt s kind is not loved, but viewed as a necessary evil at best, charlatans at worst Even worse is the reality that as witchers go about ridding the world of vile threat, they are, in reality, slowly creating a world which does not need or want them in society This inevitable situation leading Geralt to struggle to find a balance in life, second guessing his decisions and, ultimately, causing him to look for a new place to create a new life.Obviously, my favorite part of The Last Wish was getting to know the mysterious Geralt the tidbits of information about his past and his hopes for the future delectable morsels that I savored, even as I was thrilled by his pulse pounding monster hunting adventures The horror infused and moody atmosphere of many of his adventures especially compelling.As for criticisms, I don t have any important ones Certainly, the translation from Polish into English did result in a few rough edges and problematic prose here and there, but it wasn t too distracting And, no, I personally did not love Dandelion very much though I realize other readers seem to adore him hishumorous personality detracting from the moody atmosphere which otherwise prevailed around Geralt at all times But these were minor issues in the scope of the reading experience.Overall, The Last Wish was a great introduction to The Witcher series This book delivering a nice collection of stories which introduced me to this world, entertained me with intriguing adventures, and inspired me to carry on with Andrzej Sapkowski s well loved fantasy series Definitely, I wantof the dark, brooding magic of the initial stories in this volume, but I am willing to endureDandelion if that is the only way I can see where Geralt s path takes him. I tried to make this short I really did I failed I really did. One thing before we begin this thing I had never heard of this book series author until my Canadian Nemesis aka Evgeny the Sometimes Wise One read it it him And given that 1 The Sometimes Wise One s book taste is not entirely despicable view spoiler unlike that of most Little Barnacles of my acquaintance hide spoiler [Read Epub] ♹ Ostatnie życzenie ♽ Der Hexer Geralt Von Riva Verdient Sein Geld Mit K Mpfen Gegen Ungeheuer Aller Art Ber Einen Mangel An Auftr Gen Kann Er Sich Nicht Beklagen, Denn Es Gibt Gen Gend Leute, Die Dringend Hilfe Gegen Vampire, Drachen Und Andere D Monische Wesen Brauchen Als Geralt Eines Tages Einen Luftgeist Befreit, Schl Gt Ihn Dieser Mit Der Verh Ngnisvollen Und Qu Lenden Liebe Zu Der Sch Nen Zauberin Yennefer Und Dann Wird Geralts Bester Freund Schwer Verletzt Und Braucht Seine Hilfe People, Geralt turned his head, like to invent monsters and monstrosities Then they seem less monstrous themselves When they get blind drunk, cheat, steal, beat their wives, starve an old woman, when they kill a trapped fox with an axe or riddle the last existing unicorn with arrows, they like to think that the Bane entering cottages at daybreak ismonstrous than they are They feel better then They find it easier to liveIt is my personal belief that when it comes to myths nobody beats Ancient Greeks Those are widely known and appear from time to time in literature Cerberus I mean Fluffy in the first Harry Potter book for example Thanks to Tolkien however the majority of fantasy written since his magnum opus borrows heavily from Celtic mythology I can only think of Arabian jinns as another mainstream example of a mythological being While not as well known as the examples above when it comes to myths and fairy tales Slavic people can give others good run for their money Consider the following guys and girls Koschei the Immortal A traditional bad guy as his name implies he is immortal and as such cannot be killed by any conventional means His downfall is his weakness to young beautiful women He usually kidnaps one only to have her extremely pissed off boyfriend fianc coming and beating the crap out of the poor baddie using highly unconventional means love conquers all and such Dragon Not only Slavic version has 3 heads, he also has the ability to put one back after in has been chopped off So a poor hero battling such guy would finally cut off one of his heads and starts working on another only to find the first one is back in place and fully functional Baba Yaga I saved the best one for last This Slavic witch lives in a hut on chicken legs which can turn around using them if you know the right words and feel lazy to walk around to get to the front door like most passing by heroes do The lady flies in a mortar using a broom for steering For an icing on a cake she often has a drop dead gorgeous granddaughter As far as mythical creatures go, you really cannot get any cooler than this Coming back to the book this is the first one of the series on which three very successful games were based The last one won practically every imaginable gaming award so it is fairly safe to say the majority of the people know at least the main idea Geralt of Rivia is a witcher This means his job is to hunt monsters most of them are based on Slavic mythology He is not entirely human as he undergone a mutation as a part of his training, and as a result tries to find his place in a society where witchers are not as needed as they used to be This tension brings all kinds of conflicts making Geralt rethinking his outlook on life and coming to the terms with the fact that people can be the biggest monsters there are see the first paragraph of the review The guy tries to stay neutral in the internal struggles between people and mostly failing at that The best he can do is to choose the lesser evil, but it is completely unclear which evil is lesser in the long run It all sounds kind of gloomy and the book actually is, but it also has its share of humor found in unexpected places Speaking of which, in the last story called The Last Wish I forgot to mention that this book as well as the next one is a collection of several short stories I really pitied the jinn I mean I would be equally pissed off in his place poor supernatural creature I will not spoil it, but people that have read the book know exactly what I talk about People familiar with Slavic fairy tales can find retellings of quite a few of them often with a hilarious twist Their knowledge is not necessary to enjoy the book, but it definitely would not hurt The book is quite good and it gives a nice introduction to the witcher s world and Geralt himself I have my sights on the next installment. Hmmmm, I listened to this on audio instead of reading my paperback and the sound was really low so I didn t catch all of it I know I m going to have dad pick me up some proper headphones for the tablet If I order some they will be wrong and blow things up I enjoyed the stories of Geralt and I really, really, really want to play the game But I was told it was only for PS4 and I have PS3 That sucks, really, really, really sucks I don t know if or when I could ever get a PS4 so I shall wait I also think I could be in love with Geralt, don t judge me I fall in love with lots of them in my books, so there Anyhoo, I m going to read the rest of them and not try the audio from Overdrive just in case It s great for re reads but I don t know The narrator for this book was Peter Kenny and he did an awesome job PS Does anyone know when the Netflix show is coming out well, that was a duh moment, I could just google it Fin Fantasy isn t really my thing, but this was enjoyable enough It s nice to read some non English fantasy, especially since this didn t seem to be as influenced by the usual Tolkien style stories as most English written epic fantasy A few of the stories were casually misogynistic, but there were also some really good ones in here as well The second half is much, much better than the first.The Voice of Reason 3 5Kind of an interstitial story, broken up into chapters between each other story A clever way to tie it all together into acohesive novel, comprised of several mostly unconnected stories.The Witcher 3 5I enjoyed the world built here, and the concept of a striga being born of a curse, etc Sort of a tragic story, but seems to be a good introduction to the Witcher Little girl monster idea seems a little played out, but whatever.A Grain of Truth 2 5Sort of like a twisted Grimm fairy tale The casual misogynistic tone that this one took was pretty bothersome, and Geralt s code isn t really making sense to me yet It seems to just be whatever the plot needs it to be He takes pity on a man who is turned into a monster by the priestess that he raped, and then saves him from his new girlfriend who TA DA turns out to be a monster who is just using him for protection So far there s a theme of women being evil.The Lesser Evil 1 5The monster that Geralt has to kill in this one is literally just a woman trying to exact revenge on a wizard who conspired against her, ruined her life and is responsible for her having to sell herself for food The wizard happens to be Geralt s sort of friend The wizard is also a real piece of shit, Geralt refuses to go up against him, and instead tries to convince the woman to forgive this wizard because of this illusive code that he follows Of course, that s not happening, so he has to kill her after he has sex with her of course Oh, but he feels really bad about it later soA Question of Price 4 5This one was really fun, and dealt with some cool cultural aspects and social conventions of the world that exists here It gave some interesting background info on Geralt, and feels like it s setting up a return for some of these characters.The Edge of the World 3 5Halfway through it played out a lot differently than I thought it would Built up some cool mythology of the world, still kind of a plain story though The innocent looking girl didn t end up being a monster Wait, is this the same author as the other stories The Last Wish 4 5Best story of the collection, most definitely the best written story as well Every character felt real, and 3 dimensional Yennefer is pretty bad ass, maybe this author isn t always a misogynist Overall pretty fun There were some generic epic fantasy issues, especially mundane sexism, which was boringly rampant The dialogue was also pretty uneven, had way too much exposition, and varied wildly in tone, but some of that at least had to be the translator s fault.But the mythology was great, and it opens up some great mysteries for the series I particularly liked the references to and retellings of old myths a lot was there something about an evil Snow White The world feels expansive and alive thanks to the glimmers of myth and history we re given.And obviously Geralt the witcher is a super cool character, roaming the world trying to help people with monster problems but getting involved in local politics and intrigue instead Great constant shades of gray in every story.Still, I m not sure I ll go back forIs it worth reading the other books in the series The Last Wish, first published in Polish in 1993 and later in an English edition in 2007 by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, is a cool and different approach to high fantasy, distinct from Tolkien inspired adventures.More akin to urban fantasy, Sapkowski s The Witcher Wied min , was published in Fantastyka, Poland s leading fantasy literary magazine and the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is closer to Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden than to Aragorn.A witcher is kind of a cross between a sorcerer and a fighter with special training allowing him to fight and kill monsters.Sapkowski crafts together a series of connected shorter works with a framing story as Geralt recalls past adventures There are various references to central European Grimm s fairy tales fantasy that further separates this work from most other high fantasy works.Good fun. A Netflix production of the Witcher is now confirmed, set to portray the book series as a TV show Despite being an adaptation abolitionist, I am actually somewhat excitedPeople Geralt turned his head like to invent monsters and monstrosities Then they seem less monstrous themselvesArguably the least famous one among my favourite fantasy series, The Witcher Saga by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski is something of a diamond in the rough This is not something I d recommend to just about anyone, but I would call it absodamnlutely amazing without a moment of hesitation.While it is not a part of the main saga per se, The Last Wish is definitely my favourite Witcher book It s a collection of tales about a man hunting monsters for money And it s amazingly good.Like a lot of other people, I was introduced to the world of Andrzej Sapkowski through the video games The Witcher and The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings These are easily some of the best fantasy RPG s ever made I would certainly recommend them to all the gamers here , and they made me want to knowabout this fascinating world.Do not make the mistake of thinking these are mere tie in novels The games were based on the books, not the other way around And not only that, but the games are sequels to the books, and thus the books should by all means be read first That does not mean you cannot enjoy them if you ve already played the games, but to fully experience this wonderful saga in the best way possible, reading the books first is the way to go.Sapkowski introduces the reader to a beautiful combination of Slavic mythology, a distinct eastern European setting, and classical high fantasy That makes for a different read from a lot of other works within the genre, while at the same time keeping all the mandatory aspects of epic fantasy magic, elves, kings The writing is almost lyrical, but in a relaxed manner, and the English translation is good But the characters and the setting are what really makes this a great novel Geralt of Rivia is the most interesting and fascinating protagonist in the fantasy genre, bar none, and the world in which he lives is in many ways different from all others.The creativity when it comes to the setting is brilliant The whole concept of Witchers, human mutants bred and trained to slay monsters, is extraordinarily fascinating And the monsters themselves no less so You have well known monstrosities like vampires and werewolves, legendary creatures like chimeras and manticores, and the most interesting of them all, the deadly striga Most of the world is built on the foundations of fairytales and mythology, mainly Eastern European, but Sapkowski forges it into something truly astounding.The narrative is also really well constructed The book opens up with a frame story set in a Temple of Melitere, where Geralt is recovering from his injuries From there, he tells stories of his greatest exploits, every now and then going back to the present for a short interlude.This is, as mentioned earlier, a collection of short stories about the witcher Geralt riding around the countryside, talking to people, killing the occasional monster, and riding on Sometimes he accepts a contract from a peasant, sometimes from a king All that matters is the reward If what you re looking for while reading fantasy is just an epic story of wars and politics and intrigue, you could probably just skip this and continue on to the Witcher Saga itself, starting with Blood of Elves But you would really miss something.I loved this book both for its simplicity and for its beautiful descriptions, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy, especially those who would like to try something a little different.Witcher reviews 1 The Last Wish 2 Sword of Destiny 3 Blood of Elves Last summer I became completely obsessed with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, where I took screenshots like this Add me on Steam And once I was finished with the DLC I knew I had to finally read the books to fill the void I now carry in my heart.This book was translated from Polish to English It contains seven short stories, and introduces our main protagonist in both games and books, GeraltPeople Geralt turned his head like to invent monsters and monstrosities Then they seem less monstrous themselvesThe events in these seven stories take place before Sword of Destiny, which is another short story collection, and before Blood of Elves, the first actual full length novel in this series Just like the video games, The Witcher world is so magical, whimsical, full of twists, and it never disappoints Two of these stories are so very important in understanding why Geralt feels the way he does about two very predominant characters that are talked about in much greater detail later in this world And seeing Geralt and Yen s origin story gave me all the feels sorry Triss fans, but gtfo I m going to break down each story with my personal feelings and beliefs There will be SPOILERS ahead So, please be cautious while reading, if you have not read this short story collection and do not wish to be spoiled on the events that lead up to the main story and video gamesIn order to become a witcher, you have to be born in the shadow of destiny, and very few are born like that That s why there are so few of us We re growing old, dying, without anyone to pass our knowledge, our gifts, on to We lack successors And this world is full of Evil which waits for the day none of us are left1 The Voice of Reason This story starts out in true Witcher fashion with Geralt having sexy time with a random girl We are also introduced to Geralt s notorious sidekick, Dandelion the Bard Geralt starts to speak up about how hard it is to be a witcher and make a living off of it When upon leaving, a man approaches Geralt and pretty much forces Geralt to fight without being able to touch his opponent Geralt quickly proves how smart and cunning he truly is, and why he makes this series so addictive to read and learn about 2 The Witcher Geralt goes to a new town, where a king has gotten his sister pregnant seven years ago Sadly, the sister and the child died in birth, but the child is now awake, and seems to be a werewolf, and is causing chaos in the town Geralt is sent to kill her, but someone gives him a tip that if he prevents the werewolf from going back to its coffin for three days, she will turn into an ordinary girl He is also bribed to run away, but Geralt, being the outstanding and honorable man he is, uses the briber as bait instead Geralt is able to hide in the girls coffin for three nights, and she turns into the regular girl on the third morning 3 A Grain of Truth The imagery of this story really is a tier above what fantasy normally gives us nowadays Geralt is traveling once again, and finds two bodies that appear to have come from an abandoned mansion Upon further inspection, a cursed man named Nivellen owns the house He was cursed by a priest to become a beast, but the house obeys his every wish Traveling merchants even come from all around and trade their daughters to him for a period of time for currency Nivellen has tried everything, and the curse is never broken But when his newest girl, who ends up not being all of what she seems and who was responsible of the two bodies Geralt originally found, starts a fight with Geralt, Nivellen is forced to help him, and the curse is broken Yes, this is legitimately a wrapped version of Beauty and the Beast 4 The Lesser Evil Again in a new city, Geralt killed a monster and is looking for compensation He goes to see a mage that he knew from before, and he asks Geralt to kill a monster for him The monster ends up being a young girl, and when Geralt talks to her he realizes she is seeking vengeance for what the mage did to her After her and Geralt get to know each other , she promises to back down because nothing good will come of it Geralt awakens in the morning and realizes that she lied He knows where she will be, so he meets her and ends up having to fight her He wins, and she must die, but Geralt faces the question of what is truly evil, and refuses to let the mage to take her bodyOnly Evil and Greater Evil exist and beyond them, in the shadows, lurks True Evil True Evil, Geralt, is something you can barely imagine, even if you believe nothing can still surprise you And sometimes True Evil seizes you by the throat and demands that you choose between it and another, slightly lesser, Evil5 A Question of Price This story completely blew my mind, and probably has the biggest life changing event for Geralt in it Again, Geralt is traveling and meets with Queen Calanthe, and she tells him what she truly thinks of witchers During the party where this meeting is taking place, a knight comes and demands Queen Calanthe s daughter, the princess, which he has earned Sadly, this knight is also cursed, but Geralt is able to lift the curse The knight is then able to marry the princess, but Geralt knows they have been seeing each other for some time, because the princess is pregnant They ask Geralt what he would like for payment, and he gives a very veiled response, and says that he will be back in six years time to see if he is lucky view spoiler This is 100% his adopted daughter Ciri She is my second favorite character, only to Geralt, in all the games, and she completely changes Geralt s and Yen s life forever hide spoiler