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Disappointing book However, onin one review it says this was his first book and was fitted in as a fifth book Not up to the first four. I read 5 of Jake Lassiter series or shoulders I say tried to read because I like legal thriller ever since John Grisham made me a fan of his but this is the crappiest series I have ever read, i mean it s okay when it stays within courtroom or around the case but all that macho crap, chasing skirts,screwing friends and clients wives and also all of the books should have been a lot shorternot even deserve that one star I gave it.. @Download Book Î Slashback õ Investigating Two Related Crimes Involving A Russian Immigrant S Loss OfMillion And A Drug Smuggler S Murder, Trial Attorney Jake Lassiter Finds Himself On The Tropical Islands Of Hawaii, Where He Becomes Entangled With A Deranged Windsurfer Reprint NYT Hard Cover Edition Published As Slashback Paperback Edition Is Retitled Riptide I have absolutely loved this series but I really struggled with this book For some reason Paul Levine switches from first person to third person in this book and it just didn t work Having had four books in first person you become connected to the characters, Jake Lassiter and the secondaries Having them now talk about themselves in the third person totally disconnected them There was hardly any courtroom drama in this one Jake s continual crap luck with his choice of women continues but to be honest, I wouldn t have him any other way It sure makes for some good reading. Not nearly as good as the others I think I read somewhere this was a first book of his. OK, so Jake Lassiter novels aren t great literature but they sure are entertaining The usual fast pace, client needing help, damsel in distress and hating the day job are reliably present as ever, and the story line is far fetched Still an enjoyable read and the comfort of most of the regulars. Good, fast paced thriller. Entertaining Two haiku review Client s bonds stolenJake running sailboading raceTwo plots connectedLots of violenceJake s idealism showsPeople aren t worth it I raced through this book not because I was eager to see what happens next, the way I usually am with a Paul Levine book No, I was eager to finish this stinker and move on to another book What a disappointment I ve read several of Levine s other books both the ones about Miami linebacker turned lawyer Jake Lassiter and the ones about bickering legal eagles turned lovers Solomon Lord and they all have been delightfully wacky and wild, with plots that are hard to predict Levine, a former reporter turned South Florida attorney, had apparently stockpiled a huge collection of hilarious anecdotes and observations about his old professions and trotted them all out in the course of telling the other stories.But not in this book Slashback lacks the fun and sly wit of the other novels Lassiter seems dull and disengaged through most of the book, and there s little interaction with his usual gang of sharp tongued supporters Doc Riggs, Grandma Lassiter etc Part of the problem, too, is that Levine abandons the first person narration that has served him well in the other books in favor of a third person voice that puts the reader atof a distance from the action and emotions Part of the problem too is that about halfway through the book, the action moves to Bimini and then to Hawaii, so there s no chance for the usual Levine witticisms about South Florida life And while Levine includes a number of nice action sequences, there s only one courtroom scene and it s over within a couple of pages The worst part, though, is that there s not much of a mystery at the heart of his plot Anyone who has read other thrillers can predict what s going to happen next, and figure out who the bad guys are Levine has a new Lassiter novel out now I sure do hope it slike the other books of his that I ve read, and not at all like this one.