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Their romance is a sweet one but seriously fans self sexy ice water You can read this book without reading the previous but once you read this you ll want to read them all There s only one book left according to the authors FB profile I can t wait to read it The Dick Defender is a new take on MC romance and James Cox brings some serious sexy with a plot A Must read FULL REVIEW I need to start out by saying that I did NOT like Hel at first He was disrespectful and uncaring of what his fathers tried to do for him protect him He acted childish in his refusal to believe them when they said he was in danger and his sleeping with every bodyguard he had also showed his lack of understanding of how things NEEDED to be done.In walks Sin Now him I loved straight off Who wouldn t From his description, attitude towards Hel s actions and innuendos and his all over badassedness my new word Finally though, our little Hel grew up and saw how things were, did things that made me proud of him and got my respect and love What happened between Hel and Sin made my kindle smoke, but that s to be expected and much appreciated when you buy James s books.I am not giving any away but just be prepared for quite the ride. FREE PDF ♁ The Dick Defender (Sons of Outlaws, #4) ☦ Helrick Doesn T Use Bodyguards For Protection, He Uses Them In His Bed Spoiled, Foolish, And Horny Describe The President S Son Hel Isn T Interested In Anything But His Next Lay When A New Guard, Sin, Arrives Intent On Keeping Hel At A Distance, He Finds It A Worthy Challenge It S Only A Matter Of Time Before Hel Gets What He Wants, But When The Threat He S Been Warned About His Whole Life Comes True, Only Sin Can Save Him Add That To The Biggest Storm Of The Century Hitting Their Little City On Mars And Hel Might Finally Need A Real Bodyguard As Assassins Focus On Hel And The Storm Inches Ever Closer, Sin Must Use All His Skills To Protect The President S Son And The Foolish Flirt He S Falling For Even If It S With His Own Life Glbt Gay Mcromance Scifi I love this series by James Cox Every time he releases a new book I fall in love with the characters This one was no exception.Helrick is just a lustworthy naughty boy who thinks with his dick then with anything else.Sin owes his life to the MC He was asked to guard the Presidents son and it was an honor.What happens when chemistry is stronger than duty Another brilliant five star read from the King of Outrage Sit in front of a fan when you read this, it is seriously hot With this fourth book in the series, the focus moves back to Mars, just before the big sandstorm that featured at the end of book three, and one of the men I was most curious about President Justice s son, Helrick With an unnamed terrorist group who opposes the evacuation to Earth threatening the president s life, Helrick is being kept safe much to his increasing anger He is a member of the Outlaw MC, but he never gets to have any adventures with them until events take an unexpected turn.Helrick doesn t take life seriously He is mainly interested in having a good time with as many men as he can find, especially his bodyguards Helrik is spoiled, doesn t think about the future, and when Mars s environmental disaster becomes unavoidable and real damage occurs, Helrick is not ready for any of it He ll have to grow up rather quickly if he wants to survive not just the natural disasters but the political mess caused by assassins who are after his father s and his life.Sin is Helrick s newest bodyguard and he is professional, unrelentingly resistant to any advances or demands Helrick makes, and the only thing he is interested in is keeping Helrick alive Or so it seems Sin has an interesting back story, and as I got to know him, I began to like him His life wasn t easy, and he has reasons for what he believes and how he acts As straight laced as he seems, he turns out to be the best possible partner for Helrick not that either of the stubborn guys admit this easily And with all the action and danger around them, it s not exactly their first priority.If you like spoiled brats who learn about the serious side of life in the face of danger, if you want to watch two stubborn men fight it out, and if you re looking for an action packed story with a strong side helping of scorching physical activity, then you might like this novella.NOTE This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. You gotta love Mr Cox s sense of humor with the this title, that alone made me want to read the book, but when you add a good story line to it, and some sexy fun, well that just makes this book a keeper It was fun to read about what was happening on Mars while the characters in Book 3 were on Earth The writing style is fun and engaging, and the world building well done If you love science fiction, and unique and interesting story lines, and if you love it when authors let their sense of humor loose you should check out The Dick Defender It is awesome ReginaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More Sexy FunHel and Sin are a funny sexy couple The author draws you deeper into the struggle to leave Mars as the civilization collapses The series is addictive, funny, and dirty sexy Fans of Romeo will love his son The series and the author are well worth the read plus he is the king of Dick titles. Another exciting read by James Cox This series just keeps getting better and better with each book and the danger keeps intensifying.The closer everyone gets to moving to earth the dangerous everything becomes The storms on Mars are growing in intensity and the destruction that the storms are leaving in its path is horrendous Mars is destroying itself quicker then it seems that everyone will be able to get off Not only is there the storms to worry about but there is also the ones that have seemed to form an alliance to take out the president of Mars or anyone that is close to him.So when Justice and Romeo want their son Hel to take the threat seriously and he doesn t that bring in a bodyguard that will take it seriously for him To say Hel is not happy about is an understatement but Sin could be the best thing to ever happen to Hel.Hel finds that his attraction to Sin runs much deeper then the normal attraction he has to others but Sin is trying his best to keep him at arms length That all changes as the threat of both the storm and the threat against Hel heightens.Can Sin keep the man he is falling for safe or will he die in the process of trying to save him from himself I cannot wait to read the last book in this series I will be so sad when it comes to an end Regardless I cannot wait for the next book Such an amazing series I only hope to read about them in future books.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review Opposites attracting, snort worthy humor, great action sequences, and a strong sense of family are ingredients often included in each story of this series, and the original Outlaw MC s that spawned it.Helrick and Sin are a good match in that they re nothing alike This of course makes for enjoyable interactions as they clash over concerns great and small Helrick fancies himself a bit of a carefree sort with a regular dose of sex, especially with whomever is his latest assigned bodyguard He s the son of Justice and Romeo yay Love getting to spend time with these two again, and in this setting, 20 years into the future and, considering the target President Justice is, Helrick requires protection He s not fond of being kept holed up We know because he s our narrator in this installment.As for Sin, we don t get much about him until, later in the final third of the story, he shares some of his past with Helrick Sin has a special connection with Justice.The humor we ve come to expect in this series is here, folks, step right up Even amidst killer whirling dervishes on the Red Planet Q You okay I nodded Yup, tornado ate my bad guys He lifted an eyebrow I don t even know what to say to that QI snorted, yes I did.What isn t so fab are the plethora of grammatical errors that should be caught in editing, per the norm with this publisher missing words, apostrophes when plural is meant, incorrect spellings, etc etc etc.Also, stop with the sexist stuff These guys are tough, I get it, and they show it in many a manner They don t need to prove themselves manly with such ridiculousness When they talk like that it throws me out of the story, and it s not in line with the characters, at the very least It wasn t as prevalent here as in previous stories, but it still presented itself by the end.Cox does have a way with words and, when he lets em rip, we get things like this Q I was worried, scared, and that pain in my back was getting worse I think something cut me I felt fresh blood drip and it was absorbed by my shirt I pushed at the wall that kept us trapped down here So fucking slowly, inch by inch I shifted it to the side It seemed to take forever Where did it end When would sunlight stab the darkness, and give me some hope QThere s marked improvement with sentence structure and variety, allowing a natural flow of the text that works in conjunction with the story instead of impeding This is especially true in the action scenes, the tension being permitted and encouraged to build.Even with the issues, I had fun while reading this I m curious to find out how things resolve in the final story Off I go to find out D Whoohoo Another great book in the Sons of Outlaws Series by James Cox I couldn t resist and read it in one go, it s that good But hey, it s a book by James and one of my favorite series, I HAD to The title is awesome and fits perfectly, really When you reach this special scene within the story you will know what I meanAttention Maybe some spoilers ahead I love Helrick, especially when he finally understands his life better and what it means to be the son of the president of the last humans on Mars I had a single tear in my eye, when Justice welcomed him to adulthood, dang, I was proud of Hel myself, this c cky little thickhead And sexy Sin, they really are a perfect match Hell and Sin got to go great together But will it work out between them just as Hel seems to imagine it And will they live long enough to be together Will mankind survive till their last hope from Earth will perhaps appear Again we have a story full af adventure, surprises, lots of action, some steamy scenes just imagining the shower scenedang a c cky presidents son and his slightly grumpy but hot as hell bodyguard and last but not least maybe the end of all humanity in Mars What do you wish for Sounds like some adventorous, sexy time to me, so what are you waiting for Highly recommended to all Outlaw MC fans out there.