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Review to come but this was a good oneThat girl might have magic in her heart, but never forget how much of her power is handed right to her by other people Imogen is lost and the Grays want her back and so they call for Danny and she listens Rush, Hawthorn, June, Lelia, and Imogen are the Grays and Danny may be new to town but she s not new to magic or kissing girls So, when Danny falls in with the Grays, the local witches that inspire a bit of awe and fear in the locals, she s right at home All of the Grays are queer in some way, and it s written on the page that they re ace, bi, lesbian, or queer There are gender and pronoun discussions, discussions about being ace but still enjoying kissing, about not liking being touched, etc The diversity that is woven into these characters is beautiful and respectful and I adored every single bit of itI ve waited forever to meet a girl who doesn t treat her body like a natural enemy Also, can we just be here for girls supporting girls whether they re romantically linked or not The friendships and relationships in this book are pretty phenomenal even if there is a bit of a power imbalance within them The Grays are using Danny to get their friend back and she s unsure if that means they ll want need her any and still, they all respect one another I will say that Danny s relationship with her mother was underdeveloped and explained and that really bothered mebut other than that the relationships were AThe trees keep us company as we ride They keep our secrets, and we never have to ask Maybe that s why girls like us are always in the woods Have I mentioned that the Grays are witches, that they all have their own power, unique and lush and important to the story That there are a woods that has unnatural storms, hollow treats that Hermits live in, and climbable trees that beg for girls to explore The setting is lush and beautiful and I was living for itI made every choice myself, including the bad ones Especially the bad ones Some of those are the choices I m most proud of This is not a novel full of whimsical magic but rather dense fog that can transport you, ghosts that can entrap you, and a hunger for power that can lead you down paths you can t venture back from There is murder and bloodshed, bones and fear and all of it is intoxicating If you re looking for a feel good, everyone ends up alive and happy novel, this ain t it However, it is a beautifully written tale of women, love, friendship, and the lengths we go to in order to find our place in the worldI ve found the heart of another secret the Grays are always touching and kissing each other because so many before us couldn t Each kiss carries the weight of so many kisses that never were Every touch is an invisible battle won Everyone deserves to have love and friendship like the girls of this novel have They deserve the comfort of touch and the closeness that is afforded to women and often not men Honestly, such a stunning novel of diversity, badass motorcycle riding babes and soft ladies with power I loved it a lot. SynopsisThe Lost Coastis a highly literary coming of age tale of a group of teenage witches, self named the Grays Their leader, Imogen, has gone missing, and they ve tried nearly everything to find her But when Danny moves to town, she brings with her a unique type of magic that might just be what they re looking for, in ways than one My Thoughts This book is beautifully written, and the words are like poetry on the page It reminds me a little bit of a literary version of an 80s movie, with a bunch of lost kids trying to find their place in the world, but in this book, they ve found their place with each other.There are many different points of view expressed throughout the book We get a lot of chapters from Danny s point of view, and others from the Grays , but we also get the perspective of the other high school students, which provides context for why the Grays feel so out of place in their little, traditional town To reinforce themes of magic in the book, Capetta occasionally provides the point of view of the trees and the ravens, which could be groan worthy, but it somehow works Capetta doesn t only jump points of view frequently, but she also jumps in time We get to see what the characters were doing and feeling years earlier, weeks earlier, days earlier Capetta takes the show, don t tell approach quite literally with these flashbacks, and it works well in this story While it could have been hard to follow, the transitions between timeline jumps are seamless I almost feel like this style would have been better suited to a novel that has an element of time travel, but the back and forth really works to create a mystical, surreal feeling to the entire book You have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy this book It s literary, not a plot driven romantic mystery While it is a mystery and a romance, the emphasis is on the language, and Capetta effortlessly elicits strong emotions from readers with her careful word selection.One complaint I do have is that the book didn t quite feature enough magic for me I love books that have a strong theology that the author has created, a way of magic that just is, but Capetta didn t spend much time on this It would have been acceptable if the magic of this world was simple, but Imogen, for instance, is highly powerful, and it would have been a stronger story had the limitations of magic been explained, or at least demonstrated for the readers Another issue I have with the book is that there are too many fascinating characters that don t get enough attention because there are just so many of them For instance, there s a character named Emma Hart, and we meet her halfway through the book Her storyline is heart wrenching and beautiful, and I wish that Capetta hadn t included her in this book and instead written an entire book dedicated to her story Instead, her backstory gets glossed over in a quick chapter Even with other characters, Capetta barely has a chance to scratch the surface of who they are There better be books coming in this series I recommend this book to anyone looking for an exquisitely literary take on queer witches Thank you to Candlewick and OLA Super Conference 2019 for the ARC for review This review appeared first on Instagram Blog Website Twitter My 2019 Reading Challenge #BOOK ¸ The Lost Coast Þ The Spellbinding Tale Of Six Queer Witches Forging Their Own Paths, Shrouded In The Mist, Magic, And Secrets Of The Ancient California RedwoodsDanny Didn T Know What She Was Looking For When She And Her Mother Spread Out A Map Of The United States And Danny Put Her Finger Down On Tempest, California What She Finds Are The Grays A Group Of Friends Who Throw Around Terms Like Queer And Witch Like They Re Ordinary And Everyday, Though They Feel Like An Earthquake To Danny But Danny Didn T Just Find The Grays They Cast A Spell That Calls Her Halfway Across The Country, Because She Has Something They Need She Can Bring Back Imogen, The Most Powerful Of The Grays, Missing Since The Summer Night She Wandered Into The Woods Alone But Before Danny Can Find Imogen, She Finds A Dead Boy With A Redwood Branch Through His Heart Something Is Very Wrong Amid The Trees And Fog Of The Lost Coast, And Whatever It Is, It Can Kill Lush, Eerie, And Imaginative, Amy Rose Capetta S Tale Overflows With The Perils And Power Of Discovery And What It Means To Find Your Home, Yourself, And Your Way Forward Look if you need a book that has a heart full of fierce love for trees and queer girls just go read this book and dissolve your soul into it It was the witchy tale I really wanted The Curses to be and it s a love letter to intersectional rep there s black, queer, bi, nonbinary, Philippine, fat, and ace It definitely goes for a ethereal style, whimsical and untethered I really felt for Danny I feel like she might ve been undiagnosed adhd but the book doesn t say that and her wandering soul and inability to keep out of trouble But falling into friendship and then into love stories always have a special place in my heart.Also there s dark magic, ghosts, redwood trees and murder, so YA KNOW Have fun. Actual rating 2.5 stars Many thanks to Candlewick Press for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSpellbooks tell you how people have done magic in the past June explains they re pre made Magic is like love You see how other people do it, you have the stories and instructions they leave behind, but then you have to figure out how youdo it Imagine equal portions The Raven Boys and Spellbook of the Lost and Found and sprinkle in a little dash of The Craft and a hint of The Devouring Gray The result should be something resembling The Lost Coast Between Californian red woods, magical realism and a witchy friend group, I had high hopes for this novel and was over the moon to receive an advanced copy from the publisher Whilst it lived up to my expectations in some regards, I was quite disappointed in others, leaving me with mixed feelings in the end To start off with the good The Lost Coast largely delivers what it says on the tin It s a story of a close knit, diverse group of queer witches that find friendship and acceptance among each other If you want to get your diversity kick on this is the place for you, as diversity seems to have been the first thing on the author s mind when writing this Both racial , sexual and bodily minorities are represented and you can tell the authors passion for the subject from her perspective as a queer woman herself I also loved the setting the foggy and majestic Californian red woods were a perfect choice to serve as the background of a witchy story Amy Rose Capetta does a beautiful job of bringing the ancient trees, the vibrant foliage and the earthy forest air to life with her writing style that strikes the right balance between lush and readable I had never read anything by the author, but I d definitely count the writing style among the pleasant surprises this book offered My only problem with the writing was that the author sometimes overtells things, especially when it comes to points she s clearly passionate about Her point will be crystal clear to the reader by the scenes she has just shown us, but she at times can t resist to tell us the exact same thing literally as well I m not sure if it s a lack of faith in the reader, or in her own ability to bring something across, but it s unnecessary in my opinion I felt this especially when the author talked about the characters sexuality, and the acceptance of diversity That repetition, combined with the clear and admirable passion of the author, does come at the risk of almost lecturing the reader on the topic of diversity Although I don t think it crossed that line, it was close at times That also brings me to my next disappointment the characters themselves Because the author had such a large focus on their diversity, I feel like some of the development of the rest of their character arcs got lost along the way It s something I notice and in the last year or two since the surge in popularity of LGBTQ books, especially in YA I have a post on my website all about this coming up, so I won t go into detail on it here The short summary is I m all for diversity, but even for equality A sexuality is not a substitute for a developed personality, and an underdeveloped gay character is still an underdeveloped character, no matter the best intentions by the author The framework for a great cast of characters was there I d just like to see a little depth and development in them Finally, I don t feel the plot was as exciting or unexpected as I was hoping for, mostly due to some pacing issues I d have liked the beginning to be a little slower, to ease us into the different POV s, whereas the middle part could have used a little action I did very much enjoy the ending.In the end, I think this is a book that will find a large and loving audience out there, even though it wasn t a favorite for me If you like books that focus on LGBTQ friendships, or any of the books I mentioned at the top of my review, nd you enjoy those alternative witchy vibes this one might be for you The Lost Coast is the perfect book for the readers who have been looking for an f f, not as male dominated Raven Cycle It s an atmospheric story set in a small town surrounded by magical redwoods, following a group of queer witches.And I loved all of it.The first thing I thought when I finished this book is that sometimes, stories that acknowledge your pain but aren t shaped around it are exactly what you need I ve read many contemporary books that dealt directly with homophobia and so contained a lot of it, and ones that ignored its existence entirely But the contemporary set stories I want are the ones that don t ignore homophobia exists, and that have little to none of it anyway Stories that aren t about the queer experience, but that are relevant to it anyway, not just because of the characters identities, but also because of the themes they deal with The Lost Coast is a story about how much difference having a community and finding your people can make, even before you have found yourself and your own power It s a story that has a sense of recklessness to it, but also reminds you how important it is to have others to ground you On the other side, it s a story about how not wanting to find or acknowledge your own power leads you to not notice your ability to do harm, and makes you dangerous.I won t lie, I knew I would love this book from the moment the main character first sees the redwoods and is fascinated by them You really can t go wrong with trees That mix of awe and longing and a little bit of fear that s something I m familiar with The atmosphere made me feel as if I were right there, and made the woods feel magical, so that when the book got to that one sex scene in the woods, my only reaction wasn t you re so going to get ticks even though I still thought it but oh well, it s contemporary fantasy.The writing is also really good I think the vague, airy tone that Capetta s writing has is much better suited to this multi PoV non linear contemporary fantasy novel than it was to a mystery like Echo After Echo, in which it didn t work at all for me.It s not easy to develop many characters in a standalone that is shorter than 400 pages, but this book did it All the Grays which I kept wanting to call the Gays are well drawn, and so are their dynamics they re all in love with each other and you can feel that.They are Danny, white, queer She s the new girl in town, and she s looking for something, even though she doesn t know what that something someone is yet She tends to wander, and I mean that physically As I said, her emotions toward trees were very relatable Rush, white, fat, queer She s coded as neurodivergent, she has sound taste synesthesia I love reading about synesthesia My brain does similar weird things too , and her magic comes from music At the beginning of the story, she s looking for her lost ex girlfriend Hawthorn, black, bisexual with a preference for men She s quiet and bookish, but no one should let that mislead them she s the source of Witch Knowledge in the group and not to be understated June, femme as fuck lesbian, Filipina Has chronic leg pain Looks soft but will fight you and win after all, she is the one with knife magic She has a big family and it s said that she was raised Catholic and is questioning her faith I loved her Lelia, gray ace, non binary she her Sharp and sarcastic but secretly soft She says she doesn t want to date, so I also read her as aro but I wish this book had specified if she was or not , and she s the resident tree expert , and isn t that relatable Then there s Imogen, the mysterious, powerful water witch who was once part of the Grays, and is now missing.I loved most of this book, and I m rating it five stars, but maybe it s of a 4.5, because there were some things that didn t work for me The sex scene had a simile that made me cringe so much that it deserves a mention please don t compare body parts to books , and I don t really know how I feel about the ending On one hand, I get why the author chose to leave this book open ended, but I wanted to know how the characters would deal with some Things that had happened Especially since the ending hints at f f f polyamory. I want to thank Candlewick and NetGalley for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest reviewI really believe that this book is one of my biggest disappointments of this year, not because it s bad but because I thought I would love it, and I didn t, so I ended up a little sad after finishing it Sometimes it happens, you know, you have a book that doesn t feel like it s made for you, and while everyone loves it you don t know what s going on, well, that s me, lol The book has some good points that I would like to highlight below and also tell you a little about the things that didn t quite convince me2.5 5 You can find this one and of my reviews on my blog A Book A Thought.The book begins by following Danny, she has just moved with her mother to Tempest, California There she meets a group of queer witches who call themselves The Grays, and soon Danny discovers that it wasn t a coincidence and that on the contrary, they attracted her to the city with a spell because she has something that the girls need Danny can find Imogen, the most powerful of the Grays, disappearing since a night that goes into the woods aloneI m going to do this review a little differently than what I usually do, and I ll separate it in two points, I ll talk a little bit first about the things that I liked and then what just didn t work for me.Things I liked The Diversity This book is really beautiful in terms of diversity, the book follows a group of queer witches so there s alot of sexual rep lesbian, bisexual, ace, etc but we also have racial diversity and body positivity , which s great and I always appreciate when an author writes about a group of girls so different from each other, but so united at the same timeI think this will make many people feel identified and can see themselves in the characters which is wonderful, we all deserve good reps in booksAtmospheric Setting The places where the story takes place are so beautiful and atmospheric I really loved them, besidesI feel they re my kind of places since a lot happens in the woods and I adore the plots in woods and when there s witchery in the middleIf you concentrate a lot you can even feel that you re there, so I think great work.Things I didn t like Plot Construction POVs I had a lot of problems to understand the plot in general, I started and the constantly POV change was already a problem for me, in general, this doesn t bother me, the short POVs can be entertaining and also make you go fast through the story, butit s very difficult when it s not clear who s narrating each part, and also you don t even know where you are, or at what moment of time is happening, as they jump from the past to the present, and all this was a big impediment for me to enjoy the bookBecause, being 100% honest, it was very difficult to understand something of what was happening.I ve heard several people say it s a whimsical story and I agree, but maybe it was too whimsical for me.Maybe the idea of the author was to give us an ingenious, mysterious and complicated plot, but OMG, I couldn t connect and is really disappointing, especially because I would like to tell you a little about what it really is about, but I don t think I can because I m not sure neither myself There are chapters that are simply there and don t contribute in any way with the plot There are chapters that are about Crows and others about some of The Grays and others are about Danny, and although I tried very hard to understand, I couldn t do it, and it s a shame because it has everything I love in a book, from witches to an atmospheric place, but the plot construction is simply not for me, it s very messy Some important parts and revelations happen in a rush so I haven t been able to enjoy them, there are some things that happen out of nowhere and it s very hard for me to visualize them in my head, due to all my confusion about what was really happeningSadly, I couldn t connect with any of the characters, even though I know it s not them, it s me lol, really Maybe because I was so lost in I couldn t concentrate on them, although perhaps in another story I would have enjoyed them.I think that if this wasn t an ARC maybe I wouldn t have finished it, and it hurts me in my soul to say it, but it s realIt s the first time this year this happens to me, but I just feel that the book is, honestly, not for me, you know and it s really difficult to express what I feel with words, so I apologize because maybe the review isn t so clear as I would like it to be Not for this, I wouldn t recommend it, I can tell you that it s a book about queer witches, located in a beautifully atmospheric place where I would like to get lost in, and it has a very whimsical plot.If you feel like reading it, go for it , IT S NOT MY THING but I ve seen that most people are loving it, so maybe this is an unpopular opinion and that s fine Without even having read The Raven Boys, I feel like I can safely make this my answer to Do you have anything like TRB but wlw, aka a question that comes pretty much every single month to the LGBTQReads Tumblr Atmospheric, romantic, and wildly gay I love Amy Rose Capetta. heavy sigh Danny and her mom move to Tempest, California after Danny randomly selects it from a map There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the choice but things are not always as they appear Is something drawing her there The Grays, a group of high school girls, who happen to be queer witches, also live in Tempest One of their group, Imogen, has recently turned up without her personality and with sea glass eyes What happened to her Then she wanders into the woods and doesn t come back She s their Regina George so the Grays feel lost without their Queen Bee.They basically recruit Danny into their group, discovering she has a power for finding things, they begin their mission to get Imogen back All of her mind, body and spirit.I love this cover.I love the representation.I am intrigued by the premise.The format did not work for me.I was as lost as Imogen most of the time.I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I had to start a chapter over because my mind was wandering and I had no idea what was going on There were so many perspective jumps and time jumps I normally do not mind that at all but this just was all over the place.The writing is pretty but is it possible to be too pretty In my opinion, the substance of the plot got buried under all the whimsy I am sure there will be many readers who will absolutely adore this story I just unfortunately was not one of them.If it weren t for the great rep and lush atmosphere, I most likely would have given this two stars It hurts my heart to write this as I have been greatly anticipating this release Alas, there is a reader for every book and I am just not the reader for this one.Thank you so much to the publisher, Candlewick Press, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I always appreciate the opportunity to provide my opinion on new releases. I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher Candlewick Press in exchange for an honest review I give this book 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4.I had such high hopes for this book, but it ultimately did not live up to my expectations Let s start with what I did like I liked the diversity There was a lot of sexual lesbian, ace, etc and racial diversity One of the girls was Filipino which I was super happy about since I m Filipino I love seeing Filipino representation I also liked the aesthetic of the book The descriptions perfectly captured that foggy, mystical, Northern California vibe Now on to what I didn t love There were a lot of point of view changes throughout the book which really made it difficult to understand especially in the beginning Each POV would last for only a few pages so it ended up being a bit jarring and all over the place As for the storyline, it wasn t exciting It felt kind of blah to me until the end which is when things finally got interesting I also wished the book focused on June and Hawthorn They were my two favorite characters and I wanted to explore of their backstory Overall, this book had some good moments Queer POC witches for the win , but didn t reach its full potential.