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Ultimate Spider Man is a fictional comic that has been written over and over again for the last couple of decades The story about Peter Parker, a nerd who is bitten by a scientific spider That spider reverses his DNA and enhances his natural abilities On top of that, he matures with his new powers as well He lives his life by his uncle s motto with great power comes great responsibility Since I have read Spider Man a lot, I am already familiar with it However, I did not like this comic in particular This book has details that I m not at all familiar with For one, it displays some characters as being totally off who they were previously portrayed as In some aspects, this comic is not even accurate with details that happened in the comics or even in the movies If you aren t familiar with Spider Man before, I would advise against reading this as a first comic It will throw off your understanding off what actually happened In addition, it was hard to follow the path of the story because at times, the characters would just stop talking Then they would say some random thought that would throw me off at times Because Spider Man is a classic, some things can t be changed The things that could be changed were changed completely Few things in this story aligned with the classics or even with the movie. 200 goodreads Ultimate Spider Man Amazing Fantasy, 7 15 , The Amazing Spider Man ,.4 5,. [Read Epub] ☤ Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1 ♿ Collecting The Groundbreaking First Year Of Ultimate Spider Man In One Colossal Trade Paperback High School, Puberty, First Dances There Are Many Pitfalls To Being Young Compound These With Intense Personal Tragedy And Superhuman Powers, And You Can Start To Visualize The World Of Peter Parker, Aka Spider Man Following The Murder Of His Uncle And The Green Goblin S Assualt On His High School, Peter Finds Himself On The Brink Of Manhood Getting A Job At The Daily Bugle To Help Support His Widowed Aunt And Taking On Extracurricular Activities Such As Bringing Down The Kingpin, The Head Of Organized Crime In New York City Collects Ultimate Spider Man After finally caving in and seeing the latest Spider Man movie I had to re read the universe that started it allwell the universe that started the one that Miles Morales inherited I enjoyed this re read of these comics I grew up with, and enjoyed the way that Electro was rewritten almost as much as I hated the way that the Green Goblin was presented here He s not some hulking beast, he s just a dude who dresses as a goblin and likes to fly around on his goblin glider and hurl around pumpkin bombs Not a whole lot to over analyze with that.Regardless, I forgot how well crafted these stories were, and it was a fun treat to be reminded of that while also reading through these great early storylines It s crazy to believe how long it s been since these came out, but I am happy to report that even now, these tales still stand the test of time. This was the first comic book I ve ever read It certainly won t be my last Thanks for the recommendation, Madison C est de la relecture, mais sur papier cette fois, et entre a plus le fait qu il ne me manque aucune issue contrairement la derni re fois, je dois dire que j ai plus appr ci ma lecture Je ne suis toujours pas franchement fan des dessins mais par contre je trouve l histoire top, particuli rement dans la deuxi me moiti. A modern retelling of Spider Man s origin, set in the early 2000s rather than the 1960s The artwork is pretty good a variety of colors, well portrayed emotions, and dynamic action scenes Unfortunately, the script falls short it seems written for modern teenagers, who, apparently, have a much limited vocabulary and greater use of slang than teens did in the 1960s surprised I d guess that only Spidey fans will enjoy this one.I ve been a Spider Man fan since childhood, growing up on the 1990s cartoon and toys I may have read a few of the comics at friends houses, but they didn t interest me much In the early 2000s, Marvel rewrote most popular comic books to take place in the present day Ultimate Spider Man was one of those comics.I read a few issues in high school, because friends let me borrow them When Marvel launched DotComics a PC program for downloading and reading comics in the early 2000s, I downloaded as many free comics as I could, many of them from the Ultimate line.When I saw this book on the library shelf, I recognized the Ultimate Spider Man title from a decade ago Since I wasn t able to get every issue from friends or online back in the day, I checked it out.I was somewhat disappointed The trademark one liners that Peter Spider Man is known for spewing during fights were mostly lame The stories weren t particularly compelling There s not a lot of character development for Harry Osborn or Liz Allan Mary Jane was the worst other than a few scenes of her studying, she s mostly represented as vapid eye candy.The story is based on the original, but there are several changes for example, Norman Osborn has Peter followed, and he discovers that Peter obtained his spider powers from the spider bite in his lab.The Green Goblin and Kingpin are the main villains, but Electro and other minor ones appear as well.One redeeming quality of this book came at the very end a full color reprint of the original Spider Man comic book Amazing Fantasy 15 from 1962, by Marvel legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. ULTIMATE SPIDER MAN, VOL 1 by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS My first introduction to Spider Man was Sam Raimi s 2002 film, appropriately named Spider Man It was as great as a superhero film could be in the early 2000s, but it hooked me into the webslinger s story and made me a fan But even with the movies, it never occurred to me that I could be reading the comic books So I took it as an opportunity to catch up on old times In this first volume, Bendis takes the classic story and revitalizes it, breathing fresh life into it and presenting it to an audience of a new generation As a kid just starting out in elementary school, this would ve been perfect for me And the story doesn t disappoint Peter Parker is still Peter Parker somewhat nerdy but brainy, not so smooth with the ladies, the butt of a jock s jokes and his supporting cast is almost the same, minus the subtle differences the book takes place in the Ultimate universe, a separate continuity for the main Marvel universeit can get complicated, but that s the basic idea , but the story, while the same at its core, feels new It s almost as if there s to Peter s story that we re just now learning or better yet, the same story with new angles and twists It s a feel good story that s sure to win the hearts of fans across the board Everything you know about Peter s early days as Spider Man, from the accident, to his relationship with his aunt and uncle, to the famous words, With great power comes great responsibility, Ultimate Spider Man, Vol 1 is an absolute must read for diehard fans and newcomers alike. SPOILERSBy the time when Brian Michael Bendis was hired by Marvel to write a Spider Man comic that would not only reboot the publisher s most iconic character for the millennial audience, but introduce the Ultimate Universe, Spidey was not selling well as the nineties were a troubling time for the industry, including Marvel, who had to sell the movie rights of their characters to make sure they re still alive Fortunately, it paid off as the nerdy science kid from Queens can be as relevant during the 21st century.Based on the original story in Amazing Fantasy 15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, which was only 11 pages long, Bendis s retelling of Spider Man s origin is expanded in the first seven issues During a school trip to Oscorp Industries, Peter Parker gets bitten by an experimental genetically engineered spider, which leads to him manifesting various superhuman, arachnid like powers As Peter comes to terms with these powers and trying to find a purpose for them, Oscorp founder Norman Osborn the father of Peter s friend Harry keeps an eye on the high schooler who will become your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man.Given that the source material was essentially a short story in which the hero learns the meaning of responsibility through a tragedy, it is surprising how Bendis can expand this over seven issues, since everyone should know Spidey s origin by now However, Bendis expands on who Peter is as a high schooler who is constantly being bullied by the jock Flash Thompson, whilst receiving friendly comfort from his next door neighbour Mary Jane Watson.Although there was about forty years of history before the publication of Ultimate Spider Man as we ve seen the character age over the years, returning Peter to his teenage roots not only makes him relevant to younger readers, but shows how Peter has to learn his lessons, albeit through the hardest of circumstances Obviously the murder of Uncle Ben shapes Peter in the path of with great power comes great responsibility , but even as Spider Man, he is still learning as later in this volume, he faces organized crime, but his decisions as a vigilante does make him a public menace, much to the delight of The Daily Bugle s J Jonah Jameson.As someone who thinks Spidey has the best rogues gallery in the Marvel universe, I found some of Mark Bagley s redesigns of these classic villains to be problematic, such as the Shocker Although Norman Osborn is a intimating presence as he manipulates those, including his own son, to achieve his goals, but when he goes full Goblin, he is an uninteresting Hulk like monster, hence the constant jokes of the Hulk attacking Midtown High School Wow, never thought I would miss Steve Ditko s glider riding Halloween wearing Goblin The only villain that came visually unscathed is the Kingpin, who functions the same as his 616 counterpart, but despite his menacing obese figure, the amount of fat jokes Spidey comes up with are just hilarious.Concluding this first year of the book is 13, which brings out the best in the Bendis Bagley collaboration What is essentially a conversation in which Peter comes out to Mary Jane, Bendis is spot on in writing this friendship that could possibly lead to something , while Mark Bagley who has been drawing Spider Man since the early nineties does a good job at drawing a comic that is very dialogue heavy as he makes his characters lively and expressive.Clearly influenced the cinematic incarnations, Ultimate Spider Man by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley is a terrific millennial revisit to the roots of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko s most celebrated creation. Marvel introduced the Ultimate Universe in an attempt to modernize their stories, reset their continuities and make them accessible to new readers i.e make money and save themselves from bankruptcy It all began with this Ultimate Spider man series.This is a retelling of Spidey s origin with a few updates There s not a whole lot of new ground covered here but what is here is pretty well written with dynamic art fit for the web slinger I also love that Brian Michael Bendis has the patience to really develop Peter Parker as a believable high school student and to really flesh out his origin without rushing into everything.With Spidey dealing with his newfound powers, high school, Mary Jane, his Uncle Ben, the Green Goblin, and the Kingpin, all in a modern setting, this is a great place to start for anyone interested in reading a solid introduction to Spider man.