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Different Dynamics by Tamir Drake 3.5 starsM M M Shifter RomanceTriggers Attempted RapeI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is a very short read There is not a lot of development of the characters and you really only get to see a snippet less than seven days of their time together.Richard is the captain of his hockey team, but he has been hiding a major part of himself Because he s an Omega, he has heats that he has learned to just deal with He suffers through it, grits his teeth and continues to play through the pain There is a terrible stigma already attached to him because of he is an Omega and he doesn t want to give his team or the league any ammunition However, when a heat hits him unexpectedly, he s suffering much than he needs When his dinner delivery goes bad, James comes to his rescue.James is Richard s teammate and an alpha He helps Richard through his heat and it seems is very happy to do so His good friend, Dmitry is another alpha that Richard somehow imprints on while going through his heat Now this is where the story gets a little muddy is it the drugs that make him imprint on than one alpha Or, does this just happen The kindness that is in this story makes the alphas sweet and Richard is happy to soak up their attention Richard also has to come to terms with the fact that he has alphas to actually go through heat with he s been doing it alone for so long that he fears that once this heat is over, they will both go back and leave him.I do wish that this story had been longer because I think it has a lot of potential. It s been a couple of days since I finished this book and I m still confused This book takes place in a world of Alpha, Beta and Omega s and guys in heat That s all fine it could ve easily been a great story But since it s a book taking place in a world different from ours, I expected some kind of explanation or introduction into this world within the first chapter I didn t get that I actually looked up to see if this was a second or third book in a series, and maybe the introduction had been in the first book But instead I found it was the first in a series I would have enjoyed this book if I hadn t been so confused as to what was going on It didn t help the main character seemed just as confused as me. No ratingSo ummm Yeah, somebody dropped the ball big time on this Umm with you have A B O stories they usually are in the world, and feature a PNR aspect somewhere Anywhere, anywhere I mean that I don t know what in the crackerjack is going on in this world There was no rhyme or rhythm to the story Nothing made sense at tall Richard being this old and not knowing the basic omega function is laughable I did not enjoy this at all We see by the lack of rating, but I decided to continue I couldn t help but realize the author made the Omega s heat very very similar to a women s menstrual cycle I don t know if it was done purposeful or not, but I m laughing at the thought of a hockey player who wears briefs and uses industrial pads for his slick Its a many jokes in that in itself This was very convoluted as well James Dmitry s participation was nice, but we didn t get to see it What was the point of this story, it finished abruptly and feel like it was in the middle of the book instead of the end In my opinion it was a waste of printing No substance, no sense, no complete understanding of the trope obviously I mean, who can t get shifter smut right Apparently this author. Review also posted on the blog I requested this one from NineStar Press because I saw it featured hockey and I also was in the mood for an a b o story It wasn t as good as I thought it would be.It s just too short and the whole thing felt too rushed I really think this would have worked better as a novella or even a novel length story because the bones were there It just needed a lot of fleshing out in my opinion Because of the length the narration felt kind of jumpy.We never really get to know either of the characters because the story pretty much jumps from one sex scene to the next This might be perfect for some readers, but it s not my jam I want to feel the connection and chemistry between the MC s While sex scenes can be a good tool to give the readers a sense of who the characters are, I didn t feel like it worked in Different Dynamics I just wanted More of the relationship between each of the characters, about the characters themselves, every day life and dammit, hockey too The blurb makes it seem like there s a lot of hockey in the story, but it doesn t feature that much in the story itself.After all the criticism though, I have to say that I still kind of liked it It was good as a filler inbetween books because it s really not long but I probably wouldn t read it again.Trigger Warning for sexual assault at the beginning of the story. This was a very odd book for me I am confused by quite a bit Knowing this was a novella, I knew there would not be a lot of plot and world building, but we get absolutely minimal I was expecting a PNR about an Omega who plays hockey We did get that, well sort of Richard plays hockey He s an Omega and the team captain That in itself is interesting, but we get no sense of world here Omegas are tagged as not being able to hold up like the Alphas can, so Richard is bucking that stereotype by working hard and with the help of inhibitors and drugs keeping his heats to a minimum Only they do not really work well and Richard goes into a heat early.James is Richard s Alpha best friend and when he notices Richard isn t acting right, he finds out his secret of going into heat He offers his help While they are navigating Richard s heat, he unwittingly imprints on James friend Dmitry, also an Alpha, who offers his help as well Richard is loving the help and attention from these two men and doesn t want to let them go.This story had so many possibilities and avenues to explore But I felt this was a side novella to a bigger story and I hadn t read the bigger story It was a extended mating type scene which I expected, but I would ve liked a bit about the world this took place in We do get snippets of attraction between the guys and we do get that all are up for the action But my biggest complaint is that Richard is tagged as an older gentleman He surely would have had some idea about how the Omegas interact with the Alphas He was virtually clueless.I guess Richard, James, and Dmitry are likeable characters at least from the standpoint of dropping everything to deal with a friend s heat We get little else to go on Definitely a different type of story for me.3 Stars 3.5 FlamesThis book was gifted to me by the Jeep Diva for and honest review The review and ratings are solely my opinions. When I had requested this book, I didn t realize that it was a short But I went into the story not letting that bother me But then I read the book when I finished I was like wait, what This was like thoughts part of a story that the author was thinking about writing There was so much missing I liked Richard, James Dmitry I thought they were hot together but I don t know if they really had a HEA in the end And I don t know really much about them or their past Okay so Richard is an Omega but is totally clueless on what an omega is James is an Alpha Richard s best friend but had no clue that Richard was an Omega Then I was confused on the imprinting There wasn t any knotting on page, talk of MPreg or really anything at all except a lot of hot sex And the ending It just ends Maybe the author will take this story and turn it into a full novel, which I would eagerly read as there were a lot of promises in this book.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars I really liked this, but I didn t like where it ended It needs a sequel, there is a lot story that could be told. 3.5 StarsI received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads While there were parts of this book that were a bit weird, I have to admit that I still enjoyed reading it I loved Richard as he tried to keep his heat scent hidden anyway he could just because he was afraid he wouldn t be able to continue playing the sport that was his whole life I loved that James was so tender and caring for Richard during his time of need Dmitri was fun and added a whole other dimension to the story.That being said, I really wish we would ve had some expansion on certain aspects of the story Like what slick was and why Richard just suddenly started producing it And OMG it was like a period for a woman and I found that mildly disturbing I don t understand how someone could get to Richard s age and not have any idea about the things he was so lost on Even if he didn t know everything, I m sure he would ve learned a bit from other couples just from stories and talking Then there is the whole imprinting thing Was it permanent Was it only the one heat I didn t quite understand how that worked Let s just say there was a whole lot of questions I had that had they been address, the story would ve been so much better.However, taking in all the things I wish I d had clarification on, all in all, I really did enjoy the story I liked the sexy bits along with the friendships we saw Seeing Richard and James turning their friendship into something was exciting and interesting I just wish we d gotten a concrete answer as to what they were at the end of the story Friends with heat benefits More IDK I was left hanging and that was a disappointment. While I really liked this, I can t give it than 3 stars, because I was expecting a romance, a HEA or at least a HFN, but we got neither of those things view spoiler I really liked Richard and how he was afraid to need someone, or how he was afraid to ask for something he needed Luckily he had his best friend James help him out during his heat And I was even on board with Dmitry helping him out too, since they were all just so darn likable.But just when I was getting ready for Richard and James to talk about the future, think of something romantic together or just declare their undying love, it ends The last thing they talk about is that James and Dmitry will help Richard out with future heats when they can Well, talk about anti climactic.This had so much potential for romance We had two and eventually 3 very sweet guys who were amazing in bed, and then we only got friendship and nothing I was so disappointed If I had known I wouldn t have read this Yes, it was hot, but I wouldn t call this OTT porny That s why I was expecting something of a romance hide spoiler ^Book ⇯ Different Dynamics ⇔ Richard Doesn T Mind Being An Omega All He Cares About Is Playing Good Hockey, Even Though It Means Ignoring The Media That Tries To Rip Him Apart For It They Don T Think Omegas Should Be Allowed On The Ice, But He Gets Along Fine He S Team Captain He Can Play With The Best Of ThemThe One Sticking Point Is His Heats Richard Might Be On Suppressants, But He S One Of The Unlucky Ones Who Still Gets A Heat Every Four Months Or So They Suck To Deal With, Especially Alone, But Seeking Out A Heat Partner Isn T An Option The PR Nightmare Alone Keeps Him From Any Kind Of Hook Up He Can T Risk It Hockey Is All He S GotWhen Richard S Heat Comes Early While His Team Is On A Roadie, Teammate And Best Friend James Helps Him Out Of A Bad Situation Tired Of Hurting, Richard Decides It S Better Not To Go It Alone And James Is Safe And Warm He S A Great Alpha Who Knows Just What Richard Needs When Richard Also Imprints On Big, Bad Rival Player, Dmitry Sokolov There S Sweet Comfort In A Three Way With Lots Of Knotting And Dirty TalkRichard Might Be On Cloud NineDifferent Dynamics Is A Non Shifter A B O With An HFN