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Serafina and the Black Cloak was a one of a kind mystery thriller, peppered with an old fashioned ambiance and ominous tone I was entranced from the very beginning it s the kind of story that grants you an escape from reality and an entirety of reading enjoyment.Thus, if you are looking for a story that captivities through a blend of character driven story surrounded by an unsettling, chilling, beautiful and haunting setting, then be sure to pick up this one up It is unquestionably, a middle grade lover s delight, and I cannot recommend it enough WHAT I LIKED I was thoroughly impressed by the captivating simplicity of the plot in Serafina and the Black Cloak including, the haunting atmosphere that loomed over everything from beginning to end it was ominous, enchanting, mysterious, spellbinding, eerie and hair raising all together I have to say however, that the main aspect that anchored this story, was the dark presence of the sinister Man in the Black Cloak and to be frank, this was such an original concept and the driving force of the mystery that steered the slow and uncomfortable ride of the main conflict The very last sequence of events were unforeseen and utterly fantastic More so, because all the obscure and ambiguous points were clarified which ultimately, made the story all themeaningful Truly, Robert Beatty has established himself as an accomplished author his writing is a masterpiece To so greatly capture all the elements that make for a superb mystery thriller and to hold my attention, is proof that Beatty is easily one of the most brilliant and entertaining storytellers presently out there Each character in Serafina and the Black Cloak is uniformly sensational Be that as it may, Serafina was by far my favorite Her captivating charm of curiosity and conversation succeeded in entertaining me By some means, her internal solitude and the many burning questions she posed within the narrative is what genuinely helped convey the deep issues surrounding her plights and further made the story moving, eerie, and beautiful Did evil creatures think of themselves as evil Or did they think they were doing what was right Was evil something that was in your heart or was it how people viewed you Serafina takes us through the hallways, guest rooms, every nook and cranny of the Bilt Estate plus, the woods among other things, and each setting came to life through picturesque woodlands, abandoned cemeteries and old fashioned corridors all these elements and features were gathered and perfectly blended to create a delightfully suspenseful and atmospheric setting it s a world to feast on to say the least WHAT I DIDN T LIKED The only quibble I had with Serafina and the Black Cloak was with how overly reckless and impulsive Serafina was of her own safety More often than not, I found myselffrightened and dismayed for her protection and well being than rooting for her ha But in the end, I came to resolve that this is simply her given nature for one glaring reason that will kept me guessing the whole way through AFTERTHOUGHTS In light of my recent letdown with the middle grade genre, Serafina and the Black Cloak has revived my overly enthusiastic craze for middle grade literature and I am so incredibly grateful that it did Full review My Soul Called Life Sparrow s Reading Corner #Book Å Serafina and the Black Cloak æ , 3.5I can say I am lucky in terms of middle grade novel these days since I liked every middle grade novel I ve read lately Or maybe, just maybe, these books tug the child in me so a part of me liked the books eventually Serafina and the Black Cloak is not an exemption This precious little book is a middle grade novel about Serafina obviously and her adventure together with her friend Braeden in unraveling the true identity of the Black Cloak Man And also, her peculiarity and finding her self, her true self, literally It displayed a true sense of friendship, family love and the appreciation of individuality It has an enough amount of action, drama, humor and dread Even the middle part is quite boring, I really enjoyed it as a whole Actually, I was flying through the pages after that slow part , since the book had gone edgy, exciting and thrilling I was so compelled to find out what will happen next even part of me knows what I will get The anticipation is real, I swear And in no time, I finished this book, feeling contented with the ending It s a bit clich but it warms my heart, nonetheless.I liked this book And I will read its sequel. I saw the book trailer for this and thought, Hmmm Fascinating I want to read this Turns out, that trailer is pretty much the abridged version of the entire story.I d 2.5 this puppy It s not bad but I ve come to expect better from Disney Hyperion I had some problems as a grown up reader.The first thing that bothered me speech patterns are all over the place, especially for Serafina who hops between uneducated vernacular she calls horses hoof stompers as if she had to make up her own word for them because she didn t know what they were despite the fact she s well read and she apparently spies on people all the time, including the people around the stables to contemporary sarcasm Oh great If I can t see, I m gonna get lost for sure p 133 to new age envisioning The wolf doesn t know I m here I m one with the forest I m camouflaged and silent Other characters display some of this, as well, but not to the same extent as Serafina.And then there was the problem of stereotyping female behaviorchokengtitiktitikchokeng 166 171 huge problemI m going to ask you a question, she said All right, he said softly, sitting up in his bed When you look at me, what do you see Braeden went quiet and did not answer The question seemed to scare him What do you mean When you look at me, do you seedo you seea normal girl Clara Brahms is different than Anastasia Tostonova, and you are different than both of them, he said We re all different in our own way I understand what you re saying, but am I She faltered She didn t know how to ask it Am I strange looking Do I act strange Am I some sort of weird creature or something It stunned her when he did not reply right away, when he did not immediately deny it He didn t say anything at all He hesitated For a long time Every second that went by was like a dagger in her heart because she knew it was true. Serafina looked at Braeden, and she spoke very softly, not sure she wanted to know the answer to the question she was about to ask Was it like that when you met me I don tI Would you just as soon I go she said quietly, trying to understand No, it sit s hard to explain Try, she said, praying that he wasn t just abut to tell her that he felt nothing for her and just wanted to be alone When I met you, it wasdifferent , he said I wanted to know who you were When you ran down the stairs and disappeared, I was frantic to find you again I searched all over, every floor I checked every closet and looked under every bed Everyone else was looking for Clara Brahms, may God be with her, but I was looking for you , Serafina When my aunt and uncle decided to send me away to the Vances , I pitched a fit of temper like they d never seen before You should ve seen the look on their faces They had no idea what had gotten into me Serafina smiled, You really didn t want to leave Bilt that bad Still smiling, she took a few steps forward and sat on the edge of the bed beside him You have no idea how my heart leapt when I saw stupid old Crankshod shaking the daylights out of you in the porte cochere, he said I thought There she is There she is I can save her Yes, you are different, Serafinavery differentmaybe even strange, like you sayI don t knowbut His words faded, and he did not continue But maybe that s all right with you, she said tentatively, thinking she understood him Yes, I think it s what I like about you, he said, and there was a long pause between them So, we re friends, she said finally, her heart beating as she waited for his answer.Now, the overly dramatic writing irked me but that s because I m old and bitter Writing aside, here s what I question after moments like the one above Serafina is a partially feral, basement dwelling child who is well read but stays hidden during the day and catches rats in the Bilt Estate at night We know there s something different about her, we just don t know what She s only been exposed to culture via books and has gleaned whatever social knowledge she has from spying on people around the estate Given all that, why is she acting like a coquette around Braeden, fishing for compliments on her looks and wanting to be reassured that she s not weird Why does she differentiate between male and female roles Does this all come from the books she s read She s learned nothing but patriarchy and emotional manipulation Why did it have to go this way At the end reinforcing the problemI can t say I understand everything that happened, but I do know a hero when I see one You mean heroine , Mrs Vanderbilt said.Because only men can be heroes, you see Females have their own term and it s meant to convey less amounts of heroism because we all know that when you add ine to feminize a word, you ve just cut its potency in half.Now remember, these reactions are coming from a place of being sick of girls getting short shrifted for doing what would be considered awesome if a boy did it This is not the reaction pre and early teens are going to have when reading this story.As a book for kids, it is fun, suspenseful, a little scary, a little romantic, and fully adventurous I ve been recommending this to the 8 15 crowd all summer long, my cousins, especially, after they visited the Bilt Estate.It s not a bad book, even though I didn t like the writing It s appropriate for its audience and I think it will be well received It s just thatmaybe expect to have a talk about equality afterward Closer to a 1.5 I really didn t like this book.I m a firm believer that kids need creepy There s a reason Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark have persevered over time, and Serafina and the Black Cloak tries pretty hard to be in that same vein, but ends up wildly missing the mark.Serafina is a girl who was found in the woods, battered and broken Taken in by a man and kept secret for the first decade or so of her life, she is witness to a strange disappearance that she feels uniquely qualified to get to the bottom of, and so begins our tale of Serafina exploring and uncovering a dark, weird secret.The first bit of the book, the parts that establish who Serafina is and what she s really up to Pretty great The moment we get to the meat of the plot, however, the story screeches almost to a halt, with a few interesting scenes scattered amongst a tale that plods toward a conclusion a conclusion, by the way, that is a very pat, firm, almost Disney style ending that nearly betrays the entire tale It s a frustrating read because all the parts are there for a truly great read with some really interesting elements, but basically only a third of the story is really truly worth the time or effort, leading to a supremely disappointing story.Of course, as is typical, I appear to be in the stark minority on this People seem to overwhelmingly love this book, from the setting to the characters to the tale itself As for me, while Serafina is an engaging enough heroine, she deserves a much better story than this, and middle grade readers who are looking for a creepy story to keep them up at nights deserve something that s muchsubstantial I don t know if I missed something significant here or what, but this didn t do it for me at all. This was kind of disappointing I don t know what I was expecting but this book was very slow While I was learning about Seraphina and her life at the start it was interesting but then the story almost completely halted It was just description after description and I was getting bored The characters were one dimensional and didn t seem very authentic The story was quite predictable but it wasn t a horrible story I might read the next one as I m willing to give it a chance but I ll see. Set at the Bilt Estate in Asheville, NC about an hour north of me , this middle grade novel has everything An independent female protagonist with unique abilities, a mystery, some fantastical elements, historical setting, and gorgeous rooms and clothing And since Disney is the publisher, they were able to get the actual location to film their book trailer. Evidently, I have difficulty spelling the word cloak I just typed it in about six different iterations before I achieved the proper spelling I mean, Serafina and the Black Cloaca would probably be an interesting book most certainly a foul one but that s not what Robert Beatty wrote But I would totally read it Imagine a spunky Roman girl finds hints of a mysterious plot at the Forum and gets around the city by swimming the Cloaca Maxima No No book deal Well, actually, that s kind of the plot of Serafina and the Black Cloak Right I m copy pasting cloak so I don t have to type it any Serafina and her father live in the boiler room of the great Bilt Estate in Asheville, North Carolina Her father is an engineer, and a very good one at that, but he strictly informs Serafina that she must never be seen by anyone in the house, nor must she reveal that they sleep in the boiler room.So, right now you re thinking that we either have a Quasimodo situation on our hands, or that this is a Disneyfied version of a V.C Andrews story Actually, it s neither Serafina is preternaturally quiet, and only has eight toes, but is otherwise a relatively normal human girl Sort of.One night while prowling the mansion for rats she s the C.R.C Certified Rat Catcher , Serafina witnesses a creepy man in an even creepier black cloak chase and kind of consume a young girl The next morning, the Brahms family discovers that their beautiful piano prodigy of a daughter is missing Dun dun DUNNNN Almost every night after that, a child goes missing Only Serafina knows that it is Black Cloak, but she doesn t say anything about it because reasons She also strikes up an extremely unlikely friendship with the Vanderbilt s nephew, Braeden, who is, of course, kind and sweet and totally unstuffy.Oh, for pete s sake I m tired and I m sick and I don t want to tiptoe around the issue any longer Serafina and the Black Cloak was profoundly disappointing The characters were one dimensional, I guessed Serafina s secret right away and I think thediscerning kid readers will, as well especially if they re cat obsessed and the Boss Battle at the end was profoundly boring Like, that s it That s all you had to do In the afterword, the author states that he wrote this book to give his daughters a strong girl to look up to I m curious as to his definition of strong female character Serafina pretty much just does what other men tell her to do, and when the nephew s life is in danger, she says that she would die to save him Okay, I m not saying that it is ignoble or worthless to die for someone but her situation would easily be remedied with a little forethought or planning Instead of just dramatically dying for a boy, why wouldn t you get help She values her life less than that of a boy she s been friends with for a very short period of time.One benefit of reading this is now I am extremely intrigued by Asheville and the Bilt Estate, and it s definitely going on my to see travel list However, for a story set in the south or The South, depending on how you feel about the Southernness of North Carolina , the vernacular didn t ring particularly true to me, nor did it reflect the racial makeup of the area at the time Now, you might say, Librarian Pam Kids don t care about that and I ll say, Yes, they do Because they see themselves in stories, and if they are POC, they will not see themselves in this story at all When I started the book, I was hoping that Serafina was African American Nope White Why didn t the author give us a strong, black girl character Why not This is getting a lot of hype, and I think the book trailer gives away the story s secret about Serafina far too obviously, but I m not sure how many kids watch book trailers anyway In sum, this was a very disappointing book when there was a lot of potential for kick butt girls, American folklore, and fantasy. Review also found at Serafina is a 12 year old girl who lives in the Vanderbilt mansion, called the Bilt Estate, with her pa Well, they don t exactly live there properly They secretly live in the basement and no one knows she exists Her pa is the maintenance man and never really told her about where she came from or who her mother was, until a man in a black cloak comes and children start disappearing So this is probably not exactly Young Adult, andgeared towards older kids younger teens, but it s a solid fantasy tale about an unusual girl who isthan she appears, and who ends up saving the day of course I liked Serafina Even though she didn t really know anything about herself, she was strong, and still followed her instincts At first I was annoyed with her dad, but I ended up understanding why he did what he did and besides, this is for a younger crowd, so you have to kind of not analyze things too much For example, and I don t think this a spoiler, but Serafina only wore large man shirts tied at the waist with an old rope or belt, and for an adult, it s like, come on, she could have gotten some hand me downs no matter how poor they were But, it makes for a certain charm, and adds to who Serafina is She caresabout catching rats than what she is wearing, and her pa is too busy fixing machines in the Vanderbilt s basement I could emotionally relate to the idea that some people resonatewith animals and nature than other people, and Serafina meets a kindred spirit who is like her in that respect This isn t a complicated book, but it s cute and well written for its target audience Gorgeous cover though, am I right Buddy Read with the Saucy Wenches group in July 2015.