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In 2446, a time when consumer demand has allowed The Syndicate to create a thriving underground black market for unique antiquities and artefacts, Stassi and Gaige find themselves in 1920s France to acquire a copy of an unpublished manuscript for a customer Their mission takes an unplanned twist when they find themselves caught up in a previously undocumented historical murder mystery, involving a rouge runner and a mystery man hell bent on achieving historical infamy The question then becomes what are they willing to risk in order to fulfil their assignment and return home to 2446 without completely rewriting or destroying history or their future Perfection takes time and The Syndicate is well worth the wait Sophie Davis has managed to combine a fast paced futuristic mystery with the grand prestige of times gone past without make either one seem out of place The time eras and locations are well researched and well described, drawing the reader into the fun and playfulness of the time I also suggest following Sophie s Pinterest boards for The Syndicate as they show the inspiration Sophie has drawn from and provide a visual backdrop almost like a picture book I did appreciate the small but not insignificant role of the Australian protector enforcer character It s nice to know that us Aussies will still have an important role to play in future enterprises Sophie has managed to produce yet another fantastic series which will please readers from many different genres including but definitely not limited to fantasy, time travel, murder mystery and romance I would highly recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed any of the Talented Series Brilliant way to start off the series and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.That being said, I can honestly say gush that I adored this book It is a gorgeously written, incredibly detailed and researched novel that is like the best parts of Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and a bit of Veronic Mars put together It would probably make an epic TV show, someone get on that, please I need everyone to read this book so I have someone to discuss it with The Main Character had so many charmingly irreverant asides that I absolutely laughed out loud many times This is such an unusual occurence for me that my family kept asking if I were ok I don t want to give any plot points away, because everyone should be allowed to enjoy watching the story unfold for themselves, but there is mystery, romance, humour, and science fiction in all the right measures. #DOWNLOAD BOOK ¿ The Syndicate (Timewaves, #1) æ In A Future Where Time Travel Has Been Outlawed, A Black Market Exists For Anyone With The Money, Connections, And Nerve To Request Items From Days Past As A Runner For One Of The Underground Syndicates That Now Controls The Timewaves, Stassi Has Seen It All The Fall Of Rome, The Rise Of Hitler, The End Of Democracy, The Establishment Of Time Tourism, And The Devastating Consequences Of It Her Job Is To Seamlessly Slip Through The Past, In Search Of Items Of Value To The Syndicate S ClienteleStassi S Next Assignment Takes Her To Paris In TheS, In Search Of A Lost Manuscript By One Of The Twentieth Century S Greatest Writers She And Her Partner, Gaige, Are Swept Up In The City Of Light During The Height Of Fashion And Culture As Alluring A Locale As They Ve Ever Visited But A Seedier Side Of Life Lurks Beneath The Glamorous Fa Ade, And The Pair Quickly Learns This Run Is Dangerous Than Any Of Their Previous MissionsBecause History Isn T Playing Out As It Should Be A First For The Syndicate When The Stakes Are Raised And It Becomes A Matter Of Life Or Death, Stassi And Gaige Must Ultimately Decide How Far They Re Willing To Go To Ensure The Future As They Know It I enjoyed this one so much that rather than reach back into the dark abyss of the bazillion unread Kindle books I already own, I bought and have already started the next book in this series.Overall this is very, very good An adventure in 1920 s Paris, seeking to obtain and copy a never published novel by a fictitious famous author, trying not to be outted as time travelers from the future, there s a bit of a sweet romance but it s not angst ridden and is just one thread in a complex plot There s also a mysterious serial killer on the loose A serial killer that was not recorded in history In addition to all that, Stassi is seeking information to help her find out about her unknown birth parents due to a clue from that time and place The MC, Stassi, and her partner tease each other like brother and sister, obviously care for each other non romantically and are loyal I enjoyed their relationship, as well as Stassi s relationship with her best friend, Molly The characters all have their own personalities and truly feel like individuals There s humor here, and a lot of heart As well as mysteries and adventure.I ve noticed a couple minor editing errors, but nothan you might find in a traditionally published novel One continuity error, but it was something extremely minor and unimportant I also noticed a couple small anachronisms A couple characters in 1920 s Paris call the protagonist Ms , rather than Miss Another character tells a funny story about a woman who spent an evening with the back of her dress stuck in her hose which only happens with pantyhose, which were not yet invented So, not perfect, but relatively minor issues.A few logically questionable issues, due to playing around with time I think those could have been explained so they made sense a bit better, but nothing worthy of real complaint One thing I truly did question as something that seems like it would effect history, that wasn t explained to my satisfaction It would be spoilery to bespecific It happened at the end, so I m also thinking it may be addressed in book 2 Overall, I really enjoyed it The story is engaging and interesting, the writing is good, and I like the characters. I received an electronic reading copy in exchange for an honest review.3 5 StarsI have such conflicted feelings about this book because it had such an amazing premise, an interesting story line, but it just did not deliver in being a solid book It was full of so much detail, which I don t really mind, but much of it was so unnecessary and did nothing to advance the story Too much filler, and that s saying a lot as this book is over 500 pages It drags, and it s such a shame because the story is definitely interesting.Stassi is a runner for an underground syndicate that is responsible for traveling back in time to secure priceless artifacts and bring them back to present day for their elite set of clients When a run to Paris in 1925 to secure an unpublished manuscript becomes available, Stassi and her partner Gaige are all over it Problems arise when the two find themselves in the city with a historically undocumented serial killer on the loose When the killer takes a particular interest in Stassi and her partner is accused of being the murderer, the pair have to decide what is necessary and what they will risk in order to complete their mission.What made this book so interesting was undoubtedly the era it was placed in The futuristic aspects annoyed me a little bit particularly the DOG Scan I mean, really , but Paris is Paris, and the 1920 s were such an interesting time Not to mention that the two must gain the friendship of an artsy group of people that include the likes of Ernest Hemmingway and Gertrude Stein in order to complete their mission That was my favorite part As an artistic person myself, I found myself completely jealous of Stassi s abilities to go back in time and associate with such persons How fascinating that would be I also really liked Charles, Stassi s love interest when she gets to Paris I found myself really crushed when I knew she was going to have to say goodbye, and can honestly say that I was a little bit surprised by the ending of this book Although there was part of me that saw it coming, and I m a little glad it played out the way it did I don t think I was ready to say goodbye to Charles just yet.There are a lot of different things happening in this book that almost branch out into their own little story lines, and they really make up the bulk of the story There s Stassi s need to findabout her locket so she can identify her parents, there s the manuscript they need to secure for a client, there s this unknown serial killer on the loose, there s the rogue runner who s MIA from another syndicate, and there is the blossoming relationship between Stassi s love interest, Charles So much going on all at once, and yet somehow this book moved along at such a slow pace That is the reason for my disappointment and my lower rating of the book It was all interesting to me, and I wanted to know what was going to happen with each plot point but my lack of willpower to read through the dull parts had me putting this book down for lengthier periods of time.If you have the patience and the book sounds interesting to you, I say pick it up Overall it is not an uneventful read I m hoping for a stronger sequel for this Timewaves series. Read all my reviews on I like time travel, so naturally when I heard about this time travel novel featuring a Syndicate sending people back into time to steal certain artifacts.Stassi and her partner are sent to 1920s Paris in order to track down a certain manuscript, while they have to mingle in with the local artists consisting of many, many famous historical figures However, what starts as a routine job goes awry quickly as a new serial killer turns up.I liked it a lot While at times it is too slow most of the time it was really enjoyable My one objection was that it sometimes was a bit too convenient and easy for the main characters Also, I was not sure why their task was so important that they kept going even though it was obvious that their lives really were in danger The ending was slightly eye rolling, especially considering the romance But, I do think that with the Syndicate there is the potential to have a lotnice adventures all through history, and I know I would like to read the the next books in the Timewaves series Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I feel like there is a really big gap in YA for well written, fun Sci Fi with an interesting concept The Syndicate definitely goes some way towards filling this void for me Firstly, the characters are immensely fun Stassi is passionate, smart, quick witted but also very human Her reactions aren t always perfect but they re very relatable She makes a great double act with her Partner, Gaige who is the atypical smart ass Casanova with a heart of gold I would like there to becharacterization of Molly in further books for a best friend and cornerstone of Stassi s life she featured surprisingly little As for Charles DuPreehe was a perfect addition to the gang, with his 1920 s manners and interactions providing great balance to the modern perspectives of the rest His romance with Stassi lent The Syndicate some really nice lightness and was handled in a really sweet way I also really enjoyed the building of the Father Daughter relationship with Stassi and Cyrus I thought it was a really sweet way to flesh Cyrus out A boss who is very business minded and keeps a stern eye on the rules could be problematic, but here he is nicely softened by his relationship with Stassi Both Cyrus and The Syndicate itself are things which I would love to hearabout in future installments their pasts could be fascinating mysteries to be solved The plot was a lot of fun, and understandably there s a lot left open to interpretation due to the fact that sequels are planned However a small criticism would be that at times I felt there might just be a little too much going on.with the Blues Canyon story line, the serial killer on the loose, the missing Runner and then Stassi s locket on topit all felt very busy at times That s not including all the relationships being built up in the background of it all I could have done with less locket andserial killer but perhaps that s my morbid side speaking Perhaps in future books the time travel aspect can be showcasedeffectively by slim lining plot points it made the ending start to feel a little rushed as the writers battled to wrap up what was required whilst teasing what was to come This ties in with the villain of the piece, who was a massive let down and is why The Syndicate is rated four stars instead of five Whilst our heroes were fun and engaging, the villain felt a bit uninspired there was too much going on for them to bethan a very faint shadow, as opposed to a looming specter of doom The build up to their identity s reveal is lackluster, and I felt like many opportunities to create a really interesting plot twist were completely overlooked in favor of something which ultimately felt very bland However that is a small niggle amidst a great deal of great Overall this is a really fun, imaginative read that s been left on an intriguing cliffhanger I ll definitely be tuning in for the sequel I received a free copy from Rachel E Carter s YA Book Club on Goodreads in exchange for a review First off, this book really reminded me in a good way stylistically of Claudia Gray s Firebird series a little futuristic but nothing too wild except for the mention of severalWorld Wars yes it is plausible but a little pessimistic , as well as Marianne Curley s Guardians of Time trilogy in terms of the being able to go through time although with a little less magic and a littlescience Second, a large portion of this book took place in Paris in 1925, which if you love anything about that period then you will straight up love this book While they don t go into too much detail of everything, I feel like they still get the vibe of what it was to live in the twenties Right away the two main characters are swept into society, right into the circle of some of the most famous authors of that time But not only are they dealing with time traveling to a couple centuries in the past, they have to deal with serial killer who takes a shine to Stassi I really liked the mystery portion of this book, it s chilling but it also doesn t take up the entire story They balanced their plots well, so it doesn t feel like the story has too much going on but it is constantly moving forward Also there was a chance there was going to be a love triangle and I cannot express enough about how happy I am that that did not happen It becomes very clear early on that while Gaige and Stassi are close, they arelike a brother sister team, which is really nice to read There is a little bit of romance later on, but again, it doesn t take over the plot, which really is a nice change It s really hard to not go into too much detail I don t want to spoil anything What else can I say about this I really enjoyed reading it, and after that slight cliff hanger of an ending, I can t wait for the next one I did feel like there were some things that could have been exploredStassi s family so I m hoping that that continues in the next book, and mini spoiler I hope that a certain older character knowsthan he is letting on about her family because either I read it wrong or they were heavily hinting at something big In the end I would definitely recommend it to anyone It was a good read, I can t wait for the next one Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Sophie Davis Books and NetGalleyCyrus just said he has an assignment in Paris, year 1925 You want it rightThis wasn t a bad book, but it did struggle to hold my attention.Stassi was an okay character, although at times her devotion to her job was really shaky I couldn t quite understand her wanting to sit through 2 hours of hairdressing rather than cut her hair a bit, and I also thought it was a bad idea to get involved with someone from a completely different century.The storyline in this was okay, but it was let down by the slow pace The book just seemed really long, and the pace really dragged for me I got that the main idea was to find a manuscript for a book which had been lost, and I also got that Stassi was trying to work out who had purchased the locket that she had been given by her mother, with the hope of discovering her birth parents, but the story just seemed to take forever to get anywhere, and I lost interest.The ending to this was okay, and I wasn t expecting what we learned right at the end of the book.6 out of 10 3.5 starsLove me some time travel I didn t even realize that this is one long ass book, though But I actually really liked it, although Return Once More is still my favourite time travel book I really liked the characters, especially our heroine Stassi, and I loved the fact that they time traveled to 1920 s Paris Charles is an interesting character, as well, although at times a bit too mysterious The only problem I had with this book was that it was way too slow at times and yet way too action packed at other times and their main mission itself The whole mission doesn t seem so important that they would risk their lives for it numerous times Or maybe that s just me not really caring that much about the manuscript they re supposed to take I have to mention the ridiculous curse words as well Shant I was choking on air every time I ve read this.Overall, this really was a fun book and I m looking forward to the sequel.