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!EBOOK ☫ The Cleansing ⚆ After The Earth Suffered From A Series Of Severe Natural Disasters That Claimed Many Lives, People Are Still Fearful Years Later America Allows In Foreigners From Other Devastated Areas To Assist With Rebuilding As A Result, A New Wave Of Immigration Occurs, And Now Americans Are In The Minority They Are Discriminated Against And Blamed For Global Warming When A Foreigner Named Julian Becomes President Of The United States, He Devises A Plan That Will Prevent Americans From Standing In The Way Of His Tyranny He Forces Them To Attend The Earth Education Program, Where They Are Supposed To Learn How To Take Better Care Of The EnvironmentThe Story Follows John And Annie Weber, An American Couple, Who Discover That The Program Is Malignant Than It Appears As A Massive Genocide Takes Place, John And Annie Struggle To Survive In This New World The CleansingI was given a free eBook copy of The Cleansing in exchange for a fair and honest review This book is absolutely riveting In fact, I did not want to put this book down and read the entire novel in a single day From the first chapter I was hooked John and Annie the main characters are extremely relatable I found myself caught up in their story and rooting for them throughout the entire book The ending was unexpected which is a rare occurrence.What makes this story so compelling is it s believability I hope that this bleak and horrifying future does not come to pass, but It could.I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series I give this book 5 stars out of 5. I really enjoyed this book It s depth surprised me The character development in this book is superb and by the end of the novel you really feel connected to the characters What makes this book evenamazing is how the plot is handled It s pacing, subplot interjections, flashbacks, and plot twists kept me hooked In a distant future I suppose the events in this book could become a possible reality I think that the potential possibilities is what makes certain dystopian novels truly chilling This is a great dystopian novel, and I think anyone who likes thrillers or drama would appreciate this book.Throughout the book we see racism directed at Americans through laws Having studied the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s I can see some similarities and, in the beginning, it was interesting to see things turned around on Americans It wasn t long until their treatment stopped being an interesting how would you like it and turned into something that registered as just wrong to me as a reader The main characters in this novel, John and Annie, are a somewhat average couple I think this makes it a lot easier to relate to the feelings of the characters They aren t action heroes, they aren t the strongest or most intelligent, they aren t anything particularly special They survive the story by their own skills, personal strengths, love and luck view spoiler But, as in all true dystopian novels, they are doomed to fail hide spoiler With the earth ravished by the effects of global warming, America s population is left depleted, allowing foreigners to move in and change the face of the country Now a minority in their own land, Americans are blamed for much of the world s problems and trucked off to sinister re education camps A young couple, John and Annie, discover their true fate at the program, and escape only to live a life of danger and fear in a country they no longer recognise Evans has come up with a highly original take on the science fiction dystopian novel Her premise could potentially have been controversial and offensive foreigners taking over but she has carefully avoided linking the foreigners to any specific group or country She is also clear to show that some of the new arrivals are also upset about the way the remaining Americans are treated John and Annie are an appealing couple I liked how we are let in on their difficulties having children and other issues each has The first half of the book has moments of terror and suspense, but is mostly about their thoughts and feelings The second half, though, really starts to snowball in excitement and suspense I didn t see the end coming at all, which is really refreshing It will come as quite a shock The book raises incredibly relevant issues, such as how much we are each responsible for our government s actions, even if we didn t vote for them As an Australian, my current government is processing asylum seekers offshore, away from the purveiw of local watchdogs on human rights Amnesty International has slammed our treatment of refugees An asylum seeker was recently bashed to death under the care of the Australian government How much am I responsible for this, even though I didn t vote for the current party in power In Evans story, Americans are mistreated for their contribution to global warming I think currently the US sits at the third highest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world John and Annie absolve themselves of any responsibility we get the sense they didn t agree with some of their country s policies and they are presented as honest and hardworking people, like the bulk of US citizens But I did feel the book had a chance to enter a few grey areas in this respect, to be a littlemorally ambivalent Especially when the situation is reversed How much are the new citizens of the US in The Cleansing responsible for the way the few remaining locals are being treated Is ignorance an excuse Is merely disagreeing much of a protest The surviving American resistance groups in The Cleansing engage in terrorist activity to try to oust the foreign occupiers Again, this raises interesting relevant questions about what constitutes terror, given the current environment where the Australian and the UK governments have joined America in its ongoing War On Terror John indeed does feel guilt about innocent lives that might be lost in his plans, but again I did feel this could have thrown up larger issues about the controversial resistance terrorism distinction It s a really interesting idea, Americans forced in the role of what amount to suicide missions to gain their freedom An inversion of the present state of affairs, that brings up all kinds of ethical conundrums Despite these couple of small matters which are really to do with an observation about where The Cleansing might have ventured further, than actual criticisms I found this book an engaging, and tension filled ride, especially in the latter half The Cleansing will appeal to all readers who like their dystopian fiction with as much quiet character development as nail biting action Can t wait to read the next instalment. The Cleansing is an absolute page turner Your heart will be pounding the whole time you read this The subject matter of ethnic cleansing is something that will grip you as it has been a reality for many groups of people In this book Americans are now the targets The story is crazy intense and will leave you thinking The ending is so unbelievable I m still trying to come to terms with it It s simply amazing. Evans really makes you feel the desperation and fear overtaking the main characters in The Cleansing Each time you turn the page there is something that keeps the story flowing wonderfully Though the story is mostly a thriller there is another element that shines through, Love can help push us past anything If you d like to read my in depth review of The Cleansing, visit my blog at The Cleansing is by Danielle Tara Evans It is a tremendous book and I can t wait to start the second book In today s political climate, it is a frightening book as well as being good Can something like this happen in the next twenty six years John and Annie Weber are simply middle class people They own their house and their cars and both work to pay for what they have They live in Philadelphia, PA and both of their families are nearby They have drawn away from their families a bit because Annie cannot get pregnant without artificial insemination which may or may not work John s father blames Annie and wasn t tactful when the subject was broached He had always been hard on John after the death of his brother but this time, John stood up to him It was one thing to go after him and another to go after Annie So relations are strained Annie s family relations were also strained but it was because of Annie Annie was jealous of her older sister, Dawn, who had two young boys and jealous of her younger unmarried sister for having a little girl To keep from saying anything to hurt the other girls, Annie just stayed away She talked to them and texted but stayed away So, Annie and John spent most of their time together and couldn t be much happier One evening, a knock on the door changed everything They were told to pack a bag for a week s stay and they had ten minutes to do so Act 18175 was put into effect All American born people for two generations back, were required to attend an Earth Education Program It was for a week It was now mandatory to be re educated on the earth and taught how you can help protect it According to the new religion, Erdinism, it was the Americans fault that there were problems with the Earth The Americans did not protect the Earth but used it up Julian, a Lithuanian, is President and he is turning into a tyrant Eventually, he voids the United States and takes over completely John decided to take his gun on the trip He had been in the military and knew how to use it Annie disagreed with him, thinking it would only bring trouble Trouble came sooner rather than later When John tried to go to help a neighbor, he was taken down and searched When the gun was found, he was arrested Annie was taken to the Program on her own She continually wondered about John during the entire week Annie went through the program although it was nothingthan a repeat of everything she had been brought up knowing She felt it was a waste of time but attended faithfully and passed the exit exam She was to leave the next day That evening, John was released and brought to Annie He was going to have to stay for a week but they were together for one night The next day, he walked her outside to where she was to meet the bus What they found was murder The guards started shooting everyone waiting for the buses, men, women and children Through John s military training, he managed to keep Annie alive and to obtain a gun and a badge Using the badge, he opened the gate and they ran away into the forest However, if they couldn t get the bracelets off their arms, they would be found They realize that it is the intent of Julian and his cronies to kill every American That meant their entire families, who were already in the Program, were going to be killed if they hadn t been already They were found and arrested When they were taken back to the place of death, they were handed over to another group to be taken to jail The group taking them to jail was Die Weisse Rose The White Rose group They were dedicated to saving as many Americans as possible, giving them new identities, new lives and eventually helping overthrow Julian Were they safe now What else could happen to them This book brings up a lot of questions After having studied the Holocaust, the events are eerily the same A man, an egomaniac, tries to take over the world and gets rid of those who get in his way Julian seems to be the same kind of egomaniac and his enemies are Americans Hitler killed around 6 million Jews and Julian killed over three times that number No one knew about the deaths, they thought they had been sent somewhere else to work in both instances If this happened in real life once, could it happen again This book really makes you think as you are entertained. The Cleansing follows Annie and John, two Americans living in the devastated country after an apocalyptic series of natural disasters wipes out much of the Earth s population Many begin to immigrate to the United States, causing natural born citizens to become a minority Annie and John soon find themselves targeted, like all the other Americans, and blamed for causing the natural disasters with their careless pollution.That s not to say that the book portrays all the Americans as strictly can do no wrong, sympathetic good guys and everyone else as villains Some of the Americans or those helping them can be complete jerks or have flaws that garner less sympathy whileoften than not, the immigrant characters are shown in a good light or have a good moral sense The depictions feel even handed enough, as does the social commentary The book comments on the extreme natures of state sponsored religion, environmentalism, nationalism, and cultural, racial, and national identities It s not always fully taken advantage of, but it ties the aspects together well, such as the fictitious religion of Erdinism that promotes protecting the planet s environment.Sometimes, the story becomes overzealous the thoughts, feelings, and philosophy of the characters, givinginformation than is really needed It feels like things are over explained and that parts could be trimmed, like a section early on where the reader is told everything that Annie eats at a reeducation facility or the long descriptions of every emotion Annie experiences, slowing the pace down The book also doesn t seem to show enough of this futuristic world it creates In the first and last thirds of the book, there s plenty of world building, but nothing much is given in the middle Instead that part seems like a contemporary setting for the most part The middle is also where the story drags after an exciting beginning Not that a little downtime is bad, but the overall plot just kind of halts for a while.But when it picks up in the rest of the book, it really picks up The story practically sprints toward the end, sliding in to kick the reader upside the head There are plenty of comparisons to World War 2 and the plot definitely feels like it It s a very bleak story, the kind where you grasp onto any sliver of hope for things to turn around and get better In fact, it was so depressing at times, that I could only read a couple of chapters in a sitting That s just me though and I attribute that to a really effective and heavy atmosphere.I ll round this up to four stars The atmosphere really does work well It s not perfect, but this story has several interesting ideas It is very dark and not for those looking for an uplifting story. This dark dystopian thriller follows John and Annie Weber and their struggle in an all too real future America The Cleansing by Danielle Tara Evans amps up today s problems and uses them to create a frightening look ahead As the nation has a new foreign born president and traditional Americans are a discriminated minority, they push back against the new religion Erdinism and see the horrors of genocide, still they and we cling to the hope The drama, violence and challenges make this, at times, a heavy read However, it s a powerful story that is worth the investment The author brings us into the gritty dystopian world of The Cleansing with a skilled use of prose There is, thankfully a sequel planned, which is great news because this is one of those books that is difficult to forget Recommended, 5 stars. The Cleansing Author Danielle Tara Evans.Wow I just finished this book and it is now 3 37 am couldn t stop reading as I had to find out what happened to John and Annie This book has some strong themes running through it and did have me in tears at some points That said there are so many things that made this novel a gripping and nail biting read that once I started I can t put it down or stop reading it The novel itself followed Annie and John who were Americans as they were sent by the government to an environment program meant to teach them how to make the plant a cleaner place However not all was what it seemed and the leader who was forcing these changes really had something terrible in store for all the people forced to go Will they escape or find refuge with the help of other or is their fate sealed You d have to read this novel to find out I really liked Annie and John s closeness and how they seemed to jell together I was also heartbroken for them throughout their journey and one of the end chapter left me so mad, sad and screaming noooooooooooooo Leave them alone At my kindle as I was reading I also really hope that there is a sequel so I can find out what happened to Johnny and whether he will maybe be the difference in a world with so much murder and violence towards US people I also loved the way the author took a very scary and sad situation and was able to make me feel their pain but also feel their hope and believe that they could change things, that even though they were out numbered and had not a leg to stand on power wise they still wanted to try and make their world better I also found the religious aspect scary when it came to the new beliefs and how they wanted everyone to think the same and they punished people who were different, who did things that were looked upon as a sin or worse those who dared to speak out All because they wanted the world to be a certain way with certain people in it This novel has violence, heartbreak and character you ll fall in love with, hope for and want to see them make it As well as character you ll feel so mad and hurt by Well when reading that s how I felt I would recommend this novel for adults who like a gripping read and character who ll take you through so many emotions and a storyline that doesn t let go until the end.