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FREE PDF ⚢ Fast Food Genocide ì Revered Nutrition And Health Expert, PBS Personality, And Bestselling Author Of Eat To Live, Super Immunity, And The End Of Diabetes, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Delivers A Hard Hitting, Culture Shifting Examination Of The Role Fast And Processed Food Plays In Our Nation S Health Crisis And Offers A Program To Help Us Discover A Lasting Solution, Including A Two Week Meal Plan And RecipesWe Re Eating Our Way To Discomfort, Unhappiness, Disease, And Premature Death Processed And Fake Foods Have Become The Primary Source Of Calories In The United States A Trend That Is Growing Across The Developed World While These Frankenfoods Efficiently Feed The Majority Of Our Citizens, They Do Not Contain The Sustaining Biological And Chemical Properties Of Food Produced In Nature This Fast Food Solution Is Causing A Fast Food Genocide That Is Shaping Our Bodies And Our Futures, Joel Fuhrman, MD, WarnsEating These Unhealthy Foods Make Us Fatter And Profoundly Affects Our Brains, Behaviors, And Even Our Genetic Makeup, Leaving Us Helpless To Social Forces That Will Keep Us Eating Fast Food Forever, He Explains They Create An Avalanche Of Harmful Problems Chronic Disease, Lowered Intelligence Levels, And Attention Deficits That Are Intrinsically Linked To Poverty, Reduced Educational And Occupational Opportunities, And Even Increased Drug Addiction, Violence, And CrimeAn Urgent Call To Action, Fast Food Genocide Also Provides A Clear And Very Achievable Solution While Food Can Destroy The World, It Can Also Heal It We Must Take Back Control Of Our Diet By Eating Specific Natural Ingredients In A Balanced Way And In Doing So, Our Right To A Healthy, Long Life Greater Knowledge Leads To A Solution A Solution To Your Personal Health Issues And A Solution For Our Society Dr Fuhrman Writes But It Starts With You Provides a lot of evidence which spurred me to examine my eating habits The book, however, is very repetitive and too alarmist The title does not adequately represent the content, which was a happy surprise This is not a book about fast food restaurants, but a book about our diet and we have plenty of sins even if you never set foot in a fast food restaurant and how our diet impacts our body. I felt compelled to comment after reading the review that described the book as a lot of ranting I found the book presented evidence in a logical and nonbiased fashion, presenting the results of over 400 scientific studies, implicating processed foods as a factor in life threatening disease as well as autism, decreased intelligence, depression, dementia, and crime This is information critical to all of us, specifically our most vulnerable populations For example, the authors describe the situation in Camden where people don t enjoy the luxury of choice Pregnant women in Camden and in other food deserts who don t have easy access to high nutrient whole foods routinely have babies with low birth weights It is NOT that these women don t eat enough The problem is the lack of high nutrient calories Underweight babies, who appear otherwise normal, have underdeveloped brains and immune systems They are likely to develop chronic disease later in life And perhaps shockingly, these children grow up with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges It is a form of injustice directly linked to the food environment I see the consequences every day This excellent book not only sheds light on this and many other problems associated with unhealthy diets, it also gives us a game plan that involves than just a bunch of food plans Mark Merrill Director of Human Services for the City of Camden, Founder of Acelero Learning Centers This at first looked to me like a topical publication that would contain knowledge familiar to anyone who follows the health pages I just wanted a basic, non imaginative audiobook this weekend , but it turned out to be several messy books crammed into one an indictment of the processed food industry a history lesson in Jim Crow discrimination and eugenics policies a sociological hypothesis ascribing a link between processed food and violent crime rates and a primer in Nutritarian dietary advice basically whole foods plant based eating with the obligatory Appendix of sample recipes Most of it was interesting albeit well known information, but I found the crime diet message dubious And I object to the use of the word genocide in the title, which is a specific term with a definition based in human rights jurisprudence. I thought I was fairly expert at all things nutrition, and also all things that Dr Fuhrman says in his other books I have than a few of his books and have read all that I have.But this book is absolutely stunning Life changing Must read.Disclosure I am a devoted follower His books have changed my life and my daughter s life I was practically unemployable, always sick in bed One day, while laying sick in bed with a headache, I saw Dr Fuhrman on the Dr Oz show He was bold and said things about headaches that my neurologists had never mentioned, specifically the link to animal protein I had nothing to lose Fast forward 3 years I am a team leader in my work group My manager can t fathom how my employer had laid me off twice in the past This way of eating absolutely has made my life better I am happy, I love my life and my work, I am hardly ever stressed, I am clear headed, feel generally great I can tell that I deal with stress much, much better than some of my co workers, and yes, I think it is the food In my past, I was always stressed out I even cried at work many times Now I feel happy in my work and things don t generally bother me.My daughter got over her severe depression by following these books I can t overstate the significance of that I thought we might lose her Heavy, I know.Daughter also cleared up her acne and I lost weight, but those two things are minor compared to just being able to feel great again.