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This was a good second novel in the Dark Fusion trilogy, but sadly I didn t like it as much as Dreadlocks Maybe because I couldn t connect with Red, or gang warfare has never really interested me though I love the fact that it s a gang of werewolves vs an all female gang of vampires , or maybe it seemed a little rushed, I don t know It was still good and if others are reading this trilogy I do recommend picking it up even though it doesn t connect with Dreadlocks.Here s what I did like Red s dilemma over who s side to be on especially when power and freedom are involved , Shusterman s signature writing, and the ending Holy shit, that ending was AMAZING It s also super short so it s not like it ll take long to finish it.Not as good as the first, but still enjoyable, now I m off to read the final book [[ READ KINDLE ]] ⇴ Red Rider's Hood ⇲ In This Second Entry In Neal Shusterman S Dark Fusion Series, He Twists The Familiar Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood Into A Brooding Story About A City Plagued By Gangs Red, A Boy Famous For Cruising Around In A Bloodcolored Mustang, Takes On The Wolves After They Rob His Grandmother He Decides To Beat Them By Joining Them, To Learn Their Weaknesses After A While, However, He Finds Himself Drawn To The Pack At The Next Full Moon, Will Red Take Up Their Murderous Ways, Or Will He Take Them Down Ingenious Twists And Turns Come Fast And Furious In This Urban Thriller I was surprised that this was not Shusterman s usual high quality writing Dread Locks was much better and I am hoping Duckling Ugly is like his style Red Rider s Hood felt a bit juvenile, and the characters lacked development and depth.Love Shusterman, didn t love this book. Which side are you on II The truth II don t know, I told her I don t know which side I m on I had no choice but to admit it now Red is a high school teen growing up in an urban area plagued by the Wolves, a local street gang On his way to his grandmother s house with a bag full of bread money , Red unexpectedly runs into Marvin, an old football star from his high school who supposedly left town and went to college, when he jumps out and washes Red s car windows while he s stopped at a red light Marvin tells Red that his sister, Marissa, works nearby at an antique shop and could use some company plus, she likes him Red decides to make a detour, despite his parents warning to go straight to grandmother s house When he finally gets to his grandmother s a few hours later, Red is attacked by members of the Wolves gang and thrown into the basement, where his grandmother is smoking some strange cigarettes she claims are made from wolfsbane There Red learns that the gang of Wolves are than just tough street thugsthey re actually werewolves who terrorize the city every full moon More importantly, his grandmother is one of the few remaining wolf hunters left When Cedric, the leader of the Wolves, goes so far as to steal red s Mustang, he vows to get revenge by any means necessary, even if that means going undercover as a Wolf in training But as Red grows closer to the people he is plotting to destroy, he starts to wonder whose side am I on This fast paced novel by Neal Shusterman is part of Shusterman s Dark Fusion series, which fuses traditional fairy tales with mythology and other legends, creating a sinister new hybridRed Rider s Hoodis sure to get the attention of even reluctant readers with its fast paced action, suspense, and plot twists on the well known Little Red Riding Hood story Similar toThe Shadow Club ,Red Rider s Hoodhas a central conflict focused on fighting the darkness inside of all of us the need to feel important and powerful What makes the novel so successful is the fact that it is urban without being gritty, and believable, despite its forays into the realm of werewolves and vampires Best suited for middle school students and older grades 7 and up ,Red Rider s Hoodis a clever and imaginative new version of the fairytale that everyone knows. I like Neil Shutterman as an author Sof far, I have found all his books to be fun, interesting, and thought provoking While I have also read some of his comedic works, I find that he seems to Excell at books that have some darker roots Red Rider s Hood is definately one of those dark books It takes the story of little red riding hood and changes it into something completely different with a guy as the main character and werewolves and vampires thrown in I found the book a easy read and a fun take on the story Unfortunately, I have to just put it as a three because I have read his other works and know he writes better. I feel bad rating this as low as I did, because it is a very good book, but I just don t think it s up to Mr Shusterman s usual standard I know, I know That s not really fair, but it s true I did like the book I m a sucker for retellings and making Red a boy was fabulous And the ending Hold the presses, folks, because it was creepy The problem wasn t that the book was bad, and there were plenty of awesome elements here I just had trouble getting into it than I normally do By the end, I was turning pages as fast as I possibly could, though, so that s something I m giving it a solid 3 1 2 stars, but rounding down because I don t think it s up to the author s usual glorious standards Still deliciously creepy, though, with plenty of tragedy and triumph I m looking forward to the next in the series.Content Advisory creatures of the night, violence, death, discussions of gangs and urban violence 2.5 Rounding down because compared to the others in the series, this one was a bit of a let down This story was much forward than the others and a bit stereotypical. I love these re tellings The first one was about Medusa and this one obviously is Little Red Riding Hood Only Red is a boy Loved the wolves and the vampires too Great book I like the twist that Shusterman give to the Red Riding Hood tale This book was a solid 4 5 up until the very end where it fell short.At the start of everything, Red has good reason to suspect Marissa s brother is a werewolf So, what happens A lesser book many lesser books would drag out this plot point endlessly by not having Red tell Marissa about his suspicions, but no that bandage is ripped off as soon as it s put on and THANK GOODNESS Instead, when Marissa chooses not to believe, it isn t because the facts had been denied her, but rather she chooses not to believe because of who she is as a person Whatever she does from there on out including testing her brother is done because of who her character is This does significantly for character development than the alternative Please, other writers, take note This is how you deal with characters and information they may not like.So, right off the bat you know that characterization is going to be spot on Red, our main character starts off humorously sarcastic and is forced to confront his own conflicting loyalties and personal desires as he s embedded among the enemy ranks At every step his personal struggles and reactions to the peer pressure surrounding him from both angles leads him to figure out what he really wants and who he is He s very proactive about wanting to be involved in the satiation, stating at one point, If they don t want us to be part of the problem, then they d better find a way to make us part of the solution While his grandmother, the resident werewolf expert, does not grow as much in the course of the story, she is a funny and very cool mentor figure, and learning about her past was quite intriguing.The pacing was also fantastic Not a moment was wasted, and things were never slowing down The moment one plot point ended, Red was smart enough to jump to the next one before getting caught up in the situation at hand Sure enough it starts to unravel on top of him later, but his quickness and even his impulsiveness keep the story on its toes Even towards the end of the story when we think we have all the facts, the world building continues to keep pace and reveal how much larger the threat actually is.However, it s also the ending that makes this story fall short of a 4 for me In the end what we know or think we know about werewolves starts to fall apart Grandma says that werewolves are evil, but suddenly we have a werewolf on the protagonist s side helping to take down his fellow pack view spoiler in defense of his family hide spoiler