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The Gideon Crew series just keeps getting better and better, and BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT blew me away It s actually a sequel to the long ago published THE ICE LIMIT This novel is a super scientific thrill ride in the tradition of THUNDERHEAD and RIPTIDE One of my favorite reads of 2016. The Ice Limit SequelSometimes I just get in the mood for a little fun and entertainment and no one does it better then Preston Child Years ago when I first came across them, I devoured all of their individual and their combined books, one right after the other because I just couldn t get enough They are that good I ve yet to come across a book of theirs that I haven t liked Now some I rave over a little then others of course, but every single book of theirs have been solid, well written stories I ve tried to find other comparable authors so I can continue my arm chair adventures Preston Child style while I m waiting for a new book of theirs to drop but I ve yet to come across anyone even remotely close to their capabilities The other books I ve tried usually have either corny characters I can t relate to or cheesy dialogue that s just annoying and distracts from the plot so needless to say, when a new Preston Child book comes out I m all over it This sequel to The Ice Limit especially, I ve been waiting for It s been a long time coming If you re a big fan like me you re imagination has probably been running wild trying to guess which direction this sequel was going to go I can honestly say my guesses were not even remotely close I knew though that this sequel was going to have some pretty big shoes to fill because the original story was fantastic Like with a lot of Preston Child books though, you have to willingly suspend your disbelief and this one was no different but I found I had a harder time with this one I just didn t care for the route it took with the alien origins of the meteorite or the worms I also thought the ending was very anti climatic Overall, the sequel didn t live up to the original story unfortunately but it was still a fun story good for when you want some entertainment that doesn t require a lot of brain power I received this ARC from NetGalley Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is the long awaited sequel to their outstanding novel, THE ICE LIMIT I was one of the many fans pestering them for a sequel The one thing I did not count on, was the involvement of their newer, recurring character, Gideon Crew Having read a couple of novels staring Crew, I garnered enough knowledge to realize that I did not like him as a main character, whatsoever I was apprehensive to say the least, about his inclusion in the sequel to the enigmatic Eli Glinn s story.I ll admit that I had a few eye rolling moments due to Gideon s actions in the first 25% of the novel However, after that, his character seemed to meld better into the role The dynamics between he, Garza, and Eli Glinn portrayed a realistic scenario of the dramatic events that were unfolding By about the 50% mark, this novel was running full speed as one of the Preston Child novels that I particularly relish.There were scenes in this story that had me literally squirming in disgust and completely on edge for the lives of these characters The characterization was taken up a notch for several mid list individuals, and the entire plot held me completely captivated hanging onto every sentence As usual in most of Preston and Child s collaborations, enough background and scientific data was given to make me feel that this really COULD be taking place, while not bombarding me with too much at any one point.The characters and scenes flowed very quickly through this last half, and the novel became in my eyes than just a mere sequel it became a great book all on its own merits I loved having some familiar faces on board, but the new inclusions worked quite well, too This was taken to depths that I never anticipated.After a mediocre beginning, BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT branched out to showcase the incredible capabilities of both authors For fans of this duo, this is a book you ll want permanently sitting on your shelves be they physical or digital.Highly recommended I received an e copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Finally, the sequel we ve all been waiting for BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have already proven repeatedly that they know how to come up with a smart, believable thriller just take a look at their long running Pendergast series and their large library of standalones even counting their solo novels This one is no exception While there were a few things that were a little predictable upfront, the resulting chaos caused in the story certainly made that little bit of predictability less noticeable For example, there s a moment when a lab sample seems to be missing some of the matter, it s pretty obvious what actually happened And yeah, it turns out that is the case But then what that leads to is crazy fun story I m just glad I m not on that ship in the middle of nowhere in that kind of pandemonium Overall, this was another solid entry into the Gideon Crew storyline, and a decent follow up to Preston Child s hit The Ice Limit I love that they even kept the name they gave the sequel in their Pendergast book Still Life with Crows That being said, there is some predictability, some cheese, and the ending tied things up a little too quickly and without enough explanation for my tastes, so I give it four stars.Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The Ice Limit was one of my earliest and fondest remembered books from Douglas Preston an Lincoln Child, so when I learned of the sequel, Beyond The Ice Limit, I was on this sucker like white on rice As it happens, Beyond The Ice Limit also acts as Book 4 in their Gideon Crew series I ve not read any of the previous Crew books, but still felt at home in this novel.I will admit, though, that it took me a little bit of time to warm up to Beyond The Ice Limit The first twenty percent or so of the book is devoted to getting the plot up and running, acclimating the crew to life on board the research vessel Batavia, and shoehorning in a romance between Gideon and Alex, one of the ship s rare female members Romance, it should be noted, is not the biggest strength of Lincoln and Child, but you know it s love at first sight for Gideon and Alex because of the way her breasts press against the ship s railing when she leans out the deck to enjoy a drink and watch icebergs, and the way Gideon s eyes linger on her ass and breasts in virtually every time they cross paths Gideon is apparently also a magician a throwaway trait that Lincoln and Child exploit for exactly one whole scene before dropping it like a concrete block into the ocean and, lo and behold , so is Alex So see romance But no faster can you start humming the theme from The Love Boat, and certainly no faster than Alex can swear she won t be involved in a shipboard romance only to drop trou with Gideon a few pages later, and just in time to prevent Lincoln and Child from having to figure out some method of pesky character development, it s time to contend with the alien menace they ve all been recruited for and the authors can finally get down to telling the kind of story they are actually good at and quite well known for And the nature of the alien threat is a tree It turns out that the meteorite at the center of The Ice Limit was less a meteor and of a seed, and it has taken root in the Antarctic seabed And this sucker is pretty massive, which means certain doom for a particular planet we re all fairly attached to Snark aside, I actually found myself enjoying this book quite a bit Granted, I spent roughly the first quarter of it wishing I were instead reading Warren Ellis s comic book series TREES, but it s around that post quarter mark that Lincoln and Child stop mucking about and get their act together, finally figuring out the story they want to tell, and that many readers have demanded since finishing The Ice Limit years ago.This is a story that hits a large number of my particular sweet spots we ve got a confined and claustrophobic setting the RV Batavia in the midst of a desolate area Antarctic waters , an alien menace, smart people getting outsmarted by primal forces and then recovering their wits enough to strike back, and a continual escalation of threats with some wonderfully gory and unsettling oh crap moments There s plenty of scientific posturing going on and plausible enough sounding threats that serve to take the alien threat to the next level I dug it all this stuff quite a lot But still, Beyond The Ice Limit has a few particular problems Most of those problems are front weighted, so if you can wade through the first quarter of the book you re pretty golden I m not terribly thrilled at the author s choice of fridging their most prominent female character in order to compel their male lead into action quite frankly, this is a tiresome, worn out staple that we particularly we male authors should be moving away from The big finale, the one the authors spent several hundred pages leading up to, is sadly anticlimactic, to the point that Lincoln and Child spend much of their epilogue telling us about it when they really should have been showing us a chapter or two previously Could this book have been better Yeah, I think so Does it make me want to check out all those Gideon Crew books I missed No, not really I was not so captivated by this character that I m dying to know what else he s been up to, or what comes next for him, but I m sure I ll get to them one of these days when I ve nothing else immediately interesting in my TBR pile and I ve gotten caught up on all those Pendergast books I ve missed along the way Thankfully they re not required reading, and although this title ties into that character s on going series, this book is pretty much a stand alone title Did I at least have fun Oh yeah Quite a lot A surprising amount in fact And it s because I had so much fun that I m willing to overlook some of the weaknesses I encountered here I can overlook a lot when I m enjoying the ride, and although I harped on this book for having a pretty mundane and craptasticly rocky start, there s roughly 75% of a really good sci fi horror book right here Plus, I m a sucker for high seas horror, particularly when that horror is set in the extreme regions of Earth I got to read about a crazy alien invasion in the Antarctic with some awesome gory scenes that, in turn, reminded me a little bit of The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers That s pretty cool Note I received a copy of this title for review from the publisher via NetGalley. This book rocked I had forgotten how good the Crew books are, it s been a long while since I ve read Gideon s Sword and Corpse And even longer since I ve read The Lost Island, as I ve read these out of order But The Ice Limit was a perfect techno sci fi thriller, and I enjoyed its sequel just the same This was a different book than The Ice Limit, though The goal has changed, and the stakes became higher And I feel that Preston and Child pushes the envelope a bit when it comes to gore and body parts, and certain medical procedures I found this so fascinating Easily a 5 star rating for suspense, the ultimate creeps, the depth of research involved, and the all out chaos in the story Bravo Currently reading the free preview the first eleven chapters are available After reading Gideon s Sword, I d decided the character of Gideon Crew was not for me, but this book builds on a previous book I liked Ice Limit , so I thought what the hay So far, the preview is quite good, and I ll tell you a secret it helps a lot if you imagine Benedict Cumberatch as Gideon Makes many things forgivable wink wink nudge nudge giggleEDIT Done with the preview, and I ll likely get the whole book Gideon is a little interesting than previously, but is still not my favorite character, though of course that could change with the rest of the book The mystery itself is what I m after.To be terribly honest, overall it s a mite dry There are parts where the mystery kicks in and THEN it s very good But hey, I ve been reading Douglas Adams and Terry Prachett in between it makes one expect word play and inside out ness in everything Oh those nasty, funny authors p *Ebook ⇳ Beyond the Ice Limit ↿ La Quatri Me Mission De Gideon Crew Cinq Ans Plus T T, Eli Glinn, Qui Dirige Pr Sent Une Officine Travaillant En Sous Main Pour Le Gouvernement Am Ricain, Avait Particip Une Exp Dition Pour Convoyer Une M T Orite G Ante Tomb E Sur Un Lot Du Cap Horn Mais Le Navire Qui La Transportait Avait Sombr En Mer, Et La M T Orite Avec Seulement, Glinn Avait Eu Le Temps De D Couvrir Que La M T Orite D Origine Extraterrestre Tait En Fait Une Sorte De Graine, Qui Depuis A Germ Pour Donner Naissance Un Arbre Gigantesque Et Sa Croissance Est Loin D Tre Termin E Elle Constitue Une Vraie Menace Pour La Plan Te Aussi Glinn Fait Il De Nouveau Appel Gideon Crew Sa Mission D Truire Cout Que Coute Ce Baobab G Ant Une Mission Des Plus P Rilleuses Car Ce V G Tal Venu D Ailleurs, Dou D Intelligence, Se D Fend Contre Les Attaques Humaines Et Semble Friand De Chair Fra Che, Qui L Aide Se Reproduire Gideon Va Devoir Risquer Sa Vie Pour Viter L Apocalypse Une Mission Suicide Qui Pourrait Bien Tre La Derni Re Although I m a big fan of the author this audio presentation really dragged so I gave up on the second audio CD OVERALL GRADE D. Read perfectly as a stand alone novel although technically it is a sequel I absolutely loved it I was afraid it would be too scientific in its language but I was thankfully wrong