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This was so precious and heartwarming I loved it Easily one of the cutest books I ve read this Christmas, and how fabulous was it to see Buckingham Palace through a dog s eyes The chapters alternate between Henry and Amy Henry is a corgi, and beloved family pet of the Walker family However on a day out in London he ends up mistaken as the new corgi for the Queen, which is where his adventure really starts Amy Walker is struggling to get used to life after her husband walked out on his family She decides to try and start creating new happy memory with her children Jack and Claire 17 and 12 , and takes them to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and then to see Buckingham Palace Of course they were never going to take Henry disappearing without a fight and I loved seeing the ways they tried to find Henry I loved meeting the other dogs in the Palace, and through the eyes of Sarah, a servant that Henry befriends it was very interesting to see how the service staff at the palace treat each other, and that there is a great deal of snobbery about Not only that but the other Corgis were looking down their noses at Henry too I love reading books from the eye of a animal, and Henry is as you may expect is a rather special dog, who is always trying to help any humans around him I loved seeing Buckingham Palace through his eyes and also his family too This is a rather heart warming and loveable story set in the run up to Christmas It s not overtly festive but there are some rather grand decorations, massive Christmas trees and Christmas carols It is a story about family and how the Walkers were reacting at all times, was interesting to follow This is a book that made me laugh, it made me smile and it almost made me cry too its superb Thank you Avon for sending me this book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. @Ebook ë HENRY THE QUEEN’S CORGI ⚽ A New Face In The Royal Palace Previously Published As A Visitor In The PalaceWhen Their Pet Corgi Goes Missing On A Trip To London, The Walker Family Search Everywhere But Henry Has Ended Up In The One Place They Never Think To Look Henry Has Been Mistaken For A Royal Corgi By The Queen S Guard, And Found Himself In A Very Different Sort Of Family Home In No Time, Henry Is Getting The Royal Treatment In Buckingham Palace, From Velvet Thrones To A Personal Chef If This Is A Dog S Life, He Doesn T Mind It One BitGetting Under The Feet Of Royals And Staff Alike, This Naughty Dog Will Change The Residents Of Buckingham Palace S Lives In Ways They Could Never Have Imagined This was such a charming book Henry s story was full of fun and the kind of doggy insight we like to think our dogs have when they look at us and the world The complimenting humans stories gave the chance to see these issues from both the human and animal perspectives, and shows us what really matters The cameos from the real Royal Family were fun to spot This is probably the first dog perspective book I ve read, and it s a lovely read during the holidays. Nachdem die Temperaturen nun merklich abgek hlt sind und es mit schnellen Schritten auf Weihnachten zugeht, mag ich ganz besonders gerne Weihnachtsromane Wenn dann noch ein Hund die Hauptrolle spielt, kann ich gar nicht anders als zuzugreifen Und meine Gef hl hat mich auch dieses Mal nicht get uscht eine witzige Erz hlung in den H nden zu halten.Die Familie Walkers machen einen Spaziergang in der N he des Buckingham Palast um die Queen sehen zu k nnen, bis Henry seinem eigenen Kopf leinenlos folgt und sich im dichten Gedr ngel verl uft Pl tzlich sind da nicht mehr seine geliebte Menschen, sondern er hat Eingang in den Palast gefunden und das Abenteuer beginntDie Geschichte wird aus zwei Perspektiven erz hlt Hier ist zu einem die Erz hlung aus Amys Sicht zu nennen und die Erz hlung aus der Sicht des Hundes Ich muss sagen, es hat mir eine gro e Freude bereitet, auch Henrys Sichtweise auf so eine witzige und humorvolle Art kennenzulernen, wie ich es mir auch manches Mal von meinen Hunden w nschen w rde Wir erfahren so nicht nur von Henrys Gef hlen, sondern auch wie der Alltag sich zwischen den verw hnten Palasthunden gestaltet Henry mischt aber nicht nur die Hunde innerhalb des Palast auf, sondern mischt sich auch in Liebesdingen ein, was ich sehr s fand Amys Sicht auf die Dinge ist nat rlich viel mehr mit einer traurigen Stimmung belegt, weil alle den kleinen Henry so vermissen und das auch noch kurz vor Weihnachten Obwohl ich Amys Empfindungen und deren Kinder sehr gut nachvollziehen konnte, hat es die allgemeine Grundstimmung des Buches nicht in Melancholie verwandelt.Der Gedanke, dass Henry wieder zu seiner Familie zur ckfinden wird, war doch zu stark in mir verankert gewesen Denn genau dort, geh rt der kleine neugierige Corgi doch hin.Und so ist auch das Ende sehr passend gew hlt und hat mich sehr zufrieden zur ckgelassen Mein Fazit Ein sch ner Roman f r die Vorweihnachtszeit, gerade f r alle Hundefreunde oder die, die es noch werden wollen. When looking for a quick in between books read I found this Who could resist such a cute cover Life has become difficult in Henry s household The children s father has left, and 12 year old Claire and 17 year old Jack are suffering Henry tries to help, by snuggling with Claire as she cries alone at night, by listening to Jack as he tells his dog how he feels, and by cleaning the plates extra well before they go in the dishwasher Unfortunately, the children s mother doesn t see Henry s actions as helpful It s Christmas time, and Mrs Walker decides to take the family to Winter Wonderland, a huge fun fair in Hyde Park Henry comes too, and everyone has a wonderful time Hyde Park is just a short distance away from Buckingham Palace, so the Walkers decide to trek over and see if anyone is coming or going In the huge crush of people around the palace gates, Henry gets separated from his family While he is waiting for them, he just happens to see a pigeon on the other side of a big iron fence Henry squeezes through the bars and is picked up by a member of the Queen s Guard who believes him to be the new corgi, recently adopted by Her Majesty, who has gone away Henry s astonishment at the lives the palace corgis live, and his simple desire to make everyone, dogs and humans alike, feel better, makes this a great Christmas book for corgi lovers. I am not a fan of books that are narrated by animals, so this one already had that strike against it I did not like the unlikeable kids, or the cheating abandoning husband father element, so just too much to make it a very unpleasant unlikeable read, for me to bother to continue.Definitely did not find it to be a feel good read Who doesn t love corgis apart from amoral monsters I mean, just look at them They are goddamn adorable So naturally when my wife got me a book about a Corgi I was thrilled More corgis in one s life a better life I was not let down by this story at all, there were lots of Corgis an aggregate of five to be specific.So this story takes place form two points a view the eponymous Henry corgi and his owner Amy Walker human It is a tough time for the Walker family The father has just ditched the family for his secretary and Amy must raise their two teenage children on her own Plus it is Christmas time It is rough for her and made even worse when Henry ends up getting lost and mistaken for the Queen s new corgi As you may or may not know the Queen loves corgis She is so associated with them they make multiple appearances on the TV show The Crown Anyway, shenanigans ensue, friendships are made, hardships are overcome, and in the end well, you ll just have to read this heartwarming book to find out.Given the story s premise the book was actually pretty good The voice of Henry was enthusiastic and empathetic as all corgis are while also being driven by a fierce need to be reunited with his familyNo chasing the pelicans now Amy called after me, as she and the kids followed I barked a quick reply over my shoulder What were pelicans, anyway I couldn t commit to not chasing them until I d found out What if they were like squirrels Squirrels were my favourite things to chase With pigeons a close second But I was willing to rejig the top two if pelicans were even better We ve seen the pelicans let s go see if we can catch a glimpse of their owner, Amy suggested I read in the paper this morning that she was heading out from the Palace later today You never know we might get lucky I wasn t sure how lucky it would really be to meet the owner of those terror birds, but Claire hopped up and down on the spot, clapping her hands, so maybe I was missing something. Amy s voice was also very well done You very much got a sense of her frustration, stress, and love for her family All in all the prose was perfectly serviceable for the story The story itself was also nuanced then I expected with Henry and Amy having to tackle than just reuniting the family not with the dad though, he was a total dick in this book There are successes and failures, twists and turns, all with the backdrop of Christmas and a very Hallmark Movie family drama.All in all an enjoyable Christmas read that warms the heart like hot chocolate warms the body But are they historically accurate corgis One very, very, VERY dedicated Corgi Truther doesn t think so and she has extensive notes supporting her case. 3.5 stars A family filled with sudden sorrow losses their beloved pet What happens to the quirky witty pet who ends up with the other corgis in the Buckingham palace What happens to the family The idea was fun, the stories were linked well but the writing was quite boring But anything for a corgi read I guess If you are looking for a light read about a cute pet and a nice family then this is the book for you 5stars and plenty thanks to sivakumaranandan for gifting me this book.