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Another one bites the dust.And by that I mean another book falls prey to the unnecessary creation of drama around the 75% mark Until this point I absolutely loved the book The author did a fantastic job creating some very intense sexual tension between Mel and Sophie Everything from their initial meeting and flirting to their exploration of Hong Kong together and eventually beginning a relationship was very well written and I found myself being unable to put the book down.However chapter view spoiler 33 hide spoiler (((READ E-PUB))) ☙ Beyond the Skyline ☠ Sophie Scott Is A Privileged But Hard Working London Girl Who S Had Just About Enough Of Her Mother S Obsessive Attempts To Set Her Up With An Eligible Bachelor She Has No Interest In Dating And Has Never Been In Love When She Meets Her New Colleague Mel On A Business Trip To Hong Kong, Her Whole World Is Turned Upside Down By The Beautiful And Independent Woman Who Couldn T Be Different From Her It S Hard To Hide In A City That Never Dims Its Lights But Love Is Never Easy When Everything You Know Changes Remarkable good This story is written in such a wonderful way and with so much detail You can taste and smell Hong Kong and the whole atmosphere Add to that two amazing women and you have the basis for a wonderful lovestory The main characters are from two different cultural tradition and backgrounds Each character stands out individually and I really felt connected with them The spontaneity and charisma of Mel is capitivating The chemistry and the tension build over the course of the plot is expertly done and the flirtation is very playful The author has a natural way of writing and it is such a pleasure to read This is a romance I highly recommend. I don t know if it s because I ve read some very high quality books this week, but Beyond the Skyline fell short even though it started out very promising So the dialogue was not the greatest and the characters were somewhat juvenile in their actions but the trip to Hong Kong was nicely done with good descriptions of the city and the culture It was around the 70% mark when the two main characters took a stupid pill or had a personality transplant for the sake of a plot contrivance High drama before it all magically comes to a happy ending for everyone involved I was just not feeling the love today so I can t be very generous with my praise But even so, please don t discard the book just because I couldn t connect with it Also look at the other reviews before you decide.f fThemes Hong Kong, fashion, rich girl poor girl, I am straight but gay for you, it did not butter my biscuit.3.4 stars 3.5 rounded to 4 Better than her debut novel. Until 75% I liked it better than The cruise , but then all the drama, was sometimes a little bit too much Still, I like Lise Gold s stories, good story nice characters, wonderful settings and descriptions. A surprisingly nice read 3.5 rounded up to 4.. I absolutely loved Beyond the Skyline The description of Hong Kong is marvellous, I might use this book as a guide if I ever want to visit there again, the chemistry between the main characters is very real That both women are gorgeous is maybe unrealistic but doesn t hurt the story I do have a weakness for coming out stories, so also in that way it s just my favourite kind The narrator is one of the best I ve heard recently I m very critical about narrators, but Jessica Jeffries is perfect, at least she is for his book I didn t have any driving to do and I kept finding moments to get back to this book and listen further. Ratings 3.75 Well DoneI don t usually write reviews but I m actually really impressed with this new author I ve read both of her books so far and they are great, very relatable Well written, great story line.