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!Free Pdf ⚖ The Virtue of Sin ☥ A Novel About Speaking Out, Standing Up, And Breaking FreeMiriam Lives In New Jerusalem, A Haven In The Desert Far Away From The Sins And Depravity Of The Outside World Within The Gates Of New Jerusalem, And Under The Eye Of Its Founder And Leader, Daniel, Miriam Knows She Is Safe Cared For Even If She S Forced, As A Girl, To Quiet Her Tongue When She Has Thoughts She Wants To Share, Miriam Knows That New Jerusalem Is A Far Better Life Than Any Alternative So When God Calls For A Matrimony, She S Thrilled She Knows That Caleb, The Boy She Loves, Will Choose Her To Be His Wife And They Can Finally Start Their Life Together But When The Ceremony Goes Wrong And Miriam Winds Up With Someone Else, She Can No Longer Keep Quiet For The First Time, Miriam Begins To Question Not Only The Rules That Daniel Has Set In Place, But Also What It Is She Believes In, And Where She Truly Belongs Alongside Unexpected Allies, Miriam Fights To Learn And Challenge The Truth Behind The Only Way Of Life She S Ever Known, Even If It Means Straying From The Path Of Righteousness A feminist examination of religion and cults, in particular I loved the dismantling of the use of bible verses in defense of patriarchal behavior I also loved the discovering of the belief of oneself and coming into your own Very few YA books about cults and this one is highly recommended.Full review can be found on TOMES AND TEXTILES INSTAGRAM. Oh, yeah Give me a book about a cult and I will devour it in no time, which is pretty much the way I read Shuren s fabulous YA story about love, growing up, independent thinking, and breaking free of dogma Reminds me of a wonderful quote from Richard Dawkins There is no such thing as a Christian child only a child of Christian parents This is an important story for so many reasons, but Dawkins sums it up best Oh, the things we do to our children.Thank you to Shannon and Penguin Random House Philomel Books for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of this beauty Originally posted on The Quirky Book Nerd I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review There are so many aspects of this story that appealed to both the book nerd and psychology nerd in me and I was completely absorbed from the start This is the story of two teenagers who have spent their entire lives in a cult and how they deal with their newfound clarity about their situation as they are thrown into adulthood in the community It is a novel that portrays the importance of not always taking what people in power say at face value, fighting for equality, and learning to accept others and oneself for who they are.I absolutely love anything to do with psychology I am actually currently a forensic psychology major and the psychology of cults is particularly interesting to study Seeing the mindsets of both the members and the leaders is both fascinating and chilling This novel primarily demonstrates how the beliefs and laws a leader comes up with are drilled into members We see how this warps a person s thoughts and view of the world and how incredibly challenging it is to break free of these beliefs Schuren s depictions of these elements of a cult are very accurate, enraging, and heartbreaking.The primary subject dealt with in this novel is the unequal and extremely poor treatment of women within the cult We see how the men silence them and do not allow them to make their own decisions There are also other elements of the unfair treatment of minorities in the plot The importance of standing up for these types of injustices, whether you are part of that minority or not, and of treating others with respect are shown through this story.I was surprised at how many twists there were in this novel that I did not see coming And I liked every single one Schuren takes the narrative in a number of unexpected directions There are so many secrets spilled and revelations that propelled me through every chapter This is a true page turner.One of the only issues I feel the story has is that it does become a bit repetitive I somewhat conflicted about this because it does make sense in context to some extent The process of changing ones mindset and beliefs about something or someone particularly in such a severe situation takes a lot of time Miriam actually does come around and see the lies of the cult s leader fairly quickly in terms of the number of days over which the story takes place However, I did feel that facts potentially did not need to be repeated to the reader after the first few times hearing them Overall, this is just a very minor problem I came across.Miriam is an incredibly strong female lead right from the very beginning of the novel She does not want to put up with the suppression and ill treatment of women that the men of the cult have turned into an accepted way of life She gradually finds her voice and stands up for not just herself and the other women, but for everyone who is under the control of the Prophet Headstrong and intelligent, Miriam makes a wonderful protagonist.This story is not just told from Miriam s perspective but also from Caleb s, the boy she s sure she is meant to marry Alternating between these characters and seeing every situation through two different sets of eyes made this an even intriguing plot Schuren writes these narrators well, making their voices distinct from the other, which can be a challenge when working with than one point of view.Both main characters and side characters alike are multi dimensional in this story They are clearly carefully crafted and they evolve and respond realistically to their environment and the events of the novel They don t feel flat they are the driving force of the plot I felt that I got to know many of the characters well, no matter what size part they play in the grand scheme of things Just like the worldbuilding, the characters are equally as vivid, detailed, and fully fleshed out Aaron s storyline is probably my favorite out of all of them.My only issue with the characters is that a couple characters are rather unclear or inconsistent, mainly early on I felt they became clearer pretty quickly, but I had a little trouble connecting with them at first For instance, in Aaron s case, I would think I was getting a handle on his personality and then he would do something that seemed out of character, causing me to become confused There were times when I did not quite understand the motives for a character s actions and those events were not always cleared up Again, this is just a very minor issue I had.Tying in with what I said about the characters being multi dimensional, Schuren does a good job of clearly indicating how they develop over the course of the story They learn and grow and evolve The events that take place and the upheaval they experience consistently affect each character, their actions, and their views of life and the world around them.Schuren s writing style is definitely one of the strongest aspects of this novel I found it very easy to get into and it had a very captivating quality to it It was not just the story but the way she told it and worded it that held me in the narrative The writing and the message it sends are both beautiful.I found Schuren s worldbuilding to be absolutely fantastic She creates this extremely detailed and frighteningly realistic picture of what living in a cult is like She forms both the physical world and the psychological world of these characters through her words It feels like you are there in the desert in the supposed safety of the community You experience the raw emotions and the sinister atmosphere She really brings this story to life.This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and it absolutely did not disappoint It was so easy to become engrossed in this novel and I found it extremely hard to put down I read through it so fast, just intending to read a couple chapters and realizing a while later I read over one hundred or pages Schuren brings so many interesting elements together to create a story that will quickly draw in readers and open their eyes to topics that are very important and timely I highly recommend picking this up and giving it a read. I love stories about cults, small villages and isolated communities There is something about small groups and concentrated violence that I find particularly interesting and even fascinating I have read plenty of them, so I tend to be very critical Thankfully this one is very good, the author adopts her own unique approach to the cult trope, the story is richly original and imaginative Only the end is rushed and disappointing.The story takes place in the desert, in a remote community living around an ancient motel Miriam and Caleb have always lived in New Jerusalem While boys and girls are not allowed to speak to each other and girls at all , Miriam and Caleb have been fond of each other since childhood But the day of the Matrimony, it is another boy, Aaron, who chooses Miriam first as his bride Oh, drama. But don t worry, there is no love triangle, for the simple reason that view spoiler Aaron is gay hide spoiler As a Palestinian, I was attracted to the book because it has the word Jerusalem. Three word description voice, religion, freedomMy rating 4.5 5 starsAh this book This one is a book I ve picked up solely because of the intriguing synopsis that speaks out to me so much I have been meaning to read a book that deals with similar topics like this, and I must say this book is amazing The plot starts off with Miriam, who had these dreams of the man she d marry She grew up living under the dictation of Daniel, the supposedly guidance on their path to Righteousness Miriam, who has never visited the Outside basically out of New Jerusalem is brought up to believe that everything Daniel said was true, until she was married to another man, but not of her dreams Literally, she dreamt about Caleb This is told in dual perspectives, Miriam and Caleb, the man of her dreams as they try to navigate and plough through the lines between what is ture and what is not What if everything you ve been told to believe is not true Even if you know it is false, what does it take to stand up and speak out This book is kind of like Divergent But at the same time, it is so different from it I d say this is also a little dystopian ish It tackles so many different topics, freedom and speaking out This is truly such an extraordinary book to read I also learnt so much about the Bible and the religion itself, this is truly a pwerful and eye opening read to anyone who is interested And also, it has a great pacing too Miriam and Caleb are such strong characters, they truly are fearless and have changed from a tiny, timid mouse to a full grown lion This is truly an empowering read in so many different ways and I would not have it another way.Overall, all of you nee this book in your life This will definitely be on top of your favorites this year I hope all of you can pick this up when it is released in all good bookstores Thank you so much to Times Reads for sending me an ARC of this book for reviewing purposes, however all opinion is my own Keep your eyes and cash out to snatch this book when it is released in June 2019 This book I am 100% here for books that involve women in oppressive, cult like situations I find that every time I read a book in which religion is used as a means of suppressing women and their natural strength, I grow a deeper insight into why women stay in these situations, as well as a larger desire to find a way to help Although The Virtue of Sin is not expressly tied to one particular religion, it has the echoes and traits of a few different ones in our nation s history The FLDS, in particular, seemed to have influenced the cult in this book Although this book does not address polygamy, it does deal with ceremony, ritual, modesty, false prophets, narcissism all things that are associated with these cults In addition to the way that these cults practice their religion, there is a physical element to this book that also feels informed by real life cults they live, isolated, in a desert community Schuren handles this delicate story with an admirable sense of compassion It s not simply a manifesto raging against the practices of cults and how they affect women although it certainly doesn t shy away from having a strong opinion about them Instead, it s a story that explores the complexities of the issue how for some, rigid societies can be a refuge from a world that never protected them, while for others it s a prison and nothing While the book never forgives the people who lie and deceive through a desire to genuinely help, it does handle their stories with a gentle touch, reminding us that they often make choices that we don t agree with, but that they are people with purposes that we can at least find empathy in Those who purposefully deceive as a means of control, however, do not receive the same compassionate treatment This book was well written, lovely, and tragic in so many ways I enjoyed reading about how girls must find their voices, despite overwhelming pressure to do the opposite I loved seeing how people from different marginalized groups are often the backbones for each other This book took a very real life experience for some women and turned it into something that we can all relate to, no matter our circumstances. I m always intrigued by any story about a cult, don t know why, it s just something that grabs me And this book did just that from the time I read the sneak peek, and then once I actually had the book in my hands and started reading, it was so hard to put down This one was even better than others, because while I thought I knew what was going to happen, the author threw in several twists and turns that I did not see coming My guesses as I went along were either so on track, or just to the side of what was actually happening It all made sense as the twists were explained, and made the story, the cult itself, that much devious It also made you think about how what you ve been told your whole life is always dependent on who is telling you those things, and what is out there that you don t even know about it, if you don t look beyond what is easy and normal I definitely will be recommending this for my students, as well as at the bookstore where I work. Within the gates of New Jerusalem, Miriam, 16, lives under the eye of the community s founder, Daniel Miriam knows that she is cared for, even though she is forced to quiet her tongue, and is never given the ability to think for herself When God calls for a marriage ceremony called a Matrimony, Miriam is certain that the boy she loves, Caleb, will select her to be his wife When the ceremony goes wrong and Miriam ends up with someone else, Miriam begins to question the authenticity of New Jerusalem and Daniel s motives For Handmaid s Tale fans, you are guaranteed to enjoy THE VIRTUE OF SIN I surprisingly enjoyed the religious aspects of the novel, despite not being a member of the Christian community Schuren incorporates religious text into her novel to establish a cult like atmosphere that is clearly present in New Jerusalem If anything, through her characters, Schuren hints at the fact that religion is totally bogus and that humans should always feel the need to question everything around them I was instantly hooked within the first few pages of THE VIRTUE OF SIN, but ultimately, at 419 pages, this one took me a while to get through The story arc gets a little repetitive about halfway through the book but ends with a twisted resolution Schuren s novel comes out next Tuesday, and it s one I definitely recommend adding to your TBR list Story concept 5 Execution 5 Thank you so much BookishHq and Penguin Teen for the advanced reader copy