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Read Aloud 6 yrs Reader 8 yrs Worldview ChristianSetting Location Newfoundland Time Period 1912Review A wholesome and heartwarming story about a young girl who loves her Newfoundland dog, Siriusthan anything When a law is passed banning all dogs except sheep dogs she must find a way to save Sirius The struggles of Newfoundland fishing families are well presented The men of the community work for a neighbor who owns his own fishing boat He holds backthan his fair share of the catch, becoming wealthy, while the others struggle to get by Together a number of the men work toward creating their own fishing operation so that they will be free from his grasp Illness, danger and a shipwreck are all part of the excitement of this fast moving novel As the author s first novel, this one is not as well developed as some of her later work, but it is perfectly suited to a student ready for a slightlychallenging novel, but still needing a book that is not too long and with manageable chapter length The use of dialect in the dialogue is much lighter than later books written by this author and should be manageable for most mid level readers The book touches on a vast array of details specific to the region, including dialect, diet, folklore, history and environment Teacher Application This would be a nice book to introduce Newfoundland to students, although as a read aloud Thunder from the Sea by the same author isengaging, but certainly a higher reading level Any child who will read only dog books would love this one This would also be a great choice for a reluctant reader who loves dogs Sirius will win each reader s heart as he rescues the shipwreck victims near the end of the book A wonderful book well suited to a young advanced reader Highly wholesome, the book does include several prayers and scriptures throughout The Christian message in this book comes through a littlestrongly than the author s later books.There is a thorough author s note at the back of the book that explains what is fact and which details are fiction There is also a map of Newfoundland at the front of the book.Character Traits TaughtForgivenessDoing what is right even when it is difficult.Do something constructive to solve a problem, don t just badmouth those you feel are causing the problem.Parental Warning Language Oh, God p 36 Pros This book was filled with excitement, adventure, and suspense It was well written and I had no idea what would happen next AND THAT ENDING AWW Cons I don t know what to think of Tamar Does she have witch powers Did she cause Vera s sickness Is she a good person now Maggie s parents are sooo unrealistic At one point in the book, Maggie tells them she s going to hide Star from everyone, and her parents are literally like, okay, that s great sweetie They just go along with everything Maggie says.Overall, I think this is a great book and think that while this is a children s book, teenagers and even adults would enjoy this story. A young girl named Maggie with her Newfoundland dog, Sirius, lives at Bonnie Bay in Newfoundland The story took place on 1912 Sirius was named after the brightest star in the sky, which is the constellation of the Great Dog He hauls firewood across the frozen bay to keep his family warm during the winter months Also, he saved Maggie when she was stranded near an iceberg Sirius is a very intelligent, protective, and loving dog At that time, there was a law passed by their neighbors, the Rands, to say that dog families can only own sheepherding dogs because the Rands highly dislikes dogs and blames Sirius for killing one of his sheep Obviously, Sirius was not a sheepherding dog though Maggie would do whatever it takes to keep her smart and loyal dog All of a sudden, a horrible storm came through When a steamer crashes into the rocks during the violent storm, it starts to sink with a hundred passengers on board Maggie had to make a difficult decision Sirius can assist in the rescue on board, though it would bring him out of hiding, risking his life The conflict of the story begins with when Sirius was blamed for killing one of the Rand s sheep There was a law to ban all non sheepherding dogs It puts Sirius s life in danger, and Maggie will never leave his side When the steamer crashes, Maggie has the choice to put Sirius out of hiding to help save the passengers, and prove to the village that he has a purpose also Therefore, it could lead them to let him stay with his family in peace If I could rate this book, I would rate it with five stars For one, it is based off of true stories about Newfoundland dogs It warms the heart to read it, and it shows true friendship of dog and person It is a short book and the reading level is meant for younger kids though it is also pleasant to read for adults The setting the author depicts is wonderful, and it takes you to a different world Personally, the reason why I read the book was because of the Newfoundland because I have one of my own While I read the book, I couldn t stop The book kept you on your toes as you watch the story play out The imagery is amazing and it feels like you are no longer reading the book, you re in it All in all, the connections I have to the book, the imagery, and the heartwarming story was enthralling and I highly recommend it. I ve been clearing out and rearranging my overload of books at home and came across a sweet young adult for the younger set book by Joan Hiatt Harlow called Star in the Storm with a Newfie on the cover Of course, since I had Newfoundland dogs for almost 40 years of my life, it tugged at my heartstrings just a bit, so I decided it was time to read it It is a nice story of a young girl and her family early in the 20th century living in Newfoundland of course and her beloved Newfie Sirius, whose life is in danger because a law has just been adopted outlawing all dogs except sheepherders There is a carefully built plot with villains and heroes the biggest, of course, is Sirius, whose swimming abilities will save the day , and the writing is solid although somewhat stilted, as though the author was trying too hard to make sure she got all her details in, regardless of pace One nice aspect of the story, however, is how Joan Harlow worked in so many details, including language and superstitions, from the land which is her setting So although the book isn t an award winner, I think it was a nice quick read and would appeal to the age group for whom it was intended And it sure makes me miss my Newfies Great story about a stray Newfoundland dog who finds a home and a job rescuing shipwreck survivors in early 1900s Newfoundland. An adventure tale with a courageous girl heroine and strong loyal dog What s not to love Put on your list as a book with strong female characters Perfect book for 4th or 5th grade girl wanting a realistic fiction that isn t all about boys and cliques. I know it s a children s book and all, but a lot of the dialogue is unbelievably sappy The story was fairly interesting, but the ending seemed kind of loose, as in some problems were never really solved along with the fact that some of the characters relationships weren t exactly cultivated or explained. &Read Epub ☠ Star In The Storm ☞ A RISKY SECRET All Non Sheepherding Dogs Have Been Outlawed From The Rocky Coastal Village Where Maggie Lives Unwilling To Give Up Her Beloved Newfoundland, Sirius, Maggie Defies The Law And Hides Sirius AwayBut When A Steamer Crashes Into The Rocks During A Violent Storm And Starts To Sink With A Hundred Passengers On Board, Maggie Faces A Difficult Choice She Knows Sirius Can Help Rescue The People Trapped On The Ship, But Bringing Him Out Of Hiding Would Put His Own Life In Jeopardy Is Maggie S Brave Dog A Big Enough Hero To Save The Desperate Passengers And Himself This year I am hosting a book club with a group of 5th graders Star in the Storm is one of the books that they decided they wanted to read I really enjoyed this book It is not really my normal style of reading, however it is nice to step out of my comfort zone This was a pretty good book about a girl and her dog I enjoyed the parts about praying and the mentions of God too I enjoyed learningabout Newfoundland and the dogs named after the place It brought me to tears at the end, I love happy endings.